We always want to be there for our readers and fans as, after all, you are the people that allow DoubleUpGaming to do what we all love to do. We pride ourselves in getting to know the people we work with, write about and most importantly that we care passionately about. The team works tirelessly every day to produce quality content that you love and aspires to become a larger part of the gaming industry. Get to know the Lead editorial team below.

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Beth Ryan

Lead Editor

Holding the position of Lead Editor, I have been opened to the great opportunity of meeting a variety of inspirations in the gaming industry  as well as trying out many of today’s leading games. While spending my days as a Maths student, DoubleUpGaming has been all the inspiration I need to continue my journey into the industry.

  • Power Up: Super Leaf
  • Super Power: The ability to morph
  • Favourite Game Series: Pokemon



Josh meet the team pic

Josh Lucking


I have always had a passion for gaming and sharing ideas about them with people. While studying at college I started to see my strengths in management so why not combine this with my passion for gaming? Splash a bit of writing in there and that brings me to DoubleUpGaming where I can work with an awesome group of people to do what I love!

  • Power Up: Invincibility Star
  • Super Power: Teleportation
  • Favourite Game Series: Assassin’s Creed or Halo



Jonny Brunning

Video team

Having made videos from a young age, it’s amazing that I get to continue my passion along with playing a ton of video games at the same time! As I’m behind the camera, I have the ability to control the people in front of it (Mwahaha). I can’t wait to make them do more stupid things for our Youtube audience!

  • Power Up: Super Mushroom
  • Super Power: Flight
  • Favourite Game Series: Minecraft



calum Jones dug

Calum Jones

Editorial Team

After meeting Daniel, the creator and founder of DoubleUpGaming in school many years ago, he graciously offered me an opportunity to be a part of this ever expanding realm that is game journalism. I find myself learning everyday with the help of our amazing team and discovered many hidden talents and hobbies.

  • Power Up: Rare Candy
  • Super Power: 99 Strength
  • Favourite Game Series: Call of Duty


With thanks to:

Liam Smith, Writer

Edis Djerlek, Writer

Charlotte Spurgeon, Writer

It doesn’t end there…

The above team members are the drive behind DoubleUpGaming, however, we are constantly expanding a vast network of freelance and content writers all across the world. From one-off articles to recurring series, we work with YouTube Content creators, to indie devs and 3rd party writers to produce high-quality content for you to enjoy.

If you feel like you could make a great asset to the team make sure you check out this page and then get in touch with us today via social network or email!


Daniel and Ollie pictured interviewing staff of Oculus

Daniel and Ollie pictured interviewing staff of Oculus

Want to meet our writers in person?

We attend most major gaming events across the UK from EGX to Insomnia so chances are you’ll  bump into one of our team whether they are freelance to full editorial. We love meeting developers and readers so events are the best way to meet one of us in person. Just send an email to the editorial team ([email protected]) to arrange something in advance.

Equally the lead editorial team is based in our hometown of Colchester, Essex where we take part in local gaming events and interact with a local community of designers, writers and developers to bring you even more awesome content. Want to catch up with us in Colchester? Sure, feel free to contact us.