Habitat – Space survival meets Strategy


Habitat is an early access game. It is made by Independent Developer 4gency, in partnership with Versus Evil.

You are the future of the human race…

You play as a group of space engineers whose goal is to build and manage a base in orbit to sustain the human race. However, the only items at your disposal are bits of debris that you find in “space junkyards” in earth’s orbit. You must build and fly in-orbit stations in a zero gravity simulated situation to explore the unknown around you. To thrive and grow you must manage the population of your station and their environment.

Not all is at it seems

Don’t be fooled by thinking that this is just a peaceful sandbox game. You also need to build defences for your space station to protect your inhabitants from the dangers of orbit. These can only be built out of pieces of space junk you find in your journey around the Earth, such as rockets, lasers and particle accelerators.

4gency partner with Versus Evil

4gency is an indie game developer based in Seattle, Washington. The studio was founded in 2011 by Charles Cox, who has been in the game industry for a decade, bringing experience from many different studios. Versus Evil are an indie game publisher who focus on helping independent game developers be financially and creatively successful in the competitive games market. Versus Evil have signed a few partnerships recently, such as with Pencil Test Studios for the release of Armikrog.

Version 0.4

Version 0.4 has added quite a few updates to the game, for example: a new XP / leveling and progression system now exists that allows the user to earn, upgrade and face increasingly more challenging foes. Gaining levels allows you to have higher health and you can earn XP by completing missions. As well as this, they have added a system that allows the user to order weaponry to be delivered from earth for a cost, keeping things balanced by only allowing you to order items in a small area around your base. Finally, more space junk is available in orbit: “WW2 Russian submarine – tons of connectors and torpedo launchers make for a powerful platform.”

Where to get it

The game is available now on Steam! You can find it here.

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