The God’s Among Us Rise Again In Injustice 2


Lets Just Hope It’s Not Our Kryptonite

The release of Injustice 2 is upon us. It has been almost been 4 years since the release of the first Injustice and we are hoping that in that period of time Nether Realm has developed an incredible sequel.

Let’s time travel back to April 3rd 2013; the day that Injustice: God’s Among Us was issued on the market. Now, we know that Marvel is DC’s biggest rival and there is a massive battle between the two.

Marvel fans were able to set against their favourite heroes and villains in some of the best fighting games, from Marvel Super Hero Squad to Marvel vs Capcom.

Marvel vs. Capcom achieved a great success and DC found it hard to top this. They tried to mirror the attainment of Marvel vs. Capcom by developing Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe but it didn’t quite make it to the top.

Injustice: God’s among us, was then created which just involved DC comic characters but still had aspects of Mortal Kombat, like the super moves and the fact that Scorpion was a DLC character.

From a personal point of view, I loved the first Injustice.

It really captured the personality of the heroes and villains smoothly and it had a wide variety of characters to chose from.


Injustice: God’s Among us had many things that appealed to a broad audience.

It succeeds in making a fighter with depth but it keeps foundation mechanics simple so that it is easy for the beginners and is still enjoyable for the professionals.

To round up the positives of Injustice: Gods among us, the characters actually look correct and overall, they have been designed really well.

The choice of the voice actors is remarkable! The chosen environments are well designed and are interactive which creates are realistic atmosphere.

But to be completely honest, we have seen it all before and it isn’t that visually impressive. The graphics are a little…off.

But it was 2013.

Every game has its negatives and some even outrun the positives. But Injustice still turned out to be a terrific video game. If you are a DC fan, you will love Injustice.

Now, back to 2017.

Amongst the fun of GDC, Injustice 2 has finally been confirmed. They are slowly giving out hints and are revealing characters for the sequel.

So What’s Going To Be Different?

The big announcement made by Warner Bros this week:

We finally get to play as Dr Fate.

This super hero has been around since 1940 and not many guys (or girls) could top him.

He posses a variety of amazing powers including:

  • Spell Casting
  • Flight
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Super-strength
  • Pyrokinesis (what?!)
  • Can control Lightning

With these kinds of powers, I’m not sure which super hero could compete with him in Injustice 2!

Not to mention how awesome he looks in the teaser trailer.


They have added a lot more visually, which includes the graphics and the physical appearance of the characters.

The appearances of the characters are quite outstanding really. They are more modern in comparison to the original game. They have also made them more relevant to this period, as they have expanded their designs.

In the original game, the characters had a more ‘comic-style’ appearance, whereas now, they have taken the characteristics of them straight out of the movies.

For example:

  • The Deadshot and Harley Quinn design has been taken from the 2016 movie, ‘Suicide Squad’.
  • The Batman and Superman designs have come out of the 2016 movie, ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’.
  • Wonder Woman has been taken from the up and coming 2017 movie, ‘Wonder Woman’.


Animation wise; it runs a lot more smoothly creating a more realistic effect as well as the addition of new moves and improved super moves.

Players have the option to add more special moves to their super heroes, and there is a very wide selection of characters to chose from the DC universe.

Not only that, but they have installed a new gear system involving currency and after every match, there is a possibility that you can earn more gear to equip, customise and level up your chosen character.

Brian LeBaron, senior designer of Injustice 2, has said that he “personally built and designed Supergirl, as he loved superman and supergirl and they were a big part of his childhood.”

That statement just shows how personally the team working on the game are attached the stories they are creating. Hopefully, this is all reflected in Injustice 2.

This idea is reinforced by the fact that the designers have added in cut scenes between matches to show off each super heroes greatest skills. This was because they wanted the players to see something “cool and flashy” which catered to the character’s personality shown within the comics.


What Did the Developers Find Difficult About Creating a Game That Has a Whole Franchise Behind It?

Brian LeBaron, senior designer, stated that there wasn’t many difficulties since DC gave the developers a lot of freedom with the creation of Injustice 2.

They did have to read a lot of old comics and a tonne of research to really identify and know the background and personality of the characters that they are using in the game.

Overall, I am very excited to see this game getting released on the market. Every fan of DC will enjoy this game. Especially after the first game.

It’s a great extension to the story. Trust me.


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