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Minecon 2017 Roundup

What’s Coming to Minecraft This Year?

Minecon is easily one of the most exciting Minecraft events of the year.

This 2017 Minecon was possibly one of the greatest ever held. During this long looked-forward to event, it seemed that announcement after announcement was made regarding the incredible advancements being made in the coming year.

At Minecon, we learned that the world was going to have brand new creatures, structures, biomes, as well as a new available graphics pack.

There is also a fun new mini-game we can all look forward to and, the votes have confirmed, the newest mob to enter the game will be Mob B: The Monster Of The Night Skies.

Minecon 2017 Roundup

The Aquatic Update


Probably the most exciting announcement at Minecon was the future implementation of the Aquatic Update.

In this incredible new update, players will be able to explore the oceans and seas like never before. For example:

  • Coral reefs will line the tropical coasts with a myriad of colorful fish.
  • Icebergs will appear in the frigid waters of the cold biomes.
  • Dolphins will help you explore the wonders of the oceans, including the new Shipwrecks, just waiting to be plundered by brave players.

New Online Connectivity

The Minecraft world is about to get a lot bigger; in 2018, people on the Xbox One, PCs, mobile phones, and even the Nintendo Switch will all be able to play multiplayer together.

This versatility allows friends to all have fun and build as a team, even if you don’t all have the same system to play on.

Having all these platforms under the same version of the game will make the addition of new improvements much simpler, because it will now impact every device at once, rather than having to make the same update three or four times.

As part of these updates, the graphics will be significantly improved as well.

These new graphics updates, however, don’t even compare to the Super Duper Graphics Pack that is going to be offered in the near future.

Super Duper Graphics Pack


With this graphics pack, Minecraft will appear to be the most realistic block-based game you’ve ever seen. The whole idea of pixels will leave your mind when you witness just how smooth, clear, and intricate the Super Duper Graphics Pack is.

The amount of realism in the way the light rays shine through clouds and leaves, torches and moonlight reflect off the glassy surfaces of water, and how the sunset stretches the world’s shadows and creates a balmy orange atmosphere.


To celebrate the 2017 Minecon, there are new free items available in the Marketplace.

Collect your Minecon player skins and try out all the fun maps and settings available in the Marketplace. Download a floating cube map, or escape hoards of Endermen.

You can even explore the Truffletop Town lagoons, which is so complex that it can’t be described; you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Brand New Mini Game

The new mini-game coming next year is called Death-Run.

It’s a high-stakes obstacle course through a map that, if you mess up, might just cost your player’s life. Try to beat your friends or other online players in this demonstration of skills.

Introducing Mob B


Finally, the creepiest addition to the game. A brand new mob, originally called Mob B, but now referred to as the Monster of the Night Skies, will soon be terrorizing sleepy players everywhere.

If you think your player can build, mine, and explore for days on end without consequence, that is no longer the case.

The flying creatures spawn high up in the skies during night, and they can sense when you haven’t slept in a long time. They’ll swoop down in groups and attack you unless you find a bed and get some rest.

The Monster of the Night Skies was voted to be the newest addition of the game, further showing how the input of others and the flexibility of developers really contribute to making this game the best that it can be for all players.

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