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What’s Coming to Minecraft This Year?

Order Tramadol From Mexico is easily one of the most exciting Minecraft events of the year.

This 2017 Minecon was possibly one of the greatest ever held. During this long looked-forward to event, it seemed that announcement after announcement was made regarding the incredible advancements being made in the coming year.

At Minecon, we learned that the world was going to have brand new creatures, structures, biomes, as well as a new available graphics pack.

There is also a fun new mini-game we can all look forward to and, the votes have confirmed, the newest mob to enter the game will be Mob B: The Monster Of The Night Skies.

Minecon 2017 Roundup

The Aquatic Update


Probably the most exciting announcement at Minecon was the future implementation of Cheap Tramadol Fast Shipping.

In this incredible new update, players will be able to explore the oceans and seas like never before. For example:

  • Coral reefs will line the tropical coasts with a myriad of colorful fish.
  • Icebergs will appear in the frigid waters of the cold biomes.
  • Dolphins will help you explore the wonders of the oceans, including the new Shipwrecks, just waiting to be plundered by brave players.

New Online Connectivity

The Minecraft world is about to get a lot bigger; in 2018, people on the Xbox One, PCs, mobile phones, and even the Nintendo Switch will all be able to play multiplayer together.

This versatility allows friends to all have fun and build as a team, even if you don’t all have the same system to play on.

Having all these platforms under the same version of the game will make the addition of new improvements much simpler, because it will now impact every device at once, rather than having to make the same update three or four times.

As part of these updates, the graphics will be significantly improved as well.

These new graphics updates, however, don’t even compare to the Order Tramadol Online Florida that is going to be offered in the near future.

Super Duper Graphics Pack


With this graphics pack, Minecraft will appear to be the most realistic block-based game you’ve ever seen. The whole idea of pixels will leave your mind when you witness just how smooth, clear, and intricate the Super Duper Graphics Pack is.

The amount of realism in the way the light rays shine through clouds and leaves, torches and moonlight reflect off the glassy surfaces of water, and how the sunset stretches the world’s shadows and creates a balmy orange atmosphere.


To celebrate the 2017 Minecon, there are new free items available in the Marketplace.

Collect your Minecon player skins and try out all the fun maps and settings available in the Marketplace. Download a floating cube map, or escape hoards of Endermen.

You can even explore the Truffletop Town lagoons, which is so complex that it can’t be described; you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Brand New Mini Game

The new mini-game coming next year is called Death-Run.

It’s a high-stakes obstacle course through a map that, if you mess up, might just cost your player’s life. Try to beat your friends or other online players in this demonstration of skills.

Introducing Mob B


Finally, the creepiest addition to the game. A brand new mob, originally called Mob B, but now referred to as the Tramadol Next Day Visa, will soon be terrorizing sleepy players everywhere.

If you think your player can build, mine, and explore for days on end without consequence, that is no longer the case.

The flying creatures spawn high up in the skies during night, and they can sense when you haven’t slept in a long time. They’ll swoop down in groups and attack you unless you find a bed and get some rest.

The Monster of the Night Skies was voted to be the newest addition of the game, further showing how the input of others and the flexibility of developers really contribute to making this game the best that it can be for all players.

Can You Still Get Tramadol Online are one of the biggest providers of private Minecraft serving hosting worldwide.

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One of the reasons we adore Minecraft is the amazing level of personalisation!

And what better way to throw yourself into the game by finding the perfect skin.

We decided to update our Tramadol Uk Order list but releasing a fresh article for 2018. Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex

To make this list even better, we decided to focus on the skins perfect for those wanting to let out their inner heroine. From Zombies to Panda’s, we have found some of the best Minecraft Girl Skins.

Today we discuss:

  • The Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins
  • Why they made our list
  • Where you can download them

9. Order Tramadol From China


This skin is the ultimate combination of girly girl and tomboy – definitely letting out your feminine side but certainly not covered in pink.

And the backwards hat shows you are a true gamer.

This skin definitely reveals your personality in Minecraft.

8. Purchasing Tramadol


Scare all the guys away with this super realistic Zombie Skin.

Complete with long, green hair and decomposing flesh, you can really blend in with the other mobs.

This skin is ideal for those wanting to keep everyone away from your creation that you need to keep safe.

7. Buying Tramadol From India


This is definitely a more girly entry for our Top Minecraft Girl Skins.

The flower crown and sweet outfit shows you are one with nature and definitely a summer girl.

This is the best outfit for those who love the sun and the long summer days.

6. Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard


The Fighters and warriors deserve a minecraft skin like this!

No longer is it the men defeating the mobs and keeping the tribe alive as this medieval warrior is ready to take the lead.

The Skin is perfect for those wanting to show how strong they are. This skin is for the leaders who could direct an army to success.

5. Buying Tramadol Online Cheap


This Minecraft Girl Skin is adorable!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Panda, now’s your chance. With this light blue and white outfit and matching blue hair, you’ll break many hearts with this skin.

This outfit has truly proved popular among fans.

4. Online Tramadol Australia


Have you ever wanted to be a watermelon? Yeah, me too!

This skin equips you with the tastiest pink hoodie showing off all your pips and watermelon rind. and lushess, neon-green hair.

This skin was designed for those wanting to show off their quirky and funny personality.

3. Tramadol Buy Uk


Another killer, butt-kicking warrior has made it onto our list.

Rather than a leader, this bad-ass heroine is crazy. No one could get past this girl in a battle and she’s any army’s secret weapon.

This Minecraft Girl Skin made our list as there isn’t a skin that shows off your fighting side quite like this one.

If you need to let out your inner, nutty but deadly fighter, this skin is a must!

2. Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex


In my opinion, this is the cutest outfit on the list.

If you need to show off your love for animals then I definitely recommend the fox skin. She comes with a fluffy tail, charming little paws and dinky ears.

This skin will definitely let you fit in with all the animals around the Minecraft world.

1. Uk Tramadol Online

minecraft girl skins 2018

This skin is perfect for any gaming fanatic.

You can dress as the hero, or now the heroine, Link and really embrace your inner Legend of Zelda fan. This outfit is equipped with the typical green, hooded top as well as a shield on the back for safety.

Long, blonde hair also features to make her powerful but beautiful.

If you’re a hardcore, Nintendo fan, then you deserve this Minecraft skin.

That’s it for our Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins of 2018!

Are there any you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments.

Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol Cheapest Price Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Tramadol For Dogs Order Online

Tramadol Online With Mastercard

There have been many important debates throughout history that challenged our beliefs and still baffle our minds today: Who started World War One? Does God exist? What killed the dinosaurs?

While the answers to some of these questions may be forever lost with time, there is one critical debate that we will be conducting today:

Minecraft Vs Lego

Both pastimes offer an outlet for our creativity. We can design and build almost anything our minds can think of thanks to these tools. The level of customisation that these games bring can’t be replicated.

But the true question that everyone has been asking is “Which one is better?”.

Today we will be exploring:

  • The benefits of Minecraft
  • The benefits of Lego
  • Minecraft or Lego?

Reasons for Minecraft:

To kick off our Minecraft Vs Lego debate, we will delve into the reasons why Minecraft overshadows the outdated building blocks.

You can play Minecraft over the age of 99

4-99 classic_810181512

The first, very obvious reason as to why Minecraft rules is the lack of age restrictions.

In order to play Lego, you typically have to lie between the ages of 12 and 99.

Our poor, older generation have had Lego ripped out of their hands because they have a 3 digit age!

Fortunately, Minecraft doesn’t discriminate against our elders and allows them to place all the bricks they want in their old age.

Maybe we shouldn’t rely on Lego now as we know we won’t be able to play with it on our death beds but we can play Minecraft.

Don’t have to pack away Minecraft


As Minecraft doesn’t involve playing with physical bricks but virtual ones, you won’t have to clear away any bricks that you’ve been using in the fear of stepping on one.

There’s no one to complain about a mess on the floor because all your blocks are neatly stored in your PC.

And there’s no chance of you losing an integral piece to your house unlike with Lego where pieces can go missing in front of your eyes.

The greatest thing about your bricks being virtual is that you can save all of your creations to play with them later.

Doesn’t hurt when you step on Minecraft


If there’s one thing the world can mutually agree on is that stepping on Lego hurts.

And playing with Lego can lead to a chaotic mess being left on the floor leaving your unprotected feet at risk.

But, by playing with Minecraft, you are at no risk of stepping on any spare bricks on the floor.

One can not simply walk on Minecraft.

More texture in Minecraft


Minecraft can offer the depth of detail that Lego simply can’t offer.

Let’s face facts: Lego is plastic, plastic and more plastic. While certain packs include bricks with more of a pattern, that doesn’t change the fact that the bricks are made of plastic.

On the other hand, Cheapest Tramadol Overnight within the game adding to the level of customisation.

And seeing that Minecraft is a video game, you can hunt, mine, and create many of the blocks you want to use rather than going to the store and buying more.

Can’t die playing Lego


For the hardcore fans that want a challenge, Minecraft includes a survival mode. This is a very different experience compared to playing with Lego.

You are not given any of the blocks you want to build. Instead you have to create them using your surroundings.

And while you’re doing this, many things are trying to kill you.

You don’t get that level of immersion through playing with lego as no one is trying to kill as you place down each brick.

Reasons for Lego:

While there have been many compelling arguments for playing Minecraft in our Minecraft Vs Lego debate, there are also some great reasons to stick with Lego.

Lego is nostalgic


Lego has a fascinating history behind it.

The brand “Lego” was created in 1934 by Danish man Ole Kirk Christiansen and was named after the Danish saying “leg godt” which translates to “Play Well”.

Fast forward to 1958 and the modern Lego brick we know today is created and introduced to the world. Since then, Lego’s popularity has grown exponentially.

The famous mini figures were introduced in 1978 and the building bricks have since:

  • Been to space
  • Set world records
  • Had movies and theme parks based on the toy
  • Had a number of Lego video games released.

Not only that, Lego has been named “The World’s Most Popular Brand” overtaking Ferrari.

I’m sure we all have fond memories of playing with these small toys in our early years and hope to see that legacy continue.

You can buy cool packs


There is a Buying Tramadol From Mexico.

You can build cities, Pirate ships, Jedi Star Cruisers, famous Monuments, and so much more. And if you don’t want a specific pack, you can just buy a big box of random Legos.

This means that Lego appeals to a much wider audience as it has so many themes.

And one major benefit of all the Lego packs is the instructions. 

As fun as it can be to build using only your creativity, sometimes, I just want to build the death star without ripping my hair out in the process and the instructions ensure that I can build it.

You can interact more with lego


As lego allows hands-on play, it gives you a bit more freedom as to what create.

As well as this, the type of bricks that you can use to build varies a lot! Minecraft can only allow the use of cubes and items to build with but Lego offers so much more.

Therefore, the level of interaction with Lego is greater.

With Lego, you start with a blank canvas and it’s up to you to add all the detail possible.

And as a result of this, the sense of achievement is much larger when playing with Lego.

Lego appeals to Young and Old


It’s not a secret that Minecraft is typically played by the younger generation.

While this certainly isn’t a negative against Minecraft, this just enhances my point that Lego is for all and doesn’t have a specific audience.

You can play it with literally anyone and everyone would know what to do with it.

Lego doesn’t lag or run out of battery


As we have already pointed out, Lego bricks are made of plastic (or if you want to be specific, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

What powers the play with this toy is you putting them together. Unlike most things today, it isn’t something that needs to be plugged in.

This means you can have hours of uninterrupted play and it won’t be telling you to have a break every hour like the Nintendo Wii and you won’t have to stop to charge it.

You certainly won’t develop eye strain from using Lego.

Another thing you can avoid by playing with Lego rather than Minecraft is Lag!

There’s nothing more annoying than the game not loading as fast as you need it to. But all that pain can be avoided by playing with physical bricks rather than virtual ones.

In conclusion

Given the level of creativity needed and the size of the brand behind it, we believe that Lego has won the Minecraft Vs Lego debate.

These bricks have entertained many generations and will continue to shape the childhoods of many kids in the future.

While Minecraft attracts a specific audience, Lego has adapted itself for all and is one of the most inclusive forms of entertainment to date.

And if you’re unhappy with this decision, there is one solution:


Tramadol For Dogs Order Online Tramadol Buy Cod Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy

Jual Tramadol Online

Summer is finally here!

That means no more school, no more work, NO MORE RESPONSIBILITIES!

Well this isn’t entirely true. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t get super hyped about the longer days and warmer weather.

And what better way to get majorly excited about the summer than enjoying:

The Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps!

We have conveniently devised a list of all the seasonal maps to get you in the summer mood.

Get ready to explore:

  • The Best Summer Minecraft Maps
  • Why they are so this season
  • Where you can download them


10. Summer Cottage


Kicking us off is this stunning Summer Cottage.

Complete with sandy beaches and luscious greenery, this map allows its users to escape to a cottage like no other.

So much is there for you to explore! If you’ve had enough of the outdoors, you can lounge in front of the tele instead. You can even light fires in the fireplace to keep you warm through the nights.

It’s the perfect location to house you and some friends this summer.

Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery

9. Operation Tropical Vacation


With over 50,000 Downloads, this map has proved to be a very popular destination.

“The point of the whole map is to relax and enjoy summer” and to forget the hectic bustle we all know Minecraft can bring.

However, if you wanna have a great run around, this map is also excellent for that too.

Players have praised the creators of this map for their cleverly designed yet challenging parkour runs.

Buying Tramadol Uk

8. Ivory Beach Resort


Ivory Beach resort is certainly for the more mature and classier clientele boasting its stylish “Sun-hotel” as well as its fine selection of swimming pools.

And, of course, this map is located next to a beautiful, glistening sea so sun beds and parasols are available to all guests.

One of the best things about this map is how charmingly the resort lights up at night! Lights scatter the map so everything can equally be enjoyed at night.

Check in to this all inclusive for an exclusive, one of a kind, holiday.

Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard

7. Crystal Summer Resort


Ever dreamt of visiting a city like Rio de Janeiro without, well, having to go anywhere?

Then this map is ideal. 

Complete with skyscrapers as well as scenic views, you can easily lose yourself in this bustling city.

You can visit the luscious beach, the one of kind bridge, and even the airport!

Players will have plenty of places to visit in this map.

Order Tramadol Cod Only

6. Leiko Islands


Next on our list of Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps is Leiko Islands.

This HAS to be the most tropical map on our list and is perfect for the players that want to escape everything.

The map serves as your own desert island, ideal for some well-deserved R’n’R.

Players can discover the exotic foliage while relaxing on the golden beaches; islands like these are quite hard to come by!

And the best bit is no creepy crawlies will be climbing up your top without you knowing!

Order Tramadol Online In Ohio

5. Olann Island


What can I say about this map? It has everything a child-at-heart desires!

Unlike Ivory Beach Resort, this map is fully equipped for the playful and energetic. Surrounded by roller coasters, water slides, and a casino, you’ll be entertained for hours!

Not to mention the gorgeous sandy beach people could only dream of visiting.

Someone has spent a lot of time building this map!

Tramadol Rx Purchase

4. Pirate Island


This one we absolutely LOVED!

Pirate Island is definitely a unique map as it’s one of the few where you can truly experience life as a pirate.

Detailed ships scatter the island as well as exotic wildlife and maybe you’ll come across some buried treasure…

If anyone can come up with the best Minecraft Skin to match this map, please let us know!

Tramadol Online Overnight Usa

3. Beach City


This map is fairly similar to Crystal Summer Resort except this one is MASSIVE.

It doesn’t quite supply the scenery the previous map could offer. However, Beach City is higher on my list due to the sheer extent of this city.

This map didn’t only take a lot of time to build, I bet it also took a whole lot of time to plan! It’s like City Skylines except on Minecraft!

As well as the skyscrapers, you can explore a variety of suburbs as well as a beach and a fully functioning harbour!

Beach City is so well designed that it even has a subway. A SUBWAY! What more could you ask for?

Cheap Tramadol Overnight

2. Huge Cruise Ship


Cruise Ships in real life are ridiculously expensive.


Minecraft has got you covered as one clever user has created the beast of the seas.

Equipped with swimming pools, helicopter pads and entertainment halls for guests, your holidays will be well spent on this ship.

You can enjoy life as if you are one of the extravagant guests and dine with important people while taking in some breathtaking views.

Not to mention you’ll be exploring the impressives oceans in the glorious sun.

Let’s just hope there’s no icebergs…

Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally


Now for our Number One Summer Minecraft Map.

1. Teramia


This map has EVERYTHING for all your summer-y needs.

Teramia has been created with the outdoorsy types in mind.

What isn’t there to explore on this map?!

Teramia is visually stunning with so much detail included in everything that has been placed. You’ll have fun discovering skins for your protagonist to match the surroundings.

You can discover the variety of mobs that fill the island too!

It also has Icelands for you to explore in case the sun is becoming too much. You’ll need a map to find your way around here.

And there are so many pictures to show off this map that I don’t have enough space in this article! Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk

Order Tramadol Online Cod 180

That’s it for our list of the Top 10 Best Summer Minecraft Maps!

Did we miss any fantastic maps out? Let us know in the comments below.

And if this hasn’t satisfied you enough, you can check out our Tramadol Online Prices too!

Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Cheapest Place To Order Tramadol Online Tramadol For Dogs Order Online Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy Tramadol Purchase Online Legally Tramadol Online

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When I mention the word “School”, I’m certain a whole load of emotions and memories suddenly come flooding back, some may be positive and some negative.

For me, while I enjoyed school, I certainly feel that there are a number of ways in which educators could capture the attention and interest of their students more.

One way in which schools want to spice up their curriculum is to add aspects of Gaming into the timetable and I think this is an awesome idea.

That’s why we are going to discuss:

Gaming in Education

The only kind of computer game I could remember from my time is this one annoying yet hilarious typing game where it teaches you how to properly use a keyboard. The game was lead by a funky, scouse goat and you meet a load of kinky animals along the way.

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod


That was it! The rest was left to the traditional book and paper.

I’m not trying to say that there is anything wrong the traditional way of learning, I believe we need to move with the times and accept that we are well into the 21st Century now.

The children of today have a lot more technology around them than any other generation have ever had and they probably use it more than us! So why not incorporate something that they use everyday into their education.

Teach them how to utilise the technology they need to understand in order to advance in the future.

There are a number of ways in which educators have begun planning – and in some cases, implementing – the integration of gaming and education:

Virtual Reality


VR has the potential to reshape our lives in a number of areas. One of those is education.

Imagine, one minute you’re sitting in a classroom, the next you’re at the top of a volcano that’s about to explode molten lava everywhere!

And with a tap of a button, you can be transported from the boiling hit pit to outer space overlooking our mighty planet.

Fed up of modern day? How’s about you take the class to the 14th Century to witness the Bubonic Plague first hand.

There are an unlimited amount of places you can transport a classroom of children with VR! Do you think the school would ever accept a school trip to the top of an active volcano? I don’t think so, Ofsted would have a field day!

However, with a load of virtual reality headsets, pupils can experience great wonders of the Earth without having to put them in danger, without having to spend money on travel, without the worry of “What if something goes wrong when we get there?”.

If a child is scared, all they have to do is take the headset off. The teacher doesn’t have to carry them back down the Volcano.

Virtual Reality can transport students to places a school could never dream of taking their pupils. Having such a new and realistic experience, the children can feel more inspired to learn more about the subject.


Queen Mary, University of London students have already begun to plan ways VR can be applied to schools and colleges.

They became European champions in Reply’s Student Technology Clash against other universities from Germany and Italy for their ideas with adapting the curriculum.

Adnan Salehin, University Student stated that their team won as their idea was the most “achievable and doable in their lifetimes”. Other teams had constructed ideas that were “a bit less practical or less necessary”. Gaming in education has the potential to make a massive difference.

VR in Education is achievable, executable, revolutionary in terms of changing the way we learn and extremely useful

Virtual Reality in the classroom could be a fantastic solution for Visual Learners.

Visual Learners are more likely to remember things they’ve seen rather than things they’ve heard. For example, they will remember facts more easily if they read them and/ or write them down rather than someone telling them.

So, for some Children, listening to a teacher isn’t enough.

By using Virtual Reality and the visual learners seeing the reality of outer space before their eyes, they’re much more likely to remember what they’ve learnt.

The Limitations with Virtual Reality

One thing that educators need to consider before implementing virtual reality into classrooms is:

How will teachers maintain control while the children use the headsets?

Being fully immersed in VR means that their hearing and sight will be compromised. In other words, it will be as if the teacher isn’t there.

One idea they could consider is designing a specialised app for the children to use and for the teacher to control. This way, once the teacher is satisfied that the pupils have seen enough, they can direct a message onto everyone’s screen for them to take the headsets off.


Another thing to consider:

How will the children learn anything while using the headset?

The pupils won’t be able to hear the teacher while using it so how can they make the experience educational?

With a specialised app for schools, it could be designed in a way that when children look at certain objects, facts can pop up on the screen for them to read. If the school possess more advanced technology, the children could walk to the object, pick it up and even physically manipulate it.

To confirm that the children have learnt something, there could be a quiz afterwards to test their memory.

The final limitation:

How will schools afford it?

As you may be aware, VR isn’t cheap. School’s could start with cardboard headsets to open up the children to VR but for a more realistic experience, a higher end headset would be needed.

This is not something with an easy fix seeing as the government sets aside less and less money for education.

Virtual Reality won’t be the only way to influence school kids.

Minecraft: Education Edition


Teachers have already begun to use Minecraft with children.

Minecraft: Education Edition is one of the first ways schools have embraced for the impact of 21st Century Children.

Fact: Kids Love Minecraft! I do too! The amount of creativity it permits us to unleash is phenomenal. That’s why teachers love it.

School Children are handed an empty canvas and are told to construct things in the world of minecraft. Work can then be assessed with screenshots of their creation as well as hand drawn plans.


This can teach Children a whole number of skills:

  • Planning – Children learn to design their sculpture before building in order to understand the importance of designs, planning, and self-written instructions.
  • Creativity – Seeing as Minecraft doesn’t exactly hold to the laws of physics, these Children won’t walk out of the classroom as fully fledged Structural Engineers. However, it can teach the fun of building and inspire Children to want to follow that path in the future. They learn the importance of scale and ratio as well as the productivity of each material they use.
  • Computer Skills – they learn to control the world of minecraft as well as simple functions like print screening and sending submissions.
  • Assessment – Teachers can easily assess the progress of each child through written questions based on the task in the game, drawings of their creation as well as the creation itself.

The Limitations of Minecraft

While Minecraft is one of the best things to make its way into the classroom, it still has its downsides:


Each child would need an up to date PC in order to play the game with a licence to play the game and a PC per student definitely won’t prove cheap.

Saying this, schools usually provide some sort of IT services but if these computers had Minecraft, how would schools limit the amount of time students play Minecraft for in breaks when other students may require the computer?

Loss of Attention

Minecraft is an Empty canvas. So what is to stop the child messing about on the game doing what they want? Of course, they could be punished and not allowed to use the game.

But there is also the problem of the teacher maintaining the child’s attention while they are playing the game. If I was in that classroom, I would find it fairly difficult to stop playing and listen to the teacher.

Maybe if teachers had a main computer that could lock everyone else’s computer so they could get everyone’s attention, they wouldn’t have a problem.



Obviously the teacher will need to know how to use Minecraft in order to teach which will mean more training for staff will be needed.

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After discussing only two ways in which we can reshape our current education system, we have already been shown multiple positives and negatives for this.

Here is an awesome infographic which lists all positives and negatives of Gaming in Education as well as ways it has already been implemented:


Especially after seeing this graphic, it would be awesome for gaming to make its way in class to

  • Spark Interest
  • Increase Engagement
  • Improve learning styles

Do you know of any ways for games to make it into the curriculum? Let us know!

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The one thing that can truly makes Minecraft unique is the amount of personalisation that can be done.

Changing how our character looks really means that we can be thrown right into the game. Using Minecraft Skins is the ultimate personalisation method!

And what better way to celebrate the festive season than to dress up our characters in The Best Christmas Minecraft Skins!

So in this article, we will discover

  • The Best Christmas Skins
  • What makes them so festive
  • Where to find them

To start us off:

Gingerbread Man


This little guy is one of the many treats we get to enjoy throughout winter so, to celebrate the joy he brings, we can wear our very own Gingerbread skin.

Equipped with realistic Icing and gumdrop buttons, he’s perfect for making you look forward to the big day!

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Christmas Steve


The most basic way to show your love for Christmas, this Christmas Steve Skin is awesome for subtle personalisation.

Sporting a cute christmas hat, play as Minecraft’s most recongisable character.

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Reindeer Boy


This skin reminds me of every Christmas School Play I had to participate in, this skin is truly the most adorable on this list.

We can only hope that Santa will have reindeers as cute as this but, for now, let’s enjoy having him fly around our Christmas maps.

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Christmas Girl


Why is it only guys that dress up as Santa? This girl very much shows that they can do it incredibly well!

This cute Mrs Claus is available for all the girl gamers out there feeling festive.

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Christmas Giraffe


This one made it on to my list because, well, why not?! I can’t be the only one that absolutely adores Giraffes!

This cute skin is ideal for the quirky Minecrafters who love Christmas and, of course, love giraffes.

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Maybe not as festive as the other skins on show but absolutely one of the cutest! A very snowy character that lots of players can love, this skin is a must have!

Plus, if you fall in love with this skin as much as I have, you can use it all year round.

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Christmas Boy


Now we’ve had cute skins for the girls, how’s about one for the guys. This skin portrays a boy fully wrapped up for the cold weather with a cute Santa’s hat.

If you want a skin to look more like you, this might be the one…

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How more Christmas-y could you get with this Snowman Skin. Perfectly designed to remind anyone of the cold.

And there’s certainly no hiding what you’re dressed as with this budding outfit.

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Santa’s Elf


An integral part of making Christmas a success, this is a great skin for those who value the work of Santa’s Elves.

Incredibly realistic and rather adorable too, this is one of the Best Christmas Minecraft Skins out there!

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The man who brings children joy and gives elves jobs: Santa Claus! This awesome skin is the one to be using over winter.

His festive colours and awesome lifelike detail will make an excellent touch to your Christmas adventures.

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Have some of your own Christmas Skins under your sleeve?

Let us know and leave them in the comments below! They might feature somewhere within DoubleUpGaming…

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We’ve had a year of exploring all the mods that we’ve had in our reach so I think it’s about time we found some newer, more incredible ones; it’s time to update our 10 top minecraft mods.

Last year saw a number of mods become available but this year has seen that number rapidly increase.

With this vast growing selection of mods to try, it’s going to make it seriously difficult to find the ones perfect for us so, I have composed a list of the outstanding mods of 2017.

If you’re new to the minecraft world and haven’t had the pleasure of trying out some mods, do not fear as 2015’s list is immediately after this article so you have the chance to try out the greatest modifications over the past few years.

10. Pam’s HarvestCraft

You’re a budding chef ready to take on the challenges of the culinary world. The only thing holding you back are your ingredients available: raw meat and potatoes.

But don’t let this bring you down. A new mod is available to spice up your kitchen.

HarvestCraft is here to bring you all the food items you’d ever need.

You can make a whole range of cooked meals including Chicken Casserole, Sushi, Boiled Egg and so much more.

The mod allows you to create a variety of gardens where you can mass produce your base ingredients.

It also supplies all the kitchen equipment that you would ever need to make your delicious meals.


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9. Blood Magic

Sometimes, you may feel that minecraft is being dominated by little kids making the game incredibly PC but you shouldn’t have to think that.

Especially with this particular mod to make the game a bit darker.

You you can use your own or a mob’s blood to craft different tools. However, it isn’t as straightforward as that.

First of all, you must make a sacrifice as at a Blood Altar to obtain Life Essence. This is then your main ingredient for creating what you desire or for fueling things such as sigils. The Blood Altar is used as your crafting table.

So, in turn what you can do with this is create potions to hurt your enemies, obtain items to prevent you losing health after falling a great distance, or even have the ability to summon ores.

To summarise this mod, you kill stuff to get stuff. Dark but pretty cool.

Remember Children, this stuff is ONLY acceptable in games!


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8. Carpenter’s Blocks

So you’re creating your perfect house. But, something’s not right. You’re just not building the house that’s in your head.

Here is an idea for you: use the Carpenter’s Block mod.

It allows you to use your favourite blocks but completely change the shape. You can finally build that proper sloped roof you wanted. You can live on a more realistic hillside. You can have an explosion-resistant set of stairs!

All you have to do is lay a carpenter block of your desired shape and then right click with the material you wish for it to be made out of.

If that isn’t good enough for you, you might want to consider having a variety of materials to cover the one block.

This means that you can have iron on one side of the stairs and wood on the other! The perfect tool for customising any creation.


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7. Not Enough Items

The ultimate mod for having all the items you want and knowing how to build them; it allows you the option to search for different items, spawn the amount you want and then tell you how to build other items.

As well as this, it also includes functions to control other aspects of the game including changing the time of day, changing weather, changing game mode, healing your player, and also magnet mode: a way to bring all items towards you within a certain radius.

Not Enough Items includes three different types of mode:

  • Cheat Mode
  • Recipe Mode
  • Utility Mode

Cheat Mode allows you to see all items to hand, spawn as many items as you desire, and you can access recipes as well as access all functions.

Recipe Mode allows you to view all recipes available.

The final mode is Utility mode. In this mode, you can view all the recipes as well as have the functions.

Definitely useful for adding well-needed functions to minecraft, I truly recommend this mod.


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6. Extra Utilities

This mod is purely designed to make the game just a bit more easier.

It comes with a variety of different tools, building blocks, and other useful items so that what once seemed like a chore can become a fun activity.

For example:

One block that comes with this mod is a chandelier. Not only do you get a nice decorative to hang from the ceiling of your house, it also prevents the re spawn of mobs in your area.

Another example:

Always wanted to build your dream zoo? Now with the Golden Lasso (only available with this mod), you capture passive mobs and relocate them at your will!

If you have goal and aspirations to really excel in Minecraft but the process of getting there is way too long, this mod is perfect to help you along the way.


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5. ComputerCraft

One thing I’ve always thought about when playing this game as how much easier it would be to have my own mini squad of helpers to destroy bricks with me, place down other ones and essentially, speed up the whole process.

Well this mod helps you do exactly that.


The only catch is you need to know how to program them.

This mod uses a simple code called Lua to create a number of controls inside the game so not only can you control Turtles (your slaves to build what you desire and more) but you can also create passwords for your front door and well, anything you think you can code!

You need to start by making your computer out of stone, glass, and redstone and once that’s done, you’re off and away!

The veteran coders will have a number of ideas as to how they’re going to use this mod while are newcomers can find Tramadol Online Shipped To Florida as to what they should make first.

If you’ve ever considered learning how to code, this can be an awesome mod for you as it introduces a simple, safe way to learn.


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4. JurassiCraft 

This mod will speak to those who just absolutely love dinosaurs, I mean, come on. Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

You can create and spawn a wide variety of realistic dinosaurs into your world as well as other prehistoric vegetation and wildlife including the dodo.

Set in the style of the popular jurassic park franchise, you must harvest dinosaur DNA and use this to recreate the well-loved creatures. Just don’t make the mistakes that they did in the movies.

Each mob has an incredibly lifelike way of moving and also makes individual sounds. They are even available in different colours and sizes, could it get any better?!

Yes, it can.

The mod includes three famous dinosaurs from the movie Jurassic World each with their own personalised design. They are programmed to move, interact, and hunt together. How awesome!

Why it tempts me to set the challenge of making my own prehistoric world with villagers living in caves and massive wild plants populating the land with dinosaurs roaming towards the sunset.


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3. JourneyMap

Here’s a mod that could save many lives.

If you’re a particular gamer like me, you like to know where you have been and how to get back to there.

Well, luckily for us, this mod tracks where you have been and creates a bird’s eye map for you so you can view every place you have visited and how far you have travelled.

Found a perfect spot for your desired castle? You can pin locations in places you have seen in case you want to revisit; never be lost again.

Scared of being attacked by an unsuspecting mob? This map is ideal for you as it can warn you of creatures suspiciously sneaking behind.

You can view this map in fullscreen or as a minimap in the corner.

A very simple mod but also a very useful one.


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2. Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod

If you’re finding that the current minecraft world doesn’t quite have the variety of items you require then this mod could spice up your life.

It adds a bunch of new recipes so you can craft so much more than before.

You will gain the ability to completely customise everything, and I mean it. If you want a shower, you can have a shower. If you want a master bed, here you go! If you oh so desired a swing set in your back garden then look no further.

Not only can you have them in your world but they are also fully functioning.

To create all of these wonderful items, I’m sure you can find a variety of recipes online.


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1. Optifine

Okay Okay, so the observant ones who have read our top 10 minecraft mods of 2015 will have noticed that Optifine was also number 1.

That’s simply because there isn’t a mod that can quite beat this one!

This mod is all for improving  gameplay. So we’re talking about faster frame rates, longer rendering distances and much more.

It also allows the use of HD texture packs to make everything look so much more awesome. You can customise the textures of blocks and of terrain, you can change the animation of terrain; A whole bunch of new settings are waiting for you to rediscover your minecraft map.

You can redefine what minecraft is to you with this mod thanks to the number of customisation options available.


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Wild Card: Fancy Fish Mod

This mod didn’t quite make my top 10 but is still a worthy mod so I thought I’d give it a mention.

Fancy Fish Mod is quirky way to adapt your world to make it your own.

There is a number of ways you can use this mod:

  • Add fish to your world as wild animals
  • Create tools to capture and feed your new mobs
  • Use their scales to produce new items

Add a variety of tropical fish mobs to produce a more colourful world. You can have your fish in ponds, lakes, or even in fish bowls or tanks in your own home! You can catch these fish with nets created by you and create fish food to help them breed.

As well as fish, you can also discover clams containing pearls.

Not only do these fish make perfect pets but they can also be used for a number of different items.

Using their scales, you can design a whole new range of nice ‘n’ sparkly weapons. Using different coloured scales, you’ll find yourself creating a variety of weaponry and armour including fish scale swords, enchanted fish scale axes and more.

While this mod isn’t particularly necessary, it still looks pretty cool.


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As we read this list, we must always remember, there are tons of mods to be tested. While these may be my highly recommended mods, I say you should go out there and experiment with them.

Of course, if it looks dodgy, maybe it would be best if you left that one alone.

Did your favorite mod not make it onto our top 10 Minecraft mod list?

 Let us know via the comments section below what you would have done differently.

Want more? Well you can discover all our favourite maps for this season in our Jual Tramadol Online!

Let’s take a look back at what the best minecraft mods of 2015 were.

10. Minecraft Hats

This top 10 Minecraft mod adds the aesthetic feature of hats to players.

This is the best part:

The mod comes with 78 hats and growing! It’s designed to be used on both servers and single player worlds meaning any server without the mod installed could still function.

The awesome mod is extremely easy to use as you simply kill a mob wearing the hat and then select select it from the hats menu. If you want, you can also change the colour of the hats with a simple slider system.

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9. Twilight Forest

“Imagine stepping through a portal into a twilight realm, filled with trees as far as they eye can see.

Twilight forest adds a whole new dimension into Minecraft. You can find your way to the forest by building a flowered diamond filled portal.

When you get to this new dimension, you’ll find exotic animals, plants and dungeons to explore.

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8. Modular PowerSuits

Modular Powersuits is a mod that allows you to tinker with high-tech electronics to build yourself a suit of mechanical armour.

When you first build the suit it’s completely useless and has no effect whatsoever.

After you’ve tinkered around with it on the “tinker table” you’ll have the ability to change the effects it gives you.

You can then add things such as force fields and night vision by building a number of add ons for the suit. This Minecraft mod adds a large amount of cool features to the game and adds a futuristic way to enchanting.

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7. Tinkers’ Construct

Tinkers construct is a mod all about putting tools together in a variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else.

This mod adds a variety of new tools and new weapons allowing you to make custom weapons and more. Say you wanted an iron pickaxe with a flint handle, with this mod it’s made entirely possible.

It adds a multiblock smeltery for more efficient smelting. The “liquid ore” can be poured directly into moulds for different parts of tools/weapons.

Tinkers construct is even compatible with other mods such as buildcraft due to the fact that liquid metals can be piped out of the smeltery to other places.


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6. Not Enough Items

Not enough items is a mod that, at a base level, adds an interface for spawning in items.

It’ll allow you to look at recipes for items, change the time, heal yourself and even delete things from your inventory. Dont worry though. If you’re the vanilla kind of player then you’ll be given the option to turn of the “cheat” methods in the settings tab.

This may seem basic without much use but it’s great combined with other complicated mods.

You can look for crafting recipes using the simple search bar at the bottom of the screen and then check the recipes to see how to build them. Together this saves an immense amount of time and becomes a necessity when multiple mods are installed.

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5. Buildcraft 3

Making its way to number 5 on our Best Minecraft Mods of 2015 is Buildcraft 3

Buildcraft is a Minecraft mod that aims to provide advanced building capabilities to the game.

It adds many features to the game:

  • Transport blocks, items and liquids
  • Build large scale quarries
  • Mine oud massive oil wells
  • build engines that run off coal, oil or petrol
  • And much more!

With this mod you can reach a point where everything becomes automated. For example: if you wanted to you could build a system where all items in a chest are sorted into correct compartments.

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 4. Industrial Craft 2

IndustrialCraft introduces numerous features across a variety of areas in Minecraft.

This works brilliantly if combined with BuildCraft.

You’ll find it adds new, efficient ways of processing ores and has its own in built power system. Over the course of playing you’ll be relying on power from coal generators, solar panels and even nuclear reactors.

As with any power source each of these has its own limitations and risks.

Using Industrial Craft with Buildcraft pipes and machinery allows you to create a fully automated mining and refining system. Obviously this will make Minecraft a lot more fun as there’s no limit to the technical systems that could be build.

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3. MystCraft

Put simply it allows you to create and travel to new dimensions.

To make a dimension all you need to do is create a link book. Using the correct equipment and sticking to pages you’ve chosen you’ll be able to create a unique dimension that’s characteristics are determined by said pages.

These pages can be found in places like:

  • Abandoned mineshafts,
  • Villages
  • Dungeons

The dimensions you make can be rich in resources however they may not always be safe or stable so there’s always a risk when traveling to them.

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2. Galacticraft

This mod will allow you to travel all over the solar system to places such as the moon and Mars. You can go on to terraform these places or you could just explore.

Ever wanted to build a space station? Well now you can. The possibilities in space are simple endless!  What’s even better is this mod has a massive development team behind it and includes music from Jackson Cordes.

With Galactic graft you’ll also get the addition of new ores on earth and loads of new items to build before you can go to space.

Be warned: getting there is by no means an easy task. Before launch off its required that you have a full spacesuit, a rocket and even machinery to either refine fuel for the rocket or produce oxygen.

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1. Optifine

It may not bring dinosaurs or new dimensions however it does give you the ability to potentially double your in game framerate.

Optifine also allows you to install and use HD Minecraft texturepacks. This means instead of the default 16×16 packs you could get something up to 512×512. This brings brand new details into the world of Minecraft that previously never existed.

There is a crazy amount of customisation that can be done to your game from performance enhancing settings to full blown shadders.

If you want to easily gain FPS within Minecraft and use a mod that is widely compatible with other mods then optifine is for you.

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Did your favorite mod not make it onto our top 10 Minecraft mod list?

 Let us know via the comments section below what you would have done differently.

If you’re a fan of Minecraft modifications you may also like to check out our list of the Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping

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Minecraft is one of these magical games that has taken the whole world by storm.

Due to its unique and fun playstyle, there are 100’s of amazing Minecraft facts just waiting to be unearthed and discovered.

That’s why in this article we’ll be looking at:

  • The very best and interesting Minecraft facts
  • Why these Minecraft facts are so interesting
  • How you can use these minecraft facts to wow your friends

So what are we waiting for? Let’s delve straight into over 132 Minecraft facts!

  1. Did you know that on the PC version of Minecraft the world actually has a limit?

    Yes, that so called infinite map actually will begin to overwrite itself if you ever start to explore outside of the world border regions, which is about 60 million blocks wide from the center of your map!world borders minecraft facts

  2. It took just six days for the first version in minecraft to be completed!

    In a shorter time that people claim it took the real world to be created, Markus persson in fact create the alpha version in only 6 days.

  3. Kurt J. Mac was the first man that set off on the mighty task to find the edge of the world

    In what some would describe a decision of lunacy, this guy set off in 2011 to find the edge of the world, raising over $250,000 for childsplay in the process.

  4. Minecraft was not actually completed until a further two years after its release.

    Minecraft in fact gets updated every week with a new snapshot, so in november 2011, mojang finally said it was ready to come out of beta.

  5. Minecraft was almost called “Cave Game”

    Can you believe that our beloved game of Minecraft was going to be called something much much different? Do you think it would have made the same kind of impact?

  6. Notch persson’s Minecraft character is pretty unique (he drops an apple when he dies)

    Obviously Notch (despite now being removed from the daily activities of Minecraft) deserves a special trait which is only usnie to him. So why not an apple eh?

  7. The bidding for Minecraft (Best Tramadol Online) was opened up with just a mere tweet

    In what seemed to be a time when Notch was fed up with his creation, his few tweets indicated that he was willing to sell minecraft. Three months after this tweet Minecraft was sold.

  8. Creepers were created by accident when Persons accidently coded a pig wrong

    In what was a mix up between a coding bug of a pig and TNT, creepers where the birth of a simple accident. What would Minecraft be like today without creepers?

  9. Every 10,000 times you play Minecraft, it will get its own name wrong!

    Did you read that right or is it true that Minecraft gets its own name wrong? Well yes infact but only if you’re privileged to play it over 10,000 times. Here’s to Minceraft!

  10. Ghasts are voiced by a Minecraft’s music producers sleeping cat.

    Even we couldn’t believe this one when we read it, but yes the deadly ghasts are indeed voiced by “C418’s” cat. Too bad he couldn’t do the same for ocelots too.

  11. Minecraft is a big deal in schools in Denmark and Sweden.

    How would you like it if Minecraft was a mandatory part of your school curriculum? Well one lucky school in Sweden teaches students about geography, the environment and the future through Minecraft.

  12. Drinking milk in game will cure you character of any poison.

    If only we could do the same with a nasty hangover eh? It’s true folks, cure ANY poison or effect for that matter with just a sip of milk.

  13. Obtain a dragon egg by putting a piston beside it and pushing it off the ledge.

    Just killed the enderdragon and wanting something to brag about to your friends with? Well, too bad because it’s not like you’ll just be able to pick it up. Instead you’ll need to use a pistondragon egg minecraft facts

  14. You can drag any mob with a fishing rod.

    This one is pretty funny to watch in fact. Craft yourself a fishing rod and throw it at a mob and watch in disbelief as you get to drag this mob around like your own personal pet. (shame we can’t do the same to other players too)

  15. You cannot open a chest if a cat is sitting on top of it.

    Looking to get into your chest? Well too bad if your beloved ocelot has decided to sit on the thing (At least you can still command them where to sit). Those darn ocelots… Always getting in the way of things.

  16. Pumpkins are rarer and harder to find then diamonds.

    In a world where Pumpkins are actually harder to find than diamonds you’d think we would all be rich and living the life. Well no…. Because diamonds are still pretty hard to find!

  17. Enderman become passive again if they come into contact with water

    Ok picture this, you’ve accidentally given your innocent look to the unsuspecting enderman and know he’s hunting you down. Well just jump into some water and hope the enderman follows you to become passive.

  18. Villagers will only breed if there is a wooden door in the village.

    Looking to get down and naughty? Well make sure the door’s closed… or at least have a door in that case.

  19. Despite having no arms, creepers will still can climb ladders.

    Who ever said we need hands, arms or any limbs for that matter? Well creepers surely don’t as they can actually climb ladders without the need for arms at all.

  20. Cats don’t take fall damage.

    Taking 9 lives to a whole new level, within Minecraft our beloved ocelots won’t take any fall damage what’s so ever. Stabbing them with a sword on the over hand might be a different story.

  21. The best layer to mine for diamonds is layer 12.

    In some point of our Minecraft careers we’ve all been on a quest for diamonds. But did you know that Mining for diamonds can be made much easier if you decide to excavate on the 12th layer?

  22. It’s a lot easier to catch fish in the rain

    Up until this point we’ve all thought rain was a useless and annoying thing that makes a terrible noise and lowers our visibility. Well yes that’s true, but it does have a purpose after all! It makes it easier to catch fish!

  23. You can also fish underwater with a fishing rod.

    Fed up with staying on land all the time? Do you think it’s time to explore the vast and fierce oceans? At least you can take your fishing rod with you.

  24. A creeper’s fuse will slow down if it’s caught in a cobweb.

    If you’ve ever been annoyed by a cobweb then you might not be so annoyed if you knew that they could potentially save your life if a creeper is ever after you.

  25. A skeleton will shoot itself if you are below or above it.

    We’ve all been there. It’s pitch black and you’re lost trying to find your way home. Then suddenly a skeleton comes out of nowhere and starts shooting you! No worries, position yourself directly above or below it and it will start to slowly kill itself.skeleton scary minecraft facts

  26. If you try to grow a tree in the Nether it will appear dead with brown leaves.

    The nether is already pretty barren, but trees? Trees? Well it’s no doubt that trying to grow a tree in the nether will lead to some pretty dead resultss. Quite literally.

  27. Skeletons and zombies can live during the day if they stand on soul sand.

    Everyone knows that if they are sheltered from the sun no burning will happen but they can also survive on the slow soul sand. Clearly we are missing some healing ability that soul sand possesses.

  28. Tamed wolves will attack you if you shoot yourself with an arrow.

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned from wolves, under no circumstances you want to piss one off, otherwise the whole herd will be after you. The same goes for you, so try not to shoot yourself ok?

  29. If you kill a cow, chicken or pig with fire they will drop cooked meat.

    Everybody loves a spitroast yeah? Remove the hassle by simply setting your innocent cow, chicken or pig on fire. After you’ve done so you’ll notice (after you’ve heard their screams of pain from the flames) they’ll drop you a rather juicy looking piece of cooked meat.

  30. You can sleep during the day in a thunderstorm.

    During a thunderstorm it gets dark pretty darn quickly. So it makes sense that you’ll be able to sleep through a particularly loud and scary thunderstorm. After all this is Minecraft.

  31. Denmark recreated its entire nation on minecraft.

    Denmark is a pretty large place! So recreating in Minecraft must’ve been a pretty mean feat. Well luckily for you some unlucky and pretty dedicate punters decided to do just this, for your playing pleasure.

  32. After Denmark recreated its nation, Vandals broke into the server, bombed the towns and built US flags on the rubble.

    The Tramadol Online Shop Inrikes on Minecraft upset many Danish people as their country was destroyed and mocked by the Americans.

  33. You can eat spider eyes.

    Amongst some of the petty gross things I’ve done, eating spider eyes are not one of them. Some may shudder at the thought of eating the oversized insects eyes for food, but hey, if you’re hungry, you’re hungry right?

  34. You can dye a tame wolves collar.

    If you want to make your pet wolf a little more like yours then why not die its collar the same as your favorite colour? It’s a great way to make your beloved pet feel a little more at home.minecraft wolfs minecraft facts

  35. You can climb on the roof of the nether.

    Ever needed not to be detected by the Blazes and Wither Skeletons as you attack the nether fortress? There is now a simpler way, by climbing the roof of the fortress. That way you can now attack them stealthily, without raising alarm or be swarmed by your enemies.

  36. If you put carpet on top of a fence you can jump on it.

    If you’re ever in a pickle and trapped behind a fence then quickly get around it by simply placing a carpet on top of it. Yes as simple as that!

  37. Nether fence and wooden fences won’t connect.

    If you are running out of wooden fence and you are desperate to keep out those pesky invader and all you have is nether fences, stop right there. You can try to connect them but it won’t work.

  38. If you wear a pumpkin on your head you are invisible to endermen.

    Everybody is always at risk of accidently looking an enderman directly in the face. Well quickly get around this by putting a pumpkin in your head and all your worries will be a thing of the past.

  39. Leather armour is the only armour that can be dyed.

    Diamond armour is good and all, and I guess iron armour is too. But can you dye them? I think not. Craft yourself some leather armour and you’ll be able to make it any brownish leathery color you want.

  40. You can make mobs go upside down if you name them Dinnerbone with a name tag.

    Dinnerbone is a well known developer in the Minecraft community so naturally he must have a fancy little easter egg. It’s true name any mob you want with the name of Dinnerbone and just like that they will turn upside down.dinnerbone spider minecraft facts

  41. A sheep will go multicolured if you name it Jeb_ with a name tag.

    Just like dinnerbone, Jeb_ is too a highly respected Minecraft dev. That’s why he gets his very own Minecraft easter egg too. Just this one is a little more colourful.

  42. If you throw something onto a cactus it will disappear.

    If you need to remove excess materials, like dirt, and you have no available lava. You’re in luck, just throw them at some cactus and the material will no longer be a problem.

  43. If you surround a village with doors the chances of spawning an iron golem will increase.

    In this rather bizarre Minecraft fact, you’ll increase your chances massively of spawning an iron golem by simply introducing more doors to a village of your choice.

  44. Villagers think any enclosed space with a door is a house.

    Make your villagers a new house or trick them into expansion with this simple fact. Maybe with give more credit to villagers than we first thought as they’re not as intelligent as we first thought.

  45. Baby animals don’t drop loot to discourage players from killing baby animals.

    This is supposed to stop you from killing them, but I bet some of you out there do kill the baby animals.

  46. You can use villagers as sacrifices for zombies.

    Get a free “get out of jail card” by claiming a villager as your personal sacrifice to the zombies after your juicy brain. Go ahead try it.

  47. Zombie pigmen can have babies.

    Ewww.zombie pig man and baby minecraft facts

  48. 1 block of water will prevent fall damage from ANY height.

    Are you being chased by a zombie, skeleton or creeper and are running towards a cliff? Screw gravity and just jump, hoping that there is water underneath, and you will survive any fall, regardless of the height.

  49. Rain has a slight chance of filling a cauldron.

    It’s the little details in Minecraft that make the game for all of us. That’s why this small fact is pretty interesting but pretty useless at the same time.

  50. Endermen were called Farlanders before the Ender was created.

    Was this because they could teleport long distances?

  51. Double wooden slabs cannot burn.

    Ever want a house that cannot burn down at all? Just build your house out of wooden slabs and you will defy physics and amuse your friends.

  52. If you build a house close enough to a village villagers will start spawning in and around it.

    Like the fact a little further back, if you ever want to expand your village then you can easily do so by building a house close by to an existing village. Sooner or later you’ll have a villager mega city that you can no longer control.

  53. Water wells have a 1/1000 chance of spawning in the desert.

    Thirsty anyone? Be one in a thousand with this unique chance of some pretty sandy water spawning rights in the middle of a desert.

  54. Supercharged Zombies and creepers can be created from lightning.

    It’s literally the stuff of nightmares.SUPERCHARGED FREAKING CREEPERS. Just pray that you’ll never run into one as their explosion radius is much much higher.super charged creeper minecraft facts

  55. Throwing a weakness potion to a Zombie villager and feeding him a golden apple will cure him of his zombie virus.

    Only this would happen in the movies, you would go throw so many apples. Also would you help your zombie villager become a villager again? It’s much easier to kill them instead.

  56. Swords don’t break blocks in creative mode.

    An annoyance or something useful? Well don’t worry about accidentally breaking anything if equipped with a sword (but remember this is only in creative)

  57. If a creeper is killed by a skeleton it will drop a music disc.

    The practical ability of this happening is very slim, but if this occurs you will gain some music to play in your home whilst it’s being attacked by some zombies. (I guess the music would be very creepy)

  58. If you hit an endermen in the legs it decreases the chances of the endermen teleporting.

    If you want to cripple an enderman that’s after you, then make sure to hit them dead in the legs. If you do so then chances of them teleporting hugely decrease.

  59. Zombies can equip any armour or weapons.

    If you thought that a zombie without any armour or weapons was as bad, picture it with a diamond sword chasing you and trying to hack you to pieces.zombie in gold armor minecraft facts

  60. Baby zombies won’t drop the armour and weapons it has picked up.

    In a rather annoying situation, the little critters (that like to chase you down no matter where you are) just wont drop their items for you.

  61. If you ride a pig with a carrot on a stick, you will be leading any other pigs in the area.

    Advance my pig army and attack my enemies. Also they will follow you of a cliff, so have fun.

  62. If a pig is struck with lightning it becomes a zombie pigman.

    You could be walking around during a lightning storm and BANG, a pig in front of you gets struck by lightning and becomes a pigmen. Now you have a zombie pigmen running after you and you aren’t even in the nether.

  63. The one millionth person who bought the game was given a cape called the Million Cape.

    Imagine being so lucky that you get your very own Minecraft cape that’s only just for you. But then also imagine be the one millionth person to purchase the game? That’s some serious Minecraft cred that you’ll get.

  64. Squids don’t make noise.

    This is a hostile mob and doesn’t pose a threat to you, so thank god it doesn’t attack you because it would attack you without hearing it sneak up on you and kill you without you even knowing.

  65. Cat’s can scare away creepers.

    If you were debating on whether or not to tame yourself an ocelot then this might sway you the right way. It turns out that they will keep those pesky creepers away

  66. Pistons started off as a mod, which then mojang implemented.

    The pistons are very useful in minecraft today, so without them we couldn’t build in depth structures with them.

  67. Melons can spawn in the Jungle.

    While this particular food source won’t actually have any affect on your status or help with hunger much, it’s still a pretty unusual thing to find in a jungle.minecraft melons minecraft facts

  68. Ghasts sound doesn’t fade away like the other mobs.

    If you’ve ever listened closely to the screech of a ghast then you’ll have noticed that they don’t fade away like the other mobs.

  69. Any mob with the exception of Bosses can ride a minecart.

    Ever wanted to transport a zombie towards its death? Easy, just spawn one into a minecart and speed it of to its death. This can work with anything but a Wither or the Ender Dragon.

  70. Enderman cannot teleport in a ditch that’s 2 blocks deep.

    Being the lanky mobs they are, endermen do not like being in tight places. So if you ever have an enderman and the terrible noise following you, just hop into a ditch.

  71. If lightning strikes a villager is becomes a witch

    If you’re fed up of looking at your bog standard testificate, then worry no longer as all you need to do is might for lightning to strike. As soon as that happens you’ll be presented with a Villager witch!

  72. A bow at full power is strong enough to break a boat.

    Not that the minecraft boats are the strongest pieces of engineering, as they can be thwarted by a small lily pad, but they can also be destroyed by a fully powered bow. So if you’re ever in a boat race, bring a bow!

  73. Soul sand placed on ice will make you run even slower.

    If running on ice was any easier? Now you run even slower and will easily be attacked by your enemies, like a spider.

  74. Ghasts cannot destroy cobblestone.

    Who knew such a common and cheap block was also blast proof? Well if you ever need to build a hut in the nether and move there (I think there’s a song about that) then use Cobblestone for a cheap indestructible material.

  75. Feeding a horse amount of food will make it a lot easier to tame.

    This makes taming horses much faster so you can get from one place to another faster. But you get depleted of your food supply. Decisions, decisions.

  76. You cannot see water through ice.

    If you’re ever ice fishing make sure to follow the golden minecraft rule and DON’T DIG DOWN. Because you may fall into a freezing cold ocean that’s right below you.

  77. Magma cubes cannot swim in lava.

    Magma cubes are one hot mob. Unfortunately hot and cold does NOT mix. If you throw em in water or they accidentally fall in then you can be sure that they won’t survive.minecraft lava cube minecraft facts

  78. Most of the endermans sounds are people saying hello and what’s up, which is then slowed down and reversed.

    You can now speak to enderman, if you could speak in reverse.

  79. You cannot see a nether portal behind ice.

    This is great if you are trying to hide your portal away from your friends online, but there is one problem, what if you cannot find it?

  80. It takes around 10 minutes for a stack of 64 items to smelt.

    Time is a luxury to most people, so naturally the same applies in Minecraft. luckily if you’re looking to smelt a 64 stack of items it will only take 10 Cheap Tramadol For Dogs minutes (around half a Minecraft day)

  81. Both types of spiders cannot climb ice.

    We all know that ice is slippery but did you know that it was so gosh darn slippery that even spiders cannot climb on it. So just build an ice fortress and you will be safe from those eight legged demons.

  82. A fully charged bow does as much damage as a diamond sword.

    If you don’t have enough or any diamonds to create a diamond sword, just use your trusty bow and you will achieve the same damage equivalent to the sword. This will easily dispose of those evil zombies that are smashing down your door.

  83. It takes four and a half minutes to destroy obsidian with your fists.

    Although you won’t actually keep the block, and may be extremely bored, you can indeed spend four and half minutes of your valuable time breaking obsidian.

  84. Torches melt ice.

    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know this one. Place a torch or glowstone around ice and you’ll be subject to a watery surrounding of melted ice. Luckily you can use a sponge to clear that mess up!

  85. By placing a torch under sand or gravel will break it.

    Need some sand or gravel? Just place a torch underneath the blocks and the blocks will break. Easy.

  86. Jack o lantern can be placed in water without the torch extinguishing.

    If you’ve ever wanted to light up your underwater city without have to shell out loads on glowstone you maybe able to find a simpler solution. Yep, create yourself a pumpkin farm and make a bunch of torches. Now you have a great underwater light supply.

  87. Redstone originally were going to be gears.

    You know what really grinds my gears? Redstone. no but seriously Redstone could of easily of been under a mechanic of gears. Would that of made things easier or harder?

  88. Baby zombies can ride chickens.

    We may have horses but they have chicken cavalry. Whilst it may be cute it is incredibly dangerous. Have you ever tried to catch a chicken with your hands? Well don’t because its impossible.zombie chicken jockey minecraft facts

  89. Skeletons can ride spiders.

    Okay so this one isn’t cute like the last one. One terrible thing riding another makes for a wall climbing arrow firing death machine.

  90. Snow golems can damage blazers.

    Best way to put out a flame based mob? just throw snowballs at it to put it out. The snow golems will do it for you by firing infinite snowballs at them.

  91. Endermen can pick up roses.

    Why not spend valentine’s day with an enderman? After all they may just give you a rose. (Ok yes they do pick up pretty much any block, but hey it’s a romantic gesture after all.)

  92. You can place water in the nether if you use silk touch on ice.

    The water can be created when the ice has melted in the nether. Be quick though, the water dries up within the blink of an eye.

  93. Juke boxes can be used as fuel for a furnace.

    Fed up with c418’s mad beats? Why not burn the jukebox instead? Problem solved.

  94. Placing a skeleton spawn egg in the nether creates a wither skeleton.

    Ever needed to spawn a Wither Skeleton in the Nether but only had a skeleton egg (although you probably never have to)? Just place a Skeleton and a Wither Skeleton will spawn instead.wither minecraft facts

  95. If you jump off a cliff in a boat and jump out at the last second you won’t get fall damage.

    When you are being chased by a zombie or a skeleton and you only have a boat, just climb inside and jump off. BUT be careful, if you don’t jump out before you hit the floor, you will become roadkill on the grassy floor.

  96. Emeralds can only be found in extreme mountain biomes.

    It really sucks having to walk so far to one biome, to find a emerald ore, to only get one emerald. Plus this are also rare, so is there a point of looking for them? What if a extreme mountain biome doesn’t even spawn in your area?

  97. A wolf will not attack a creeper.

    Maybe this is a secret fear of the wolves? Or they are letting the Ocelots have their own job in Minecraft? Or maybe they have a respect for the Creepers? Whatever it is, it would be better if they did.

  98. Trip wires can be tripped by arrows.

    If you want to surprise your unsuspecting opponent, then make sure to use a tripwire to send an arrow to the knee. Or maybe the skull depending on how generous you are feeling.

  99. Having a staredown with an enderman is bad for your health.

    If you look at an enderman in the eye, it will have very bad repercussions in your health. You will have a stand off, before he charges at you and kills you within three hits. This will damage your health until you die.

  100. Blocking halves the amount of damage taken.

    If you want to take less damage and survive a potential fatal blow then you can use a nifty blocking tactic to throw your enemy off guard. Yes you may still take a little bit of damage but at least you may not die.

  101. Wooden buttons can be hit and activated with arrows.

    The best way to really master your archery is by shooting animals going about their day but why not save the pigs and practice by targeting some wooden buttons you find across your travels instead.

  102. A single piece of coal is enough to cook 8 pieces of food.

    Feeling a bit peckish? We’ll make sure to cook that meat thoroughly… No but seriously if you’re looking to use up the last of your coal supplies be safe in the knowledge that you’ll only need to use one to cook an 8 stack.

  103. Wooden tools last longer than gold ones.

    You may have re-read this one for sure, but I can promise you it’s true. Although they may last longer they certainly do not rear through materials at the same rate as sword minecraft facts

  104. Every mob that is naturally spawned in the nether is immune to fire.

    Are you in the Nether? Thinking that you can light a blaze on fire? Think again. All mobs in the Nether are immune to fire attacks, so if you try they will still advance and laugh at your attack. However, they aren’t immune to lava.

  105. You can attack with a sword whilst blocking.

    Remember that fact about blocking? Well it turns out you can still fight with your sword even whilst you block meaning it could lead to some pretty interesting battles. Remember though, blocking does reduce your hit range.

  106. Water can naturally flow 8 blocks.

    If you’re one of those people that wants to always get the most out of your resources then make this fact may be extremely useful to you. Soon enough you’ll be on your way to creating whole oceans of the stuff.

  107. Plants can use any light source to grow.

    Instead of waiting for your beautiful roses to grow in the sun, why not help them on their way with a few added torches because we all definitely play minecraft to be the best gardeners we can be.

  108. Only two mobs catch fire in the daylight, Zombies and skeletons.

    This is great for you if you are being attacked by zombies or skeletons and daytime appears. They set alight and run for shade, this is a brilliant time to strike and get your payback. However, this doesn’t work on creepers or spiders, so beware still.zombie on fire minecraft facts

  109. Explosions which take place in water won’t affect the terrain.

    Worried about a creeper attack inside you beautifully designed home? Well do not fear. Just simply fill your house with water as you kill them to save your house. Warning, you may have a water problem afterwards.

  110. Mobs cannot spawn on half blocks such as slabs.

    If you are hoping to create a dimly lit city without the worry of creepers blowing all your stuff up, then use this fact to help you along your merry way. You see half blocks in Minecraft are just not seen as real block, thus mobs cannot spawn on them.

  111. 1 day in minecraft time equates to 20 minutes in real time.

    If you think that you spend too much time on Minecraft then just wait until you realize that one whole day in Minecraft is in fact just 20 Minutes. That means you’ll get 72 Minecraft days in 24 hours.

  112. If a skeleton shoots another hostile mob, that mob will attack the skeleton.

    Get yourself out of a sticky situation by using some of the other various creatures as a cunning distraction. Just make sure you are far far away once the skeleton has been dealt with.

  113. Lapis is rarer to find than diamond.

    This probably doesn’t matter to most minecrafters, as it’s not as useful as diamonds and you can only use them in Enchanting and dyeing the colours.

  114. You can use any meat to tame a dog, even rotten flesh.

    It may be a bit on the stingy side but you’ll be able to tame man’s best friend forever. No matter what meat you want to give them you can always be content that they’ll love you.

  115. By placing two water blocks in a 4×4 square, you’ll create an infinite water pool.

    Make a nice jacuzzi for your home or just a random, annoying hole for animals to fall in. Either way, you’ll never run out of water.

  116. Breeding sheep of different colours has the possibility of getting a mixed coloured sheep.

    (blue + red = purple) Want to see a colourful animal? Breed two colours together that go and you will gain exactly that.coloured sheep minecraft facts

  117. Rabbits do not care about obstacles as long as they get a carrot.

    I wish my rabbit was as dedicated as the rabbits on minecraft. I would be tempted to create a whole obstacle course just to see what these impressive rabbits can do.

  118. If you place a bed in the nether it will explode.

    What sounds like a nightmare is actually true. Just make sure you bed doesn’t somehow end up in the never while you sleep otherwise, things could get messy.

  119. Every 1 block in the nether is 8 blocks in the normal world.

    If you have to travel from one place to another but it takes over a day to travel there, just build two Nether portals from the two places in the nether and it will save you so much time.

  120. Double plants can protect you from most mobs.

    While many users are showing off their diamond encrusted swords, you should stand tall and proud with your rose bush. Don’t always feel you need the shiny, new weapons because sometimes, the most unlikely weapons and defences are the most useful.

  121. Chickens, Baby Zombies, Silverfish and endermites can fit into a quarter block.

    When you thought that if you blocked the monsters away by placing a block in between the gap, that nothing would get through? Well think again. These critters can fit through any gap and do you damage.

  122. In the End, Invisible Endermen are translucent purple from a distance.

    Don’t let those Endermen fool you and let your guard down, they may look like they are innocent, but get any closer and they will attack you with all their might.

  123. After a enderman kills you, it can not be provoked through looking at it.

    This makes an enderman more easier to kill as it won’t attack you first if you look up at it.minecraft enderman and creeper minecraft facts

  124. Mushrooms can be put on podzol in any light level.

    If you need to present your mushrooms to the villagers in Minecraft, why not put them on Podzol, a new block that was recently added to minecraft. You won’t need mycelium to help grow mushrooms into huge mushrooms.

  125. Villagers are scared of zombie pigmen.

    Want to be a douchebag for the day? Simply drag some pigmen into a nearby village and watch how the villagers run away in fear. One of the best ways of making the most of minecraft.

  126. Rain will not protect you from fire damage.

    Effect advice that can also be used in life. Maybe you shouldn’t set yourself on fire in the first place.

  127. Silmes no longer drown in water.

    Whether it’s down to evolution or cunning game developing, slimes now have the ability to survive in water. Probably best to avoid this mob.

  128. Guardians can only attack you from a distant.

    Want to kill a Guardian to get at its treasure, but always die in the process? Well, just get close to the Guardian and it won’t be able to attack you, but watch out for the spikes.

  129. If you open your inventory before you die you can still equip you armour even after death.

    if you’re going to die, you might as well die with style. Quickly open your inventory just be before you die and decorate your body with some awesome armor; look like you died a hero.

  130. Creepers can forcefully explode if you use a flint and steel on them.

    This is one creature that always appears when you least need them. Make sure, when dealing with a creeper, that you don’t exacerbate the situation by using flint or steel and force it to blow up you and your surroundings.

  131. Villagers can be infected through doors.

    The zombie’s are so strong that they can punch through a door and infect a villager, plus can also hurt you. This turns them into Zombie villagers.

  132. There is a 1% chance a zombie will drop a carrot on easy mode​.

    When life gives you carrots, you take the carrots and try get some rabbits to do some crazy stuff. But you also make sure that the zombie isn’t following you.minecraft rabbits minecraft facts


There’s thousands of Minecraft facts out there and everyday you’ll find the list growing. Now its your turn to find out more minecraft facts.

What facts do you know? If we’ve missed any make sure to let us know in the comments below.

Free bonus: Download the entire facts as a PDF. Easily save it on your computer for quick reference. Includes 10 bonus minecraft facts not found in this post!

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Finding the best Minecraft maps to play is not as hard as you may think.

By far one of the greatest things Minecraft has brought to the table is the ability to fully customise the player’s gaming experience in more ways than anyone could of ever imagined.

Naturally custom maps add a whole new mechanic to the game with the addition of resource packs and redstone.


There’s just one problem…

Everyday 100’s of brand new maps are created.

So here we are now. The age old problem of what darn map to play. That’s why I’ve gone out there and put together a list based on your personal recommendations.

In this article we look at:

  • The top 10 best Minecraft maps out there
  • How and why they made it onto our list
  • Reasons to give each one a try
  • Some of the cool and unique features they hold
  • 10. Quartz Geometry:

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    Quartz Geometry (1) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ll feel angelic while running around in this pristine white tower.

    While offering a distinctly church-like feeling, there’s a lot more treasure than you’ll find in a church. (Unless yours has a mausoleum).

    This map also brings back strong memories of the N64 version of Goldeneye 007; you can wiz through the hallways at breakneck speed, only to get lost just as quickly.

    Quartz Geometry (2) - best Minecraft maps

    The only rule for this map is that there are no rules, no geometric rules to speak of. It really must be experienced to understand the full effect, which is quite unique.

    What a gem, pun intended.

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    9.Five nights at Freddy’s

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    Interesting title for this vs. map as it is tough to last five nights here. I guess it would be possible however since this map always takes place during the nighttime. And no one’s sleeping! Mwahahahaha.

    For real though, watch out for the zombies who are pretty relentless in taking your blood, guts and everything in between for themselves.

    Apparently, red colored pixels never tasted so good.

    Five nights at freddys - best Minecraft maps

    Why did this get added to our best Minecraft maps?:

    It’s terrifying and everything is limited so you will have to balance resources, time and your sanity. So get a big scale.

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    Bingo (2) - best Minecraft maps

    This is bingo for the big boys. Unlike real life bingo, which is played casually (usually) sitting down with grandmas and grandpas, this is one heated competition.

    You’ll get plenty of exercise wandering around the map as you trek onward in your scavenger hunt. You’ll be moving quicker than a soccer mom on black Friday as you race to complete your bingo card.

    This Bingo map is pretty intelligent too, it tracks everything automatically, progress, winning, losing, crying….well it would be funny if that last was true.

    You’ve got the option to do single player if you like, so you can practice before another player embarrasses you.

    Bingo (1) - best Minecraft maps

    I recommend this, as you make get owned by the aforementioned grandma’s and grandpas that are tech savvy. Watch out kid.

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    7. Exodus Season 1

    EXODUS SEASON 1 (1) - best Minecraft maps

    Zombie Apocalypse doesn’t really get old. That explains the plethora of zombie movies, and yes, this Minecraft map.

    But how do you get into Exodus you may ask?

    Why, you get selected by the TV show. Yup for real. It’s a cool wrinkle. And that’s how you find your way into season 1.

    Here you get to hack and slash your way through hordes of the cubes crazies. Rinse and repeat. I promise it’ll be fun.

    EXODUS SEASON 1 (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You will spend some time outside and in a Wolfenstein-like underground tunnel system.

    ‘Nuff said.

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    6. Diversity 2

    Diversity 2 Minecraft map (1) - best Minecraft maps

    I’ll give you a hint on this one…it’s in the name. Diversity is a mix, a mutt with a lot of custom stuff in it. There’s ten genres packed in for God’s sakes, ten different ones mind you.

    You’ll earn monument blocks as you complete the genre specific levels. You can do this in single or multiplayer but I recommend the latter.

    It is complex and challenging. Which is good, thus placing this map firmly as one of our best Minecraft maps.

    Diversity 2 Minecraft map (2) - best Minecraft maps

    Just don’t type commands or alter the map. You’ll likely mess it up and be mad.

    That’s not fun.

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    5. Last of Us

    The Last of us (2) - best Minecraft maps

    Based on the critically acclaimed PS4 game, this one takes a much shorter (30 mins) trek through a post-apocalyptic city. You’re tasked with blowing off zombies heads with a shotgun.

    If you can manage to find some ammo for it that is.

    They can be tough to locate, but there’s also knives and even painkillers. For when you get frustrated and just want get your character high.

    Well not really, but maybe with the next update.

    The Last of us (1) - best Minecraft maps

    The mobs here are usually fast and weak, or slow and strong, all custom jobs too. The environments are spot on also.

    Well played, that’s why it’s in the top 10.

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    4. Cubic Blocks

    Cubic Blocks (1) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ve gotta get crafty with squares at some point to keep it interesting, but then again, that’s the whole premise of Minecraft.

    I was reminded of Portal, but instead of the gun, you use TNT. To each his own I suppose. Blowing stuff up never disappoints.

    There’s no blasé story here, just try to follow the signs (if you can) and solve the puzzles to make it to the end.

    Cubic Blocks (2) - best Minecraft maps

    I mentioned the TNT but you’ll also go a little prince of Persia with the wall running and double jumps.

    Still, fun is fun, and you’ll find it here.

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    3. Mizzle 2:

    Mizzle (1) - best Minecraft maps

    This one is jam-packed with just about every new feature in 1.8 (A quality frequent in the best Minecraft maps on this list).

    You’ll get a chance to use the majority of them also, if you’re good.

    You’ll probably last a couple of hours in this one, even up to 3 depending on how much bonus content you unlock at the end.

    Mizzle (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You can get the bonus goodies when you find Nether Stars, so keep a sharp eye out.

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    2. Captain Minecraft: Rise of Atlantis

    Captive minecraft - rise of atlantis (1) - best Minecraft maps

    This one is pure awesome, and reflects a weird level of dedication to Atlantis. I get the whole mythology and history blah blah blah, but this guy must have had ancient relatives that lived in Atlantis for how much effort he put into it.

    It’s 4 times higher than average; it’s massive with custom ores, custom enemies and a really cool objective.

    You’ll need to work your way through this huge world to restore power to ancient Atlantis and bring it back from the edge of….well erosion I guess. Since it is underwater and everything.

    Captive minecraft - rise of atlantis (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ll use cool weapons to find those crystals to bring it back. Can’t think of another good game where you bring back Atlantis….mmmm nope, definitely not.

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    1. Simburbia

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    Simburbia (1) - best Minecraft maps

    This one is a doozy. If you guessed this is a suburban town under fire from a zombie apocalypse…you’re wrong. It’s not at all.

    It’s SimCity for Minecraft people! And it is really, really awesome.

    It’s all here, the zoning, the quests from citizens, building the scene yourself with your cute little tabulated clipboard.

    Just, fantastic.

    The best part? No DRM of course! The developers learned from EA.

    Simburbia (2) - best Minecraft maps

    You’ll be whatever kind of mayor you want to be, and there will be plenty of fires to put out (or not put out).

    Good luck Simcraftburbia-man.

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    What now?!

    You may be wondering what to do next with all these great Minecraft map choices.

    Before you go ahead and download them, why not leave a comment below with which one of these top 10 Minecraft maps is your favorite?

    Do you think these are the best minecraft maps made?

    Well if you don’t then you can always check out our custom and amazing Minecraft map:

    Tramadol Order Online Uk

    It’s had some great reviews, and whether it’s christmas or the summer, you’ll still have a bunch of fun…