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We Want to celebrate this new year by bringing you new and amazing content!

Jonny & I love making videos, everything from battlefield 4 to Minecraft but most of all we love doubling up to bring you double the fun! Together we want to provide you with games you may never of heard of or explore the deepest darkest caves of minecraft – However one thing we know for sure is 2014 is gonna be a good one both for you and us.


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Best moment from 2013

We decided to collect together out best videos from 2013 and by a mile of the Series 1 finale of Farmblock (where the team fought off Evil Santa and blow up Ben’s house) was our best video yet, Not only was it alot of fun to record we got to work with TheRandomBukkit to pull off something spectacular.

The reason this video stands out so much for us is the fact in marked a new era for us where we could move on from dead weights holding us back, With this in it was easy and clean to record, edit and upload with all the team pulling there weight. If you want to check out the video I have very Kindly placed it below:


Most looking forward to in 2014

For 2014 we cant wait to jump straight in there with brand new content with brand new hardware, unfortantly you wont get to see our full potential until late January but that is not going to stop our abundance of ideas from being unleashed and you can look forward for a range of videos like; Minecraft, Battlefield 4, Free to play games, Gaming tutorials, Community challenges, Game updates, Reviews skits, funny game trailers and much much more.

Even with all this new great content we are going to find it hard to get them all up due to our exams and the immense pressure this puts on us during our last year at secondary school. This means we will have less time to record and edit but we still aim to provide your evening entertainment even if we find it hard.

Feel free to check out our channel to see what is happening and how you can get involved today!






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