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Essex’s first ever game developer’s event

The UK games industry is expanding on an exponential scale

So what does Colchester and DoubleUpGaming have to do with this?

We want to put Colchester and Essex on the map as the largest creative hub for the Games industry in the UK and that all starts with events such as “the first ever game developers event in Essex”.

It’s hard to believe that with over *600 digital creative companies here in Colchester and with an industry that is worth in excess of *£3.9bn no local entities have had the initiative to unite the video games industry in Essex that is so rythe and thriving…

…until now that is.


We ( have created the first Independent games developer meetup in Essex to bring a community of hobbyists, professionals and local game studios together in one place.

Event Details:

With a date set, a venue locked down and an expert speaker from the world’s largest game development tool, free tickets are available to anyone professionally interested in game development.

Date: Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Time: 6:30pm – 9pm

Venue: Essex Business School, University of Essex Campus

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  • Special guest speaker, Andy Touch from Unity 3d
  • FREE admission, Pizza and Beer (provided by local business Papa John’s Colchester and the Pitfield Brewery)
  • Bringing the talented community of game developers together in one space on a quarterly basis to provide them the opportunity to network, demo games and interact with expert industry speakers.


Let’s get a little  more in depth on what’s happening on the evening and the wonderful local businesses that are making this possible.

We’ve been working tirelessly with the University of Essex and the Colchester Games hub ( local developer Shark Infested Custard and the EE Hub) to ensure we create an evening that marks a milestone of Game Development within Essex.

Throughout the evening attendees will get the chance to network with Essex Game developers and industry experts and professionals, along with local Essex businesses and organisations. 


Keen to get as many of these businesses involved as possible, we are proud to inform you that all food on the night is free of charge as provided by Papa Johns Colchester.

The same goes for the wonderful custom crafted beer that will be available, kindly provided by the Pitfield’s Brewery  Queen Street, Colchester.

Cymax Computer’s, our local technology sponsor, will also be there on the night supporting the local games industry.

Check out our full list of IDM Colchester sponsors including the EE Hub and Illuminate design.


Andy Touch from Unity3d to talk at IDM Colchester

Unity Technologies has revolutionized the game industry with Unity, the breakthrough development platform for creating games. The Unity engine is loved throughout the gaming industry for the depth and quality of its optimizations and the speed and efficacy of its workflows – allowing Unity users to produce high-end content fast.


The Unity game engine is far more popular amongst developers than any other game development software. The proportion of developers relying on Unity as their primary development tool and using Unity is growing all the time.

Now more about our speaker:

Andy Touch is one of Unity’s most prolific European evangelists who is an expert in designing and developing games for a range of platforms. Andy will be talking to us about:

  • What you should be doing to create a successful game.

  • Using Unity to bring your games to life.

He will also be available throughout the evening to answer any questions you may have and give advice on game development.

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Get connected with IDM Colchester

IDM Tickets:

It’s important to reserve a ticket as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on your spot for the evening. This event is proving to be very popular and tickets may need to be caped fairly soon.

Link to IDM page


You can interact with us,  by tweeting out to: #IDMColchester 

We’ll be posting exclusive images and messages via this hashtag to keep you updated on everything we’re doing.


Join us on Facebook where we will be  discussing anything topically relevant for indi devs, speak to those who attended our first event, and carry on the discussion  IDM Colchester facebook group.



The future aims of IDM Colchester will host’ IDM events quarterly with our next speaker already lined up and ready to be announced at the end of our October event.

Our goal has always been to connect the video games industry in Essex and give Essex devs  a chance to meet, interact and learn from others involved in this innovate, creative and growing industry. Promote your games to industry experts, receive support from other Indi devs and share your own knowledge and expertise.

With each event we’re going to grow and build upon experiences learned, to bring you the very best indie dev meetups within the UK.

Our long term goal is to  hold an annual event that will bring hobbyists, professionals and local game studios together from across the across the region, UK and the globe putting Essex firmly on map that this is the place to be for indie development .

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This is just the beginning ……

DoubleupGaming are looking forward to meeting you on the night! Keep in touch with us and let us know your thoughts on what we’re doing.

If you wish to contribute, want to get in touch or share the event with friends then feel free to tweet or Facebook us.

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By Daniel Colaianni

I love gaming, plain and simple. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!

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