Supporting Indie Game Developers

What is it the Indie Game Initiative?

So you’re about to publish your amazing new Indie Game and need a little exposure.

Maybe you’re about to  launch your brand new kickstarter campaign.

If you’re part of the Indie Game Initiative we’ll do our best to help through articles, reviews, interviews, shoutouts, meetups, emails and more…. This is made possible by you sending a simple email to our indie editor who’ll walk you through what we can do.

Our list of Indie developers part of the Initiative is growing at an exponential rate! Thats why we have now implemented dedicated writers for The Indie Game Initiative. We have large plans in the work to bring more Indie support throughout the year so make sure to stay tuned in for updates.

Please note: more information is to be released later this year, currently we are unable to provide you with all the details.


I want to join The Indie Game Initiative

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Why should I join?

Its a free way to get further exposed to the gaming community!

We constantly look for ways to support indie game developers. After all we want to  show you our respect for all your hard work and devotion to the games industry.

During the year we’ll be growing traction to bring some cool features to exclusively to you. 

(We can currently offer more to uk developers but please do still get in contact with us if you are not based within the UK as we can still help)

  • You can be published on our site
  • We’ll help publicise your kickstarter campaign for free
  • Be part of the foundations of something much bigger
  • Find out information from other indie devs
  • Be our first go to for indie dev interviews
  • Join us in IndieDevDiaries
  • Support from the Indie Team
  • Much more to come down the line

Why are you doing this? is a small site dedicated to gaming, however over the last couple of years it’s  become much, much more.

With goals to support and help grow the gaming community we want to bring everyone together including the Indie game developer community.

In spite of this announcement our plans do not end here! With enough momentum and support we have even greater plans for the initiative which will be announced on a separate launch.

I want more information!

If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to email [email protected], where we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also support us by tweeting with the #IndieGameInitiative

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