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On Monday 9th October, the world was introduced to The VR Awards hosted by Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk.

This inaugural event honoured individuals and companies for their contribution and research into advancing today’s technology and exploring all of Virtual Reality’s possible uses.

The awards up for grabs ranged from Best use of VR in Healthcare to VR Experience of the year with a range of companies and backgrounds shortlisted.

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The VR Awards were held near Trafalgar Square and attendees were treated to a gloriously decorated dining hall with superfluous entertainment and an excellent VIP After Party.

Photo 1 VR Awards 2017

With the technology still being so new, it was fantastic to witness so many people celebrating the VR Industry’s development and achievements.

As I gained exclusive access to the event, we are going to explore:

  • What happened at the VR Awards?
  • Who won VR Game of the Year?
  • Any words from the organisers of the VR Awards?

The VR Awards

Drinks Reception

From the minute the doors opened, it didn’t take long for the venue to fill with DJs and Dresses – it was wonderful to interact with so many industry influencers in our smart attire.

Everyone was greeted with a press wall to have their picture taken as well as a poster to sign.

Photo 29 VR Awards 2017

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The Drinks Reception gave us an opportunity to meet the shortlisters while enjoying a fresh glass of bubbly.

The complimentary reception put everyone in the perfect mood to enjoy the night ahead.

Not long after arriving, everyone flocked upstairs to find their table in the dining hall. There, they were introduced to the immaculate decorations and the hosts of the evening.

Order Tramadol C.O.D, supporting comedian for Jack Whitehall and Rob Beckett, made an excellent MC for the evening entertaining us with his choir boy voice and jokes.

He introduced us to Daniel Colaianni, Managing Director of VR Bound and co-organiser of the event, who gave his thoughts and aspirations of the VR Awards:

We knew that for VR to truly to be recognized and succeed, we need to celebrate the very best of every aspect of virtual reality and to provide a platform to expand upon and grow thereafter for many years to come.

Live Entertainment

Copy of _DSC2213

From the back of the venue appeared ZHL Strings as well as Tilt Brush artist Anna Zhilyaeva.

Together, they performed Four Seasons by Vivaldi as Anna drew live interpretations on the screen using Tilt Brush.

The audience was able to witness the growth of the seasons – everyone was impressed with the live art and music:

Three Course Meal

Every attendee was treated to a luxurious 3 course meal courtesy of Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy: bringing “culinary excellence, innovative presentation and impeccable standards”.

Each dish treated our tastebuds to uncommon yet delicious flavours.

And each meal was presented beautifully!


The Awards

Finally, the moment we had all be waiting for had arrived: The VR Awards.

The room grew silent as they waited for each winner to be announced.

2017’s winners are as follows:

  • Best Use of VR in Education and training: ITI Crane Simulator
  • VR Startup of the Year: Livelike
  • Best use of VR in Healthcare: ImmersiCare
  • Best Out of Home VR Entertainment: Ghostbusters: Dimension
  • Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year: Allumete
  • Innovative VR Company of the Year: G’Audio Lab
  • VR Hardware of the Year: Oculus Touch
  • Most Creative Use of Marketing in VR: IKEA
  • Mobile VR Headset of the Year: Google Daydream 
  • VR Experience of the Year: Tiltbrush
  • VR headset of the Year: Oculus Rift 
  •  VR Game of the Year: Raw Data

As Lloyd revealed each winner, it was interesting to learn and see so many ways in which VR has been integrated into daily lives.

Not just is VR for games and home entertainment, Virtual Reality is changing lives.

For instance, Tribemix, winners of Best Use of VR in healthcare for Cheapest Tramadol Uk, have created a use for VR for Dementia Sufferers.

Tribemix collecting their award for Best Use of VR in Healthcare
Tribemix collecting their award for Best Use of VR in Healthcare

Thanks to the technology, it helps improve the patient’s well being while dealing with their condition and has even helped to build relationships between residents and carers within residential homes.

Innovators have recognised the potential in this technology and are now using it to help one another. If that doesn’t put your faith back in humanity, I don’t know what will!

Another example of stretching the boundaries of VR is IKEA.

They won Most Creative use of Marketing in VR – an industry we may have never expected to see a headset.

IKEA collecting their award for Most Creative use of Marketing in VR
IKEA collecting their award for Most Creative use of Marketing in VR

IKEA is allowing its customers the unique opportunity to customise their kitchen in an interactive, virtual space.

Rather than visiting a showroom, you can discover your perfect kitchen through the click of a button manipulating colours and decorations as you please.

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(Continuing reading to hear more about VR Game of the Year)

Once all the winners were declared, they reconvened on stage for a final round of applause.

Photo 68 VR Awards 2017

VIP After Party

It was time to celebrate the successes of the evening in the VIP After Party.

VIP Guests were treated to an open bar and a variety of entertainment.

A number of VR Demos were arranged around the room to display AMD’s PCs. We were able to play a number of games including Magic Hour and Talos VR.

The most interesting item for guests to use were the subpacs. 

Cheap Tramadol From Indiaallow the user to feel music through vibrations by wearing a rucksack. Coupled with a pair of headphones to listen to the live DJ and the dance floor was bustling with some terrible dance moves.

Photo 1 VR Awards 2017 (1)

VR Game of the Year

Of course, being a gaming fanatics, this award was the one we were most excited for.

And it was my favourite award of the evening. 

With the highest anticipation, each team cheered for their game as they saw their name come up on screen. It was brilliant to hear all attendees and shortlisters in light spirits.

As the tension grew, we waited eagerly for the MC to announce the winner.

“And the winner is…

… La La Land!”

The crowd burst in to fits of laughter shortly before he announced the winner to be Raw Data by Survios.

Raw Data – Survios

I have distinct memories of playing Raw Data at Can You Still Get Tramadol Online in January 2017 – it made me squeal in front of an audience of people!

You find yourself sneaking into Eden Corp’s HQ with SyndiK8 – a group of skillful hackers stealing data from the mainframe in order to bring down the dominating corporation.

But your task isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Waves of vicious robots attack you as you attempt to gain the hidden secrets of the company. The longer you survive, the harder it becomes.


Raw Data offers a gameplay that players could only have dreamt of experiencing ten years ago. When imagining a VR Game, this is the sci-fi warfare they pictured going down.

And in terms of immersiveness, this game has topped my list.

This game can be enjoyed in side by side, cooperative mode with 4 unique protagonists with their own skills and weapons to choose from.

Or you can turn against one another in competitive mode. This is one of the few VR games to offer these inclusive game modes!


Speaking to Nathan Burba, Co-Founder and CEO at Survios, he was honoured to have received the award:

“I’m still processing it–I’m shocked, honored, thrilled, but most of all humbled to win VR Game of the Year considering all the other extremely talented nominees and their incredible games.”

Like other companies in attendance, he believes the VR Industry is blossoming thanks to this event:

 “The VR Awards are a great foundation for building a respected community of creative professionals who acknowledge and support each other’s accomplishments in this burgeoning medium.”

I believe [The VR Awards] will play a key role in pushing the industry forward and incentivizing everyone in VR to do their best work.

Nathan shared with us some of the benefits of working on a project like Raw Data:

“When working on Raw Data, we focused on creating a fully polished product through dedicated, skilled teams focused on all the key aspects: engineering, art, creative, gameplay, design, marketing, and more.

This gave us the opportunity to collaboratively solve problems and learn from them within a multitude of fields, technical, artistic, and political.

Going forward, these lessons learned will be invaluable for the development of Survios’s future projects.”

Survios fully deserved to win VR Game of the Year!

Words from the Organisers

The VR Awards were organised by Order Tramadol Fedex Overnight, a company focused and dedicated to providing resources, tools and expertise to both consumers and businesses with an invested interest in the VR, AR and MR industry.

Co-Organisers, Daniel Colaianni and Jamie Van Amstel, shared their thoughts on the success of the event.

Organiser Daniel Colaianni opening the ceremony
Organiser Daniel Colaianni opening the ceremony

When discussing the best moments of the awards, Daniel explained that not all the most memorable moments happened on the night:

“It truly was an amazing night, seeing many influencers big and small grace the VR Awards presented by AMD studios with their presence. 

For myself in particular there wasn’t just one specific moment that stood out, more the entire journey that made its mark.

It’s all the fantastic little moments such as seeing the first nominations trickle in to announcing the winners up on stage in front of 300 international delegates that make an event such as the VR Awards so special.”

Jamie explained how it was a pleasure to host all companies big and small and that the event was more than just a networking room:

“It’s often a rare situation where an international community in that very minute could just enjoy themselves no matter what company they came from, no matter how big or small they were in the industry”

Everyone was there to celebrate the achievements of Virtual Reality whether they were a winner of not. This in itself made it an honor to be the ones to host them for the night.

Photo 33 VR Awards 2017

When discussing where they wanted the event to go, they mentioned that the event will continue to back all the companies and individuals who are advancing the industry:

“The VR Awards will continue to build on the foundations that have been laid in its inaugural year. Supporting the innovators, creatives, thinkers, disruptors, doers and dreamers who are exploring the future of VR, AR and MR, bringing with it phenomenal growth for this industry.”

The VR Awards 2017 was a Successful event!

We look forward to discovering and experiencing the ways in which VR will develop and all the ways inspiring experts can use the technology to better lives.

Having already introduced us to a group of talented individuals and companies, this event is an important part of celebrating all that we have achieved so far and recognising genius.

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Yes, that’s right, I finally lost my VR virginity, and it was awesome!

I have always wanted to experience virtual reality. It just seems so futuristic and mind blowing. The way experts predict that VR will shape the future and yet I hadn’t placed a headset once on my head seemed ridiculous!

Therefore, I decided, it was time.

London MCM Comic Con, May 2017. It was the first ever time that I went to a Comic Con event, so I was super excited about seeing all of the wacky, clever cosplays and getting to try brand new games that haven’t even been released yet, like Agents of Mayhem; an absolutely awesome game which I will definitely be purchasing in August.

Suddenly, while exploring the variety of stalls the event had to offer, the PSVR caught me eye. Its delicate, sleek design and beautiful LED strips had me long for a session in the Virtual world.

And I knew the exact game to play: Gran Turismo.

Back when I had my PS2, I remember playing Gran Turismo 4. Now, in it’s time, it was an incredible game. From what I remember the graphics weren’t too bad for a 2004 video game.

Let’s fast forward to 2017. Instead of driving around and racing with a controller, you can actually experience the driving yourself with a steering wheel, gear shifter and the pedals, all in VR!

I got to experience Gran Turismo with a steering wheel and the accelerator and brake pedals. But unfortunately I didn’t get to enroll in a full driving adventure as there was no clutch or gear shifter.


That is something I would love to do. Maybe next time, eh?

Despite it lacking the equipment needed to relate to a real life car, I managed to lose a lot of time while engulfed in Virtual driving.

The experience still succeed in convincing me that I was driving a car! Seeing as many of us won’t be able to drive a car like this in our lifetimes, this experience is definitely worth while.

Gaming in 1950s to Now

To be honest, it’s absolutely phenomenal how far games have come since the beginning in the 1950s.

It all began with computers that were so huge they needed an entire room! And all the computer could process was a simple game of tic tac toe.

We then moved to a few white pixels on the screen that were more interactive. Players had to bounce a singular white pixel, acting as the ball, back and forth between two white lines. This was known as the Atari Pong which was created in 1975.

For it’s era, this game could keep 2 players entertained all day.


Throughout the years of gaming, there has been many additions that have revolutionised video games.

Space Invaders circa 1978, is a truly iconic game that is still around today with many different editions and remakes. Its simple design, but great soundtrack and effects made this game turn an average video game hobbyist into a life-long, competitive gamer.

Tetris is also a game which has had many remakes over the years. It was originally created in 1984, and enabled the gaming community to grow a lot larger as it attracted all kinds of people.

And then there was super mario bros, where it all started in 1985: the first appearance of Mario on a console, which then spiralled into many more creations, remakes and editions.

This was the very beginning of all platformer games. From here onwards, the gaming industry just grew bigger and better.

Now we arrive in the early 90s to present, where gaming changed forever. We became more advanced with our technology and our innovative ideas to build something spectacular.

First person shooters came into play, like Doom in 1993; the first of many.

Then there was strategy games, MMOs and RPGs like World of Warcraft in 2004, puzzle games, racing games, action and adventure…. The list is endless.

All of these genres of games that have developed over the years have lead to people asking the question: How else can I play my favourite video games?

What other ways can players be so deeply immersed in games that they have forgotten the world once around them?

Et Voila! The Virtual Reality headset is our answer!

Unbelievable experiences of being immensely involved in video games have been created, thanks to VR and most importantly, movement with your legs, arms and your weapon of choice are now a possibility.

Honestly, playing CSGO like this would be so much fun.


Video games truly are evolving rapidly.

Anyway, back to Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo Sport is meant to be released at some point this year and will be available for PSVR. Trust me, you should definitely give this game a try in VR.

The way that technology is going, I feel as if at some point, you won’t need driving lessons in real life. You can just drive using VR with a very advanced steering wheel, pedals and a gear shifter.

As soon as I sat in that driving seat behind the wheel, I asked, “Is it possible for me to drift”, and the employee answered “Only if you know how to drift in real life”. I wish I did.

Soon I will learn.

This just proves that it is scarily similar to driving. It’s almost there. Just give it a few years.

I understand that all of you experienced drivers out there may disagree, but I know how to drive, and I fully understand that it is different.

You don’t get the full experience of the bounce in your suspension, to feel of the bite on your clutch, the smell of burnt rubber after you have just managed to complete a sick burnout, the beautiful sound of your turbocharger, the wind blowing in your face as you master an awesome drift.

Or you know, if you are a casual, everyday driver, you just don’t get to experience it the same way.

Okay, It’s different. But technology is advancing.

It’s predicted to change our lives in so many ways and there is no reason why this experience couldn’t, one day, completely replicate that of a real driving experience.

Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard If we’ll, one day, be able to transport ourselves to the top of the pyramids, why couldn’t we drive a virtual car?

Anyway, after my tremendous experience, I needed more!

I decided I wanted to try out more games in virtual reality.

On the Oculus Rift I played a number of awesome games from AudioShield to Lucky’s Tale.

I even got to walk along a plank which was suspended from a very very very tall building. I had to jump off the plank too – that made me feel so queasy (It’s called Richie’s Plank Experience and you can play it on Steam!)

This game is perfect for all the troll gamers out there. All you have to do is get your friend who is scared of heights and get them on this plank! Warning, they may hate you forever.

Audio Shield was definitely my favourite game. You had to block these coloured balls with a corresponding shield to the beats of a song. It kinda reminded me of guitar hero, which is one of my favourite franchises, therefore that is probably the reason I loved it so much.


Lucky’s Tale was brilliant. I didn’t have to do much movement as this is a platformer. Honestly, I never expected to see a platformer for VR. It was awesome!

It just made you feel like you were actually in the platformer, watching over this little fox. It really made you feel like you had a connection with this character.

After all my VR experiences, I definitely want to try out more games. The escapism that comes with these games is unreal! Stimuli in the real world can no longer interrupt you while fully immersed with a headset making you really question reality during the experience.

Also, new games are being released everyday and I would severally regret not being a part of the evolution of VR!

I’d love to see a zombie killing  game, similar to the modes on Call of Duty games, except you can physically walk around the whole map to collect weapons and repair barriers!

VR backpacks have already been introduced allowing players to walk around in a space. So it shouldn’t be long before we see a game like this in arcades.

In the meantime, maybe I will pluck up enough courage to play Resident Evil 7 through virtual reality.

That would be terrifyingly awesome!

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When I mention the word “School”, I’m certain a whole load of emotions and memories suddenly come flooding back, some may be positive and some negative.

For me, while I enjoyed school, I certainly feel that there are a number of ways in which educators could capture the attention and interest of their students more.

One way in which schools want to spice up their curriculum is to add aspects of Gaming into the timetable and I think this is an awesome idea.

That’s why we are going to discuss:

Gaming in Education

The only kind of computer game I could remember from my time is this one annoying yet hilarious typing game where it teaches you how to properly use a keyboard. The game was lead by a funky, scouse goat and you meet a load of kinky animals along the way.

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That was it! The rest was left to the traditional book and paper.

I’m not trying to say that there is anything wrong the traditional way of learning, I believe we need to move with the times and accept that we are well into the 21st Century now.

The children of today have a lot more technology around them than any other generation have ever had and they probably use it more than us! So why not incorporate something that they use everyday into their education.

Teach them how to utilise the technology they need to understand in order to advance in the future.

There are a number of ways in which educators have begun planning – and in some cases, implementing – the integration of gaming and education:

Virtual Reality


VR has the potential to reshape our lives in a number of areas. One of those is education.

Imagine, one minute you’re sitting in a classroom, the next you’re at the top of a volcano that’s about to explode molten lava everywhere!

And with a tap of a button, you can be transported from the boiling hit pit to outer space overlooking our mighty planet.

Fed up of modern day? How’s about you take the class to the 14th Century to witness the Bubonic Plague first hand.

There are an unlimited amount of places you can transport a classroom of children with VR! Do you think the school would ever accept a school trip to the top of an active volcano? I don’t think so, Ofsted would have a field day!

However, with a load of virtual reality headsets, pupils can experience great wonders of the Earth without having to put them in danger, without having to spend money on travel, without the worry of “What if something goes wrong when we get there?”.

If a child is scared, all they have to do is take the headset off. The teacher doesn’t have to carry them back down the Volcano.

Virtual Reality can transport students to places a school could never dream of taking their pupils. Having such a new and realistic experience, the children can feel more inspired to learn more about the subject.


Queen Mary, University of London students have already begun to plan ways VR can be applied to schools and colleges.

They became European champions in Reply’s Student Technology Clash against other universities from Germany and Italy for their ideas with adapting the curriculum.

Adnan Salehin, University Student stated that their team won as their idea was the most “achievable and doable in their lifetimes”. Other teams had constructed ideas that were “a bit less practical or less necessary”. Gaming in education has the potential to make a massive difference.

VR in Education is achievable, executable, revolutionary in terms of changing the way we learn and extremely useful

Virtual Reality in the classroom could be a fantastic solution for Visual Learners.

Visual Learners are more likely to remember things they’ve seen rather than things they’ve heard. For example, they will remember facts more easily if they read them and/ or write them down rather than someone telling them.

So, for some Children, listening to a teacher isn’t enough.

By using Virtual Reality and the visual learners seeing the reality of outer space before their eyes, they’re much more likely to remember what they’ve learnt.

The Limitations with Virtual Reality

One thing that educators need to consider before implementing virtual reality into classrooms is:

How will teachers maintain control while the children use the headsets?

Being fully immersed in VR means that their hearing and sight will be compromised. In other words, it will be as if the teacher isn’t there.

One idea they could consider is designing a specialised app for the children to use and for the teacher to control. This way, once the teacher is satisfied that the pupils have seen enough, they can direct a message onto everyone’s screen for them to take the headsets off.


Another thing to consider:

How will the children learn anything while using the headset?

The pupils won’t be able to hear the teacher while using it so how can they make the experience educational?

With a specialised app for schools, it could be designed in a way that when children look at certain objects, facts can pop up on the screen for them to read. If the school possess more advanced technology, the children could walk to the object, pick it up and even physically manipulate it.

To confirm that the children have learnt something, there could be a quiz afterwards to test their memory.

The final limitation:

How will schools afford it?

As you may be aware, VR isn’t cheap. School’s could start with cardboard headsets to open up the children to VR but for a more realistic experience, a higher end headset would be needed.

This is not something with an easy fix seeing as the government sets aside less and less money for education.

Virtual Reality won’t be the only way to influence school kids.

Minecraft: Education Edition


Teachers have already begun to use Minecraft with children.

Minecraft: Education Edition is one of the first ways schools have embraced for the impact of 21st Century Children.

Fact: Kids Love Minecraft! I do too! The amount of creativity it permits us to unleash is phenomenal. That’s why teachers love it.

School Children are handed an empty canvas and are told to construct things in the world of minecraft. Work can then be assessed with screenshots of their creation as well as hand drawn plans.


This can teach Children a whole number of skills:

  • Planning – Children learn to design their sculpture before building in order to understand the importance of designs, planning, and self-written instructions.
  • Creativity – Seeing as Minecraft doesn’t exactly hold to the laws of physics, these Children won’t walk out of the classroom as fully fledged Structural Engineers. However, it can teach the fun of building and inspire Children to want to follow that path in the future. They learn the importance of scale and ratio as well as the productivity of each material they use.
  • Computer Skills – they learn to control the world of minecraft as well as simple functions like print screening and sending submissions.
  • Assessment – Teachers can easily assess the progress of each child through written questions based on the task in the game, drawings of their creation as well as the creation itself.

The Limitations of Minecraft

While Minecraft is one of the best things to make its way into the classroom, it still has its downsides:


Each child would need an up to date PC in order to play the game with a licence to play the game and a PC per student definitely won’t prove cheap.

Saying this, schools usually provide some sort of IT services but if these computers had Minecraft, how would schools limit the amount of time students play Minecraft for in breaks when other students may require the computer?

Loss of Attention

Minecraft is an Empty canvas. So what is to stop the child messing about on the game doing what they want? Of course, they could be punished and not allowed to use the game.

But there is also the problem of the teacher maintaining the child’s attention while they are playing the game. If I was in that classroom, I would find it fairly difficult to stop playing and listen to the teacher.

Maybe if teachers had a main computer that could lock everyone else’s computer so they could get everyone’s attention, they wouldn’t have a problem.



Obviously the teacher will need to know how to use Minecraft in order to teach which will mean more training for staff will be needed.

Tramadol Ordering.

After discussing only two ways in which we can reshape our current education system, we have already been shown multiple positives and negatives for this.

Here is an awesome infographic which lists all positives and negatives of Gaming in Education as well as ways it has already been implemented:


Especially after seeing this graphic, it would be awesome for gaming to make its way in class to

  • Spark Interest
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve learning styles

Do you know of any ways for games to make it into the curriculum? Let us know!

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This time of year can be the most joyous and equally most stressful.

While we have the pleasure of rejoicing with our family and friends with filling roast dinners and thoughtful presents, our bank accounts don’t seem to thank us for it.

But with the month of November, and Christmas soon in sight, comes the most frustrating thing of all to twist our minds into a mess:

What presents do I buy for people?

This situation is not helped when the future receiver of your gift has given you zero hints as to what they would actually like.

But people, I am here to unravel your confused brains with some great suggestions for prezzies.

Specifically, presents for gamers. 

Today you will discover:

  • Great Games for Various Consoles
  • Quirky Stocking fillers
  • The Weirdest and most Wonderful presents of 2016

To get us started, let’s take a look at the Games recently released in time for the big day:

Video Games

These are always a great gift idea for gamers because this is what they live for: games! With the price being fairly high for each title, make sure you know that the receiver will definitely appreciate the gift before you commit to giving it to them! (Or, keep the receipt and gamble).

Here are the most anticipated games to be released this winter season.

Pokemon Sun and Moon


Yes, another Pokemon Game!

But don’t be fooled. Rather than have you challenge a number of gyms across the region, you are sent on multiple scavenger hunts and given quizzes to solve in order to cross the area.

It stills follows the basics of most Pokemon Adventure games but holds new, unique ways of advancing.

These games also introduce the new idea of Pokemon having exclusive appearances only available to the Alola Region called “Alola Form”. It’s great way of incorporating the original, well loved pokemon into a new game.

It makes us want to catch ’em all that little bit more.

This will make the perfect present for any Pokemon Fan with a 3DS by their side.

Watch Dogs 2


Set in the City of San Francisco, you play as Marcus Holloway, a hacker and “Modern day magician”. A Central Operating system has recently been installed around the city and, having discovered that it’s harming innocent civilians, you have teamed up with the hacking group DedSec to bring it down.

A great action adventure game for the dedicated gamer, this can make an excellent present.

The latest version of the game allows you access to a variety of tools to complete your missions as well more freedom as to how you want to use them!

This is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Dishonoured 2


Dishonoured 2 has been designed for the lovers of stealth. However, it’s still pretty awesome for the players who love to run in and attack people as they please.

The new assassin game has taken the game industry by storm winning multiple awards.

The main reason people absolutely adore Dishonoured 2 is the way that the story mode is unique to every player! Many players can have very different experiences with the game.

This all based on how people approach the game; completing tasks etc.

In fact, storylines can be so exclusive for players that the estimated time to play this game is between 12 and 16 hours. 4 Hours is quite a big uncertainty.

This game is also available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Super Mario Maker


A nintendo game we have all been dying to play in years, Super Mario Maker.

You can now become the evil mastermind behind those impossible levels we use to rage quit over and over again.

While you may feel like it can be a whole lot of effort laying each and every brick, this is not the case for this game. You can draw out your levels as if you are using a pen and paper!

This is my favourite bit:

You can play in 4 different ages of Mario.

So if you want to create a retro Mario level, you go ahead and create a retro mario level. If you want to make a more modern level you can do that!

And if don’t really want to make the courses, thats cool, you can play hundreds of levels generated by nintendo and created by other users around the world.

This game is available on Wii U and 3DS.

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Collection


A Collection of the original Assassin’s creed games is now available in one box set and it sounds awesome. Each game follows the original Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze as he seeks vengeance for his family in 15th Century Italy and 16th Century Constantinople.

The box set includes:

  • Assassin’s Creed II
  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Each copy includes the original story from the games as well as new bonus single player material.

An awesome present for any fan wanting to relive the fun with enhanced graphics as well as for those who never got to experience it first hand.

The Ezio Trilogy will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian is the equivalent of Avatar in the gaming world. First talks of this game was back in 2007 and has been in the making ever since.

The game follows a young boy and a mythical creature and a unique land creating a bond to overcome obstacles and to be honest, that’s all we really know!

The developers, Team ICO, haven’t released many, if any, spoilers for this well anticipated game other than cute screenshots and faced paced scenes of the misfit duo.

What we do know is that the game includes an exclusive storyline with two loveable characters with many secrets to discover…

A quicker reminder, if you’re planning on buying your friend, significant other, etc. a game, remind them not to buy any before christmas!

If of course, they were too eager and went and bought the game anyway, here’s some more ideas for you

Stocking Fillers

Little presents with a lot of meaning that come at a low cost. These can be great for a huge variety of people and are a guaranteed win. The fun and quirky while also telling the receiver that you know them too well.

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For any hardcore Fallout 4 fan, this present is ideal. It is easily accessible from a number of online retailers for a low price.

A great gift that can be discrete or for show, it makes a wonderful accessory for any gamer.

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A cute gift for a girlfriend, friend that is a girl etc. who is very much into the Portal franchise.

This is a fantastic, inexpensive present for someone who expressively shares their passion for this game. It is also a discrete way they can share with others that portal 2 is their life.

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Now, this present obviously isn’t designed for anyone under 18 (Or 21, sorry America).

Party in style with these beautiful Assassin’s Creed Shot Glasses. Make a drinking game with them. For example, take a shot every time something glitches in Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might want to watch Order Tramadol Online Cod 180

Tramadol Online Prices


We’ve included a gift for the adults so how’s about an awesome gift for the younger generations.

This wall sticker makes it look as if a creeper is coming is out of your wall! A great gift idea for a boy or girl wanting to spice up the bedroom a bit with their favourite game.

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I personally wanted to include this on the list as it’s perfect for any gamer that brags about them playing PC and how it’s “so much better than console”.

I know a few people I would give this mug to.

Now we’ve had some great ideas for gifts, but it’s time for:

The Most Awesome (and probably the most expensive) Presents of the Year!

These gifts are the true the definition of “Where would you even buy that?!” and “Wow! How could I ever repay you?!”. Be prepared for the weird and wonderful.

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“Why is this necessary?” Who knows. However, what we do know is that it’s pretty awesome!

Technically this gift would be a replica of the world’s largest arcade machine but, nevertheless, it’s still pretty big.

It includes over 250 of your favourite arcade games as well as a built in PC to play all your Steam games to your hearts content.

This monster stands out 14.5′ tall and weighs 1,200lbs!

The one downside, its $99,000. So whoever you buy it for, if you have the spare cash, must be pretty close to you.

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Bringing back the past to modern technology, this will convert your over-used smartphone into an even more over-used smartphone.

Enjoy your favourite GameBoy games on your phone with the smartphone gameboy adapter.

It works the exact same as the old one where you plug your cartridges in and you’re ready to go! (Of course you need a phone.)

Coming in at a price of $60, this gift is definitely more affordable than the World’s Largest Arcade Machine.

One thing to note, this gameboy adapter is only compatible with androids and not iphones!

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This is the perfect present idea for the retro gamer parents who want to show of their video gaming history.

Coming in at a high price, it offers a unique solution to carrying your little bundle of joy.

This could be a potential present for a spouse given it’s price tag…

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For any Pokemon fan, just the sight of this jumper will make memories come flooding back. The hoodie has you cosplay as one of your favourite legendary Pokemon and it’s awesome!

But, before we celebrate too quickly, it is quite expensive at £139!

However, if you’re feeling generous, you might make someone very happy this year…

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Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I want this.

A brilliant present for any Playstation follower, this “ugly Christmas jumper” (definitely not ugly) is great for those to get them into the spirit of the season.

The price tag, for a Christmas jumper, might be fairly high but definitely worth it.

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Nintendo are finally releasing a modern version of their original NES system previously released in Europe back in 1986.

All you have to do is plug this baby into your TV and you can enjoy all your favourite NES games.

This is a fantastic present for any retro gamer wanting to relive the past! For the price of £50, I don’t think that’s too bad for what comes in the box.

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I know great present for a diehard portal 2 fan. Impress every gamers you know with this replica portal gun, equipped with red and orange LED lights to make even more realistic.

The only downside, it doesn’t actually create portals. What a bummer.

And it comes at a price of +$450. Maybe a little bit out of your price range but still pretty cool.

At the end of this article comes the reflection period; the time to realise, you’re not as screwed as you originally thought you were as you now, have some brilliantly unique ideas for gifts that you can amaze all your family and friends with.

If you know some folks who are stuck with the same problem of buying gifts, share this article to inspire some more. If you have any more gift ideas for gamers, leave them in the comments below.

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Order Tramadol Australia

At gamescom 2015 I got to try out some of the most advanced VR equipment available.

This time round I decided to focus on the controllers that will be the next step of immersion and quite a different experience compared to sitting in a chair with a PS or xbox controller.

The obvious vision of VR is to move, act and see everything as we do in real life but with the experiences of fantasy worlds filled with dangers and fears we could not have dreamed to face in real life.

If you’re an aware of what the best VR Headset to choose then check out Tramadol American Express

To check on how close we are to this idealistic point in VR I visited the many different exhibitors at gamescom 2015 in Cologne.

In this article you’ll find:

  • An in detail overview of the VR controllers on show at Gamescom.
  • How these pieces of tech affect our experience with Virtual reality.
  • The limitations and effect of combining the different technology.


manus tech
Bob from Manus Machinae – DoubleUpGaming Press

Firstly I met up with Bob Vlemmix to take a look at the ManusMachinae data glove prototype paired with Samsung Gear VR goggles.

These gloves are very easy to put on and are made of a very light and comfortable lycra fabric with ventilation holes.

To my surprise the little box containing the power cells and wireless transmitter on the wrist was very light and bareley noticable within the VR. Demo wise I tried out something very similar to this demo that was presented at E3:

Although I had some minor alignment issues, I was very impressed that the whole setup fits in Bobs satchel and can be powered with nothing more than a Samsung smartphone (but remains compatible with the majority of VR setups like Razer OSVR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive).

I was even more impressed when Bob told me that the cell in the gloves keeps the gloves powered for 5-6 hours of heavy gaming.

The glove will cost under 200€ after its consumer release in the first quarter of 2016.

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ManusMachinae data gloves – DoubleUpGaming Press

Now that we have focused on the hands, let’s look down and try to find a solution on how to move your feet in VR.

The guys from Cyberith may have found the best solution to this problem with their controller pod called the “Virtualizer”, which has been in development since 2012.

Inspired by the Wii the CEO and founder of Cyberith, Tuncay Cakmak wanted to move the VR gaming experience away from the desk.

The product presented at gamescom does just that.

You put on a pair of overshoes, hop in the pod, belt yourself to it and the show begins!

Your feet are tracked by sensors in the slippery polished base and makes you walk the same distance in the VR as you would in real life.

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Their demo featured a very unusual experience in a south american jungle.

You could walk, look around and eventually discover an ancient Maya temple with different movement skill based puzzles.

It felt a bit weird since the vision axis was not detached from the walking-directional axis and sidestepping was disabled but this was an intervention by the developers to make the Virtulizer more user friendly with the booth visitors.

Currently the devs need to modify heavily, if not make their own games to make them work with their pod, however this will soon be a work phase of the past since they’re closely working together with developers of different studios.

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Virtualizer front view –

This technology will not only be part of our living rooms but could be used in a bigger and more solid construction by the military in simulations to make it match real life all whilst sparing the soldiers the dangers of a real life battle.

The Virtualizer will be available for purchase at the end of the year with not one but two versions available, the Virtualizer for 1699€ and the Virtualizer HT which will provide haptic feedback to the user for 1999€.

Of course the virtualizer will be compatible with the whole range of tracked VR goggles like the Oculus Rift, Razer OSVR and HTC Vive.

Next up was a more bizarre booth by China Animation Characters Company Limited.

Their vision is to make VR available for everyone with the establishment of VR gaming halls in China.

They had VR goggles that looked surprisingly similar to the Oculus Rift.


The thing catching my eye was a P90 submachinegun style controller that had all the buttons and sticks of a xbox controller built in the grip element of the gun.

Tramadol Online Nc
P90 submachinegun style controller – DoubleUpGaming Press

It turned out it was galled MAG P90 and is made by an Asian company called g-mate.

In this demo I found myself in a FPS zombie scenario where I as the player was equipped with different weapon types from shotguns to assault rifles.

The crosshair was attached to line of sight rather than the controllers barrel axis and the movement with the bumper stick felt bad since the character was “gliding” on the floor.

They also had some major hardware problems regarding in-game framerates and focus of the VR goggles, which lead to a headache very fast.

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Alternative view of P90 submachinegun style controller – DoubleUpGaming Press

The thing that really matters though is the controller

It felt very unique and real, especially when wielding weapons of similar kind in game but when the reloading animation started I felt a detachment from the game, since I was doing no such thing in real life like exchanging the empty magazine with a loaded one.

It might take the unknown chinese competitors of other VR projects a couple of months to catch up to the most recent developments of other major projects but their controllers at least are top-notch.

Speaking of controllers:

This was a less serious VR component I tried out but might become relevant in VR especially in combination with airsoft guns and other replicas in VR:

The UzBRAINNet Co Ltd. Rail Gun.

A similar technology like the G-Mate MAG P90 but a little bit different in concept. The controller is no longer part of a gun but attached to one.

Real gun, replica, airsoft gun?

Doesnt matter as long it has the required RIS / RAS rails to attach their hardware to.

Their demo was Call of Duty MW3, although not in VR but on a large flat screen, with their controller mounted to an M4 style pistol (no stock).

You had to aim in the center of your ingame crosshair to begin with the campaign section. Moving was done by a bumper stick on the front rails of the gun while shooting and other buttons where attached to the pistol grip and trigger.

Although it felt weird to move an angle in reality while the ingame crosshair stayed on centre on the flat screen this technology might be really useful in VR especially in combination with the Cyberith Virtualizer and the Manus Machina data gloves.

This would be for people who want to play a specific weapon system ingame while having the same weapon as a replica available on their living room wall.

Just attach a tracking system to the rails and hop in VR to shoot some virtual opponents.

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Video still from UzBRAINNet Co Ltd. Rail Gun.

So, what’s the conclusion?

To come to a conclusion of all the VR controllers I’ve tried at gamescom I firstly have to say that it is regrettable that it was not possible to try the equipment all together, especially a gun controller in the Virtualizer.

I’ve seen that the technology surrounding VR has gone a long way from being just a gimmick.

What we now have are mostly very solid pieces of equipment but with a massive lack of game support.

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DoubleUpGaming Editor trying an Oculus Dev Kit – DoubleUpGaming Press

However this could change pretty soon…

Most of the development teams of the controllers work closely together with video game publishers and developers to give the next generation of video games the compatibility that is currently lacking.

While the tech already exists another aspect are the finances surrounding it.

The single pieces are not that expensive however building up a VR corner in your living room will be quite costly if you decide to buy more than just the goggles but also add the data gloves and a movement pod

You’ll easily pass the 2000€ mark pretty quickly and this is calculated without the extra cost PC that would be capable of even delivering the raw horsepower to support a set of 75+hz VR goggles with an acceptable resolution.

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Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping

Develop Brighton brought many like minded developers together over the course of just a few days.

With so many great Indie games to look out for, one in particular caught my eye – a first-person psychological narrative thriller based on real events and stories.

The Town of Light

Speaking with Italian Developers, I decided to take an in-depth look into the narrative driven experience of a 16 year old girl suffering from Schizophrenia.

Mental health is something that is so rarely touched on from both game developers and the mass media. Maybe this is down to the stigma the general public has against mental illness or maybe this is because of how sensitive and close this is to our reality.

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Luca Dalcò, creative director for The Town of light, told me how the project was in fact first inspired through “personal interest and experiences with friends / family in the past”

We have a lot of respect for mental health practitioners there has been lots of steps forward in mental health compared to the past.

LKA first started with just two people but later grew to a full scale 12 man team with a large focus on the research and and background on the real life events in which this game is based on.

This is their story:

It’s not a about horror, it’s about the truth.

The unique selling point of The Town of Light is the fact that it’s based on real research with social relevance of something that is not being talked about a lot in media.

It’s a truly beautifully designed game that explores a sensitive issue that affects more people than think.

As Luca described it to me, “It’s time for games to grow, become more mature and cover something that is socially relevant. Games like this are just not explored that often”

It’s no lie, a game like this hits hard. The main protagonist guides you through her eyes meaning you’ll quite literally be living her story and fears that she can never forget. As you can imagine moving on from a past of torment and suffering is by no means an easy feet.

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Shocking statistics from Tramadol Online Uk Reviews have shown that at any one time as many as 51 million people worldwide suffer from schizophrenia.

The developers assured me that this issue is by no means toned down as they believe it is important to use the medium to show the reality of those who suffer from schizophrenia.

Toning it down wouldn’t do the issues at hand justice, These things need to remembered and need to be talked about.

It’s the art style and game mechanics which draws you into their world.

Along with the strong and meaningful message the game actually features some stunning graphics…

Jumping straight into gameplay I noticed the smallest details from the patterns the birds flew to the artistic graffiti that littered the halls of the asylum.

Combined with the emotional piano backed music it gave a strong sense of immersion and even more so with the game’s full support for VR.

Although the meaning and story was enough to keep me playing, a narrative game like this needs to attract the right kind of player.

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This is not a game for people who want something quick to play and add to their list of completed games.


This is for the genuine players that enjoy exploring games in a 3D dynamic. Someone who has the time to understand and develop an understanding for the character and wants to go away knowing they have seen life from a different perspective.

Perhaps the developers may be able to find a balance between the different player styles with future updates and games down the line?

Bringing together two levels of narrative

Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery
Real photo which inspired the art

Luca really wanted to drill into me the sub levels of narrative that are going on in a game like this.

The first being:

The mental health institution storyline, conveying the message that; “we don’t want to forget what’s happen so we can avoid this from happening again in the future”

And the second being:

To explore and show players “the psychiatric discomfort that people do experience.”

Because this is something that is so near to us. Unless we stop and think about it we don’t realize

Forget Jump scares, the reality of this game is much more terrifying.

Something that struck me quite hard was when Luca told me: “In our game what you see actually exists. It’s not an excuse to fight zombies or monsters, one of the main elements of the game is the real location and story.”

Tramadol Pay With Mastercard

As a DoubleUpGaming only exclusive the developers also gave us a sneak peek into the research of the terrifying truth and ordeals this girl went through.

Entering the main protagonists life was much worse than any jump scare as of course you leave the game knowing that there’s a girl somewhere out there who went through the fundamentals of this game as their life.

What are the developers expecting from this game?

The Town of Light is quite literally the history of a broken life that has been affected by mental illness.

There’s a real sense that this game is being released to give players real knowledge of what has happened in the past through a game environment.

“We hope that the players have a strong empathy with the main character and to then provide a point of view about the suffering that people feel with a mental illness.”

Buying Tramadol Thailand

Town of Light aims to be released for late 2015 on a PC platform with added support for the oculus rift. Currently there are ongoing conversations to have the game released on next gen consoles however nothing is confirmed.

Do you feel that such sensitive topics should be touched on with video games?

Feel Free to let me know with a comment down below or even send us a tweet with your view on the Town of Light.
If you enjoyed this feature then you may like to check out my other piece on Tramadol To Buy Cheap

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Tramadol Online Texas

It now seems even more than ever that Virtual Reality is truly the next step in gaming.

So we have decided to take a look at the best virtual reality headset’s due to come out.

After the admittedly quite awful attempts by Nintendo and others with products like the Virtual Boy, we appear to finally be ready to delve into a virtual world.

There are three real standout contenders for the best virtual reality headset right now, with offerings from Sony, Valve/HTC, and Oculus.

Oculus Rift – Crescent Bay

The Oculus Rift was the first device to really spark the renewed interest the gaming community now has in Virtual Reality. Originally a Kickstarter project in August 2012, the Rift has come a long way and is close to a full consumer version being released.

The latest model, named Crescent Bay, features 960×1080 resolution for each eye, giving a total resolution of 1920×1080.

This is the same as on the DK2 model but comes with added improvements such as being lighter overall and having more accurate tracking capabilities. Although no official weight has been given, it will be lower than the DK2’s 440g/1lb.

Perhaps the greatest feature of the crescent bay model is the addition of 360 tracking courtesy of the LEDs in the revised headband’s design.


Crescent Bay comes with its own set of headphones attached. These specially designed headphones offer what Oculus are calling “RealSpace3D”. This will increase the already incredible level of immersion by tuning the sound to give a perfect sense of the users surroundings.

Crescent Bay’s screens run at a 95Hz refresh rate, giving buttery smooth looking visuals and eliminating increased risk in motion sickness.

Order Tramadol Canada
A rear view of the Crescent Bay, showing off its back-facing LEDs and built in audio.

Sony Project Morpheus

Announced at 2014’s Game Developers Conference, Sony’s Project Morpheus is a much newer face on the VR market.

As of now:

Project Morpheus is a prototype and may see revisions just like the Oculus Rift has.

It uses a screen at a resolution of 1920×1080, identical to that of Crescent Bay/DK2. However, one of the more notable differences is its ability to display content at 120Hz, a good deal higher than that of the Crescent Bay’s.

This will give it an edge in terms of smoothness and natural looking motion. At present, there’s been no word of Project Morpheus becoming available for use on any other platform than the PS4. Sony have also said that the device will be able to output an unwarped version of the signal to a TV for spectators to view.

Other exact specifications aren’t known, being a prototype with no form of crowdfunding, it might be a while until we see some real numbers to help to compare it against its competitors.

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Sony’s PS4 exclusive VR device – Project Morpheus

HTC Vive/SteamVR

The latest contender for the title of  best virtual reality headset comes in the form of a combined effort between Steam developers Valve and mobile phone giant HTC.

The Vive was officially revealed during Valve’s keynote at the Mobile World Congress during March 2015. Using two lower resolution screens as opposed to one screen with each half dedicated to one eye, the Vive has the highest total resolution of all three devices.

Weighing in at 1080×1200 per eye, visuals should look significantly sharper. However, these screens have a refresh rate of only 90Hz, allowing it to output the lowest number of frames per second out of all three headsets.

This is only a minor difference, and likely much higher than the monitor you’re using right now meaning it shouldn’t noticeably impact immersion while playing games.

Manufacturers HTC have said that the Vive can operate perfectly in a 4.5m x 4.5m space (15ft x 15ft) if used with what they’re calling a “Lighthouse” base station. Various pieces of information released on the Steam store page indicate that the Vive may be slated for a November 2015 release date.

Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping
A joint effort from Valve and HTC – known as the HTC Vive or SteamVR

What do you think is the best reality headset?

Perhaps you already own an Oculus… Do you plan to pick up Project Morpheus for your PS4 or a HTC Vive to go along with your new Steam Box? Let us know!

It certainly seems to us as if VR really is the future of entertainment, and we’re very excited to try out these three devices and any others that emerge in the future.