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Today we have a spin-off article, detailing how you can make the most out of your Internet Browser! Many people understand the common concept of a Browser, they have their favourite search engine set up (Most likely Google) but that’s about where their understanding ends, today I’m going to help further that understanding, but first let’s get a few common questions out of the way.

What is a Web Browser

Well the official definition according to our good friend Google is – “A web browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web”, but what does this actually mean? Well let me put it into simpler terms for you, basically a web browser is a piece of software that allows you to connect and access the internet, its what allows you to access all the information on the internet, the search engine is what finds that specific information, you can think of the Browser as a library and the search engine as the librarian.


There are many Web Browsers out there, which should I choose?

Well this question is mainly down to personal choice, however I can still help you out quite a way! Now the default browser on many computers (especially ones running Windows) Is Internet Explorer, this browser has updates which can be downloaded from the internet, the latest version is Internet Explorer 10. Now here at DoubleUpGaming we advise against keeping this Browser, as an ex-Internet Explorer user myself I personally see the massive change my computer has had by changing my Browser. Internet Explorer is notoriously slow, unlike other browsers it can’t hold up to the standard of the internet nowadays, and many websites are having to cut support for Internet Explorer, it changes the appearance of websites as It is unable to handle their level of CSS (that’s the coding for the design of a website) Internet Explorer is also very bland to look at and doesn’t offer any cool extensions or extras that other Browsers do! So what Browser should I choose? Well we recommend the immensely popular Google Chrome if you’re on Windows (I’m afraid its all a bit different on Mac, but try Mozilla Firefox). Chrome allows easy personalisation, from themes and colours, it is a much faster browser, supports all types of websites, and is the future of the internet. To download Chrome click on the  link –


So now I have a capable Browser, what next?

So from now on we’re going to be focusing on how to make the most out of the Browser Google Chrome, as previously mentioned it is superior to many others, and is ever-growing in demand, easily becoming one of the leading Web Browsers. Below I show you how to make the most out of the different elements of Chrome.



As mentioned before Chrome is easily personalised/customised, to do this just click on ‘Web Store’ in the bottom right-hand corner of your chrome window, select ‘themes’ and then just flick through the many themes, or search for a particular one, when you’ve chosen a theme click on it and then click ‘choose them’. To recap ‘Open Chrome>Web Store> Themes> Choose Theme> Select Theme’.




This is an essential part of the new and improved web browser experience! They are free, and take seconds to install!  Below we have listed some of our favourite Google Chrome extensions, along with what they do, and a handy download link!

AdBlock; This is about as handy an extension as you can get! Although many advertisements online are honest and safe, there are also many that are scams, that will bother you for weeks on end with pesky emails and spam, AdBlock does not just cause you less bother, it also tidies up web pages for you, as ads often distort a webpage, they attract viewers attention away from content and can often take up vast spaces, that are unnecessary. The last great thing about AdBlock, is that you can pause it at the switch of a button, so that you can view a webpage with the ads on it, it also provides statistics, like the amount of ads on the current page you are viewing, how many ads it has blocked in total. We definitely recommend this extension, and you can download it here! –Download Adblock

LastPass; Have trouble remembering passwords? Then all your problems are solved! LastPass is one of many Chrome extensions that remember your passwords for different sites, in fact it does more than just that, when you login to a site that you have not saved the password too, you will be prompted too, it auto fills all your data, such as usernames and passwords, and stores them in a handy encrypted vault, which only you can enter! The only password you need to know is the one to your vault! Lastly LastPass includes a handy feature that allows it to randomly generate super secure passwords, be them real words, which even the Oxford Dictionary don’t know about! Or a random combination of letters (Caps and non-caps) and numbers! You can get LastPass here! –Download LastPass



WebRank SEO; Now this last extension is only really required by the more ‘computer-nerdy’ of our readers, this extension tells you everything you need to know about a website, from their rating by the top three computer security companies (Norton, McAfee and WOT) it also tells you the page ranking, the amount of back-links and even its country of origin, it’s mostly helpful for those of you who are starting your own websites, to help you monitor the statistics and information, all in one place, so if you want go download it! – Download WebRank SEO

So we hope this allows you to make the most out of your browser, let us know in the comments below what your favourite themes/extensions are and why!

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