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Lets Just Hope It’s Not Our Kryptonite

The release of Injustice 2 is upon us. It has been almost been 4 years since the release of the first Injustice and we are hoping that in that period of time Nether Realm has developed an incredible sequel.

Let’s time travel back to April 3rd 2013; the day that Injustice: God’s Among Us was issued on the market. Now, we know that Marvel is DC’s biggest rival and there is a massive battle between the two.

Marvel fans were able to set against their favourite heroes and villains in some of the best fighting games, from Marvel Super Hero Squad to Marvel vs Capcom.

Marvel vs. Capcom achieved a great success and DC found it hard to top this. They tried to mirror the attainment of Marvel vs. Capcom by developing Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe but it didn’t quite make it to the top.

Injustice: God’s among us, was then created which just involved DC comic characters but still had aspects of Mortal Kombat, like the super moves and the fact that Scorpion was a DLC character.

From a personal point of view, I loved the first Injustice.

It really captured the personality of the heroes and villains smoothly and it had a wide variety of characters to chose from.


Injustice: God’s Among us had many things that appealed to a broad audience.

It succeeds in making a fighter with depth but it keeps foundation mechanics simple so that it is easy for the beginners and is still enjoyable for the professionals.

To round up the positives of Injustice: Gods among us, the characters actually look correct and overall, they have been designed really well.

The choice of the voice actors is remarkable! The chosen environments are well designed and are interactive which creates are realistic atmosphere.

But to be completely honest, we have seen it all before and it isn’t that visually impressive. The graphics are a little…off.

But it was 2013.

Every game has its negatives and some even outrun the positives. But Injustice still turned out to be a terrific video game. If you are a DC fan, you will love Injustice.

Now, back to 2017.

Amongst the fun of GDC, Injustice 2 has finally been confirmed. They are slowly giving out hints and are revealing characters for the sequel.

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The big announcement made by Warner Bros this week:

We finally get to play as Dr Fate.

This super hero has been around since 1940 and not many guys (or girls) could top him.

He posses a variety of amazing powers including:

  • Spell Casting
  • Flight
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Super-strength
  • Pyrokinesis (what?!)
  • Can control Lightning

With these kinds of powers, I’m not sure which super hero could compete with him in Injustice 2!

Not to mention how awesome he looks in the teaser trailer.


They have added a lot more visually, which includes the graphics and the physical appearance of the characters.

The appearances of the characters are quite outstanding really. They are more modern in comparison to the original game. They have also made them more relevant to this period, as they have expanded their designs.

In the original game, the characters had a more ‘comic-style’ appearance, whereas now, they have taken the characteristics of them straight out of the movies.

For example:

  • The Deadshot and Harley Quinn design has been taken from the 2016 movie, ‘Suicide Squad’.
  • The Batman and Superman designs have come out of the 2016 movie, ‘Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice’.
  • Wonder Woman has been taken from the up and coming 2017 movie, ‘Wonder Woman’.


Animation wise; it runs a lot more smoothly creating a more realistic effect as well as the addition of new moves and improved super moves.

Players have the option to add more special moves to their super heroes, and there is a very wide selection of characters to chose from the DC universe.

Not only that, but they have installed a new gear system involving currency and after every match, there is a possibility that you can earn more gear to equip, customise and level up your chosen character.

Brian LeBaron, senior designer of Injustice 2, has said that he “personally built and designed Supergirl, as he loved superman and supergirl and they were a big part of his childhood.”

That statement just shows how personally the team working on the game are attached the stories they are creating. Hopefully, this is all reflected in Injustice 2.

This idea is reinforced by the fact that the designers have added in cut scenes between matches to show off each super heroes greatest skills. This was because they wanted the players to see something “cool and flashy” which catered to the character’s personality shown within the comics.


What Did the Developers Find Difficult About Creating a Game That Has a Whole Franchise Behind It?

Brian LeBaron, senior designer, stated that there wasn’t many difficulties since DC gave the developers a lot of freedom with the creation of Injustice 2.

They did have to read a lot of old comics and a tonne of research to really identify and know the background and personality of the characters that they are using in the game.

Overall, I am very excited to see this game getting released on the market. Every fan of DC will enjoy this game. Especially after the first game.

It’s a great extension to the story. Trust me.


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When we first started the #IndieGameIniative we had one goal: to expose the gaming community to the growing work and amazing content that indie devs provide gamers with every single day.

Despite an immense effort from our volunteered based editorial team, we knew that achieving our end goals would be difficult, especially with the limited hours we possess. We knew that getting to a place where every dev big or small could be appreciated for their work and get the exposure they need for their games to succeed would be a challenge.

While brainstorming for ways to achieve this we have been putting many plans into motion behind the scenes and one of these ideas was #IndieDevDiaries. Until now we have not had the staffing power, or enough devs behind us to do such a thing, but the time has come to launch a brand new segment as part of DoubleUpGaming’s The #IndieGameInitiative: IndieDevDiaries.

Tramadol Online Prescription Uk

What all the fuss is about:

Every two weeks (set to change as interest grows) we will be releasing an un-edited article written by one of the many indie game devs part of our initiative. The aim is for these articles to be written as if it’s a first person view from the life of a developer – exploring the highs, lows and interesting things that can occur within a single day.

By giving readers an insight into their lives we hope that more people will come to appreciate what it means to be an indie dev. The great thing about it is devs will be able to write as much or as little about their games. Maybe give some readers perceptive tips of the industry, let the world know how much they enjoy a coffee before they get down to some grueling coding or simply telling a joke about how they broke their game.

Best Place Order Tramadol Online

But it does not stop with just words:

On the day of publish, we will also give the chosen developer access to our newly launched snapchat account for 24 hours where they can post updates of their day, their games and just about anything to do with them. We want people to get to know them, their work and for the few obsessives a chance to see their dev in action.

Developers will also get a chance to take over DoubleUpGaming’s twitter account for one hour to post whatever they want (within reason). But don’t worry, if you can’t think about what to write, say or do we have a small fact sheet with examples and a simple outline of what to expect.

Tramadol Overnight American Express

What else to expect this year:

Over the course of 2015 we will be preparing many new features to the site oriented around indie devs. Ideas are always being built upon little by little but it’s really the support of the community that spurs us on.

The #IndieGameInitiative is still progressing towards some major movements in the industry (details not ready to be released). Right now it is small projects like these and the amazing efforts of the staff here at DoubleUpGaming that gives us hope that we’ll be able to make a big difference to the thousands of devs out there in need of a little push.

The team will be contacting a select group of indie devs part of the #IndieGameInitiative inviting them to take part, however if you feel that this is something for you or a friend then please do get in touch with the IndieDevDiaries community manager, Ollie Webb: [email protected]

In the mean time why don’t you follow us on Snapchat for an exclusive insight into what we’re up to?

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Purchase Tramadol With Mastercard

As part of Tramadol Next Day Visa‘s Week of Horror we are launching an exclusive giveaway to fans of DoubleUpGaming

Yes! We are celebrating this Halloween with a range of spooky horror themed articles ranging from our definitive list of the best multiplayer survival horror experiences, to some scary indie games that are worth a look. However, we are not stopping there! We are launching a giveaway of Alien Isolation to one lucky fan of DoubleUpGaming.

Can You Still Get Tramadol Online

With this giveaway you could win Alien: Isolation, Alien: Isolation: Last Survivor and Alien: Isolation Retail – DLC: Crew Expendable

Tramadol Online Order Cheap

How do I enter the giveaway?

Tramadol Online Order Cheap


Tramadol Online Order Cheap
We have made it as simple as possible to enter our free giveaway. All you have to do is use the handy widget below to Follow, Tweet and Like our DoubleUpGaming social network pages. It’s as simple as that!

Tramadol Online Buy

*DLC Only given if claimed during livestream- read more below

Entry Bonus! From day 4

Buy Cheap Tramadol

Do All 4 for a larger chance to win!

  • Tweet out about the giveaway with the #DUGWeekOfHorror hashtag
  • Follow @DoubleUpGaming
  • Follow @FreshPlayHost
  • Like the DoubleUpGaming Facebook page



When will the winner be announced?

The Winner of the giveaway will be announced during our  8 hour Fright Night livestream that will be on air from 8pm to  4am in the morning on halloween night. This announcement will take place somewhere between the beginning and middle of the livestream and will clearly be heard via, what else, but the sound of an obnoxiously loud cow.


But wait! If you are the lucky winner of the giveaway we are giving away 2 extra pieces of DLC for Alien isolation if you win and claim during the livestream. This means you could win Alien: Isolation, Alien: Isolation: Last Survivor and Alien: Isolation Retail – DLC: Crew Expendable if you are watching the stream at the time you win.

 What have others been saying?


Tramadol Online Mexico

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol 50 Mg Buy

Buying Tramadol From India

(image credit at the end of the article)

If you follow our social media, you may have recently heard of The #IndieGameInitiative

Indie game developers are at the pinnacle of their game but still many struggle to get known in a society where only triple A titles are given the glory – WE WANT TO CHANGE THIS ! At this point we would also like to thank #IndieDevHour / Tramadol Buy Uk for helping us with our announcement.

The Indie Game Initiative is for ALL Indie developers

Sometimes being an indie game developer can be hard –  when it comes to publishing  an amazing new indie games it’s going to need a little exposure. A kickstarter Campaign? It is going to need support. A new game changing announcement? It is going to need the help of a media site like ours!

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex

What can DoubleUpGaming do? We can support any developer part of The Indie Game Initiative through articles, reviews, interviews and much more – and all of this is made possible because of  readers and developers like you!

So why are you doing this?

DoubleupGaming wants to support british Indie game developers and at some point during the future, Indie game developers worldwide. The “Uk Tramadol Online” campaign has played a key role in our decision to support british developers but if you are a developer based outside of the UK please still contact us.

Tramadol Online Price is a small site dedicated to gaming, however over the last couple of years it has  become much, much more. With goals to support and help grow the gaming community we want to bring everyone together including the indie gaming developer community. In spite of this announcement our plans do not end here! With enough momentum and support we have even greater plans for the initiative which will be announced on our official launch later this year.

Tramadol Cheapest Price

I’m a Indie game developer, how can I get involved?

If you would like to get your early start in the Initiative, please visit Online Tramadol Reviews to be added to  DoubleUpGaming’s growing list of indie game developers. If you have any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to email [email protected], where we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also support us by tweeting with the hashtag Can You Get Tramadol Online.

I’m a reader and want to support this!

If you follow our site and want to support this, please  can let us know of any indie developers that may be interested by using the same email as above, alternatively you can also use the hash tag to spread the love of every indie game featured on the site.

Image Credit of games included in the featured image  from some of the indie game developers we are working with – Left to right, down: Tramadol Online With MastercardTramadol Eu OnlineTramadol 50 Mg Online UkTramadol Ordering,Cheapest Tramadol Overnight, Buying Tramadol From Mexico

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription Ultram Tramadol Online

Buying Tramadol In Australia

Recently you may have noticed that we have changed from Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard to Order Tramadol Cod Only. Although this major changed has occurred all inbound links and emails will still find there way to the correct place due to systems put in place via our engineers.

Why have we done this?

The DoubleUpGaming website is constantly expanding all over the world and the majority of our readers are from the us and uk. By changing our domain to .com we can provide you with a larger universal experience that is safer and much more reliable. During the domain move we have also migrated servers which has resulted in a much faster viewing experience for users worldwide and will ultimately increase your comfort whilst surfing Order Tramadol Cod Only

Why didn’t you do this earlier?

You may be asking your self, why didn’t you just do this in the first place? Well, Since the beginning of our website the aim has always to be a .com url – However due to domains being openly available to buy it was
 snatched up for a gambling company where it lasted several years with only ads. But it recently came available and our team got it before the sharks did!

Has anything changed other than the domain?

No, apart from a new domain and a faster viewing experience nothing has changed!  That’s the great thing about it. Everything at DoubleUpGaming runs exactly as before and due to our 301 redirects in place any legacy links inbound to the site will still make it to the correct .com page.  We also had next to 0 downtime which meant you could access the site throughout the whole time our engines were busily at work. All in all, this process took just under 6 hours to complete over a course of 3 days but it was worth it for the benefit of you, the reader.
If you notice anything strange or have any questions, feel free to let the support team know, [email protected]
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Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally

It has been a long time coming but fullscreen has finally rolled out their brand new creator platform that offers new apps and an advance way to view earnings.

Among the updates we have seen improvements in earnings, apps & stats, community and brands & marketers. Ultimately this means a smoother and better experience for all fullscreen partners – Not a partner? Generic Tramadol Online


Order Tramadol Online LegallyYou can now view your earnings estimates anywhere, anytime in full detail, including how much you earned 2 months before and to date. It also allows you yo get detailed financial statements on a channel level and video level.






Apps & Stats

Cheapest Place To Order Tramadol OnlineFullscreen have also added new apps along with updating their current ones to helps you optimize your videos with ease and strategically build your audience. Among the new additions we have found bulk description editor and bulk comments which allow you to edit the descriptions and comments of your video faster than ever. There are also beta apps that include trends and fullscreen beam





Tramadol To Buy Online UkAs  fullscreen is the largest YouTube network of video creators no wonder it is so easy to connect with other passionate and talented creators! In the recent updates they have improved this so it is much easier to discus, collab or even produce using the community.





But, improvements are still needed…

Even though we have seen major improvements in looks it is about what is behind the scenes and there are still aspects of the platform that need improving. The audio section may look nicer but it is still the same old frustration when you can only use one key word to search for a song and although fullscreen likes to think they listen to the community we have never seen a single reply from them in the community Forums, so are they actually listening?

If you are a fullscreen partner let us know what you think of the platform, and you most like about it. If not then why are you not a partner with the largest growing YouTube network? its actually really easy! Just Can You Order Tramadol Online.
Tramadol For Sale Cheap Cheap Tramadol Overnight

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight

Is this a deliberate disregard of their viewers or have the happy pills ran out at the yogs towers? One thing’s for certain nothings has quite been the same after the “simion is dead troll”

Wait, what is going on?

Recently the Yogscast: Simon and Lewis have disabled comments on all their videos in a desperate plea to prevent another repeat of the simion is dead troll (find out more below) however the bitterness of this subject as been squeezed to the max after Rythian (a yogscast member) tweeted out:

Effective immediately, all comments on all my videos (and soon all Yogscast videos) will be disabled. With Ordering Tramadol Online Cod‘s decision to combine ->

-> Google+ and YouTube’s accounts, it’s way too easy to impersonate people. (Hence the stupid Simon is Dead troll.) (He’s not.)

-> Honestly, we might miss out on maybe 5% nice and useful comments, but the vast majority of them were trash anyway. In the future, ->

-> You can talk to me here, or on tumblr, or on Facebook! Rythian out! (time for bed, at 7 AM.)

This describes the majority of their viewers as spammers and trash talkers – However it does not end there after simon tweeted out seemingly harmless tweets:

what on earth makes you think we care what people say?

because we hate freedom

So do they care about me, the viewer?

We’ve been riding along since the start, and it seems they differ in professionalism from video to video. Yet from time to time stuff like this happens and it’s amateur hour all over again. We are hopeful that this gets straightened out sooner rather than later because they really cant afford to mess around with their audience.

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap

Simon is dead troll

After a recent comment from a user called “BlueXephos” commented on “BlueXephos’s” video (now renamed to Yogscast: Simon and Lewis) saying simon is died in a car crash – many users believed this and the impact of the comment hit hard on simon who was indeed alive. The whole Yogscast team was hugely upset by this and as Rythian mentioned it is way too easy to impersonate people with the new google plus features from google

Its not that bad after all…

Disabling the comments may filter out the trolls and get rid of the google plus flaws temporarily but in the long term it could have a detrimental effect on the channel its self as youtube using the amounts of comments along with the amount of likes on a video as a sort of ranking system for videos – the more comments , the more the video gets seen.

Let us know what you think about this and whether or not you agree with this bold move…

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription

Tramadol Buy Online

Yes as some of you may now our website was down for a while but the good news – We are back!

So what does this mean?

This means we can now offer you with the latest, best and most amazing gaming content out there once again, we are also making a comeback by including you,  the community in our most latest posts allowing for a better future of both you and us. We also have plans to connect with the younger generation by creating a new platform where we include editors from arou!nd the word and publish articles from young people aged 13-18

Why did you guys actually go down?

Well it is a long, long, story… starting with a update from wordpress. Firstly we backed up the website (just like any sane person would do before doing a wordpress update) then updated the site however something went wrong (we are unsure to what this was) after this we attempted to restore the backup but there was an error in this, luckily we had a second backup but again this would not restore. We tried over and over again and even contacted our web hosting provider but all attempts failed.

As a last resort we had to reset the site and restore our library of articles – it has taken a while to get to the point we are at now but we are finally back!

What have you done to prevent this again?

We have now bought a brand new backup software that means our site is backed up every day and allows for an easy restore, amongst these new changes we have also taken extra security and spam measures to prevent any attacks on our website.