E3 conference – Revealing games or promoting Xbox?


The E3 Conference is now over but there is still a week to go of fun filled events where we can expect even more gameplay teasers and reveals

However during most E3 events you can never shake of the fact that Xbox has the overruling view on what the public see’s – Yes they may be the organisers of the event but is it really fair to play this power game over the community of gamers from all walks of life?

Many gamers from the Ps4 to the Ouya flock to their computers and mobile devices to get the low down on all the latest Gaming informations; but many of us come out somewhat wishing we had an xbox(even if we don’t want to believe it ourselves). Why is this? Its because most games that were revealed were either first to come to Xbox or exclusively for the xbox. Without getting into to much detail, is this really fair to the gaming community, that someone will have to fork out another £400 just to buy a £40 game?


Some may argue that Xbox has every right to offer these games exclusively for Xbox or use E3 as a personal tool to gain promotional support (after all they are paying for it right?) Xbox has in the range of billions of pounds to spend and hey for a 3 day show pass it will set you back around $795 therefore money is hardly a problem here…

Over 180 games on the xbox 360 were xbox exlusive

With the likes of the Halo franchise, its not hard to believe that Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo 5: Guardians is only coming to xbox – For years since its launch of xbox live it has always followed this tradition. But could it be a time for change? A recent study has found

To name a few of the games that were announced and talked about at E3 as xbox only:

  • Fable: Legend
  • Halo 5 : Guardians
  • Project Spark
  • Below
  • Quantum break
  • Cobalt
  • Sunset overdrive
  • Fantasia: Music Evolved
  • D4
  • Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Over 183 Games were released as xbox only last year from the Xbox 360, this number is set to rise for the Xbox one


But hey its not all that bad?

It may not be all bad: most xbox games also ship with a windows friendly version meaning it also opens up the market to another fan base. In spite of this others are left in the dark meaning, PS3 and Ps4 players are left with the games Xbox didn’t want to pay for or include within their. Overall Xbox are suppressing the lesser known developers that do not want their games only on the xbox one – meaning that only the companies that are paid large sums from Xbox.

Whats next for E3

Although E3 is promoting a ton of xbox stuff, we are also getting a chance to see alot of great content from the smaller guys at E3. All in all its up to you to decide whether or not E3 is actually for the good or if it should be changed up a bit to allow other game industries to get in with the action. Let us know your thoughts on the subject or maybe you could tell us about some of your misery with the xbox community.

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