Minecraft skin template


Creating your very own minecraft skin can be a great experience for any minecraft player! However to express your creativity you are first going to need a Minecraft skin template that will allow you to create any masterpiece you want. Thats why we have researched and created a great minecraft skin template that is both easy to follow and create step by step.

What does it look like?

If you were to upload it straight to minecraft the skin would look the picture below, it doesn’t look that fancy but once you have added some of your own textures it could be the next best skin going.

Minecraft Skin Template - What it looks like

 How do I use the Minecraft skin template?

Firstly you are going to need  download The Skin using the link found below, next you are going to need to open open the image on a photo editing software such as Photoshop or free alternatives such as GIMP and Paint.net, (as long as you are not using paint you should be fine) The skin has labeled sides which will show you what is what to make it just that bit easier to edit. After you are done all you need to do is save it as a .png and upload it to minecraft profile or share it with the world!


Ok so now you are ready to download it! Just click the button below to save it to your pc.

Download Skin Template

Skin Key

HB- Head Back
HR- Head Right
HF- Head Front
HL- Head Left
HT- Head Top
H boT- Head Bottom

BF- Body Front
BR- Body Right
BL- Body Left
BB- Body Back
bT- Body Top
bb- Body Bottom

LO- Leg Outside
LF- Leg Front
Li- Leg Inside
LB- Leg Back
T- Leg Top
b- Leg Bottom

AO- Arm Outside
AF- Arm Front
Ai- Arm Inside
AB- Arm Back
T- Arm Top
b- Arm Bottom

New Hat Feature: If you do not want a hat, just erase ALL parts that are labeled “HT”
HT F- Hat Front, HT R- Hat Right, HT L- Hat Left, HT B- Hat Back, HT T- Hat Top, HT boT- Hat Bottom


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