MCM London Comic Con 2017 Overview

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It’s that time of year again! One of the world’s most popular events has made it back to my home country, England. From the 26th to the 28th, DoubleUpGaming attended:

MCM London Comic Con

In the first five minutes of arriving (and being bit of a Comic Con virgin), I noticed some already pretty interesting things.

  • Cosplay! Some looked so awesome, some I definitely didn’t recognise.
  • Merchandise. There was sooo much Pokemon!
  • Big names in the geeky industry. Loads of youtubers, actors, and more turned out.

One thing that features so rarely at gaming events is Cosplay and that’s exactly why I love this event.

Attendees have truly showed off what they love the most in this world through their creative outfits. In my opinion: the bigger, the better.

Of course, this is totally biased, but some of my favourites have to be from the Pokemon fans:


Other costumes have been totally insane! There were dinosaurs, angels and this couple with their well-matching Jurassic World outfits:



But what was the weirdest thing about this event? When we think about our favourite superheroes or anime characters, we never think about them enduring public transport or doing a shop at Tescos.

However, at Comic Con, we forget that cosplayers are normal people who have to live normal lives.

Therefore, attendees come across Deadpool in the loo and Ash Ketchum checking updates on facebook. We tried to capture these moments but surprisingly, no one wants their picture taken while relieving themselves.

We did manage to find a Spiderman enjoying an Iced Coffee:


And this cosplayer buying her lunch:


You can discover more about the Best Cosplayers at London Comic Con here!

A number of big time youtubers and actors have shared the love with their fans. Exploring all the familiar faces around the expo was so exciting!

One popular youtuber who always has a long queue dying to meet him is Tomska. Offering free hugs and signatures, fans all agree that meeting him is worth the wait.


Other celebrities such as Catherine Tate had hundreds waiting hours to meet their heroes. One fan told us that he had been waiting 2 hours and their celeb was nowhere in sight!

That’s what’s so special about this event. The faces that fill our screens and social media find ways to shape our lives for the better and meeting them can be the most incredible experience.

Merchandise is always very popular at expos such as Comic Con too. Plushies, games, clothing, comics and so much more are all here for satisfy attendees needs.

And you know those fidget spinners everyone loves? Well they were here too!

Except these ones were much, MUCH cooler. Bring one of these into school and they are guaranteed to get banned.

fidget spinner

Those collectable, bobble head toy, thingies – yeah, you know what I mean – featured everywhere. Of course I mean “Pop! Vinyl” figures. With plenty of event exclusive figures like Spiderman from Home-coming, attendees were spoilt for choice.

There was one particular fandom that everybody wanted to buy merchandise for: Pokemon.

Having influenced childhoods since 1996, Pokemon is guaranteed to be popular at any event. Being a fanatic myself, I found time to find a cute Litten.

Other toys like these adorable, soft llamas were popular too!


Along with the merchandise, a lot of Japanese culture had eased its way into Comic Con.

There were a whole range of products originating in the far east that attendees could buy including:

  • Sweets
  • Noodles
  • Cat figurines
  • Traditional Japanese Clothing
  • Anime (lots of anime)
  • Japanese toys

We all were enabled to experience part of the japanese culture over the weekend.


And of course, last but not least, there was tonnes of gaming. 

Comic Con goers saw themselves enjoying a vast variety of gaming past times.

Retro lovers found awesome arcade machines to lose hours on including our favourite butter smasher games and funky dance mats.

The Nintendo Switch introduced a mini stage for gamers to compete against fellow gamers at the latest nintendo games including Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 and Legend of Zelda.

As well as Nintendo, we saw Playstation have an impressive booth showing off their PSVR to families and one of our writers had the chance to lose her VR virginity and play Gran Turismo.


And while doing all of this, I still found time to get myself a free Minion tattoo! Many won’t approve but what can I say, it was free.

Untitled design

Yes, of course it was a temporary tattoo. Do you think anyone would seriously get a real Minion tattoo?!

What did you enjoy most about this year’s Comic Con? Let us know!

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