Farm Blocks Survival Episode #2


Blood, sweat…and diamond tears! It’s episode 2 of Farm Blocks survival!

So to recap the last episode, both Daniel and Jonny fell to their doom, we made our own farm and started to harvest the first crop, we also started to mine out a section of the Island, and Jonny started forming a bridge towards the Jungle Island, which is where we’re heading in Episode 2!

But first, diamonds, so close but so far…

As Jonny and Daniel went about stabilising a bridge to the Jungle Island, and clearing away the masses of cobwebs and mobs, that occupied the mineshaft, Ben continued to mine down, a sole incentive on his mind, to acquire diamonds, equipped with his trusty iron tools, he started to mine down, on his way he encountered lapiz, redstone, and a lot of annoying holes, but finally he found what he was looking for, diamonds! However there was just one little problem…they were all placed precariously, just so that it was virtually impossible to get to them, using some carefully placed cobble, he managed to construct some bridges and safety measures to start collecting the precious ore.

But then disaster struck again…in the form of a pesky skeleton! Balancing precariously on his cobble bridge, darting back and forth to avoid getting caught in the rapid mist of arrows that the skeleton was firing, he put up a makeshift wall to protect himself, and to block the arrows, he went on to finish collecting the diamonds, and everything was resolved, right? Afraid not!

‘ know those diamonds I got?’ were the words that signalled Ben’s potential fate, their questions were soon resolved when the dreaded phrase ’97epicminer fell out of the world’, our hopes of quick success crushed, we pulled ourselves back together, Ben quickly made his way to the second island, where in the process of a few minutes acquired wooden tools, and used them to make iron tools, and more importantly an iron pickaxe, which soon proved handy, when we discovered diamonds in the rock, within incredibly easy reach! But at that point we unfortunately had to end the episode with extremely short notice, so you’ll have to wait until episode 3, to find out if we managed to collect diamonds, again!



But what else happened in the episode?

Well as we mentioned we finished constructing our bridge across to the Jungle Island, and whilst Ben went on his wild hunt for diamonds, Daniel and Jonny made their way over the bridge, to fight off an array of Skeletons, Creepers and Cave Spiders, but that wasn’t the most daunting problem, it was the masses of cobwebs, halting their progress, and building a tension, and lava became our new mob-fighting weapon, although a dangerous one at that!

Make sure to stay tuned to our channel for the third episode, coming soon!


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