Facebook creeps out Notch – No Minecraft for Oculus Rift


In a bizarre update on Markus Persons twitter, fans were told that the previous talks to have a specially built minecraft version for the Oculus rift has been cancelled due to the fact: Facebook creeps notch out.

In a recent blog post found on Notch’s personal website, we can see he believed there was alot of potential for the Oculus despite the previous problems it had with making virtual reality gaming a true reality

However after the recent acquisition of the Oculus rift from Facebook that cost just shy of 2 Million Dollars, Notch has had a very sudden change of heart meaning there will no longer be a special version of Minecraft for the Oculus and most likely no games will be released from Mojang AB  for the Oculus game system.

Facebook is not a company of grass-roots tech enthusiasts. Facebook is not a game tech company. Facebook has a history of caring about building user numbers, and nothing but building user numbers.

Notch clearly feels very strong against the ethics of Facebook, and obviously in his opinion Facebook has literally ruined this idea that was about to come true. In spite of this many people have mixed views about the future of virtual reality gaming as it could take a majority of different routes. Many critics have also been agreeing with the overly exaggerated statements from Markus Persons, announcing that Facebook has taken it too far and are not fit to enter the gaming market.

Only the future will revile whether the Oculus rift will indeed be a success or a major disaster but one thing is for sure: Facebook has entered the market and are looking to find another way to dominate the industry. Let us if you agree with Notch’s opinions or if you think he was too harsh in his recent decisions.

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