IDM Essex 2017: Our Most Successful Event Yet

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Has it already been a year?? That can only mean we’ve seen another one of our annual events!

21st March saw us celebrate one of DoubleUpGaming’s most treasured days of the year:

IDM Essex 2017

The one day a year where our Essex Gaming Industry newbies and experts can come together to rejoice all that is great about our local game companies.

A year had passed since our immensely popular IDM Essex 2016 event and we had a variety of new surprises ready for our local Games Devs.

New to IDM Essex?

Save the date - abstract-01-01

This event is targeted towards the young and old in the gaming industry to learn about advancing in their field as well as meeting people who can help them achieve their goal.

So if you’re a Game Dev, Student, or Industry Expert in the Essex Region, this event is perfect for you.

IDM Essex includes networking time with 150+ attendees as well as a talk from our guest speaker who will give all kinds of advice to better yourself in your field.

All attendees enjoy some free food and beer and learn how to advance their product and services.

The best part? Tickets are free.

The event is all non-profit so attendees can choose to purchase different tickets to help fund the cause.

Don’t worry if you missed the big day, IDM Essex 2018 is already in the works!

What was new this year?

First off, we had a massive industry expert grace us with his knowledge:

Phil Elliott


Phil, from Square Enix Collective gave us a talk on how to create a successful game as an Indie Developer.

Phil created Square Enix Collective in 2013, and built it from scratch to offer a range of services for indie developers globally. He also runs the Community team in London. Prior to joining Square Enix, Phil ran for four years, with stints at GameSpot and BBC 5Live before that.

He also gave an in depth question and answer session for our hero ticket holders. Attendees left saying that “the closed session one on one time with Phil was invaluable”.



IDM Essex is fortunate to have such supportive people helping the event blossom.

OPM Response Ltd had the pleasure of being our headline sponsors for the night and featured throughout the venue.

Games Industry Recruitment Specialists

OPM Response Ltd provides a unique service acting as an intermediary between the employers and job seekers in the computer games and associated industries worldwide. As an established brand they consistently listen to their client needs and candidate stories to match expectations.

If you want to find out more about our headline sponsor, please feel free to email [email protected]

We also had Shark Infested Custard, a local, award-winning games development studio based in the heart of East Anglia provide food for the evening.

Thanks to these awesome people, we had stacks of pizza ready for our volunteers all for free! (and who could turn down free pizza!)

Invest Essex were also incredibly generous and helped support IDM Essex.

Finally, we had Fragers kindly bring down one of their amazing buses.

The Razer Bus


We were honoured to feature the famed Razer Bus outside our venue available to all that attended. Topped up with all the consoles and PCs that you could ever desire, all gaming needs were met on the night.

We had Mortal Kombat, Rocket League, and even FIFA 2017! This bus really was designed for all. It certainly was the biggest change that no attendee could have missed.

It proved so popular, it managed to steal our volunteers too!

We hope to see the gaming bus feature at our events in the future.

A new feature we also introduced this year:

IDM Ticket Rewards


For those that have attended before, you’ll know that tickets were either free or you could choose to donate an amount to help fund the event.

This year we created a new ticket scheme that included “I <3 Indie Games” Wristbands, IDM Posters and T-shirts. All of which were personally designed by our volunteers.

The night was filled with the glorious colours of the event as volunteers sported their t-shirts, and attendees received their gifts.

The ticket sales were a huge hit and really helped us fund the night!

Did you guys enjoy it?



Phil Elliott, our speaker, sent us a wonderful comment regarding the evening:

“IDM Essex is a superbly organised and thoroughly worthwhile event, I have to say one of the best I’ve attended anywhere. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, while the attendance was strong and a great mix of developers and students – vital components of any good dev hub. I’d happily recommend it to anybody.”

And we also had comments from our local educators:

“The IDM Essex event was absolutely fantastic. The DoubleUpGaming team provided a brilliant and informative speaker and gave ample opportunity for networking which proved to be beneficial for myself and my students. The event gets bigger and better every year and I would recommend it to anybody who is aiming carve a career pathway in the games industry.” – Lizzy Ellam, Colchester Institute.

As for our hashtag, #IDMEssex, it saw a lot of use on the night:

So awesome to see so much support from the Gaming Community.

What’s new for next year?

As we only have less than a year to go until IDM Essex 2018, planning is already underway! If you have any ideas to improve the event, we’d love some feedback!

We appreciate all feedback we can get to make IDM Essex the most effective and entertaining meetup in the area!

If you would like to give feedback, follow the link below.

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