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Today: It’s All About the best Minecraft castles!

Minecraft is a world based on creativity and there are people from all walks of life, creating amazingly detailed and well-crafted worlds.

The castles hold special esteem inside the world of Minecraft however, the detail is mind boggling and so is the amount of time they take to create.

These best Minecraft castles resemble the extraordinary amount of time dedicated by the players, (and they are truly extraordinary.)

The winner’s circle is a bit tight on space.

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This building is quite enormous, by exact count it’s actually 440 blocks long and 180 blocks tall.

The Minecraft builder claims this beast took over 2 months to build by hand!

The interior is well non-existent which keeps it out of the higher echelons of this list, but it’s hard to be disappointed by.

The outside?

It’s nothing short of grandiose complete with a Minecraft lord reigning over his massive kingdom.

You have to wonder where he sleeps though without an inside.


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9.Warucia Castle

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…this castle is camped squarely on top of a large cliff; check that, a very large cliff. Which makes sense, as it’s gigantic.

The picturesque scene features tall steeples which guard a very detailed interior, though it’s still technically “outside” if you follow me.

There’s no roof you see.

There’s a lot of intricacy that would make this thing nearly impenetrable if it existed in real life due to its singular entrance and very high walls.

Downright impressive, this one is.

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Sometimes simple names work best I suppose. And this one simply resembles a church. (Just saying.)

It has a central entrance hall with a wide berth and a very tall ceiling; this extends back to other long hallways that move out to each side and into the enclosed courtyard.

The back houses a nice, enclosed throne room, so you can go and play king if you want. I guess I should say or “queen” also to be politically correct. You get the point though.

It’s a nice touch to see the inside roofed in and the dark aura seems pretty realistic.

I have to give the builder some credit for that, it’s well done.

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7. Epic Medieval Castle

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You better have yourself together if you’re going to call your build “epic.”

Thankfully, this build doesn’t disappoint. Although I would hesitate to label this one as just a castle.

Castle town is more like it.

I am definitely reminded of an ancient Scottish fiefdom by the style and architecture; both fit well with the sprawling campus that was created.

You can walk through each little area from the opening bridge and up the castle along a mountainside where it’s built into.

The appearance of this castle of against a mountainside was a clever differentiator.

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6.Castillo Isla Alta

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Another one I would call more of a keep than a castle because it’s just so damn big.

The structure takes up the entirety of the island, and as the name suggests, it’s a tall one.

It also brings new meaning to the word formidable; I can’t imagine how many cannons it would take to breach this keep.

The red and yellow coloring on the steeple draws your eye to the intricacies in the architecture and your attention to the staggering amount of work that went into this.

The ship waiting in the harbor is detailed also; and fitting addition to this build.

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5.The Lonely Castle

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It doesn’t get lonelier than inside an inaccessible mountain range right?

That’s smack dab where this castle landed.

It’s very tall, even when compared with the others on this list; it’s taller than the mountains that surround it!

The detail and design are characteristically complex and it’s actually just as detailed on the inside as the outside. Well thought our walkways with torchlights make for a believable setting.

The only thing that would be tough to believe it that someone escaped this thing!

Could be a castle or a prison; look for it on the Minecraft top 10 prison list as well.

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4.Vitruvian Castle

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Working our way down our best Minecraft castles list lands us here. This standout castle uses a smooth, polished design and wood accents to really make the scene jump out at you.

The windows are quite unique on this model and using the wood come out as more detailed, especially overlooking the central courtyard.

A winding staircase makes its way through a dense forest up to this one; it ends up looking like a ray of hope as you finally arrive after the forest trek.

Though you’ll have to sleep outside here too it appears.

Aww shucks.

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3.Thalvon Land of Kings

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How could you not like a castle with a Dragon Statue as a focal point?

Making its way onto our Best Minecraft Castles list this one has that and plenty more. The area is huge and the architecture is interesting.

While being characteristically castle-like, it is so cleverly crafted that it almost confuses the eye when you look at it quickly.

It’s a beautiful thing really, and I wish I knew how the builder did it.

Got winding hallways, multiple levels and as I said a dragon.


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2. Medieval City: Cathedral, Palace, Castle

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This thing is truly epic; I mean it’s a castle city!

There is so much to explore and the best time to do it would be at night as the scene is extraordinary.

The lighting arrangement is truly magical and feat of wizardry for this city.

There’s even a great hall in one of the buildings that is quite Harry-Potter-esque. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

There are so many building to explore and you can easily get lost in it.

This is good.

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1.Hear me Roar

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This castle is number 1 because…well it floats! In the air! Like it just doesn’t care!

And a few other things as well.

The red and gray brick color scheme is arranged to in a stunning, stoic manner that makes you not want to look away.

At night it looks like only parts of the castle are there, just floating on a sea of darkness.

Even a moat surrounds the inner wall, interestingly placed inside the keep itself.

Plus since it floats, take your flying taxi here to see it.

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Your turn.

These builds are some of the most epic to ever grace Minecraft and the task of ranking them sometimes seems as hard as crafting them.

But they are begging to be explored, admired, plundered and used. You can download them all and experience for yourself!

Let us know in the comments which of these Best Minecraft Castles is your favorite

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The Top Ten Minecraft Girl skins of all time

There’s tons of Minecraft skins out there.


The real question is what are the best skins out there for girls?

In this article I will be looking at:

  • The Top 10 Minecraft girl skins of all time
  • What makes each of these skins unique
  • How these best girl skins made it onto our list

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10. Pikachu

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Pikachu is an iconic figure that has gained immense fame over the years and is much loved by girls of all ages.

If you are looking for an eye-catching, lovely and fluffy skin that will garner attention, then this will cater to your expectations with its great compatibility, design and colour schemes.

The picture above is probably the most popular creative version of Pikachu and this skin has proven to be one of  Minecraft ‘s best girl skins providing a first look into great skinmanship (yes that’s a made up word).

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9. Cow Girl

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If you’re a player who loves horses or wants to see your female character as a charming cow girl, then this Minecraft girl skin is for you!

This skin is  thing of beauty making you feel like a real cow girl combined with a gorgeous look with its cow girl hat and appropriately designed clothing.

The Cow Girl skin is an extremely popular skin within minecraft receiving lots of positive responses due to it’s creativity.

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8. Cupcake Girl

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Cupcake girl is a fruity, colourful and juicy skin best to suited for the girls who love sweets and want to be involved within the community.

Its multi-dimensional colours allow users to enjoy a hue of shades that is bound to put any girl gamer into a frenzy.

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7. Bunny Girl

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The appropriately cute but simple game figure of Bunny Girl has wormed it’s way into our top 10 Minecraft girl skins’ list due to its popularity.

Bunny Girl has become popular for many players due to its sheer cuteness. White and blue shades have been merged together to create a cheerful and happy skin enhancing your enjoyable experience when playing Minecraft.

Of course, the high definition graphics make it even more attractive.

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6. Angel

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A number of girls have fallen in love with angels and wish them to become integrated within real life.

Well at least you can add them into Minecraft right?

Angel is a skin that was created for this purpose alone.

With beautiful white shades and a delicately designed hair style, this top 10 Minecraft girl skin turns into something out of this world… (quite literally)

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5. Tom Boy

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To put it simply the Tom Boy is a cool skin that has attained the position in our best Top Ten Minecraft girl skins list due to how different it is.

Girls with a tomboyish attitude want to show this within Minecraft and relate to this skin’s interesting look.

Screw stereotypes…

Express your individuality and wear a skin that shows who you are all whilst looking fabulous!

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4. Blue Panda Edition

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Blue Panda is an awesome and attractive looking skin suitable for Minecraft gamers of all ages.

Playing with the Blue panda skin definitely attracts attention from other players who just can’t help noticing it.

Being an original piece, Blue panda is one of the best skins available on Minecraft and since its introduction it has caught the attention of gamers because it is the only skin of its type out there.

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3. Sunset Fairy

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Sunset Fairy is an amazing fairy skin that brings a bit of magic into your Minecraft world.

This skin is best suited for:

Players who like to see themselves in a world of fairy tales, and enjoy a magical gaming experience.

  • Radiant pale skin? Check.
  • Shinning and matching outfit? Check.
  • An overall unique and attractive look? Check!

As one of the best Minecraft girl skins she brings your dreams to life within a single or multiplayer setting.

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2. Ice Dragon Daughter

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If you want to experience the world of dragons and its thrilling adventures, then you’re really going to fall in love with Ice Dragon Daughter.

As a skin it is powerful and influential with the appearance of a real dragon exporting you into the fantasy land of dragons.  It is considered a classy skin giving you the feeling of dragons blood flowing through your veins with all the bells and whistles attached.

Once you choose this skin, it’s a skin for life.

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1. Super Girl

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Although you wont be able to travel the continents using super speed, or have the ability to fly round the world in a matter of seconds Super Girl WILL  make you look super cool.

This is one of the most classic and well executed skins in Minecraft  where you have the opportunity to live out your dreams as a super hero straight out of a comic book.

The Super Girl skin will give you an extra edge over other players not only giving you an all round fantastic appearance but also the added bonus of feeling epic.

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Did you like any of these Top 10 Minecraft girl skins?

Make sure to let me know in the description below what you thought of these skins and what you would of done differently.

Want some different skins? Check out our article on the Order 180 Tramadol Overnight

If you enjoy our Minecraft content then make sure to join our Minecraft secrets list:

Minecraft Secrets Mailing list:

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Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard

There’s a lot’s of stuff for the best minecraft seeds, but what about the very best?

Seeds allow us to generate certain types of worlds that are guaranteed to be the same with every generation.

They basically allow you to find the perfect world…

I’ve taken it upon myself to go out and hunt down only the very best minecraft seeds (and provide them to you in one quick rundown exploring them in immense detail).

In this article we look at:

  • The best minecraft seeds for pocket edition
  • Description and look at each seed
  • Why each seed make it on to our top 10

Minecraft has grown and developed into a world of its own.

It’s evolved from a hobby to a lifestyle for some, leading to the pursuit of the best possible world.

So where do the best worlds come from?

Just like plants in real life, they grow out of seeds, or base starter maps created by users. Each Minecraft seed has a unique ID and will set the stage for a beautiful environment.

So lets jump into our top 10 minecraft seeds list:

10. Heavenly Mountain


Like mountain climbing?

Or perhaps an island in the clouds?

Not far from your starting point you’ll encounter such a fantasy land which literally does wind its way up into the clouds.


The scenic landscape is perfect as a form of beauty but also has a forested area on the mountain range.

This is crucial as it will allow you to exploit the land for some resources.


You can also build a house on the cliff and not worry about it falling off. (That’s always nice.)

Seed:  3657966

9. Desert Gems

Desert Gems: Horses

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend and apparently so for the people of Minecraft.

I mean come on, can you ever get enough?

There’s actually 15 of these shiny gems right at your spawning point and some tucked away in nearby temples to loot.

These diamonds found in the temples can also be used to make create some flashy horse armor, since it can’t really be made into an engagement ring. (You do what you can I suppose.)

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Desert Gems: Loot

Anyway, this seed is loot city, so scoop up the treasure and build your city!

  • Temple one: /tp 316 78 131
  • Temple two /tp 250 74 761
  • Temple three: /tp 538 73 1112
  • Temple four: /tp 154 74 -454

Seed: 1785852800490497919

8. The Island



Clean crisp, ocean air.

That’s what we all want on our lone wolf vacation right?

Well here you will find that, and you’re lonely wolf.

That’s right, this seed is based in the middle of an ocean paradise. You’ll have to explore the ocean biome in its entirety in order to survive, but thankfully there’s multiple islands with plenty of sheep.

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There’s even an ocean monument directly to the side of the island you spawn on which only adds to the decidedly cast away feeling in this seed.

Definitely fresh. Definitely different.

Spawn Seed

Seed: -6185261765285097501

7. Loot Galore

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Loot Galore: Two temple view

While not outwardly exciting (it’s a desert) there’s plenty to unearth here, quite literally in some instances.

This seed has every pirate’s favorite jewels, gold and diamonds, but you’ll have to go on the hunt to fill your treasure driven inventory.

With temples abound (4 of ‘em!) you can spend a good deal of time raiding and plundering.

And who doesn’t like that?

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Loot Galore: Stronghold

Well if you don’t there is an underground stronghold, making the idyllic setting of this seed just for show.

Plenty to see here.

  • Temple one: /tp 60 66 250
  • Temple two: /tp-169 66 234
  • Temple three: /tp 89 80 -292
  • Temple four: /tp -214 80 -502
  • Stonghold: /tp -688 80 -576

Seed: 5494140678785792016

6. Biome o’plenty 

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Are you one to sample the different biomes of Minecraft?

If so, this seed has many different sprouts and variations within.


The different biomes create a striking amount of visual variety and splendor. It also makes it easy to use the land for your sustenance and to get plenty of resources.6 2

As I said, variety is the spice of this seed and you’ll also be able to use said resources to get primed for fighting.

Seed: -2864765711115301749

5. The Librarian

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Think of this seed as a blank slate, utterly barren. A blank canvas to paint your ideal Minecraft world.

Except for one thing…

The librarian.

Yes, all you have in this rare seed is a single structure with a single npc, who just happens to be of the bookworm variety.

Order Tramadol American Express


However friendly he seems, it’s certainly a bit creepy that he’s the only one left….

You’ll have to do a bit of exploring to see where this one can go, oh and some horseback riding.

I say that because there’s some animals on this one. Horses in fact.

Ride ‘em cowboy!

(Yes, that just happened).

Spawn Seed

Seed: -1480351183376464763

4. Waterworks Mountain

Order Tramadol Mexico
Waterworks Mountain: Mountain view

Watch out above for the waterfall pouring down from heaven with this best minecraft seed.

As it appears the rock formation literally extends all the way to the heavens. I guess that waterfall must be full of holy water then…

Can you really beat that?

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Waterworks Mountain: Don’t jump

It will be easy to craft a keep up top (you can actually build up there) that overlooks your entire kingdom.

The overlooking area takes in resource laden lands, making it quite easy to develop a thriving city.

/tp -40 198 105

Seed: 69160882195

3. Bunny Village

Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk
Bunny Village: Bunnies everywhere!

Bunnies are everywhere in this best Minecraft seed, but it’s missing the all-important Easter variety.

Well, it is Minecraft after all.

With this seed you’ll find a newly spawned village full of ton’s of furry pets to keep you company.

Order Tramadol Online Australia
Bunny Village: Overhead view

You want to know the best part?

You’ll be placed right down right in the middle of it all.

So laugh, play and chase your heart’s true desire. It offers a nice change of pace from getting your hands dirty.

/tp -183 75 278

Seed: 1926444278

2. The Grand Canyon

Buy Prescription Tramadol Without
The Grand Canyon: deep dark

This one will be a quick trip, and possibly one down memory lane if you’ve ever been to the Grand Canyon.

That’s exactly what this one resembles.

The only difference is the shiny stuff at the bottom of this minecraft seed is gold. (Unless there is actually some at the bottom of the Grand Canyon).

Tramadol Cheapest Online
The Grand Canyon: Lots to mine

Anyway, you can head to the bottom of the ravine and grab it in a jiffy.

How ‘bout them apples?

/tp 252 85 176

Seed: 1111

1. Desert Loot

Tramadol Uk Buy

There’s plenty of stuff in this seed to get you going in a jiffy:

There’s a village that hugs the edge of the desert and savannah biomes with plenty of loot to mine out.

You’ll be able to get your hands on:

  • diamonds (2)
  • gold ingots ( 26, yes really)
  • iron ingots (6)
  • iron leggings
  • a saddle for your trusty steed.

Tramadol Pet Meds Online

Just be sure to check the chests in the blacksmiths shop / all the houses and you’ll find all of the above

It won’t be till your’re on your way to building the perfect paradise.

Seed: 516687594611420526

Before you go…

I want to know what your best minecraft seeds are

Yes you heard me, I want to see any seeds you’ve used before and why it’s your best seed!

Make sure to  let me know with it is in the comments section below.

The best one’s will be shown in our next video uploaded onto our Youtube channel.

So there you have it:

This will keep you busy for several long afternoons, nights, weekends and possibly more…

If you’re a Minecraft fan and want some good starter seeds or if you want some fresh starts, give these top 10 Minecraft seeds a whirl.


Purchase Tramadol With Mastercard Order Tramadol Online Prescription Order Tramadol Online Florida Tramadol Next Day Visa

Tramadol Online Germany

Minecraft is the one place to be for interesting and creative builds within games.

That’s why:

Today I will be looking at the Best Minecraft houses.

Ever started with a plain dirt house?

If you’re anything like me then the first house you ever built within Minecraft wasn’t any good at all , in fact it was probably just a pile of simple dirt.

But no worries…

As we continue to play and evolve, our understanding of Minecraft some people can get real darn good at Creating Minecraft Houses (Like the people in this article)

Psst, make sure to read right to the end for a special message.

In this article:

  • I look at the best Minecraft houses
  • Why they made it onto our top 10 minecraft houses list
  • Where you can download and play them yourself

So what are we waiting for? Let’s show you the list!

10. Jungle House

Buying Tramadol Online Reviews

This is my wild card in the bunch.

The interior may not be as up to scratch as the other houses in this list, but the unique architectural style makes up for this in its entirety.

If you’ve ever came across this map then it wouldn’t of been long until you realised that the natural style and multi level design gives this an edge over other Minecraft houses out there.

This house is outdoor to the extreme.

Let’s hope this biome doesn’t get cold as everything seen here is open plan and completely inviting to the extreme elements from the outdoor world.

Despite its small flaws, the home offers excellent views and a contemporary design that could be mirrored within the real world.

Of course:

This wonderfully executed build definitely deserves its place as one of the best Minecraft houses.

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews

Order Tramadol For Dogs Online

9. The Grande

Tramadol Buy Overnight

As the name may suggest this complex house is a pretty grand structure

(and no it’s not named after Ariana “Grande”)

As a close reminiscence of Stacy Island from the Thunderbirds, the circular buildings featured give this build that futuristic edge that it desperately needs.

Complete with it’s very own stables and indoor swimming pool the Grande heavily relies on the beauty of the surrounding nature and rooftop gardens.

Want more?

Interior decorating of this Minecraft house doesn’t fail to impress either.

This albeit slightly cramped structure somehow manages to pack in all the features you’d expect from such a home including:

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Three story floor layout
  • Piano and musical features
  • Multiple function rooms
  • Combined kitchen and dining room

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Tramadol Pay With MastercardBuying Tramadol Thailand

8. Modern House 210. MODERN HOUSE 2

At number eight I bring you this masterful piece of content which is a very modern recreation of many new builds you’ll find today in the real world.

This struck my interest as there are literally hundreds of “modern” house builds out there, but a lot of them don’t give off that realistic vibe that this one does.

Swimming Pools, Basketball courts and a massive kitchen…

What more could you ask for from a brilliantly designed Minecraft house?

Well actually this house does offer a lot more!

Each room has been individually designed with elegant features and enough to make want to doubt the reality of your own surroundings.

Tramadol To Buy Cheap

Tramadol Online Shipped To Florida

7. Hilltop Villa

Non Prescription Tramadol Online

As the name frankly puts it, this Minecraft house is a stunning villa propped on the top of a monstrous hill.

Vast ocean views across the horizon and plentiful outdoor space.

From the front of this quaint looking villa you may just see a  bunch of random shapes combined into one.


From the back your perception is changed forever.

Exploring around this somewhat modern build I found the spacious outdoor walkways and seating a nice addition to what otherwise would of been a tiny space.

By far the best features of this house can be found by simply taking a seat within the open space living room positioned in front of the centerpiece fire.

Cheapest Tramadol

Tramadol Online Italia

6. French Chateau

Tramadol Pills Online


For a classic French build look no further.

This French Chateau (manor house) comes complete with secure perimeter fencing and a classic French designed interior.

From twin to large king sized bedrooms, there’s plenty of sleeping space to go round almost turning this build from a house into a possible manor hotel.

Oh did I mention there’s also a home cinema?

Of course there is! 

With your projector screen and spacious seating why would you ever want to use the living room again?

After looking around this top 10 Minecraft house, I feel as if there’s still much to explore and find.

Tramadol 200Mg Online

Tramadol Online Pets

5. Modern Mansion

Online Rx Tramadol

Sometimes the word mansion can be related to an old fashioned and somewhat lackluster building.


This modern twist on the classic mansion breaths fresh life into an overused style.

The home comes inclusive with natural light flooding in through the large bay windows and lots of room for you to explore – all gift wrapped within a modern vibe.

This is the best part:

A Lot of houses focus on their functionality and good looks but many of them forget about the landscaping.

Luckily this is not one of them as the back garden is one of beauty.

It’s really not hard to understand how or why this has made it onto our Top 10 Minecraft Houses list.

K Pa Tramadol Online Sverige

Tramadol Online Nz

4. Huge mansion

Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight

This build is the definition of a classic Mansion.

Dont be fooled, when they say this home is huge, because it’s actually MASSIVE!

I mean c’mon it has a 2 story garage…

Navigating through the labyrinth of rooms I couldn’t help but notice the fine and elegant detail that went into each individual element giving them all a story to tell.

Admittedly I don’t think anyone would ever use the 6 block wide bed, let alone that being nightmare for finding sheets to fit such a monstrous thing.


Knowing there is such a thing that exists. It being in this very house, made up for all its shortcomings.

This is one of the more expensive looking houses out of the bunch, probably down to the marble and emerald covered floors.

Fit for a Saudi Arabian Prince you may say…

Tramadol Visas Zales

Tramadol Online Texas

3. Tudor Mansion

Buy Arrow Tramadol

Keeping it more traditional is this Tudor styled Mansion.

Despite its charming and tudor-esc looks this house boasts some pretty interesting features ranging from:

  • A dedicated entertainments room
  • Separately dedicated music room
  • 4 complete floors with garage and attic
  • Outdoor pool and ball sports court
  • Separated dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms

With all these great features you may ask why is it not higher on our list?


It’s not the most hi-tec of houses nor the most comprehensive.

However this build is one that through simplicity has clawed it’s way up the ranks to provide a comfortable living style that’s not too much but not too little.

This is a great build providing:

Hanging tables, multiple kitchens and compartmentalized rooms is how you like.

If so then the “Tudor Mansion” is the one for you.

Order Cheap Tramadol Online

Ordering Tramadol Overnight

2. Waterfront Home

Order Tramadol Canada

Land not your thing?

Well don’t worry… The Waterfront home keeps the land at bay and welcomes in the calm tides.

This carefully positioned build keeps you safely suspended above the shallow water with an interrupted view for miles.

Encased in an all glass structure inhabitants are privileged to the extremely high ceilings, generously sized living quarters and a dining room large enough to feed the 5000.

If that’s not enough for you, then you’ll love this:

Of course any water based build would not be complete without the addition of a fully sized aquarium.

This means you can chill watching what ever want on your huge flatscreen TV all whilst watching the fishies swim by.

Waterfront Home was extremely close to being one of the best Minecraft houses I’ve ever come across. Unfortunately it didnt quite make it to the top of our list.

Lowest Priced Tramadol Online

Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping

1. The Cove House

Buying Tramadol Online Legal

I can honestly tell you:

I spent forever going through and making a list of of all the best Minecraft houses I could find…

And lets just say; when I found this diamond in the rubble, it blew me away.

A home or an entire map?

It’s hard to tell where this Minecraft house starts and where it ends as it comes complete with its own private security, boat ejaculatory systems and it’s very own Cave bar.

(Yes, it has an outdoor and fully stocked bar)

This was the unique selling point that made me interested:

The house build is almost like a bunch of smaller houses combined together to make one epic house.

Of course this could be down to the fact the parents and children each have their own living spaces in complete separate areas of the home.

Is Tramadol Illegal To Buy Online

Order Tramadol Overnight


There’s something I want from you:

That’s our lowdown on the top ten Minecraft houses but…

I want you to tweet us (Get Tramadol Online) a picture of a a minecraft house you’ve built.

Yes, and I want you to do that right now before you forget.

But why you ask?

The best ones sent into us will be showcased in our next youtube video! That’s why!

After you’ve tweeted it to us be sure to tell me in the comments below.

Your comment could look something like this:

Cheap Tramadol Uk

I look forward to what you have to share!

Thanks for reading and as always make sure to tell me which was your favorite house!

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Ever wondered what’s the Top Ten Minecraft Mobs?

Well, you’re in luck!

Everyday we hold public polls and do tons of research to find you some of the best minecraft mobs and mods.

From a large pool to choose from it has been a difficult decision, even so that if you stick right to the end we have a special “bonus mob” for you.

In this article we are looking at:

  • The top 10 best Minecraft Mobs
  • What they have to offer
  • Why they made it onto the list

10. Chicken


Yes thats right:

The Minecraft chicken mob made it onto our Top 10 Minecraft mobs list. But you can bet it didn’t make it on here for no reason at all.

The lil’ baby chicken and it’s mother has long been a standing image in minecraft. The humble chicken is one of the only passive mob that takes no fall damage thanks to its feathered wings. Its also the only mob that can lay eggs which can then be used within crafting or to spawn new chickens.

/summon Chicken ~ ~ ~

9. Pig

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At one point or another you’ve probably ran through minecraft slaughtering innocent little piggies.

Well maybe it’s time the humble Minecraft pig gets something in return?

Used not just as a food source the Pig can actually have a saddle equipped and be ridden with the addition of a carrot on a stick.

Of course there is more:

If you decide to be a murderous monster then you can even set a pig on fire with which it will drop around 1-3 pieces of cooked porkchop.

/summon Pig ~ ~ ~

8. Rabbit

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These magnificent creatures were added much later than all the other mobs on here.

Although being late to the party, Rabbits have by no means been a disappointment to Minecraft fans.

Here’s why:

Rabbits hop around aimlessly and will approach any player that is in possession of either carrots or dandelions. But when killed rabbits also have a chance of dropping hide and meat.

It seems Mojang also got a little carried away with the types of rabbits that include:

  • Brown – 0
  • White – 1
  • Black – 2
  • Black & White – 3
  • Gold -4
  • Salt & Pepper -5

To summon your favorite colour just replace ID with the number next to the colours:

/summon Rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:ID}

7. Iron Golem

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Iron Golems are more than a piece of junk metal.

In fact they’re incredibly useful.

By placing down a couple of blocks or iron and a pumpkin on top you you’ll magically get yourself your very own Iron Golem. Alternatively they will naturally spawn around villages

These gentle giants work to protect Minecraft villagers and will deal around 7 hearts of damage to most hostile / neutral mobs.

Make sure not to get in its way, otherwise you could face a swift death too.

/summon VillagerGolem ~ ~ ~

6. Creeper

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Love em or hate them, Creepers are a crucial part of Minecraft.

Since its first inception as a bug the Creeper has been fully embraced into everyday Minecraft life.

These silent but deadly, arm-less creatures will sneak up behind you and leave an unexpected parting present.

I’ll give you a clue, it goes:


Luckily creepers do still have their uses.

Managing to kill a creeper through the process of running in and out of its attack arrange will leave you with a bunch of xp, gun power and also a chance of a music disk.

/summon Creeper ~ ~ ~

5. Wither

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This is one lean, mean, fighting machine.

The Wither is a nasty piece of work, however it’s down to the the sheer amount of work that goes into this mob that places it at number 5 in our Top 10 Minecraft Mobs list.

It’s strange to think that we choose to willingly spawn these mobs into our world to wreak havoc over Minecraft.

By placing soul sand in a “T” shape with three Wither Skeleton skulls on top, a Wither Boss will be spawned naturally into the game.

They WILL do serious damage:

After they’ve recharged, they’ll shoot explosive fireballs at you but crucially will drop nether star upon death.

/summon WitherBoss ~ ~ ~

4. Enderdragon

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If you’ve ever seen an Enderdragon then you would know it’s a mesmerizing sight to look at.

These beasts are usually only found within “The End” where upon killing one you’ll have essentially completed Minecraft.

Dont worry, if you’re ever in a position to kill one of these, there is still the opportunity to continue to playing on afterwards.

They are notoriously difficult to kill:

Before venturing off, you’ll need to stock up on tons of gear from food, blocks and weaponry.  Enderdragons self heal from various crystals littered through “The end” making it even more difficult to kill.

/summon EnderDragon ~ ~ ~

3. Mooshroom

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Okay, I’m not going to lie:

As anyone and they’ll tell you that I love “Mooshrooms”.

Luckily for me, you guys do to, therefore placing this within our top 3.

Just like an ordinary Minecraft cow, Mooshrooms can be bred for offspring, produce milk and can even be slaughtered for food.

But why would you want to do that?

Mooshrooms are more than just cows (as hinted by their name) – by using sheers on a mooshroom you’ll actually receive 5 red mushrooms. Of course it will then turn into an ordinary cow, but there is a work around to this.

You can milk a Mooshroom with a bowl to give a renewable source of mushroom stew.

/summon MushroomCow ~ ~ ~

2. Wolves

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If you do things right than a wolf in Minecraft could just end up being your next best friend.

As a trusty companion within the rather scary Minecraft night world these lovable balls of fur will protect and defend you at all costs.


If you decide to attack an untamed wolf the entire pack will start to attack you. Luckily once a wolf has been tamed (providing you keep their health high) it will always stay with you no matter where you are on the map.

This means no matter where you are, your trusty companion will be able to teleport to you if it’s not sitting down or in the same dimension.

You’ll get a tame wolf below if you change “PlayerName” to your in game name.

/summon Wolf ~ ~ ~ {Owner:PlayerName}

1. Chicken Jockey

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Of course, the number one spot had to be awarded to the Chicken Jockey.

Have you ever wandered around in the night where you’ve been surprise attacked by one of these things?

I can tell you it is pretty hilarious!

As a rare exception to the game, a baby zombie may spawn riding a chicken and start to attack you. They won’t take any fall damage and can chase you around for hours on end.

Look at it like this:

At least this way you’ll get to kill a zombie and have a chicken to eat afterwards.

/summon Zombie ~ ~ ~ {IsBaby:1,Riding:{id:Chicken}}

Bonus top 10 Minecraft Mob:

Killer Bunny

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As a treat just for you, I’ve added in a small but vicious bonus mob.

If you ever come across a white bunny with red eyes then I urge you to run the other way!

Where did this come from?

The killer bunny was added into minecraft as a reference to a monty python sketch in which an innocent looking bunny exited a cave and started going absolutely crazy.

There’s no difference here as these are from the spawn of satan himself, dealing 5-12 hearts of damage to its unexpecting victims

Don’t say I haven’t warned you!

/summon Rabbit ~ ~ ~ {RabbitType:99}

What would your Top 10 Minecraft Mobs list look like?

Make sure to let me know in the comments down below what your thoughts are on the mobs we’ve listed here or if you think we’ve missed any important ones out.

Thanks for reading, if you want more awesome Minecraft content then you may like to check out the Online Tramadol Cod

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We’re looking at the the best Minecraft skins of all time

Skins are the one thing that makes Minecraft unique to you.

If you’re anything like me then that means you want a choice from the BEST ones out there.


What are the best Minecraft skins of all time?

If you’re looking for some Festive Skins, you can find them all in our Purchase Tramadol Overnight Delivery.

In this article we look at:

  • The top 10 Minecraft skins of all time
  • What makes them so unique
  • Why you should download them for free

10. Elmo

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Sesame street has offered us a treat in the realm of Minecraft skins:

Elmo is an iconic figure in Muppets and will be instantly recognisable by people of all ages. If you’re looking for a loveable, fluffy skin then this ones got your back.

But that’s not the best part:

This skin  is built on the Minecraft 3D mechanics of skins allowing you to have an elmo sized head. Your face will be your “hat” instead of being attached to your face which leads to a great 3D effect.

Designed by: unktenchi.

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9. Iron Man

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Straight out of a Marvel movie is Iron Man.

Although you won’t be able to shoot lasers from your hands or fly around the world at ultrasonic speed,  it WILL make you look extremely cool.

This metal suit will give you a glimmering edge to other players. You’ll look great and get the chance to act like an eccentric billionaire all at the same time!

Designed by: halucid.

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8. Herobrine HD

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Herobrine has long been an ominous figure within Minecraft.

With this “new” HD version of Herobrine you’ll be able to scare your friends in high definition. Whether it’s worn as joke or a daily skin, Herobrine HD is great for:

  • tricks
  • laughs
  • more tricks

This is what makes it so good:

It’s a fresh approach to an overused skin in Minecraft.

But, with more pixels packed into the same small space you can expect much more detail.

Designed by: Unknown

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7. Slender man

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This horror game figure has somehow (in a very twisted way) made it on to our top 10 Minecraft skins list.

Slenderman has scared many players over the years, however this skin now gives you the chance too.

Sneak up on your friends from behind and give them a scare., feel empowered as a character that has made grown men cry, or use this skin to spook your opponents into surrender.

Watch out though:

I’ve never seen a fight between Slender man and Tramadol Online India. If you happen to come across each other then it could be very interesting.

Designed by: Unknown

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6. Homer Simpson

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Lots of people are a fan of the simpsons.

Therefore it comes as no surprise to find Homer Simpson right here near the top of our list.

This skin is great because of this one small thing:

Lots of creative detail has gone into this skin to make it closely resemble the real actual simpsons character. These small details is what sells a skin like this and makes it the very best it could be.

Designed by: Leostereo.

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5. Batman

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“Im batman”

Okay… Yes you caught me:

I’m not actually Batman.

However you could be with this stunning skin that’s modeled on everybody’s favorite superhero, Batman.

You can strut around showing of your gear and pretend to fight crime with an outfit that matches your attitude. Heck you could even join the Tramadol Usaonline Bizand grapple from building to building.

Designed by: halucid.

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4. Yeti

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This AWESOME looking skin made it onto our Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online and has been around for ages!

If the friendly furry feel is what you want then this Yeti skin will do wonders for you.

Players both far and near will gaze at you in wonder as your crazy eyes will move around thanks to the clever way in which this skin has been made.

But thats not all:

This skin is an original piece and has made its way as one of the best Minecraft skins down to the detail / effort put into it by its creator.

Designed by: halucid.

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3. Legend of Zelda

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Legend of Zelda is considered a milestone in many childhood gamer’s memories.

Putting on this skin will mask your appearance as Link from the original Legend of Zelda.

Here’s best part:

This is a classic skin that any gamer will be able to identify. Even if you haven’t played the Legend of Zelda before, EVERYONE will know who you are with the retro piece of art.

Designed by: Unknown

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2. Ender Steve

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This is by no means your bog standard skin.

Ender Steve is a hybrid between your everyday “Enderman” and good old “Steve”.

Together they create an eerie vibe that’s enough to make any unexpecting Minecraft player run the other way.

Although you won’t be able to teleport to anywhere on the map, you’ll get the chance to look way cooler than anyone else out there.

If you can’t commit to one skin then why not be two in one?

Designed by: Unknown

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Tramadol Bula Anvisa

This mooshroom skin makes a great addition to any skin wardrobe.

Some would even say you’ll look much better than the “udders”

Okay, enough with the Cow puns…

Mooshrooms were added into the 1.9 Minecraft update in addition to the Mushroom Biome in which they spawn. This means you’ll be a rare occurrence in the Minecraft world and will look pretty unique too.

It’s made it as our Best Minecraft skin of all time because it is so different from others.

Besides who doesn’t want to walk around as a cow?

Designed by: Avarikk

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Order Tramadol

What I want to know:

Do you agree with our list of Minecraft skins? Which one is your favorite?

Make sure to let me know in the comments down below!

Thank’s for reading our list of the alltime best Minecraft skins

Thats it for today’s Top Ten.

If you’re having a little trouble with installing your Minecraft skin then check out our guide on By Tramadol Online Uk

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With Tickets for MineCon sold out, over 10,000 of you can expect an immense fun filled weekend!

This years MineCon event is going to be full of interactive attractions, Minecraft exhibitors, and of course you interesting bunch! We’re looking forward to it just as much as you are.


The real question is:  what’s going to be happening at Tramadol Online Reddit? and what can we expect from it?

In this article we look at:

  • The great things going on at MineCon 2015
  • Exhibitors and attractions at MineCon
  • Event information

This years event is going to be held at the ExCel London Exhibition & Conference Centre.

Set to fill the house with over 10,000 people, the halls will be flooded with parents, children and Minecraft enthusiasts all wanting to get stuck in with the action.

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Throughout the weekend (4th July – 5th July), you can expect to see your favorite YouTubers playing with others along with meet and greets.

It doesn’t end there:

As is traditional with MineCon there will of course be a Costume contest.

Hundreds of people come creatively dressed as their favorite Minecraft character and are then presented up on stage with other contestants.

It is then decided by a panel of Judges who has the best Costume at the entire event.

2013 actually saw a tie between the two mob contest winners with one of the winners (pictured below) dressed fully as an enderdragon.

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Maybe we’ll see even more crazy costumes this year?

Main stage events is where it’s at

If the tons of exhibitors at the event aren’t enough of a pull for you, the main stage will be packed crazy with A LOT of entertaining features.

Based on last year’s line up we expect great things for this year too! In 2013 the main stage varied from Tramadol Buying Uk to in depth developer talks and presentations.

This variety made the entire event complete as people from all over the world get a chance to see their favourite Youtubers or developers on stage talking exclusively to them.

Tramadol Online Ireland

From this it can be expected that we’ll find even more entertainment on the Main stage for 2015.

Although no official schedule of the weekend has been released yet, we’re sure that there will be:

  • Order Tramadol 100Mg Online tournaments
  • Your favorite youtubers presenting on stage
  • Future release talk for Minecraft
  • Developer talks from Mojang developers
  • Costume competition winner’s and announcements

When an official timetable has been released we’ll be sure to update you.

It’s not long now until you can get stuck in with the action

Thats all the gossip we can scoop up for you now.

Once more information is released we’ll be updating this article to contain all the important information you want to hear.


When MineCon comes around we’ll hopefully be covering all the behind the scenes action including interviews from your favorite youtubers, the best bits and coverage of the mainstage.

Meanwhile if you can’t wait for some MineCon 2015 action then check out the opening ceremony from 2013

We can’t wait to take a look at MineCon this year!

What about you? Are you as pumped as we are?

Let us know what you’re most looking forward for this years MineCon.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to share this with a friend if you think they’d benefit from this article.


Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Tramadol Next Day Visa Tramadol 100 Mg For Sale Online

Buy Dog Tramadol Uk

This year we decide to take a look at the Top Ten Minecraft Youtubers of both 2014 & 2015 in one ultimate rundown.

Minecraft Youtubers have been around for a while…


The real question is who is the BEST . Luckily for you we have searched around the interwebs and have done the research for you!

In this article you’ll find out:

  • The Ultimate, all time best Minecraft Youtuber
  • Why they made it onto our list
  • What kind of videos they make and why you should watch them

10. Tramadol Bulario Anvisa

It may come as no surprise to find AntVenom as one of the best youtubers.

He made it onto our top ten list due to his amazing and unique style of videos. Ranging from Minecraft Parkour, Survival games and redstone you’ll always be kept upto date with the latest in Minecraft.

But that’s not the best part:

Viewers consistently praise him on his high quality videos. They’re uploaded every single day and will be packed full of fun and entertaining content.

Best Place For Tramadol Online

If you thought that was it then you’ll be surprised to find:

AntVenom makes sure to constantly stay involved in the community. You know that he genuinely cares for his viewers with every video upload and interaction.

9. Cheap Tramadol Overnight Cod

Like Minigames? Adventure Maps too?

If you’re a fan then JeromeASF offers the full package!

Here’s the deal:

Every episode is a fun filled and energetic offering you maximum entertainment multiple times a day. Most and if not all of his videos offer great humor and it’s bound to give you a good laugh at the end of a tough day.

Order Tramadol Uk


It’s important to remember that not every youtuber is to everyones taste.


JeromeASF hasn’t made it as one of our Top Ten Minecraft youtuber for nothing. You’ll almost never get bored with his videos because they are overflowing with TONS of energy that makes it so exciting to watch.

8. Med Orders Tramadol

A One stop shop for Hilarious videos is SSundee. This may be a bold statement, but its true.

You want to know why?:

He made it onto our top ten list purely because every video is extremely funny! No. Screw that.

Hysterically funny.

When watching through his videos we found that we couldn’t contain ourselves with the everything that was going on. Its safe to say that SSundee is a great bet if you’re looking for some funny videos to watch with Minecraft.

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On his channel you’ll find modded minecraft, mod reviews and even competitions along with the occasional random games from time to time.

7. Tramadol With Paypal

The Bajan Canadian (also known as Mitch) uploads awesome Minecraft videos daily.

This is what’s so great about him:

There is ALWAYS a wide variety of content on his channel such as:

  • Minecraft Songs
  • Minecraft toys
  • Minecraft Factions
  • Minecraft minigames
  • Minecraft Challenges (like the lucky block mod)
  • Minecraft mods
  • Volg Challenges

Tramadol Order Cod

What’s even better is if you like JeromeASF, you’ll always find a collaborative video of the two of them playing together.

Yep thats right: you’ll get to watch the two of them together!

This leads to a Youtuber that you can watch everyday and still expect something new from. He’ll never get old and his community of loyal followers will welcome you in with open arms.

6. Tramadol Mexico Buy

StampyLongHead is the most child friendly Youtuber to make as one of the best Minecraft Youtubers.

The secret to his success?

Everyday you’re bound to find a new Minecraft xbox video that’s entertaining and with purpose.

It gets even better:

He is a very friendly and lovable guy! The moment you lay eyes on one of his videos you’ll instantly fall in love with the videos he produces.

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Uk

Stampy is so popular in fact that mojang themselves dedicated an easter egg to him.

What is this easter egg you ask?

In a few of his videos you’ll find the term “Love Garden” thrown around. This is a special place that Stampy picks to put his most valuable fans.

Mojang decided to create a structure that spawns randomly and suspiciously resembles the love garden replaced with the name of Mojang developers.

5. Order Tramadol Online Usa

DanTDM is most famous for the creative way in which each video is made. You’ll most certainly never find a dull moment in one of his videos.

This is the crazy part:

If you decide to check him out you’ll almost certainly find (on a daily basis):

  • Minecraft mod showcases
  • Minecraft Minigames
  • Minecraft Challenges
  • Dr Trayaurus & DanTDM
  • Custom Modded Survival
  • Other Online games

Online Apotheke Tramadol Ohne Rezept

But here’s the real kicker:

I’ve met Dan in person. And I can tell you he’s a pretty down to earth guy.

The dedication to every video is immense and that can be shown through the highly detailed and scripted scenarios that play out in the different videos he uploads.

4. Best Site To Order Tramadol Online

Also known as “BlueXephos” The Yogs cast’s most prominent family members are Lewis and Simon.

Although not all their videos are Minecraft related their content IS comedy gold.

Lewis who’s dressed up in his famous drunken dwarf skin and Simon with his Star trek uniform are always getting into new interesting Minecraft situations.

Tramadol Buying Online Legal

They first started off with World of warcraft videos but later found their place with one of the most known scripted Minecraft series:

Purchase Tramadol No Visa

Since the days of Israphel you’ll find yourself watching their adventures from making a jaffa cake factory to testing out brand new mods.

3. Tramadol Purchase Online Uk

Like the Yog’s cast, Tom ( The sydicate project) varies his videos every now and again.

However when a Minecraft video is uploaded you will be sure to enjoy it.

You might be wondering how be made it to number three?


His videos give you endless hours of procrastination.

Among his best Minecraft series is Mianite (a large series featuring many other youtubers) and is usually streamed & then uploaded to YouTube.

Best Price Tramadol Online

When previously meeting with Tom in person, straight off the bat I knew his fans were his number one priority. At theBest Place To Order Tramadol Online he spent a total of three hours extra to make sure he got to meet every fans.

If you want to find out more about that then check out this article on how he was Tramadol Cheap Overnight Fedex.

2. Buy Generic Tramadol Online

From let’s plays, animations, music videos and other epic content Captain sparklez has it all.

People who watch him love this the most:

All of his videos are immensely easy to understand, funny and entertaining. Jordan (his real name) is certainly a role model in the Minecraft community and should be around for some time.

Online Tramadol

It’s hard to be one of the most popular youtube channels out there. But:

Captainsparklez manages to achieve this PERFECTLY.

Browsing through his channel led me to spend many hours just listening to his soothing voice. I found myself captivated with what was happening and didn’t want to miss a single moment.

Who knows, maybe you will too?

1.Cheap Tramadol Cod

And our best Minecraft youtuber goes to…


Yes the Sky Army is one of the fastest growing fandom out there and it’s for a good reason too:

His channel is full of extremely entertaining videos with the addition of large YouTube friends and hilarious comedy. Most popular content on his channel ranges from:

  • Modded cops N robbers
  • Minecraft mini games
  • Modded “do not laugh”
  • Lucky block challenge
  • Minecraft Machinimas

Order Tramadol Online Overnight Shipping

The bottom line?

No matter what age you are Sky offers the best Minecraft videos possible. Not only has he got one of the largest growing Minecraft audiences out there, he also gives you what you most want:

Fun, entertaining and interesting videos.

This is what I want to know:

Do you agree with where these Popular Minecraft Youtubers are listed?

Let me know with a comment below and make sure to share this with a friend if you agree.


Discount Cheap Pills Tramadol Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Cod Tramadol Online Tramadol Next Day Visa

Get Tramadol Prescription Online

Want to know the best Minecraft Texturepacks? We’ve created the ultimate top ten texture packs list.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

We all LOVE that fresh feel of Online Doctor Prescription Tramadol with the addition of Texturepacks. That’s why its very important to find the best one for you.

In this article we’ve outlined what each pack has to offer and why it could be great for you.

Now: What’s all the fuss?

10. Scribblenaughts – Our Wild Card

Order Tramadol Online Cod

Scribblenaughts is our wildcard in the bunch this year. At number ten in our top ten list it’s a great pack that really puts a spin on your Minecraft world

But here’s the kicker:

One of its best selling points is the unique quirky style it shares with the game “Tramadol Online-Rx“. Where it’s a good pack to goof around with every now and then we wouldn’t really recommend it for daily playing.

Nonetheless, if you really want to see your world in a different light then make sure to give this pack ago.

Why? Because, without a doubt it will amaze you!

Tramadol Online Next Day Delivery

Tramadol Online Yahoo Answers

9. FaithFull

Order Tramadol Florida

The best way to describe the Faithfull texture pack is it’s “the HD version of Minecraft“. You won’t be seeing any new looking blocks but it WILL put the default textures into a brand new resolution.

Default blocks will never look the same after you’ve played with this hi-res pack. Every block looks much more detailed and it adds a brand new depth to the game.

With that said it’s still based solely off of the Default Minecraft texturepack.

But you’re probably wondering: I’m looking for something a little different, will I get that here?

The simple answer?


…however, if you dont want too much change and like traditional Minecraft at a higher res then this is for you.

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online Cod

Tramadol Ordering Online


Red3D craft - texturepack

In at Number 8 is R3D.CRAFT.

These textures range from 32x to a whopping 512x giving you an immense resolution through the addition of mods such as Optifine or MCpatcher.

What’s great about this pack is the way it enhances the current default textures to give them a new found realism. Many of the blocks will look familiar to you but it will seem insanely detailed.

It gets better:

Without a doubt this pack leans heavily towards realistic textures to replace those blocky cliches. Its obvious that every block has had a great deal of time and effort put into them.

This ultimately leaves it with a professional and quality finish.

Purchasing Tramadol Overnight

Order Tramadol Online Canada

7. Lithos

Tramadol Dogs Uk Buy

Want a texture pack that is easy to recognize and consistent throughout? Then Lithos is for you. This pack stays faithful to Minecraft giving it the small details and deviations that make a pack unique.

Want to know the best part?

This pack a cut above the rest when it comes to mods. It has support for over 17 mods!

If you want to have a pack that can easily switch between vanilla and modded this will be a great choice for you.

This texture pack most definitely fills a niche for players that don’t want too much change. By removing the aesthetically displeasing features that frequent throughout default Minecraft, Lithos gives a subtly different feel to the game.

It’s certainly a pack to watch out for over the coming years.

Cheap Tramadol

Problems Ordering Tramadol Online

6. Dukucraft

Tramadol Order Cheap

If we can list one texturepack that has stood the test of time then Dukucraft would be the one.

It first started life through it’s creator “Duku”, however due to unforeseen circumstances it was later discontinued. Luckily for us the texturepack was later brought back to life through fans that didn’t want to it to die.

Here’s the deal:

It’s the avid support and amazing contributions to the community that has allowed Dukucraft to reach its full potential.

Offered in both a “High” & “Light” option users can customize blocks to their liking. This gives a new dimension that allows it to have a personal touch that most others cannot achieve.

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5. Glimmars Steam Punk

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This steampunk masterpeice made it to number one on our Tramadol Sverige Online.

Despite moving down four places “Glimmars Steam Punk” still holds a very special place in the texturepack community as:

One of the best steam-punk-esc packs.

The crazy part?

This Minecraft texturepack brings an overall dark, alternative, Victorian scifi feel your game. If animated cogs and rotating wheels is what gets you going then this has it all! Most of the textures take advantage of animations and can be found in full HD x64.

We’d love to  place it higher in our list, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite make the cut as a pack to use on a daily basis.

With that said it’s truly unique and will bring your wild creations to life.

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4. Soartex Fanver

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Modern Minecraft has never looked so good!

Soartex Fanver will instantly make any run down home into a modern sleek design that you’ll be proud to call your own.

Maintained and developed by fans for over three years , every texture and detail is built upon in the community forums. The idea behind the pack is to leave a smooth and clean finish and it really shows throughout.

The bad part:

Unfortunately the pack just doesn’t fit in with a variety of Minecraft buildings. If it wasn’t for being just a bit too clean then this would be much higher for sure.

In spite of this, its still worthy of its place as a simple but beautiful texture pack.

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3. Sphax PureBDcraft

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The gift that just keeps giving is of course Spahx PureBDCraft.

Instantly be blown away by:

Adding a quirky style to your worlds and living life in your very own fantasy comic book adventure.

The number one reason for downloading Sphax is the sheer amount of mod support available. With over 100+ (yes over 100!) mods to support it means it’ll work with just about any combination of Modpacks. If vanilla Minecraft is not enough for you but the boring old textures are holding you back then give this a try.

Luckily for you in its most simplest state it’s still got all the works


  • Block and item animations
  • Custom skins
  • new 3D models for selected blocks and items).

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2. Chroma Hills

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Along with the cute RPG, cartoon style graphics this texture pack is a work of art.

Even better, if combined with Tramadol For Pets Online it leave you with spectacular results.

First created in September 2012 Chromahills has been built up to around 2000 addition textures . With extreme detail packed into each block it’s no wonder why it’s made it to number 2 in our top 10.

It does one thing better than all the other packs combined:

Luckily for players, the texture pack comes highly pre-configured to be used with mods such as optifine, mc-patcher and shaders. This means that you’ll be able to benefit from the connected textures, random mobs and custom skies.

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1. Pixel Perfection

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Landing the number one place this year is: Pixel perfection.

A bold statement? Definitely.

But stay with me.

This is the best pack for any kind of map.

Let me explain.

True to its name each block is perfected to an astonishing standard. Thanks to its unique textures and pixelated style this pack fits just about any map which makes it perfect for everyday playing.

As the best Minecraft texture pack of 2017, Pixel Perfection is one of the few that really captures our imagination.

Whilst creating a completely new atmosphere the texture pack still manages to closely relate to default Minecraft.

The bottom line?

This like many others also leverages custom colours, special biomes ,CTM and even lightmaps. For a pack that brings a fresh look to minecraft but will still suit a variety of playing styles then Pixel Perfection is for you.

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Even More awesome Minecraft content?

Sometimes a texture pack just doesn’t give you what you need.

So if you want to have ago at building your own texture pack then check out ourOrdering Tramadol Online Reviewsas it has first hand knowledge from Oz billo creator of “Tramadol Online Cod Fedex

If you have enjoyed this top 10 then be sure to share it with your friends. Let us know in the comments what would make your number one