Looking ahead to Spider-Man PS4

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Superhero games have always had a reputation for being quite lacklustre.

However, in recent years, this reputation has been slashed by a fair few critical successes.

Spider-man is one of the most iconic and best loved characters in mainstream media, so it’s only natural that he has received attention in the gaming industry.

Sony revealed their up and coming game at the latest E3 conference and fans couldn’t be more excited.

The 9 minute clip boasts cunning, stealth attacks as well as fast past combat scenes. This game aims to serve as the most realistic spiderman yet.

With ‘Spider-man (PS4)’ on its way sometime in 2018, it feels like a good time to web swing our way through the archives of Spidey’s gaming history, to look at things that work well, and others that fall flat.

Today we are going to explore:

  • The physics of the new web swinging
  • Basic plot of the story; revolving around duality of Spider-Man
  • Insomniac are always working to improve the game based on what fans say.

Web-Swinging into the Future

Think of Spider-Man for a moment. What are his defining factors? Wall crawling? Web swinging?

These are essential factors that define our friendly neighbourhood spider-man. They also make him an incredibly fun character to play as in games, as his methods of transport are not only fun but also unique.

It has been a challenge for developers to recreate this super hero experience for over 25 years! 1991 introduced the first Spider Man arcade game available to the public. 

But it wasn’t until 2000 that he made his way onto mainstream, home entertainment systems with superb 3D graphics.

Of course, this game went down a treat. I mean, check out those angular muscles!


Ever since then, teams have been perfecting the functions of our favourite hero and hopefully, the new game will be the one to demonstrate this.

Having an open world New York City to explore, web swinging will be the centre of the new game, with various nooks and crannies to discover.


In Spider-Man PS4 web MUST attach to a building/surface. This has not been the case in many games prior.

Not only this, but the developers, Insomniac games, also think the web swinging is crucial, having made changes since E3, which was only a month ago.

Some fans said they felt web swinging was too slow, so they’ve changed it to be easier to gain speed.

Creative director Bryan Intihar said: “Yes, we’ve heard all the feedback online. We listen to you guys, a lot!” The willingness to listen to fans, make changes on feedback is a good thing to see, and only bodes well for the game.

(Spider) Suit Up!


Although the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was a dreadful experience (both game and film), one element I feel should stay is the range of different costumes for our titular hero.

In game, each of these suits had additional combat effects; as well as aesthetic changes. Thankfully, this has already been confirmed, thanks to Insomniacs twitter account.

Some suits I would like to see would Tom Holland’s suit from Civil War/Spider-Man Homecoming, the Scarlet Spider suit and the Bombastic Bag-Man suit.

Having a wide range of suits will not only enhance the experience for gamers, but will pay some fan service of other stories, timelines and characters fans adore.

Spider-Man: Arkham?


The best superhero games ever made are the Arkham series. That’s undeniable.

What makes these games so wonderful? While it’s tough to pick one feature that makes them so special, it’s true that they make you feel like batman.

Using a range of gadgets, techniques and takedowns to fight foes much larger, well-armed and stronger than yourself.

Batman and Spider-Man are very different; but it’s important that we feel like the titular web head.

In Spider-man ps4, our Spidey has been spidering around for a few years, meaning he is experienced and his knows his powers very well. This is exciting because this opens the door to a wide array of takedowns, combos and abilities that we may have never seen before.

Think of it as Peter removing the “Training Wheels” protocol in Spider-Man homecoming; minus the AI (if you don’t know what this means, you must must must watch Spider-Man: Homecoming).

Fresh New Story


Another thing Spider-Man ps4 has in common with the Arkham games is its original storyline, no movie tie in, and no direct link to any comic book arc.

This can be both a pro and a con.

A pro is that it’s fresh; new to fans who won’t know what to expect.

A con is that many fans have dreamed of seeing certain stories come to life, and there is a plethora of great ones to pick. If the story isn’t great, the decision to have an original one will be questioned.

From what we know, this game explores the duality of Peter Parkers life, and that of Spider-Man. This is reflected in the game’s antagonist; Mister Negative.

This is an interesting angle to base a game around, and one I am excited for.

Colourful Cameos


Lastly, for a character with as rich a history as Spider-Man, it’s only natural for fans to be expecting a wide arrange of characters from his lore.

So far, we’ve seen Miles Morales in the game, as well as Kingpin, and references to Green Goblin.

Another area the arkham games excel in is the wide roster of villains and supporting characters in the game, as well as references to others not included in the game.

Whilst insomniac have not let too much slip on this fact, it is fair to assume the game will be deep with references, cameos and hints to the wider Spider-Man universe.

Our Predictions for Spider-Man PS4


Overall, it’s hard to judge from the small amount of footage we’ve seen, but I’m hopeful!

This game could very well surpass previous hits Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. It may even be in the same quality as the Arkham games! (I know I’ve mentioned them a lot, but they’re the best superhero games ever made, and some of the best full stop.)

What do you guys think? Will PS4 Spider-Man swing into the hearts of fans, or be left to wallow in the darkness?

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