EGX Rezzed: Indie Dev’s Time To Shine


3 days of pure love, joy, and gaming. London hosted a gaming event with only Indie Devs in mind:

EGX Rezzed 2017

Studios from all over the country gathered in East London to show off their latest and greatest. Companies have really taken the bull by the horns and shown off their games in the best of style.

The event ran from 30th March to 1st April and was set in the beautiful Tobacco Docks; the weekend was filled with all the gaming one could ever desire!

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We’ve seen Square Enix Collective, Sega, [email protected], and so many more studios and companies supporting Indie Devs!

Never have I seen such an amazing display of games. This event is proof that indie developing has come such a long way.

What did we learn from EGX Rezzed?

This event has certainly been an eye opener into current trends; one thing that Indie Devs are showing more and more interest in is Virtual Reality.


With the technology still seen as fairly new, small studios are taking on the task of developing their games for the new software and it’s amazing to see the excellent work that companies could display.

A Variety of up and coming VR Games made their way into Tobacco Dock and we couldn’t help but have a go!

Dick Wilde saw us shooting creatures lurking amongst the water with a number of weapons including nail guns and bow and arrows! A very addictive game that had us in awe for a while.

As the player in the game is stationary, there is no problem with motion sickness – something I suffer from a lot! So this title really appealed to me for that reason.

Also, their booth had been beautifully decorated with inflatable crocodiles, snakes and more to really add to the feel of the game!

Dick Wilde giveaway


Pixel Blimp were another studio to demonstrate their head-spinning “Nerve” complete with leaderboard making attendees spend hours in the world of virtual reality trying to make their way to the top.

What was interesting about Nerve is that Pixel Blimp hadn’t considered developing it for VR yet people who tried the game recommend to the company that they adapt it for the up and coming hardware.

It proved a big hit this weekend at Tobacco Dock!


Another trend made clear by this weekend:

Party games are more and more in demand

We managed to find quite a few party game titles that proved worthy of an evening with friends and drinks.

Firstly, one of our favourites, Overcooked, featured on the Nintendo Switch and people were lining up to have a go.

You can find a tonne more about Overcooked here!

Another game we had a lot of laughs with was “Oh my godheads”, a title under Square Enix collective.

The game involved a lot of weirdness with killing the opposition while trying to score the mysterious head into the goal.


Each head had the amazing ability to make your task practically impossible! I say this as we picked the hardest head to play with!


Gang Beasts is a popular multiplayer game that made its mark at EGX Rezzed.

“Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal mêlée fight sequences, and absurdly hazardous environments. Set in the fictional ‘meatropolis’ of Beef City.”

This is a pure physics based game that has taken years to perfect and is now available for us to enjoy!

And the characters are just as wacky as the game!


The best thing about this event for me, is the amount of effort people have to gone to make their game stand out from the rest.

Visually appealing games were not in short supply over the 3 days and we go to see the best of them.

Many booths and rooms had taken decoration to the max to make their game the most eye catching.

Take Knights and Bikes for example. 

Players are drawn to this game due to the setup they have adopted.

Each player had to sit on their very own kids bike, fully decorated with quirky stickers, in order to try the game out!

I even managed to have a cheeky ride on one of the smaller bikes around the venue! (Check out our snapchat story below!)

Untitled design

The bikes were smothered in quirky stickers to reflect their game; what a great way to get attention!

Not only that, but the game deserved all the attention it received, I fell in love with it!

You play as two young girls who travel around the neighboured destroying evil and restoring peace. The innocence in the two protagonists makes you want to protect them so much more than any other characters in games.

And the art style that studio, Foam Sword games chose for the Knights and Bikes just adds to the adorable-ness of it all *insert heart-eye emojis everywhere!*


When looking for other games to play at EGX Rezzed, one name that kept popping up was Ooblets.

Ooblets can only be described as a cute, well designed game that has no problem with showing their inspiration.

You play as a young girl who has moved to a new town and is given a new creature, called an Ooblet, for her travels. She has to train her monster, teach it new moves and put it up against other ooblets to level it up. She can also collect other Ooblets and become an “Ooblets Champion”. Sound familiar?

While the game had great graphics and a lot of potential, I would like to see in what ways the developers could differ it from Pokemon more. I was really attracted to the art style and the quirky characters but I am also a big fan of the Nintendo franchise and will find it hard to adopt a new form of the game.


Overall, EGX Rezzed has given me a lot of hope and positivity for the future of indie development. Game studios have shown that they can create games just as awesome as the big companies with only a few people on their team.

To see just how much fun the DoubleUpGaming team had, you can view our snapchat story:

I am very much looking forward to next years event to see how another year has affected the industry.

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