Fullscreen release new Creator Platform


It has been a long time coming but fullscreen has finally rolled out their brand new creator platform that offers new apps and an advance way to view earnings.

Among the updates we have seen improvements in earnings, apps & stats, community and brands & marketers. Ultimately this means a smoother and better experience for all fullscreen partners – Not a partner? Apply here


earningsYou can now view your earnings estimates anywhere, anytime in full detail, including how much you earned 2 months before and to date. It also allows you yo get detailed financial statements on a channel level and video level.






Apps & Stats

appsFullscreen have also added new apps along with updating their current ones to helps you optimize your videos with ease and strategically build your audience. Among the new additions we have found bulk description editor and bulk comments which allow you to edit the descriptions and comments of your video faster than ever. There are also beta apps that include trends and fullscreen beam





communityAs  fullscreen is the largest YouTube network of video creators no wonder it is so easy to connect with other passionate and talented creators! In the recent updates they have improved this so it is much easier to discus, collab or even produce using the community.





But, improvements are still needed…

Even though we have seen major improvements in looks it is about what is behind the scenes and there are still aspects of the platform that need improving. The audio section may look nicer but it is still the same old frustration when you can only use one key word to search for a song and although fullscreen likes to think they listen to the community we have never seen a single reply from them in the community Forums, so are they actually listening?

If you are a fullscreen partner let us know what you think of the platform, and you most like about it. If not then why are you not a partner with the largest growing YouTube network? its actually really easy! Just apply here.

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