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This is Indie Dev Diaries, a bi weekly segment dedicated to telling the stories of Indie Devs

Been keeping up with this series? We like to give up and coming / established indie devs a chance to talk about a day in their life as game developer.

This week we have indie studio, The Dangerous Kitchen, who’ve decided to focusing in on some the hardship and struggles that come with being a developer.

Let us know your feedback after a read of their entry.

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I’ve nearly lost all the sanity I’ve worked so hard to keep a hold of.

Developing a game has chipped away at me, broken me down to but a withered core.

What’s left is nothing; a paltry shade of my former existence. There is so much work to do, nevertheless I am here, writing about the horrors of the day. 

We travelled to the Premier Inn lobby we dwell in to work on our game “De Mambo” as usual. How we have managed not only to make a game in these premises, but also to continue unnoticed is remarkable.

Duties of an Indie Dev 

My main duties entail any and all writing pertaining to the game, however as we are small team, everyone has more than one duty they are enlisted for. Doing concept art, sound effects and game design also form some of my duties. 

I spend the morning writing much of the copy for our upcoming Kickstarter; I rearrange letters and construct words to convey a humoured sense of dread into the reader.

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This is my only way of venting all the pain and suffering I feel inside—but I digress.

This happens to be the best part about being what one would consider ‘indie’: there is no linearity to what you write. If one wants to deviate from the norm then one is free to do so.


There is a vast amount of writing that needs to be completed; I see now why preparing for a Kickstarter is considered tough.

To alleviate some stress, I took a break from writing and chose to construct a few sound effects for De Mambo.

My trusty iPhone with the app Animoog is used and then recorded into Audacity on my MacBook. The shuddersome despair I’m filled with is truly let out in my sound creation.

I contemplate my own meaningless existence into pure involuntary sound waves.

The team seemed to enjoy the horrific sound I birthed; they commented on how pleased they were with its tumultuous ring and decided to place it within the game. 

Wonders of working within a premier inn

We all eat at different times, to confuse the overseers of the establishment we squat in.

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If we consumed our homemade provisions at the same time, the violent chewing would surely alert them to our so-called wrongdoings.

As I was eating, I watched Lucy continue to work on a list of Youtube Let’s Play and Twitch streamers.

She places their names and emails into a spreadsheet to prepare to send them our demo. As much as the wretchedness of the world has hacked away at us, in not one of us is this more discernable than with Lucy.

Her place in the Kitchen is burdened with all organisational duties, as if she doesn’t, surely no one will, (or that’s what we tell her).

We recently found Keir (a brightly lit soul with immense programming chops), who is helping us do the boring stuff, says Amit.

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We desperately needed someone to help us fill out the gaps in our programming knowledge, so Keir has been a godsend; his enthusiasm and youth somewhat alleviates the cynical ruminations our tainted minds go through. 

Whatever immemorial forces that drew us together seem to be pleased with our progress today, as they have granted us smooth sailing on our venture.

Amit started out like the rest of us, an artist—but through much divine trickery, he was sent to the code dungeon to live out the rest of his life.

De Mambo was made as a result of him learning how to code, a valiant effort that has resulted in us moving forward so expeditiously.

To combat his shoddy yet somehow functional programming, Keir has taken it upon himself to spruce up the backend of De Mambo, so when we send out the demo, it will be far easier for people to actually play the game.

De Mambo didn’t have controller support, so we ran SNES controllers with USB adaptors through JoyToKey to actually play the game with four players.

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Keir’s first task was to implement the controller support, which he succeeded in doing. Today’s task, was far more challenging and required all of us to get it working.

Amit and Keir worked on moving the character physics from the Update() to the FixedUpdate() function meaning:

The character movement no longer varies on the machine on which it is being played, allowing player consistency.

Amit began by placing upon his brow the mighty code lenses to help reinvigorate his flailing eyesight and instil a strong sense of nerdality into his haggard body. He tackled the code with reckless abandon attempting to forget the suffering his family lash him with daily. 

In doing this task, Lucy and I were required to test the physics after every small change to get this new build to resemble the old one.

We had a lot of fun!

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One change in particular changed the speed and movement so De Mambo played incredibly fast and with a lot of air control.

It almost felt like a souped-up version of the original prototype, which brought back many memories.

We may even decide to include this version as a mode in the final game. 

Although today was a normal day of toiling away, the unutterable horrors of tomorrow and the looming dread that are our deadlines always seep their way into the back of our minds.

We accomplished a decent amount of work today, but there is much more to do, as always.

Checkout our Order Tramadol From Mexico to help us reach our goals or see ways of supporting us!

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Enjoy Indie Dev Diaries?

Make sure to check out some of our other Order Tramadol Online Floridafrom some pretty talented indie devs.
If you like this series then let us know with a comment below or a quick tweet!
We certainly enjoy hearing these devs stories and hope to continue this series on a bi-weekly basis.
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Been following this series?

Well then:

By now you’ll know that every other week we a get an Indie developer to write a diary entry on their life as an Independent developer.

This week we have London based Studio, Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex who have create a pretty unique game called “Curry Goat revenge”


Order Tramadol From China

Welcome to Playback!

Hopefully this diary will give you an insight into the journey we embarked on whilst making our game ‘Curry Goat Revenge’

The idea came from a funny youtube video that went viral a while ago.

The clip captured a wild goat in a remote village running around bucking loads of different people. Best of all? There was an angry Jamaican man voicing the goat whilst he hunted down those who were responsible for “cooking up his bredrin Billy” in a curry.

So at about 2am whilst doing an ‘all-nighter’ on a maths puzzle game that we were supposed to launch last year, the idea for our next game was born… Purchasing Tramadol!

Development begins

Around January 2015 we started to take the idea of Curry Goat Revenge a little more seriously and we began to flesh out the game.

Burak (Obama), one of our developers, had an old prototype of a game he made in Unity called Dodge’em Crates.

It was a rudimentary affair during which crates would fly at you from a distance and you would have to move out of the way to avoid being hit.

Curry Goat grew around this platform.

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Over the next month, Curry Goat Revenge would become an endless runner set in the Caribbean. The player (the goat) would have to chase the butchers truck through various different areas. This truck swerves all over the road dropping crates of Curry Powder and Goat Meat, all of which the Goat has to dodge to avoid being killed.

Curry Goat was built in Unity 4.3 with the aim of being available on iOS and Android platforms.

Unity licenses all paid for, we mapped out the game and began coding…

Changing to Dynamic Ragdoll Characters

Curry Goat Revenge is an affectionate look at the caribbean culture and we wanted a lot of humour in the game.

The more the team spoke about it, the more concepts we had for characters to include. We threw around some ideas for character names and decided that the game should feature a few (which quickly grew to 40 or so) in-game characters.

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These characters (much like the original  Youtube video) would need to be “Bucked Down” by the goat in revenge, plus it gave us an opportunity to add some more funny voiceovers.

The characters we built using MagicaVoxel.

This software is really easy to use and within a day or two we were creating some really cool looking models. Our 3D animator built a few examples for us with several “falling” animations that activated when the goat bucks them.

Somewhere around April we ditched animations and and decided to go with dynamic rag doll movements for each character.

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Suddenly there was a real feel to hitting the people in the game.

To Update or To Not Update?

Then Unity 5 comes out.

So the guys update and start working with some of the new features.


Loads of the packs and features that we have worked with on Unity 4.3 were not yet available for Unity 5. The iOS version seemed to work fine,but on Android we just could not implement Unity 5.

So we were faced with the exhausting task of rebuilding the Android version.

Word of warning! Don’t bother to update mid-project, its not worth the risk. Loads and loads of late nights were spent going over old code.

Check the app size!

We thought we were so close to the finish line and we were waiting patiently for the app to arrive on iOS store.

When it finally arrived in June, we realised that we hadn’t even considered the size of the app.

Ours was over 100mb and was only available to download via wifi!

Online Tramadol Australia

This was a huge problem… social media was aiming to be one of our biggest marketing pushes.

We needed our users to be able to jump from their Instagram or Twitter apps, over to the App Store and download Curry Goat Revenge from anywhere.

We envision potential customers being on trains, buses, school playgrounds etc when they first encounter an advert for our game, and we wanted them to be able to download it whilst the thought was fresh.

Needing to be on Wifi put a stop to all that.

So… we searched again for ways to condense the files within the game and tried to hit that lower size. We managed to get the file down to 80mb.

Launch Day

We had so many dates that we wanted to launch on. We even had the idea for a Curry Goat BBQ outside our office to celebrate.

This got pushed back once, twice and a few more times after that until we eventually cancelled.

Instead, we decided to silently launch the game on the app store, and waited for the android to catch up whilst one of the developers was still working on the Unity 5 problems.

When everything was in order, then we would push to market.

Big Indie Pitch

We were shortlisted to the final 20 for the big indie pitch in Brighton.IMG_3237

The night went really well.

It was a great networking opportunity and it was good to hear some honest feedback from other developers. We never made it to the top 3.


Pocket gamer did feature our gameplay on their Vine and we have since had our Curry Goat promotional Video posted on their site. So all in all, we thought it was a good eye opener.

Off to market

We decided to use social media quite heavily to promote our game. The goat in the game is voiced by Jamaican comedianTramadol Buy Uk who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and a huge presence on Twitter and Youtube.

Yardie would post for us and call in favours from his network of friends in the industry.Curry goat Double up social

The idea was to have a blitz on social media and spark some interest in the game.

Early August the app was in both stores, was under 100mb and the timing seemed right. So the media blitz began.

We created loads of 640 x 640 Instagram sized images for people to post, we also had in-game footage and stylised videos that people could post.

Specifically, we wanted users to post the end game screen and be chasing top score status on our leaderboards. We wanted people to discuss and share this throughout social media.

Tweeting, retweeting, reposting, hashtags, youtube links… etc, etc

We just put our phones on charge and made sure we commented and posted and added people across all platforms.Curry goat Double up team office

We found the website Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex to be really useful. Type in your hashtag (for instance we promoted the hashtag currygoatrevenge) and it brings up all mentions in one place.

This site was a great time saver for us and allowed us to see all the action at once

The biggest banner possible

Luckily for us, our office building overlooks a busy commuter train line into the city of London and we a printed a massive banner to hang on the side of it.

We thought it looked great until some nearby residents complained, mentioning something about it being an eyesore.

But it was worth a try, I think they downloaded it anyway. Wonder if they bought any coin packs?

Uk Tramadol Online

3 weeks in…

This has helped a lot with our first week downloads. The response has been great so far and 3 weeks in, we have had 30,000 downloads.

Enjoyed reading this Indie dev Diary?

Then why not check out the rest in Tramadol Online Price

Be sure to check out the game and let the developers know your thoughts.

If you are an indie dev and interested in writing your very own  entry then send us an email:[email protected]

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This article is part of our ongoing series of Indie Dev Diaries

If you’ve been following the previous Diary entries from Buying Tramadol From Mexico and Tramadol Online Cod 180 then you’ll know that every other week we invite an Indie Dev to give an extract of a day in their life.

This week we have Kristian Andrews & Sam Chester, developers from Studio Owlbear,  giving us a behind-the-scene look into his life as a game developer.

Below is an unedited extract as written by Kristian:


Tramadol Buy Cod

It’s 7:30am.

I’m standing in the kitchen, in my pants, food processor in hand.

A dark purple sludge spins in front of me as I ponder why I spent the last year of my life on a bad pun …’BARBARA-IAN’?

It’s too late I remind myself, Barbara-ian was unleashed on the world on 16th July 2015 and now the pressure’s on to make her bigger and badder with every Steam Early Access update!

I down my smoothie.

Buying Tramadol In Canada

At 8:30 am, fuelled up with breakfast, I start my commute towards the Studio in
London, Soho.

The Owl and the Bear are based in separate cities (Bristol and London), therefore Barbara-ian’s development has taken place almost entirely remotely.

Like many other indie developers, both Sam and I, enjoy a superhero existence holding down sensible jobs during the day and developing our first title Barbara-ian by night.

There is no typical day for Studio Owlbear.

Jual Tramadol Online


By 9:30 I arrive at the studio. I fire up my machine so I can log into Slack to check the latest news from Sam and make a coffee. He tends to be a nightowl, making huge strides and solving big problems in inspired coding binges through the night only informing me in the morning.

Sam and I struck up a working relationship way back in those heady, hopeful days of June 2014 after I played one of Tramadol Order Overnight and decided to woo him into making a game together with this Comedy Central sting:

Fast forward 8 months of solid development:

We started the Buying Tramadol In Australia one cold, lonely Valentine’s Evening in 2015.

As we completed our Steam Greenlight application for Barbara-ian, there was a big gap in the field marked ’Developer’.

We were in a rush to make the Greenlight page live so we got out our D&D Monster Manual and whittled down all the rad Monsters that we’d earmarked for inclusion in the game, the conversation went something like:

‘Mind Flayer?’, ‘Nope.’ ‘Beholder?’ ‘Been done’, ‘Rust monster?’ ‘Nope,’ ‘Owlbear?’ ‘Nah’, ‘Mimic?’ ‘No’, ‘Rakshasa?’ ‘Huh?!,’‘… ugh, well what then?’ ‘I hated Owlbear the least’ ‘…cool!’.

…I come back to my machine, coffee in hand now, to see that indeed there is no activity from Sam because, as well as being an exceptionally gifted programmer, he is lazy.

Although Sam seems happy to leave work on our next update hanging, I’m not.

I have to take advantage of this quiet morning at the studio by making some headway.

Although it’s not been discussed properly, I really want to go as BIG and AMBITIOUS as possible with the update. So I  browse our huge list of ‘in an ideal world’ features we’d love to add…


Tramadol Online For Dogs
Will it be Ian the Barbara-ian?
Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery
Or perhaps the mind flayer?
Buying Tramadol Uk
Should it be the Owlbear?

Tramadol Overnight Delivery MastercardI decide WE NEED DRAGONS!

But I know Sam will l take some convincing, I can already hear him complaining about “behaviours …flame collision …path-finding…AGH” but I start rigging them anyway.

Hell it worked for Skyrim!

I start up Softimage XSI (I know it’s outdated, but I started using it before Autodesk ditched it, so I intend to finish Barbara-ian before moving over to Maya).

Order Tramadol Cod Only

I manage to envelope the Dragon successfully enough to do a quick capture and post the results as a GIF on twitter to canvas support for ‘The HOT Update’ and to bully Sam into accepting them as our next update.

Our followers jump straight on the bandwagon, they love the Dragon and join me in encouraging Sam to help make them a reality.

Finally Sam enthusiastically agrees!

Order Tramadol Online In Ohio

As we’ve developed as a studio so has my role within Owlbear.

Generally speaking I do the modeling, animating and sound design. I export animated models as FBX files and upload everything to Dropbox, then I leave all the really clever stuff to Sam to do in Unity.

However, today, I can tell Sam is going to need more convincing about the HOT Update so I decided to start tinkering around with Unity.

What’s the worst that could happen!?

Tramadol Rx Purchase

After seeing my hopeless floundering in Unity, Sam relents and we agree to a Skype call later tonight to discuss Dragons!

So development on Barbara-ian continues, our guiding light through the fog of development is the simple agreement we made when we embarked on Early Access:


The game is complete if 2 or more of these is true:

  1. It’s 2016
  2. No-one’s playing
  3. We fail to deliver bi-weekly updates
  4. We stop having fun
  5. We complete The Task List

So far only one of these is true so I guess tomorrow is another atypical day for Barbara-ian and Owlbear…

Tramadol Online Overnight Usa

Check out Barbara-Ian on Cheap Tramadol Overnight

If you’d like to keep up to date with our development follow us, Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally and Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk on twitter.

Want more Dev Diaries?

If you’re enjoying this segment then make sure to let us with a comment below or with a tweet to the developers.

Thank you very much for reading, stay tuned for our next one with De mambo Sutdios.

If you are an indie dev and interested in writing your very own  entry then send us an email: [email protected]

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Tramadol To Buy Online Uk

The following article is part of an ongoing Indie segment called Order 180 Tramadol Overnight.

Every other week we approach a select group of game developers and people in the video games industry to write about a day in their life as a dev.

This segment follows both small and large individuals / studios to give you a behind the scenes view of how different game developers go about their day.

The below diary extract is an unedited excerpt written by Indie dev husband and wife duo Backward Pies:


We are Buying Tramadol Online Forum, a husband-and-wife indie game developer located near Philadelphia in the U.S.

We recently made a creative game about building enchanted trees called “Let There Be Life” which is available for mobile devices (iOS and Android), as well as being on Steam. Our current project is “Dukes and Dirigibles,” a top-down 2D Steampunk flying shooter that began its life as a Flash game, but is being totally revamped for a Steam release.

We are at a very interesting time in the development of Ordering Tramadol From Petmeds:

At the end of writing this, we’ll be presenting Dukes at the Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard. We are simultaneously putting together a Kickstarter to fund the remainder of the work needed to release Dukes.

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod

While these two goals have some overlap, there are some significant differences in what they require

A game demo ideally exhibits a “vertical slice” of the game – a compact but polished experience that gives players a feel for what the game is all about. The Kickstarter, on the other hand, needs a variety  of video/screenshots that demonstrate short snippets taken from the entirety of the game.

Aside from preparing the game itself for the show, the other major task is preparing our booth.

We recently got our company logo printed on a 2’x5’ banner and plan to hang that across the front of our table. We’ll also be bringing ‘swag’ to give away in order to entice people to try the game. Freebies are always a guessing game, and what draws attention at one event might not work so well at another.

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap

For this event, we have three tiers of items to hand out:

  • Free bead necklaces for anyone who wants to take one.
  • Little flying disks labeled “I Played Dukes and Dirigibles” for those who try the game.
  • 6” plane gliders given out to players who win a multiplayer round with their friends.

Hopefully we won’t get in trouble because people are chucking their disks and gliders around inside the convention center!

At the beginning of this month we had considered Dukes “almost ready” to be shown/played at a convention…

…that is, until we actually sat down and made an itemized list of everything the game needed added/updated by the end of the month.

The tasks filled about a page and a half of notebook paper, which made us pretty worried.


Tramadol Sales Cheap

We’ll let you in on a little secret:

We are NOT going to be able to implement all these ideas.

It’s painful, but that’s the reality. So our job really is to decide what can be dropped while still making the demo feel complete and entirely what we want to present.

What we care most about with the game are the mechanics that need to be tested by real people, things like power ups and player controls. Most of that is coming together, and we are working on getting the power ups in there right now.

So far the hardest part about the power ups hasn’t been what they do, it’s been integrating them with the player’s HUD, which shows which weapon is active what the ammo counts are.

Non stop craziness

More craziness going on right now is getting a free-to-play (Order Tramadol Australia) version of our previous game “Let There Be Life” onto the iOS App Store in time for the TooManyGames convention.

People tend to balk when you tell them your app has a price tag (I think they feel you’re asking them to commit to buying it after playing it for a bit), so this way they have the option of still getting the game without deciding on the spot if they want to pay for it.

At the time of this writing, the app is now live and anyone can check the game out for free!

Post-convention diary follow up.

Tramadol Buy Online

It’s now three days after the TooManyGames and we are settling back into our normal routine. Things went well at the show and we had a fairly steady stream of visitors across the whole weekend.

The multiplayer balancing in Dukes worked far better than we could have hoped (considering the game had never been put in front of the public before). It was always fun to watch that moment when players realize that, despite the game’s fast pace, strategy could be as important as aim.

More than once did players suggest that Dukes reminded them of a modern version of the Atari 2600 classic “Combat,” a comparison we’ll gladly take.

Concerning our freebies…

The flying disks were popular, and since they had the game’s name printed on them (marketing!), we decided to let any visitor have one whether they played the game or not.crowds

Giving gliders to winners of multiplayer matches turned out to not quite be practical, for a couple reasons:

  • First, many times a lone attendee would come up and play against one of us developers.
  • Second, there were times two kids would come up, and who has the heart to give only one kid a glider?

So we handed out gliders to anyone who played and wanted one, which was primarily the younger crowd.

All told, the convention was a fun (if tiring) weekend that gave us a chance to spend time with people who enjoyed our games, and meet some new friends amongst all the other indie developers showing their games.

Do you want more Indie Dev Diaries?

Indie Team: We hope you’ve enjoyed our bi-weekly entry from game developers Backward Pies!

Make sure to tweet them your thoughts via twitter:

Tramadol Ultram Online

If you are an indie dev and interested in writing your very own  entry then send us an email:[email protected]

Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Tramadol For Dogs Order Online Cheapest Tramadol Next Day Delivery

Tramadol Online Nc

Note from the editor:

Dear reader,

This is a brand new and exciting bi weekly segment we’re now running on the site called “Indie Dev Diaries” (as announced a while back inTramadol Cheapest Online)

Well the time has now come for us to launch the series which will hopefully bring a new and exciting perspective to the Indie Game scene! We’ll be featuring indie devs from all over the world including some of your very own indie idols.

The following entry is an unedited excerpt from the day in the life of start up Indie’s Teaboy games.

Its Monday morning and I’ve spent all weekend with my head buried in the sand.

The calm before the storm you might say.

I get to the office at 9am and pop the kettle on (of course) and set about writing a list. You see this week is important, we’ve set ourselves the deadline of submitting Tramadol Uk Buy for an iOS App Store review by the end of the week.

After toying with the idea of working with publishers, we’ve decided to self-release and learn from all the inevitable mistakes we’ll make along the way.

On with work, but not without a brew…

When Scott and Aidan arrive the first thing we do (after they get a brew too, of course) is crack open This an open source (and importantly free) web platform that helps you project manage. There are others available, notably Trello, but we just preferred the look and feel of Taiga.

Tramadol Pet Meds Online project manager

Scott has setup a ‘Sprint’ for the week, think of this as a big to-do list with a deadline of Friday.

This sprint is made up of tasks, essentially the stuff that needs to get done which is then subsequently assigned to the relevant person. So we get to brainstorming and workout everybody’s jobs for the week, which is somewhat daunting. Part of the challenge with any creative project is knowing when to stop.


If anything in the world of Free-To-Play games, which Fallen will be, the second and third updates are almost as important as the first, so we decide upon what features/improvements we want to hold off on until then.

Order Tramadol Paypal

Optimisation & Performance

Last week Scott began heavily optimising the game, partly because we were seeing some performance issues on older handsets but mostly because when we started Fallen we’d never used Construct 2 before.

In the months since, Scott and Aidan have immersed themselves in the world of Construct and inevitably learnt far more efficient ways of programming. Its a very laborious task to rebuild a game from (nearly) the ground up, but the benefits are huge.

For example:

Since our backgrounds are simply vertical gradients, rather than making an image the full screen size, Scott simply cut the image to full height but only one pixel wide, and then stretched that across the screen.

Tramadol Ohne Rezept Online

Optimisations like this help give us a smaller download size, meaning the time taken from seeing the game on the App Store to actually playing gets smaller.

If you lose internet connection in the middle of a big download, then before you’ve even played the game you’re having a bad experience, and we need to do everything we can to avoid that.

Making a multi compatible game

Another benefit of optimising is the reduced CPU usage, this weeks focus for Scott.

We want Fallen to run on as many devices as possible, so this means making sure it runs favourably on older devices and even older operating systems.

Every tick the game is checking a hoard of events, a huge list of ‘if’ statements. Something we’re doing now is putting some of these behind functions, so the game only checks them when the appropriate function is called, thus reducing the CPU usage.

Although, this is easier said than done as there are knock on effects for changing the base code of the game.

Tramadol Legal To Buy Online

PR Jobs for the week

My job this week is to work on the Can I Get Tramadol Online for Fallen, a job in itself thats made up of a various tasks;

  • Short (and long) Game Descriptions
  • Company History (our origin story if you will)
  • Game Trailer
  • Screenshots/Logos

Once I’ve got all these parts they’ll all end up on a press page on our website, made with the amazing Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping.

The beauty of DoPresskit is that it puts all the press info in one place, and the easier I make it for a journalist the more likely they’re to take interest in Fallen.

Having Tramadol Online Germany for Fallen a lot of my work has already been done. I’ll embellish the short description to become the long description, and also take the screenshots.

Next I’ll set about taking the portrait app store preview video and making a widescreen version for our youtube channel (which reviewers can subsequently put on their sites).

Getting our game out there!

Now having all this information is amazing…


I need to get it in the inboxes of the right people.

With Teaboy Games having Coupons For Tramadol Online (no, not one of those lightbulb things), we’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people during our development.

As relative novices in the games industry, having this safety net of peers has really helped our development. Their advice has helped us shape Fallen into the game it is today.

Tramadol Fedex Visa

However as Spider Man once said, with great contacts comes great responsibility (or at least I think it was something like that). Burn your bridges too soon with inundated tweets and they’ll be less likely to care the next time your name pops up in their feed or inbox.

My next big task is making a list of all the people whose inbox I want this press pack to land in, and of course personalising the approach to each person.

Would you like more IndieDevDiaries? Let us know!

Editor here again: We hope you enjoyed reading this new segment. We are aiming to make this a bi weekly thing, but only with your support!

If you’d like to see more of this then send us a tweet or write something in the comments section down below, heck why not even contact the dev themselves?

If you are an indie dev and interested in writing your very own  entry then send us an email: [email protected]