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When we first started the #IndieGameIniative we had one goal: to expose the gaming community to the growing work and amazing content that indie devs provide gamers with every single day.

Despite an immense effort from our volunteered based editorial team, we knew that achieving our end goals would be difficult, especially with the limited hours we possess. We knew that getting to a place where every dev big or small could be appreciated for their work and get the exposure they need for their games to succeed would be a challenge.

While brainstorming for ways to achieve this we have been putting many plans into motion behind the scenes and one of these ideas was #IndieDevDiaries. Until now we have not had the staffing power, or enough devs behind us to do such a thing, but the time has come to launch a brand new segment as part of DoubleUpGaming’s The #IndieGameInitiative: IndieDevDiaries.


What all the fuss is about:

Every two weeks (set to change as interest grows) we will be releasing an un-edited article written by one of the many indie game devs part of our initiative. The aim is for these articles to be written as if it’s a first person view from the life of a developer – exploring the highs, lows and interesting things that can occur within a single day.

By giving readers an insight into their lives we hope that more people will come to appreciate what it means to be an indie dev. The great thing about it is devs will be able to write as much or as little about their games. Maybe give some readers perceptive tips of the industry, let the world know how much they enjoy a coffee before they get down to some grueling coding or simply telling a joke about how they broke their game.


But it does not stop with just words:

On the day of publish, we will also give the chosen developer access to our newly launched snapchat account for 24 hours where they can post updates of their day, their games and just about anything to do with them. We want people to get to know them, their work and for the few obsessives a chance to see their dev in action.

Developers will also get a chance to take over DoubleUpGaming’s twitter account for one hour to post whatever they want (within reason). But don’t worry, if you can’t think about what to write, say or do we have a small fact sheet with examples and a simple outline of what to expect.


What else to expect this year:

Over the course of 2015 we will be preparing many new features to the site oriented around indie devs. Ideas are always being built upon little by little but it’s really the support of the community that spurs us on.

The #IndieGameInitiative is still progressing towards some major movements in the industry (details not ready to be released). Right now it is small projects like these and the amazing efforts of the staff here at DoubleUpGaming that gives us hope that we’ll be able to make a big difference to the thousands of devs out there in need of a little push.

The team will be contacting a select group of indie devs part of the #IndieGameInitiative inviting them to take part, however if you feel that this is something for you or a friend then please do get in touch with the IndieDevDiaries community manager, Ollie Webb: [email protected]

In the mean time why don’t you follow us on Snapchat for an exclusive insight into what we’re up to?

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