Is Herobrine real?


As far as Minecraft players can remember Herobrine has existed from the start of time.

But is herobrine real or just a fake and if so who or what is he?

The origin of Herobrine

From the original “Creepy-Pasta” stories of Herobrine it has been said that he plays a menace in your un-expecting Minecraft world. Herobrine appeared first on a 4chan board with just a simple picture explaining a players encounter with this mysterious character . From here rumours of sightings of Herobrine in Minecraft worlds grew slowly in popularity until questionable screenshots of Herobrine were published by a streamer that goes by the name of “Copeland”

minecraft herobrine - alpha

This then lead to many of sightings of the creepy figure in minecraft world  and players have since embraced this character.  However this still begs the question is Herobrine real or not?

So is Herobrine real?

Sorry to burst your bubble!  Herobrine is in fact NOT a real character within Minecraft. Many people have searched day and night through the source code of the game in hope of finding that one thing that may prove his existence.

minecraft herobrine - original

Many still argue that he is real.  However there is no way in which Herobrine can be added into a game without Modded clients, mods and/or servers . The explanation of missing blocks and weird formatted signs can be put down to glitches within the game or mis-guidance from other players.

Who or what are people referring to when they say Herobrine?

There are many theories with the most popular, between the community, being that he is in fact a ghost! Others believe that he could even be a demon; but a most believe that Herobrine is Notch’s dead brother (not in the literal sense).

The ominous figure of Herobrine shows the characteristics of a virus as it has been said that he goes through and alters your world. Many players still believe  Herobrine is alive and well within the real world, but this is still subject to debate.

Let us know your thoughts on Herobrine – having heard the facts do you think he is real?


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