DoubleUpGaming’s Week of Horror

week of horror

This Halloween DoubleUpGaming is proud to present our Week of Horror…

Starting Monday, 27th October, (today) we’ll be publishing daily articles taking a look at the highs and lows of horror in gaming. Amongst these articles we are featuring some great indie games, a special giveaway, Fright Night livestream and much, much more.

Week of Horror Giveaway!

First things first, is our giveaway of Alien Isolation & DLC. As part of our celebrations we thought we would share some of the fun with you by hosting an exclusive giveaway of the game and dlc to fans of DoubleUpGaming. It is very easy to join in with the giveaway as all you need to do is visit our special page which details all the ways in which you can earn free entry. The great thing about the giveaway is it gives everyone the chance to win including a special bonus to viewers of our FrightNight Livestream.


Enter the giveaway today for your chance to win

Enter giveaway here

Fright Night Livestream

The Fright Night Livestream is going to be our biggest (and longest) yet. Spanning a total of 8 hours from 8pm to 4am we are set to have a whole lot of horror related fun! Throughout the night we will be playing through some great horror games, joining in on some funny community challenges and having some great talks about what is current in the horror gaming industry.

week of horror LIVE-01-01

This is definitely going to be our best livestream yet, so we would really like to see you there as we play through challenges such as the DUG Apple bob challenge, Trick or treat challenge and even a speed pumpkin carving challenge! Some of the games we will be playing range from some spooky themed Minecraft adventure maps, horror indie games and some games great to play with friends.

If you would like to jump into the madness, the stream will be on Friday the 31st October from 8pm to 4am . All details and up to date information can be found on our Facebook event page

A Whole week of horror related articles

Our week of horror would, of course, not be complete without our range of purely horror related articles. Our writers will be exploring the top 100 horror games ever made, some of the best Minecraft horror maps to play, great indie horror games due to be released or already out and even our definitive list of the best horror survival games.

Prepare for a gore infested week of spooky delights, created in the pits of hell to feed your burning need for horror this Halloween.

Feel free to let us know what you will be doing this #DUGWeekOfHorror, enter our giveaway or even watch along for our night of terrors in the Fright Night Livestream.

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