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I have always loved the thought of creating content that people love to see, share and enjoy. After what is to soon be 2 years of many ups and down my dreams have still not been achieved and I believe it is time to take up another interest and peruse other dreams.

Although many of the readers on this site may not even of heard of our YouTube channel (DoubleUpGaming which was launched in April 2012), this is my only outlet at which to make my announcement that I will no longer be managing the DoubleUpGaming YouTube channel. Down to many reasons that have affected me over the years I simply cannot carry on with what is a dying dream that has only ever caused me anguish and sleepless nights.

I went into YouTube thinking it will be fun and something to share content with people all over the world, but it soon turned into something I could not handle. I hit the first wall when all I ever wanted was to make videos, but the meaningless world of the internet decided to try to destroy us from the offset – Day after day we got abusive comments telling us how “rubbish” or “crap” our channel was. Day after day we got wave after wave of dislikes from interment trolls in a bid to destroy our channel. But day after day I fought through it doing what I loved.

Next we found growing tensions between people that were meant to be friends, but they were just jealous of our growing channel which had potential. But I fought through it doing what I loved. When things started to look as if they were going well, things got happier, more exciting and very interesting – after months of non stop hard work we had finally been offered a partnership with full screen. Having this new backing, another member of the team and only good things to come, what could go wrong, I asked myself?

(this was our first ever promotional video)

I soon found myself with large tensions between a now previous ex-DoubleUpGaming member until it climaxed to the point where he would no longer speak to us and was forcefully removed. Although you may think this was the end of it, this ex-member is suspected of deleting all 200 videos from the YouTube channel and was proven to of deleted all of their articles from the website. Many may not see how but this spiteful and un called act broke my heart but it did. Everything I and Jonny had worked up to had been destroyed in the space one night which changed my perception on YouTube and made me keep telling myself that the channel was over. But I still fought through it doing what I loved.

Inside I was crumbling. Falling apart, trying to pick up the pieces that had been left behind. My thoughts started to wander into what they are today. What is the point in continuing? No one even comments on the videos and I even start to think does anyone actually watch our videos or give a care about the livestreams which take me hours to prepare?

Down to no particular individual or issue and actually months of hard thinking I have made my decision: It was fun whilst it lasted… But this is one journey I am no longer prepared to fight,

In spite of this announcement the channel will still remain open and you may even see a video on it every once in a while, however I will not be spending most off my time on it anymore and instead am devoting my time to the website. Who knows I may come back to it in 5 years!  See you guys next time, this has been DoubleUpDaniel

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