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March 2018 |  University of Essex

Thank you to everyone that came to IDM ESSEX 2017

IDM Essex empowers game developers and creatives within East Anglia by providing them with a platform to connect with new people, develop with confidence and explore unique opportunities.

Individuals and companies attend from across Essex to listen to innovative talks from highly respected experts in the game development industry.  Attendees leave inspired and motivated to discover what difference they can make to the video game industry.

IDM Essex March Opening Video

If you missed IDM Essex (March) or would like to check out the opening video again, here it is for you below

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2017 Speaker

Phil Elliott

Director of Community & Indie Development

Phil created Square Enix Collective in 2013, and built it from scratch to offer a range of services for indie developers globally. He also runs the Community team in London. Prior to joining Square Enix, Phil ran for four years, with stints at GameSpot and BBC 5Live before that.

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Connect with new people

Meet new people and build your growing network of industry contacts

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Gain new found knowledge from highly respected industry speakers during IDM talks