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Christmas An awakening Walkthrough

It is up to you to save Christmas my young elf

With our new Minecraft Christmas  adventure map and at the request of readers of DoubleUpGaming, we have decided to make a short walk through of the map that covers every chapter within the game. Please note that this walkthrough will reveal alot of spoilers so only read the bits you need help with!

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter One:


Game spawn in

This is where you should first spawn in when you have loaded the game for the first time. You will notice you have been released from a cryogenic chamber with error messages reading that you were awoken by an unknown entity. From this room you can also start to get a feel for some of the items in the map and it clearly sets out the settings that your game should be at to function fully.

From this room, to start the game you will need to locate the button and hit start game.


Starting house spawn in

The house you first start in is that of an elder elf, who looks after this particular village. You should notice the looming voice of santa who is talking directly to you, his transcript goes somewhat of :

*Mic on
*light Mic bang bang
Hello, erm, hello?
Is this thing on?
Ah yes! Hello there, my name is Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, *Sexy: Santa Baby , or what ever it is they call me these days
I have awakened you my dear elf for a very special mission of great magnitude…. You must Save Christmas!
Yes well unfortunate circumstances means I wont be able to join you but don’t worry, just work your way to the factory
At this point I should mention that you may encounter, lets say a few hostile elfs but if this happens you can always head to the ICE Kingdom shop where I hear they stock some good weapons!
Anyway, I should be off now, best of luck!

After this you will be invited to explore the village after opening the large double chest inside of the house which contains some clothing, food and a note about Power Santas


Power Santa Locations

To power the train you will need to locate the three Power Santas located around the village, the locations are as follows:

Location one: Elf House – You should be able to find a Power Santa located inside the house of one of the elf’s house’s within the village.


Location two: Village Mine – This Power Santa is hidden within the lower part of the mine inside one of the chests.


Location Three : This one is a little harder but is located behind the large mound that the water tower is located on and under a small cobblestone shelter.


Starting Santa Train

You can start the train as soon as you have retrieved all of the Power Santas by placing them on the power bays located on the back of the train and marked by a sign reading “Power Bay”.

You should notice a ding every time one is placed down and a full power charge sound when all of them have been placed.


Chapter Two:


Melon Crash spawn in

Once the train has been started you will move for a short while until you hear a large bang. This large bang indicates that you have crashed, so what do you know? You have crashed into a bunch of melons (oh dear). Santa will inform you of this and direct you to keep going forward. When you get closer enough a new objective will show, saying “you need to jump your way through”.


Getting through the melons

To get through the melons you will need to do a short amount of parkour by jumping onto the lower part of the melons and slowly progressing onto the melons further up until you reach the wall of melon. However you are not done yet as on the other side of the wall you need  then do another jump onto the snow wall until you are over.


Getting through the Frozen Lake

Once you are over the melon wall, you will need to dive into the water and slowly swim through until you get to the other side. Things will be very dark and alot harder than they may first seem. So if you don’t want to drown you will need to go in a specific direction.

  1. Jump into the water.
  2. Take the first left route
  3. Take the next left route
  4. Quickly swim up onto the surface for air


Entering the factory

When you have defeated your first lot of minions you can enter the main factory room. You will find that there is already a minecart there so feel free to enter the minecart and push the button to go. If in multiplayer you can click, “another minecart” to summon a new one.


Chapter Three:


Factory Spawn in

Once you have completed your journey into the factory you will find yourself falling down the chimney entrance. Santa should begin to talk to you and explain that the stairs no longer exists to get up to the power core. At this point it is a good idea to explore the factory.


Getting to the power core

Now you can make your way to the top of the factory by making use of the broken stairs and snow. Locate the lower lot of stairs and slowly walk up, then jump across onto the snow parkouring to the top until you can jump onto the ledge. Once has been achieved it should be the simple case of walking across to the dome windowed room where further instructions will be presented.


Climbing the maintenance tunnel

To retrieve the first Power Santa you are told to travel up the maintenance tunnels. You can do this by heading over to the iron tube surrounded by glass with slime blocks in the middle. You will need to carefully jump to the top using the slime blocks.

Jumping the slime blocks tip – The best way to do this is by holding down the space bar which will always keep your jumping speed, when jumping try to jump as you are going down so by the time you have touched the block beneath your feet you will already be heading in the right direction.

When you have reached the top of the tube you will be presented with harmful chemicals (lava) that you will need to jump over with a speed effect on.

Lava run tip – When doing this try not to slow down, the best way to do this is to keep going and to keep jumping. This last jump needs alot of momentum to get you over.

After this it is a case of dropping down and up, then down and up one more time until you have reached the pipes control.


 Activating the pipes (lave and water)

Great, you made it into the pipe (lave and water room) now you need to activate the lights.

To start of you will need to meet the lava and the water to create a block in the middle. After this you don’t actually have to worry about the middle light any more as it will always be activated.

Now you can concentrate on activate the other lights – if you want to try on your own you can try looking at the painting which is located on the wall in the pipe room, if not the levers will need to be in this position from left to right:

Up, down, up, down, down

After activating the lights it is a simple case of back tracking and heading back to the power core.


Heading down the tubes to the sorting facility

So you have placed down your Power Santa and have now been given instructions from Santa to retrieve the second one. To do this you will need to drop down and jump into one of the tubes.

As the tubes are now open you should be able to freely fall through and will arrive at the sorting facility.


Speaking to Mallonson

Upon arriving at the sorting / runway you should have to fend off against a few hostile elfs, then Mallonson the elf will direct you to join him in the elf bar. At this point you should head into the glass area with the large text of “Elf Bar” above it.

Mallonson will speak to you and ask you to gain his trust by retrieving his candy cane blaze rod lost within the presents.


Finding Mallonson’s  Candy Cane Blaze Rod

Hidden through a hole in the wall by the large pile of presents, you should find a room of darkness with one glowstone block. In here is the candy cane and once you have pushed the button you will be given your reward. However it is no where near was easy as just walking up to it.

Instructions for navigating the black maze:

From the stone step take two steps forward, three steps left, five steps forward, two steps right, two steps forward, two steps right, two steps forward five steps right, 3 steps forward, one step left, two steps forward, five steps to the left

After this return to Mallonson the elf and trade with him as you would with a normal villager by placing the blaze rod in his trade slot and taking the power Santa.


Placing Power Santa on Power Core

Now you have the Power Santa in your inventory, you should receive an objective to head up and put it on the power core. This is where you need to find the lift (located to the left of the large pile of presents facing outwards).

You can get into the lift and push the button to go up which will take you to the upper floor in the factory where the power core is. Now you can place the Power Santa on the bay and cue chapter four


Chapter Four


Turning on the production line

Now you should be asked by Santa to turn on the production line. To do this you will need to head to the overseers office which should now be open. You can enter the room, look for anything interesting and then power up.

To do this you need to pull down the lever then push the button – the game should then take you into a cut scene and then put you back into the room again (if you look out the window you should notice  how the presents are slowly turning to c4


Escaping the factory

After Santa has stopped talking you will be teleported onto the factory floor where nanobots will try to kill you. Once you have taken them out you can then proceed to jump down the tubes again to Mallonson the elf.

Head through to the Elf Bar where Mallonson is waiting.


Visiting Mallonson and the shop

Mallonson should tell you that you need to head to the shop then walk down the runway to the AI door. He will proceed to take you to the shop where you have your last chance to buy any weapons. Then you can simply use the pad to be taken back to where you need to be.

Continue walking untill you reach the AI door at the far end of the runway.


Chapter Five


Wave Boss Fight

This wave boss fight features 4 different waves that differ in difficulty. Before you get a chance to reach the AI door, Santa will place his force field on and start the wave.

Wave one consists of Nano Bots and after you will gain a care package

Wave two consists of Ginger bread men which are varied in difficulty  – Ginger Grunts, Creper drops, Ginger Ninja and Ginger Heavy. You will also receive a care package that drops from the sky.

Wave Three features Nano Sentries which will attack you via the use of lasers and bows. Ice King Bosses will also spawn on horses with bows for you to kill. A care package will also fall for you

Wave Four includes Ghasts, creeper drops and Ice King Bosses on Spiders.

After the wave has ended, Mallonson the elf will let you know that he has some c4 for you and tells you to place the charge.


Chapter 6


Shutting down the AI Core

Now you have breached the AI Core room you can pull the lever to shut it down. At the moment you can take it easy and relax as you think you have shut him down for good. However things are not as it seems as the AI then begins to talk to you and the rampage files are loaded. Note you cannot kill the AI throughout this.


Fighting the Final Boss

Once the Rampage has loaded you will get the chance to take out all that santa throws at you until something unexpected happens: you  will go into a slow-mo mode – you soon come out of this and Mallonson explains what just happened.

The AI will be surprised and will have lower health. He then throws more madness at you when Mallonson will then give you two pieces of c4 to place on the charge pads.



Slow Motion AI Fragment Kill

In the ending stages of the game you will have gone into slow-mo mode again and given the chance to strike the AI Fragment 3 times until you have fully destroyed it. This will then set the end cut scene into motion.


Game Ending

If you are unsure about the game ending then here is what fully happens:

You have just destroyed the last AI fragment that was keeping the AI core running due to all processes being slowed. Therefore the system has gone into full shutdown mode and has started to delete all items held within its memory even ones predating the conversion into AI.

It runs through Memories relating to a specific feeling until the shut down is fully complete.


Then the game has ended and the credits play.


We hope you enjoy the map and do feel free to let us know how much you enjoyed it in the comments below or on the minecraft forum thread

By Daniel Colaianni

I love gaming, plain and simple. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!

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Perfect Great gameplay , perfect storyline, spectacular aesthetics and design (loved the cutscenes but my favourite part was the slowmo part that was just “EPIC” if i were to give it a rating i would give it 100/5

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