How to make the DoubleUpGaming Emblem for black ops 2


In this video we look at how to create the amazing DoubleUpGaming Emblem in Black Ops 2

The Emblem

It is actually much, much simpler than people think to make the DoubleUpGaming Emblem for black ops 2 and essentially only uses 3 main steps. (this has been extended to 6 below to make it easier to understand)   The DoubleUpGaming emblem is based on our logo that is used on our YouTube channel and website so it is easily recognizable in any videos or by any fans.

Easy Steps

  1. Create, center then hollow out a brand new circle shape
  2. Repeat this step then make it slightly smaller to make the hollow circle look thicker
  3. Now add a new triangle/arrow shape and size it down to lean towards the right hand side
  4. After this add a half heart and angle it so it acts as a extended point for the triangle
  5. Repeat this step but this time do it on the opposite side
  6. Now you are free to customize this to how you like by adding text and and gleam

If you follow these easy steps you should have you DoubleUpGaming Emblem looking good in no time, and you can officially brand your self as a DoubleUpGaming supporter. However we know some people find text tutorials not that easy to follow, so don’t worry we have added a detailed video for the benefit of those readers! The video includes a voice tutorial over the top as well so you will always be able to follow whats going on with the added benefit of being able to pause it as well.

We hope you found this tutorial easy to follow and Remember you can stay up-to date on all our latest videos by subscribing to our YouTube channel and stay in the loop by following us on twitter.

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