Ghost Recon Phantoms – The Future of Free To Play

Very fun in short bursts.

You may be thinking after all the free to play games you’ve played,you’ll download this one and enjoy for 2 hours, then tell people to play the objective,then realize it’s pay to win and shelf it…..digitally.But what if I told you there was some effort put into this game? You’d probably laugh,but the graphics in of themselves separate it from other F2Ps. But here it is,in all it’s glory.

What is Ghost Recon Phantoms?

Ghost Recon Phantoms is the latest F2P Tom Clancy game.Unlike Ghost Recon Online it is much more polished, the movement is smooth, the cover system makes more sense than before, the graphics are simple but bearable. I would be lying if I told you that the game is balanced.The recon class is overpowered but it still takes skill to use.

What are the features of the game?

It has the classic Ghost Recon movement lines on the floor showing you the quickest way around.It is a game that requires teamwork it’s motto being “Fight together or die alone” which is very accurate but this doesn’t mean you have to stay with people the whole time.It means you shouldn’t try to go solo but you should try to co-ordinate an attack.For instance,on bazaar the map based in a long mall with a no-mans’ land in the middle is perfect for snipers,but around the edges are tight hallways perfect for the support class shotgun and low-lying levels for the assault class.I had two snipers pinning the enemies down on the other side of the mall while an assault ran along the left side and eliminated enemy snipers and I rushed in behind to clean up any survivors and kill assaults and enemy suppression drones.

Ghost Recon Phantoms - 1

What gadgets are there?

There is also two kinds of gadgets each class can equip.Each one suiting a certain playstile.The recon can use scan which detects enemies within a certain range and allows you to see them through walls or he can pick active camo to get behind the enemy.The support can use a ballistics shield similar to a moving bubble shield from Halo 3 allowing the player to advance into enemy territory.He can also use blackout which EMPs the enemy.The Assault has Blitz which is an assault shield and a Suppression Drone; a rather small deployable drone that follows it’s owner has a similar effect to “Black Ops 2’s”;guardian.It does a high amount of damage to enemies in it’s affective range and slows them down massively.

What are the micro transactions?

The micro transactions can buy you Ghost Credits for use in the shop.It’s better to just earn credits as you get around 2000 credits a game if you do well.The final verdict on micro transactions; get them if you’re lazy,of you care enough….earn them!

The Breakdown

(WildCard) Free-to-Play

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