Lets go to Eurogamer 2013!


Being one of the largest gaming events we have visited this year, there were so many great items to report on that sometimes you may get overwhelmed on how much great stuff is actually there!

After the long drawn out queueing we were completely on our way to take a look at some great things the expo had to offer. Immediately we were thrown into the the depths of Sony’s new hardware releases including the new concept of the PS4 which could come out as soon as November!

Throughout the day we managed to get our hands on some great games such as Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, Titanfall and even  Battlefeild 4. But the games did not stop there! We also had glimpses of Call of duty Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5 and Wolenstein: New order.


In spite of all the triple A titles there were many smaller indie releases, retro developers and many people in the game industry for us to find however the game that really stole the show is was Titan fall the possible “COD Killer” which boasted pristine graphics and amazing physics. (For a more info on the best games, check here)

Amongst the organised chaos we bumped into a few other YouTubers and and gaming websites who along with us were egar to get our hands on wolfenstien which was a real surprise for us as it featured akimbo shotguns and assault riffles with very high detailed actions. After cleaning our grubby hands we weaved our way through the masses of queues and grabed a bite to eat.


The eventful day then followed with some rocking it out on the brand new Rocksmith 2014 where the crowd fell silent at the amazing playing from our writer /makshift rockstar Jonny (however it later turned out that they were actually listening intently to the announcement being made by expo staff)

Taking it all in at once, we slowly took a look around. We watched as people walked passed and marvelled at the large range of games on show. Altogether this has been one of the best days out we has ever planed and could not wait to head back next year.

Let us know if you turned up to expo 2013 and if you have any plans to go to euro gamer 2014


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