NEW: Indie Dev Diaries


Indie Dev Diaries is brand new segment for the #IndieGameIniative where we have an indie game developer write a special piece about a day in their life as a dev. They also get access to our snapchat for the entire day and will be taking over our twitter account from 5pm on the day of publish.

This is going to be a special bi-weekly feature including both small and larger developers for a greater insight into the what other indie game developers are doing. For a full breakdown of this segments please check out our article talking about dev diaries in more detail

As soon as the first piece of content has been published at 5PM GMT, It’ll update down below for you to take a look at. 

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Dev Diary Details:

  • With Owlbear Indie game Studio
  • Diary Entry Publish at 5pm GMT
  • Twitter take over at 5pm GMT
  • Snapchat updates all day from DoubleUpGaming account

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