Gfinity eSports Arena Revealed

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The long anticipated Gfinity Arena has finally been revealed bringing esports into everyday life

Partnering up with UK cinema giant Vue, Gfinity have at last revealed more details about its new 600 supporter arena dedicated to eSports. Being one of the first of its kind, most eSports events are currently held at large football stadiums such the Commerzbank-Arena in Frankfurt (where the ESL One Dota 2 tournament will be hosted this year.)
A Vue cinema in Fulham Broadway has been fully transformed into a building with three custom-built stages, offering “the comfiest seats found in eSports” according to the post Gfinity made on their website. They’ve also promised fans that major events will be taking place all throughout the year including those from: Activision, Blizzard, Valve, and Riot.
Gfinity is hoping that the near proximity to a large shopping centre and tube station will draw in many visitors and help to grow the eSports community even further than it already has been.

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One problem with previous large eSports events was the difficulty of finding or buying tickets. One major perk of partnering with Vue is that Gfinity are able to sell tickets for events through the Vue website, just as if you were buying tickets for the cinema. As well as these great features for the fans, the venue offers a dedicated press room as well as a player lounge.

The first ever event to be held at the Gfinity Arena is taking place right now, the CS:GO Spring Masters 1. With a $50,000 (£39,000) prize pool, half of which is for the first place team, it is already clear that this is going to be a major step for eSports as a whole. The second Spring Masters tournament is set to be held at the arena in mid-may with more events coming soon afterward.

Check out more pictures of the venue below

Credit to IBTimes UK / Ben Skipper

Credit to IBTimes UK / Ben Skipper

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All photo credit to IBTimes UK / Ben Skipper

Let us know your thoughts on esports and whether you think this will be a permanent part of our future. With gaming being taught in college and venues like this popping up we can expect a lot more in the way of strides in the gaming industry.

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