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The modern age of gaming is starting to bring more than entertainment into our lives. New forms of Game artwork are gracing our screens and blessing our lives with colour and imagination.

Of course, I’m referring to our golden age of Indie Games that aren’t £50 a game; the ones that don’t worry about following the common trend of their competitors today.

They don’t need to involve guns or wars into their main stories but can face real life issues as well as completely imaginary ones.

And they represent these unique kinds of games with the best of artwork

A common tendency in popular games is to create characters that resemble humans in the most lifelike way. For example: FIFA17 is using head tracking technology on actors so that games can look even more realistic.

But I say, why worry?

Gaming is the most perfect way of escapism so lets use this to our advantage.

There are developers out there who think like me: they extend their imagination to the outer edges of their minds. They truly test how far the human brain can go.

The drawings that they’d go onto create would bring our favourite characters to life, fill our bedroom walls, become our desktop wallpapers, and be our inspiration for new kind of art.

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When discovering more details about this game, it wasn’t the trailer that first impressed me, it was their website!

Displaying excellent examples of the creative characters as well as the popular colour scheme that is involved with the game, I immediately wanted to find out more.

You are faced with quirky characters that you would assume were part of a children’s cartoon but will be surprised to hear how the story unfolds:

“College dropout Mae Borowski returns home to the crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs seeking to resume her aimless former life and reconnect with the friends she left behind. But things aren’t the same.

Home seems different now and her friends have grown and changed. Leaves are falling and the wind is growing colder. Strange things are happening as the light fades…”

Even with an unusual looking set of characters, this game is facing real life problems for that of an adult!

While allowing players to relate to problems they may be experiencing at the moment, the game artwork also allows the seriousness of the game to be toned down.

People aren’t reminded of their problems but rather find a subtle way to approach the matter.

Having the main character as a cat in an animated world rather than a realistic human in recognisable surroundings allows the idea of escapism.

Night In The Woods is due a release soon but if you want to see an example of their work, you can download a separate mini game they have developed including the same characters.

Longest Night is a tester game built in a week as a starter project that lets you match up constellations as the gang sit around a camp fire.


It shows a brilliant insight into what to expect in the final piece: the fantastic characters, the entertaining sense of humour and the impressive animations.

It was the smaller things that really drew me to the game; the way the text would have their own tiny animations when being spoken just adds to the game artwork.

Especially with this mini game, despite not having a whole expansive story included (what do you expect? It’s a mini game!) it still had a whole load of cute things to discover.

When you hover over a star, each one makes a unique sound and when you discover a new constellation, you would receive a funny explanation along with it aswell.

Showing such unique designs in their games, I asked Scott Benson, co-creator of the game, on his thoughts on game artstyle and he gave a compelling argument:

“Photorealism, even if it’s somewhat stylized, is just considered a goal. No one asks why The Witcher has really nice grass and horses. But that kind of thing I think can, in aggregate over game after game after game, create an environment where games that don’t go for that are suspect in some fashion.

‘Why isn’t this game chasing that same thing? This isn’t why I bought this expensive hardware! What are you trying to pull?’

Once you get away from how something is ‘supposed’ to look is where things get interesting, and interesting is memorable. I want to know what an artist’s trees look like when they can’t make them look like photographs of trees.

That choice alone puts such a fingerprint down, and tells you so much about the artist and the game itself.”

There’s a lot I will be looking out for in the future from these guys.

Fortunately for some developers with great ideas, they have the backings of big companies.

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Run by Media Molecule, the great minds behind Little Big Planet, TearAway is one of the many fantastic examples of imagination being let free in game developing.

The game artwork presented in this game is so good, it has won a BAFTA for Artistic Achievement

And this wasn’t the only award it has received…

Playing as a paper folded courier, your mission is to journey across a paper world to deliver a message.

In order to do so, you, the player, can:

  • Create vast winds to move threatening obstructions
  • Shine the way when the path is dark
  • Draw on the TouchPad to create items in the game
  • Receive items from the game, through the TV and into your controller .


This game is the ultimate 4th wall breaker as you, not just your character, are the hero defeating the darkness. Without you and your dualshock controller, the paper world would perish due to the scraps taking over.

If that’s not good enough, you can unlock a variety of protagonists to print out and fold yourself; our collection at the DUG office is growing quickly!

The diverse imagination released into this game is one of the best examples of developers releasing their full creativity and imagination on a game that has evidently had alot of love and care put into it.

With a game as detailed and coloured as Tearaway: Unfolded, where would you start in creating it?

We asked Rex Crowle, Lead Creator of Tearaway: Unfolded for his thoughts:

He explained “a lot of inspiration comes from childhood.  That might be the things we liked to play with, or the TV shows we watched.

But, we’re not kids anymore, we’ve all grown up with influences from university, art-college or from travelling and living life. We’ve expanded the team with new friends from around the world that have brought their influences.

So while all the Mm games are built from materials we all played with at any early age, they’re filled with the ideas and influences we’ve absorbed ever since.


When it came to actually designing the characters, Rex praised having a small team on the job as everyone’s opinion could be heard; the most unusual of ideas could flower and be experimented on.

But don’t think that Media Molecule got the characters they dreamed of instantly, “characters may be created and recreated dozens of times until they fulfil that need to combine the right personality with the set of abilities and skills they need to have in the game.”

To hear more from Rex and how they successfully designed their games, you can read the whole interview between DoubleUpGaming and Media Molecule Order Tramadol C.O.D.


Not all of these games follow a colourful world with a variety of interesting characters to meet. There’s another game we need to consider:


This particular is available across PC, Console & Mobile’s and is one of the creepiest games I have ever played.

Whilst being a 2D Platformer, it is nothing like the typical retro games that are usually made for that format.

Playing as a young boy running through the depths of a dark forest, the world around you is displayed as silhouettes. You have to figure your way to the end before succumbing to gruesome deaths including being impaled by giant spiders and crushed by bear traps.

You could have guessed by now that this game isn’t for the faint hearted. I too struggled with some of these deaths; once I knew I was to be decapitated by giant, hidden spikes, I’d have to cower away from the screen.

The game artwork differs greatly from the others but that doesn’t make it any less imaginative.

This game has no colour and in fact, barely any light.

It isn’t necessarily the colourful artworks that designers use but the originality of what they have designed.

The drawings behind this game perfectly portray just how scared someone should be when in that situation.

I never thought that the subtle artwork, film grain and complete darkness would be able to create such an atmosphere that could get completely under my skin.

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This game takes a sharp turn from their more popular titles including Tom Clancy’s: The Division and For Honour. However, that doesn’t make the game any less amazing!

You are a cute robot, Bud, who has crashed his ship on an unknown planet and are trying to piece your ship back together. On the way, you gain new functions including jet packs and growing indigenous plants to help you cross this unknown world.

Parts of this game remind me of OctoDad thanks to the mis-balance of your character as well as some controls. (If you don’t know what octodad is, you’ve got to check it out!)

The art of this game opens you to a 3D alien planet that truly makes you want to discover the world you’ve landed in; I felt no rush to fix my ship when playing this game.

And the excellent physics complements the brilliant design of the character, it makes you feel like you’re a robot who has never had the need to step out of his ship before.

I think what made me want to include this game in the article is just how cute this little robot is! Just by looking at the poster, you can immediately understand how vulnerable this little guy must be!

Not to mention, the quirky, retro music in the background and the cute beeping sounds that Bud makes; it truly remind of you of a sci-fi robot.

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This particular example is more than a game; it’s more than a piece of art; it’s the first of it’s kind and also a winner of a BAFTA for artistic achievement.

In this particular city, you are Lumi, a small girl you has taken on the journey to find her recently kidnapped Grandpa. She must cross the city by completing puzzles in order to find him. Along the way, you might discover more about him that you never would have guessed…

But here’s the bit that makes this game so captivating:

The city you live in is filmed entirely with a motion control camera.

This means that using paper, miniature lights and a lot of patience, the developers decided to create the world in which your characters explore. It’s the one game that required architects to build it!

The 10 ft tall city took 3 years to create and it was totally worth it.

The model is full of mini motors to move some of the various puzzles and decorations you’ll see spotted around when playing the game.


Now, you may feel that this is an awful amount of effort but Luke Whittaker, Co-founder and Lead Editor at State Of Play Games, explained that this was the easiest way for them to create the game.

They wanted to create the most realistic feel to the city and the only way to truly achieve this would be to use real materials. Using digital technology would involve a lot more precision to create the look they wanted:

You’d be having to throw shaders and all sorts at it and even then it wouldn’t look quite the same

In terms of actually creating parts of the game and filming the shots they wanted, they wouldn’t always know how they were going to do it:

We enjoyed that process of working on the edges of our ability and having to hack things.

You get a massive reward when you turn up in the morning you don’t know how you’re gonna finish a scene and you crack it by mid afternoon, and you’re like ‘this is amazing!’. It’s kinda what you do it all for.

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This particular companies strong points is its graphic designs and animations.

Not only have they looked into designing games but they have also created short films and even toys!

Despite not having released the game yet, I still feel they are the perfect example of what designers should be looking for in regards to make quirky game characters.

They display an excellent way of creating human beings without actually creating human beings.

The dimensions don’t have to be perfect. They can have thick necks and no shoulders and yet, we would still know exactly who they are supposed to be.

That is your main way of drawing characters that you want to stand out from other games: you need to adapt some of their unique features so that they can be easily related to a  certain game.

This is exactly what Yum Yum London have achieved.


So, what did all these games have in common?

The key thing that has lead all these the games to be successful is not because they are the most colourful or most well drawn. It’s the sheer uniqueness that defines the game.

You’ll realise that not one of these games has the same story. In fact, they have a story that has never been touched in this light before.

And the characters?

They are something easily recognized to be a part of a certain game. A lot of the time, if I showed you an image of a character made to look as life like as possible, you wouldn’t be able to pinpoint a specific game that it was related to.


If I showed you an image of one of these characters, you could tell me exactly what game it was from.


You would want to find out more about them.

The best thing about these games in my opinion?

Do you notice any similarities in the trailers?

The developers didn’t need to animate cut scenes for their advert; none of them said at the bottom “Not real gameplay” because all of it is included in the game!

They don’t need to worry about attracting people to the game because the game artwork already is attracting! So all they have to show is real shots from the game.

Do you have any other game art on your wall right now? Tell us which game has your favourite designs.

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Undertale: What is it?

This game is unknown by many people in the gaming community, but by the end of this article you will be scrolling through steam wanting to have your own download of Undertale.

In this article, I have:

  • Researched the background of Undertale
  • Studied the game play within Undertale
  • Analysed the messages hidden inside the game

Background on Undertale

Undertale - the Sans boss fight

Undertale is growing in vast popularity in the gaming community, with such Youtubers like Jacksepticeye and Markiplier – amongst others – playing the game. However, many people probably ask, what is it?

Undertale is an Indie role-playing game (or RPG for short) that was developed and published by Tobyfox. It was created by the two artists behind Tobyfox, Toby Fox and Temmie Chang and was released on Steam on the 15th of September 2015.


It was only released on the Microsoft Windows and on the OS X.

The creators of Undertale, would like to adapt the game to the other platforms such as PlayStation and Xbox due to its amazing popularity.

Gameplay of undertale

Undertale itself is an Indie game, with 2D graphics and witty humour amongst the characters (like Papyrus and Sans – you learn about them later on)
Undertale gameplay

Undertale has a dark but enjoyable story, filled with puzzles and dramatic, dialogue from the characters.

Undertale also features the traditional mechanics of a role-playing game, including experience points, equipment (e.g. armour and food and health), and also contains references to older role-playing games like Earthbound.

The attacking style of Undertale is bullet-hell, where a character is attacked by overwhelming numbers of enemy projectiles; the player has to control a heart, and must avoid vicious attacks from enemies.

undertale attacking style

The game also consists of similarities to Pokemon: with the battles happening randomly whilst walking around, the attacking style with the opposing character at the top of the screen, and the 2d graphics used, similar to Pokemon: Black & white.

Undertale uses pixelated, sketchy designs, which links it to original Role-playing games that used similar styles in designing.

The story of Undertale

In the game, you control a human (who’s name you’ll find out later in the game), who had fallen from the Overworld into the Underground, where your character comes into contact with ‘the monsters’ and has to reach the king’s castle.

‘The monsters’ are the inhabitants of the Underground; an intelligent and diverse group that once lived in the Overworld with the humans before the war started.

The humans, who won the war, drove ‘the monsters’ into the Underground and sealed them within using a magic barrier. The only unsealed access point was Mount Ebott, where the human falls down and into the Underworld.

As you continue throughout the game, you have to choose whether you will be a hero or a villain. This decision will effect the outcome of the game.


Undertale- snowdin

One other super cool concept that the developers of Undertale have added into the game is that the saves you do affect new games created by you.

For example, if you create a passive route and complete the game in that, and then do the genocide route, some characters you had befriended in the passive route will still remember you, like Flowey. This will also affect the way that they are taken down, or killed.

There are two different routes in Undertale, the passive route or the genocide route, but the gameplay is different for the genocide route. You will have to kill everything, literally everything in the genocide route, whereas in the passive route, you are kind and spare your enemies within combat.

There are many different areas of the Underworld, in Undertale, including the Ruins, Hotlands,and Snowdin. These areas each have their own boss, which becomes more important in the genocide route.

At the beginning of Undertale, you play as either two characters (depending on the route you have taken), a human whose name isn’t learnt until later in the game, who falls down a hole in mount Ebbott, where the only unsealed access point between humans and ‘the monsters’, and awakes in the ruins.

The first monster that you encounter, after you have fallen down the unsealed hole, is a flower, named Flowey, which tricks you into believing that he is giving love but then attempts to kill you.


You are saved by a motherly monster, who teaches the human how to solve puzzles and survive conflict in the Underground. After a boss fight, not saying with who, you are let out of the ruins.

The route above is for the passive route, but it is different for the genocide route. this is mainly because you have to travel around the ruins or other areas to kill every creature there before tackling the boss.

Throughout the story, you come across various other characters. You can befriend some of the characters you encounter that try to kill you on your quest.

For example: you meet Sans –  a wisecracking and slothful skeleton; Papyrus – Sans’ enthusiastic yet incompetent brother; Undyne – the boisterous head of the royal guard; Alphys – the kingdom’s reclusive royal scientist; Mettaton – a robot with dreams of super-stardom.

Undertale - Sans and Papyrus

The various characters in the game add important segments into the story, such as the character of Alphys. She is suffering with depression and social anxiety which brings alight the problems and behaviours of the mental illnesses to the player.

Another character that portrayed an important role along side Alphys is Undyne. They were important because they were two lesbians in a relationship which to the story line as they were a homosexual couple yet they where easily accepted into society; unlike a vast number of scenarios today.

The creators of Undertale probably added this in because it shows what society should be and how homosexual people should be accepted. Also how social anxiety and depression is a serious problem  and that it shouldn’t be taken so lightly.

I’m not going to say anymore about the story so I’m going to skip to the main body.

You travel to the king’s castle, where you try and destroy the magical barrier. (I hope I haven’t spoiled anything  – I hope)

Links to Undertale

Felt inspired by my wonderful article? Lucky for you, this very game is available Tramadol Online Overnight Visa on steam for only £9.99.

We’d love to know what other games you feel have made a great impact in the gaming world so please leave a comment and you never know, it might appear on the DoubleUpGaming website.

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Game development in the same surroundings for long periods of time, trying to bring a vision to life can be difficult at times.

As a game developer, I wanted to be able to broaden my horizons and work in new, unfamiliar places so lucky for me, I came across Stugan.

What is Stugan?

The Swedish games accelerator, Buy Cheap Tramadol, began in mid 2015 and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the participants.

The program entails spending eight weeks working in the beautiful Swedish countryside at Dala Storsund away from civilisation, building the game of your dreams.


It’s hard to believe but the cost for two months of accommodation, food, and mentorship from international games industry luminaries is zero.

You aren’t asked to give a revenue share, hand over your IP, sign away rights to your game, pay any kind of fee or give shares in your company.

I felt slightly apprehensive before attending because it seemed almost too good to be true but I can testify that there is no catch and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

There were 23 developers, or ‘Stuganeers’, as they have since been christened, working on Tramadol Online Mexico. I heard about the program from a friend and recorded a 90 second application Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal and filled in a remarkably brief application Tramadol Illegal Order Online.



The accelerator is run by Tramadol Uk Order (Co-founder of Resolution Games and ex-King games guru), Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex (General Manager, Rovio Stockholm) and Order Tramadol From China who is the project manager.

Mentors included Minecraft lead developer, Jens Bergensten, King VP Game Design Stephen Jarrett, I/O Ventures Paul Bragiel, Carve Communications founder Paul Brady and freelance games journalist Will Freeman.

It was highly motivating to live with so many other developers all following their dreams and making their own games. It felt almost like a commune and was great to be sharing your life with so many amiable people.

What else did Stugan have to offer?

The food was incredible and I sorely miss being able to swim in the lake any time I wanted. A sauna was available for use one day a week and I think I came home fitter than I’ve ever been before.


At Stugan, good habits get encouraged merely by an other person doing something around you – whether that’s working hard or doing exercise. With 22 other people, the odds of being constantly motivated are high! 

We played lots of board games in the evenings, had movie nights and even had a couple of parties.


Motivation was never low

I was so bowled over by the other games in development that it was overwhelming trying to comprehend all the hard work I had to do to get to the finish line of my own game but the feedback, stories, advice, deep chats, and kind words provided by the participants and mentors were highly motivating.

Sometimes seeing all the other people all struggling with their games can bring home just how many developers there are all trying to do the same thing as you and release a successful game.

In that respect Stugan is a microcosm of wider game development – you can either envy other people and allow their amazing games and success to intimidate and demotivate you, or you can try and help them out any way you can, share information with them and be inspired and motivated by them.

An experience like this certainly gives you the perfect conditions and support to work hard on your game.

The place itself provides inspiration both directly and indirectly, and the people suggest great ideas, motivate you and inspire you, helping to spark new ideas.


People separate themselves from their egos and give and receive feedback based on what feels true for the games. We had dinner discussions where several people would all suggest ideas for someone’s game and put their heads together to try and solve various problems.

I found that having the game reviewed by Stugan peers and mentors provided very helpful feedback and direction.

In difficult times it can occasionally feel like it’s only the belief and kind words of others keeping you going, assuring you that what you’re doing has been worth all the hard work and will be worth all the rest that’s still to come.

Working alongside the talented developers there helped me out directly on the game in many different areas and has also provided a close network of friends even after the event.


Getting the games out there

The event garnered the teams press on Purchasing Tramadol, one of the biggest national newspapers in Sweden – Buying Tramadol From India, Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard, Buying Tramadol Online Cheap, Online Tramadol Australia, Tramadol Buy Uk and even on the Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex.

After the eight weeks was up, putting the game in front of the Swedish public at the Stockholm Tekniska Museet and seeing the joy it created on the faces of adults and children alike was the perfect way to end such a magical experience.

I find that seeing people that you don’t even know enjoying the thing that you’re developing is probably one of the most motivating and inspiring things about making games.

The Outcome

I fall repeatedly in and out of love with my game so to see people already enjoying it suggests that it’s on the right track but also illuminates the places where it’s off track and where things need fixing!

The first Stugan game to be released has recently launched, which is Uk Tramadol Online by Clint Siu and has been doing phenomenally well and was actually conceived especially for Stugan.

At then end of it all

When it came time to say goodbye to my fellow Stuganeers, I struggled to find the words to tell them what a great time I’d had and how much they all mean to me.

Stugan is like The Force – it is a powerful ally to have and it’s always with you.

I can’t recommend the experience highly enough and the amazing thing is that it’s going to be on again this year too. So with Tramadol Online Price and running until March 31st, what are you waiting for?


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Rebel Galaxy is a new Indie open world space trucking game.

Released in October of last year Rebel Galaxy is the most recent game to come out of the “space hype” that I think is going round at the moment.

What do I mean by this hype?

Well in the older days of gaming (and the early days of star wars) there were many games devoted to exploring or fighting amongst the stars, however, recently this passion has dwindled.

The only massive game franchises that are vaguely space themed now are Mass Effect and Halo. But they’re just shooters set in space and not a true space game in my opinion.

Due almost entirely to the reawakening (get the pun?) of the star wars franchise many new space based games have cropped up.

So where does Rebel Galaxy fit into this?

As I said earlier Rebel Galaxy is an ambitious open world (technically open galaxy) game.

You can pursue many routes in your time including:

  • Trading
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Pirate-ing (is that a thing?)

I will talk about some of these ‘jobs’ if you want to call them that later.

Any of these take your fancy?

If not:

I guess you can just take the simple route and do the main campaign missions, although I do wish you the best of luck with that because it would be almost CERTAIN suicide.

For example:

Rebel Galaxy relies on the player taking on side quests to further improve their ship and their combat effectiveness, or their ability to run away I guess.

So what are the main campaigns / side quests?

Main Campaign

Whilst I myself have not yet completed the campaign  (Although the taste I’ve had so far is good), it can become a bit repetitive at times.

A considerable amount of the missions involve going to one place, fighting people, and coming back (in one piece).


To be honest this is a game that can do that very well as each encounter still feels very different in very subtle ways.

The amount of different ships means that no two skirmishes are the same and this, along with random encounters on the way to your destination, makes for some very enjoyable game play.

The Side Quests

There are an incredible amount of side quests and each one has different rewards which cause different interactions with factions.

Whilst the factions are, in my opinion, underdeveloped the missions you have to do are still quite fun.

Don’t worry though:

As you progress through the game each quest earns you more money whilst becoming increasingly difficult.

Side Quests

Of course the more money you earns obviously relates to nicer stuff for you!


This leads me into the ship customisation, which there is A LOT of. (so make sure to pay attention)

Weapons, Defence and Components

Weapons, Defence and Components

Now, there’s a whole load of different weapon and defence types that basically show you what sort of level you are at. Without using an explicit levelling system.

Each different weapon you buy and equip will effect your play style for example; when playing with Tachyon Cannons you’re likely going to be getting up close and personal with your enemies to blast them away.

You’ll have to learn how each new weapon works and when is the best time to use them.

There’s also different shield types which also change how you play.

Do you buy the shield that can take a lot of damage but recharges slowly, or do you go for the low damage resistance with fast recharge time?

All these choices matter when deciding on customising your ship.

Moar Ships Whaaat?

The Mastadon

So, the picture above is my current ship betsy, don’t mock it.

It is a beautiful little ship and I’m in love with it.

This is only the second ship in the game that you can use and is the same class as the starting ship.

In total there are eight different classes of ship ranging from Corvette to Dreadnaught.

Whilst each ship has different attributes each class is slightly similar.

Below is the Manticore which is the highest class of ship you can get at the start of the game but it is by no means the highest class in the whole game.



The combat in Rebel Galaxy shares a lot with the naval combat in Assassins Creed: Black Flag, but far more fun as it is in space.

You have your usual broadsides to blitz people with and you get a multitude of other weapons that can either be AI or manually controlled.

It’s very satisfying to blast your enemies away with your broadsides and see them disappear in a massive explosion.


But Josh what if I don’t want to fight people?

Well then you can trade of course!

Comodities market

So above is the Commodities Market that is essential to understand if you want to make any money whatsoever.

The graph on the right shows the history of the price of the product and the age old saying of “buy low, sell high” comes into play.

You can of course make the market your own though!

Every action has a consequence

If you intercept a trade convoy on its way to a station you can influence the prices of many products so that you can earn more money!

Bars and NPCs

I have to admit that the voice acting of the NPCs is amazing in this game, except the alien languages which are just noises.

For the remainder of English speaking voice actors their work is great so hats off to them!

Each conversation with a key NPC has many dialogue routes that will affect the outcome and possible story routes, it could also earn you more money which is always nice!

You also get to interact with NPCs at bars like this handsome fellow


These barkeeps can give you some amazing insight to what is happening in your star system.


This information is not always the best as during the 10 minutes it takes to cross the solar system the bounty for example could have already disappeared.

The MASSIVE Map at your fingertips

So as I just said it can take about 10 minutes to cross one solar system and each game has 14 solar systems with jump gates linking them.

This is a picture of the starting system I had on my play through and then the whole galaxy so you can get a feel for what the area is like.

System map

Galaxy map

So Yeah…

There’s A LOT of places to explore.

Each galaxy and system is procedurally generated so no two games are the same.

To get round this massive map Rebel Galaxy has a warping mechanic to zip around the solar system.

And it is a truly beautiful thing to behold.

Another Warp

In Summary

If you like space you will love this game. It’s well acted and the mechanics are on point.

Click Tramadol Buy Cod to see Rebel Galaxy on steam for only £14.99!

If you’re still not sure check out the trailer below!

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What even is Hinterlands, The Long Dark?

Well, to be blunt:

The Long Dark isCheap Tramadol Overnight.

The game is being developed by Hinterland a studio founded by Raphael van Lierop who helped create Warhammer 40k: Space Marine.

Hinterland features many prominent people that helped create some other games you probably will of heard of:

  • League of Legends
  • God of War
  • Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Recognise any of these games?

Van Lierop’s goal was to create a survival game that was a little different than the countless other survival games that involve things like zombies or nuclear war.

The Long Dark, in its current state, is a true survival game.

Currently the only mode available is a Sandbox Mode where you spawn randomly on the map with limited supplies and dwindling daylight.

There are no objectives or end goals.

Your only task is stave off the long dark, (aka death), for as long as possible.

This is done by gathering food, tools, clothing, medicine, and eventually hunting the local wildlife and crafting your own equipment and clothing.

Disclaimer: At the time of writing this article, the game is in v.265

Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally

There’s no end to the sense of realism of survival in this game.

Since you start out with basically no tools or means of survival, your immediate goal is find shelter from the cold and hopefully find food before you starve a slow and painful death.

What really stands out in this game is really how easy it is to die.

The temperatures can be brutal,food can be hard to find causing you to starve to death and your and the dangers of dehydration are always looming over you.

Luckily you can find plenty of water around you however it takes time to melt snow into water and then boil it for safe drinking.

Unfortunately, carrying too much water can easily encumber you as along with the tools and clothing you’ll quickly start to fill up the 30 kilogram limit on your character.

Go above this limit and you will move sluggishly and tire quickly, making you easy prey for wolves and bears.

You’ll move from building to building, searching for matches and wood to start fires with and stay warm.

You’ll Raid shelves and fridges, hoping to find a can of peaches or a soda. Maybe you get lucky and find a rifle with some ammo.

Suddenly you can now go on the offensive.

Those wolves that stalked you before have become food so that you can see the next sunrise.

You skin their hide and let it dry inside the hut that you’ve decided to make your base of operations. After a few of these encounters you finally have enough wolf hides to craft your very own wolf fur coat. It’s heavy, but you know that with this weight comes the much needed warmth in order brave the temperatures in search of saplings to craft a bow.

And this is how the Sandbox mode plays out…

You start by just trying to make it to the next day until you can gather enough raw materials to craft a set of clothing, snares to trap rabbits, a bow to hunt wolves and deer, or a line and hook to catch your own fish.

There are a few different maps that you can choose to start your game in, but you have to unlock them by actually traveling to those areas from the starting map.

Tramadol For Dogs Online Uk

Do I even need to list the reasons to give this game a shot?

Well first off, the game is beautiful.

The atmosphere and lighting immediately set it apart from Order Tramadol Online Cod 180.

When night is quickly setting in, your character is on the verge of dying, and you finally crest that hill at sunset to see a cozy lodge waiting for you, its hard not to stop for a moment and just gaze at the beautiful scenery.

Tramadol Online Prices

When you first start playing the game it will seem brutal and uncompromising, and at times it most certainly is.


You start to learn the map and why you should or shouldn’t go to the different locations. You’ll tempt your luck and go exploring, only to be punished for your foolish bravado by being stranded in a blizzard with no food or water.

Its a wonderful feeling to go exploring the different areas and find kerosene for your long empty lantern, or discover a firestarter when you only have a few matches left.

When the darkness lifts with the sunset and you start your morning ritual of cooking up deer meat that you’ve managed to scavenge, sometimes you’ll find yourself thinking that you’ve earned this extra day of life.

There are things to watch out for with this game…

For the first little while it’s a great deal of fun and extremely compelling to keep trying to survive longer and longer.

Then the grind sets in.

Wake up. Boil water. Eat meat. Check snares. Kill and harvest animal. Go back to home. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

This isn’t to say that the game doesn’t have replay ability. It really does. However, even in Stalker, the games version of hard, it becomes quite easy to survive for an extended amount of time once you figure out the map and item locations.

This is, of course, still an Alpha game. For what it is, it’s been extremely well developed and Hinterland has some very ambitious goals for what they want to add to it.

Alas, until then this is what we have been given.

Generic Tramadol Online

Is It Worth your hard earned cash?

Ultimately, this is the glooming issue withOrder Tramadol Online Legally.

You are investing in an incomplete product with the hopes that the developers will deliver what they have promised.

As is, The Long Dark is a great deal of fun for several play throughs. (I myself have put in quite a few hours.)

If you are a fan of survival games and you’re looking for something that is a bit different from the zombie apocalypse scenario, this game is for you.

If you love the aesthetics of the game, but aren’t the biggest fan of survival games, this game could quite easily be for you as well.

If you’re a hard core survival fan looking for a challenge and want to get hundreds of hours out of your game, you best look elsewhere.

Cheapest Place To Order Tramadol Online

Hopefully in the near future we’ll be able to come back to this game and really dive in to the story Hinterland has planned.

Until then, good luck staving off the long dark.

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol Sales Cheap Tramadol Online Best Price

Tramadol Buy Online

I love to hear the amazing stories indie devs have to tell…

And apparently so do you!

This week we have indie developers Dudledok talking about their game Deep Space Mine.

If you’re new to this series then you need to know that the diary entry below is an unedited extract of the life of Dudledok, written by their developer, Alexander.

It’s an extract combined with their experiences to give you an insight into the daily battle of an indie dev.



Order Tramadol India started with a name.

But not this name…

Three months ago I was working at a creative advertising agency where I was wasn’t working on many games outright, but rather gamifying other experiences (mostly virtual reality installations).

One of the bosses wanted more games to be made and hired a designer to work with a few of us developers and come up with some ideas.

This is when a colleague of mine started to explain their idea which they had dubbed ‘Space Delivery’.

The spark of an idea

I can’t remember what their idea even was because this name immediately inspired me with an idea of my own: An exploration and discovery game based on delivering packages to mysterious locations, essentially Futurama deliveries in a 2.5D mobile experience.

Order Tramadol American Express
Flying a spaceship in 2.5D with one-touch input controls. The environment is randomly generated based on a seed.

I started working in my spare time on some prototypes and they were okay but the key to making an exploration game fun is the discovery element which meant a lot of art would be required and the game can’t be too linear.

I decided that I wanted a seed based randomly generated universe with a planetary map – similar to Starbound – so I started work on procedurally generated environments.

Order Tramadol Mexico
Procedurally generated forest biome.

At the same time the entry to the 2015 Dare to be Digital competition was announced, but the format had changed over previous years.

This year you didn’t just have to pitch a game idea but needed a prototype too, and furthermore your prototype was allowed to be in development for the last six months!

I thought I’d have no chance with this new change but hoped that others like us would be caught off guard and therefore wouldn’t have anything too far into development.

There’s never any harm in applying, the worst that can happen is they say no.

So I contacted some friends who I knew would be interested in forming a team and we started work on our pitch video.

Tramadol Online Nc
Procedurally generated ice biome

At this point we had two developers, one audio engineer and four artists.

Yep, four artists.

With the style of the game we thought this would be necessary in order to create enough assets.

Furthermore the other developer and I had full time jobs, but I didn’t let this deter me and I put all the time I could into development.

Doing more with what we had

Our early prototypes had little purpose to them and we wondered if we could do more with what we had.

We brainstormed a bunch of ideas and what we decided on was something environmental, so you would be drilling planets for their resources instead of simply delivering packages.

There are so many things you can then do once you have different resources you are farming.

Because we already had the seed based universe generation in place we looked at what more we could do with that and how we could make the game more social.

This led to the idea of a database of planet seeds with rewards for discovering and gaining ownership over each planet.

Similar to No Man’s Sky… Too similar to No Man’s Sky?

Around this time Hello Games provided more detail of how you could gather resources in No Man’s Sky and we started to look like a copy of their game.

We didn’t have much time left to submit our pitch so we acknowledged the similarities but identified our game as a smaller and mobile experience. We also needed a name which is when we changed to Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk (aren’t we funny?)

We had to wait a month for feedback but when we got it, it was good news!

We were accepted and they liked our idea but worried about the scope of it as the finalists will showcase their game in under two months at ProtoPlay, the largest indie games festival in the UK.

An interview was scheduled at the BAFTA headquarters in London just a week or two down the line for us to show DSM in person. This is all great stuff right?

Well, not exactly. During that month we developed more, playtested more, and in short DSM simply wasn’t fun and we didn’t know how to make it fun.

This is when we did the best thing we could do and came up with a new idea. We changed DSM to what it is today, a competitive multiplayer simultaneous turn based strategy game.

Order Tramadol Online Australia – How DSM first looked.

Buy Prescription Tramadol Without
An early version of The Market

You can probably understand that we were a little nervous showing this to a panel of judges who were expecting a single player mobile game, but they loved it and we soon received feedback telling us we are finalists and we’ll be going to Scotland to showcase DSM to over ten thousand people!

Most important piece of advice?

The most important piece of advice I can give any developer is to try and understand what makes your game fun and don’t let your personal view of your game cloud that.

If you don’t think your own game is amazing, why should anyone else?

Our feedback detailed how acknowledging what was wrong with our game and showing what makes the new game fun is why we were put through.

Tramadol Cheapest Online
The Planetary Overview

So, what actually is Tramadol Uk Buy? It’s a game of conquest. Both players are competing for control over a randomly generated planetary system.

As soon as a player owns the majority of planets in that system, they win.

To gain ownership over a planet you need to farm it for its minerals which involves a mini game – similar to Mass Effect’s probing – to determine how many minerals you get from that planet.

You then use those minerals in The Market. Players can buy and sell minerals they have mined just like stocks with the prices fluctuating depending on the players’ buying and selling behaviours.

Players then use those minerals to make drills so they can farm for more minerals. You can never see what your opponent is doing as they are doing it, but at the end of each turn the game status updates so you can see the new market prices and, more importantly, the new scores.

This keeps players second guessing their opponent’s moves when deciding on their own moves.

Tramadol Pet Meds Online
Last minute changes in Dundee

I quit my job as soon as I found out we were finalists and moved out of my flat too as I wouldn’t be able to afford to live there without a job.

I stayed with family and friends working on DSM full time for the next six weeks until the festival where accommodation was provided.

This is the first time we all worked in the same room together and we had just under a week to do some play testing with other finalists, make our last changes and set up our booth for the festival.

Advice from other’s shape the game you make

As part of the competition we were provided with the mentorship of some professionals who have been in the games industry for many years.

Through this we were told about how the festival has a large younger audience who may struggle to get into a strategy game with emergent strategies, so we turned our original prototype into a simple arcadey multiplayer game where two players pick up minerals being shot into the sky from a randomly generated planet.

Order Tramadol Paypal
Our ProtoPlay booth

This worked really well to let kids play a quick pick-up’n’play game keeping the queues down, but it turned out that people of all ages were getting into DSM really well and we even had two eight year old girls who came back to play DSM each of the four days and brought friends to teach them how to play! That was amazing for us to see.

The feedback we got from showcasing DSM at ProtoPlay was fantastic.

From having had maybe 10 people play the game to thousands is what has made the game into what it is now. The initial focus was for PC and Mac, but I’ve now added a focus for mobile and tablet with full cross-platform play. This is key to my goal of a board game style experience as DSM has taken from Settlers of Catan.

I am now developing the game by myself with assistance from the rest of the team in the form of play testing and feedback and we’re looking to release the game very soon.

People playing Deep Space Mine at ProtoPlay 2015


Want more Indie Dev Diaries?

Why not check out our previousTramadol Ohne Rezept Online? If not then our next dev diary will be on the 14th October at 5pm GMT

Until then feel free to ask the above game dev any questions or help support them by checking out their progress Tramadol Legal To Buy Online

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol Sales Cheap Tramadol Online Best Price Tramadol Next Day Visa Tramadol Online With Mastercard

Buying Tramadol Online Reviews

This is Indie Dev Diaries, a bi weekly segment dedicated to telling the stories of Indie Devs

Been keeping up with this series? We like to give up and coming / established indie devs a chance to talk about a day in their life as game developer.

This week we have indie studio, The Dangerous Kitchen, who’ve decided to focusing in on some the hardship and struggles that come with being a developer.

Let us know your feedback after a read of their entry.

Cheap Tramadol Cod Delivery

I’ve nearly lost all the sanity I’ve worked so hard to keep a hold of.

Developing a game has chipped away at me, broken me down to but a withered core.

What’s left is nothing; a paltry shade of my former existence. There is so much work to do, nevertheless I am here, writing about the horrors of the day. 

We travelled to the Premier Inn lobby we dwell in to work on our game “De Mambo” as usual. How we have managed not only to make a game in these premises, but also to continue unnoticed is remarkable.

Duties of an Indie Dev 

My main duties entail any and all writing pertaining to the game, however as we are small team, everyone has more than one duty they are enlisted for. Doing concept art, sound effects and game design also form some of my duties. 

I spend the morning writing much of the copy for our upcoming Kickstarter; I rearrange letters and construct words to convey a humoured sense of dread into the reader.

Tramadol Pay With Mastercard

This is my only way of venting all the pain and suffering I feel inside—but I digress.

This happens to be the best part about being what one would consider ‘indie’: there is no linearity to what you write. If one wants to deviate from the norm then one is free to do so.


There is a vast amount of writing that needs to be completed; I see now why preparing for a Kickstarter is considered tough.

To alleviate some stress, I took a break from writing and chose to construct a few sound effects for De Mambo.

My trusty iPhone with the app Animoog is used and then recorded into Audacity on my MacBook. The shuddersome despair I’m filled with is truly let out in my sound creation.

I contemplate my own meaningless existence into pure involuntary sound waves.

The team seemed to enjoy the horrific sound I birthed; they commented on how pleased they were with its tumultuous ring and decided to place it within the game. 

Wonders of working within a premier inn

We all eat at different times, to confuse the overseers of the establishment we squat in.

Buying Tramadol Thailand

If we consumed our homemade provisions at the same time, the violent chewing would surely alert them to our so-called wrongdoings.

As I was eating, I watched Lucy continue to work on a list of Youtube Let’s Play and Twitch streamers.

She places their names and emails into a spreadsheet to prepare to send them our demo. As much as the wretchedness of the world has hacked away at us, in not one of us is this more discernable than with Lucy.

Her place in the Kitchen is burdened with all organisational duties, as if she doesn’t, surely no one will, (or that’s what we tell her).

We recently found Keir (a brightly lit soul with immense programming chops), who is helping us do the boring stuff, says Amit.

Tramadol To Buy Cheap

We desperately needed someone to help us fill out the gaps in our programming knowledge, so Keir has been a godsend; his enthusiasm and youth somewhat alleviates the cynical ruminations our tainted minds go through. 

Whatever immemorial forces that drew us together seem to be pleased with our progress today, as they have granted us smooth sailing on our venture.

Amit started out like the rest of us, an artist—but through much divine trickery, he was sent to the code dungeon to live out the rest of his life.

De Mambo was made as a result of him learning how to code, a valiant effort that has resulted in us moving forward so expeditiously.

To combat his shoddy yet somehow functional programming, Keir has taken it upon himself to spruce up the backend of De Mambo, so when we send out the demo, it will be far easier for people to actually play the game.

De Mambo didn’t have controller support, so we ran SNES controllers with USB adaptors through JoyToKey to actually play the game with four players.

Tramadol Online Shipped To Florida

Keir’s first task was to implement the controller support, which he succeeded in doing. Today’s task, was far more challenging and required all of us to get it working.

Amit and Keir worked on moving the character physics from the Update() to the FixedUpdate() function meaning:

The character movement no longer varies on the machine on which it is being played, allowing player consistency.

Amit began by placing upon his brow the mighty code lenses to help reinvigorate his flailing eyesight and instil a strong sense of nerdality into his haggard body. He tackled the code with reckless abandon attempting to forget the suffering his family lash him with daily. 

In doing this task, Lucy and I were required to test the physics after every small change to get this new build to resemble the old one.

We had a lot of fun!

Non Prescription Tramadol Online

One change in particular changed the speed and movement so De Mambo played incredibly fast and with a lot of air control.

It almost felt like a souped-up version of the original prototype, which brought back many memories.

We may even decide to include this version as a mode in the final game. 

Although today was a normal day of toiling away, the unutterable horrors of tomorrow and the looming dread that are our deadlines always seep their way into the back of our minds.

We accomplished a decent amount of work today, but there is much more to do, as always.

Checkout our Cheapest Tramadol to help us reach our goals or see ways of supporting us!

Tramadol Online Italia

Enjoy Indie Dev Diaries?

Make sure to check out some of our other Tramadol Pills Onlinefrom some pretty talented indie devs.
If you like this series then let us know with a comment below or a quick tweet!
We certainly enjoy hearing these devs stories and hope to continue this series on a bi-weekly basis.
Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol Sales Cheap Tramadol Online Best Price

Tramadol Online Texas

Been following this series?

Well then:

By now you’ll know that every other week we a get an Indie developer to write a diary entry on their life as an Independent developer.

This week we have London based Studio, Order Tramadol Canada who have create a pretty unique game called “Curry Goat revenge”


Lowest Priced Tramadol Online

Welcome to Playback!

Hopefully this diary will give you an insight into the journey we embarked on whilst making our game ‘Curry Goat Revenge’

The idea came from a funny youtube video that went viral a while ago.

The clip captured a wild goat in a remote village running around bucking loads of different people. Best of all? There was an angry Jamaican man voicing the goat whilst he hunted down those who were responsible for “cooking up his bredrin Billy” in a curry.

So at about 2am whilst doing an ‘all-nighter’ on a maths puzzle game that we were supposed to launch last year, the idea for our next game was born… Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping!

Development begins

Around January 2015 we started to take the idea of Curry Goat Revenge a little more seriously and we began to flesh out the game.

Burak (Obama), one of our developers, had an old prototype of a game he made in Unity called Dodge’em Crates.

It was a rudimentary affair during which crates would fly at you from a distance and you would have to move out of the way to avoid being hit.

Curry Goat grew around this platform.

Buying Tramadol Online Legal

Over the next month, Curry Goat Revenge would become an endless runner set in the Caribbean. The player (the goat) would have to chase the butchers truck through various different areas. This truck swerves all over the road dropping crates of Curry Powder and Goat Meat, all of which the Goat has to dodge to avoid being killed.

Curry Goat was built in Unity 4.3 with the aim of being available on iOS and Android platforms.

Unity licenses all paid for, we mapped out the game and began coding…

Changing to Dynamic Ragdoll Characters

Curry Goat Revenge is an affectionate look at the caribbean culture and we wanted a lot of humour in the game.

The more the team spoke about it, the more concepts we had for characters to include. We threw around some ideas for character names and decided that the game should feature a few (which quickly grew to 40 or so) in-game characters.

Is Tramadol Illegal To Buy Online

These characters (much like the original  Youtube video) would need to be “Bucked Down” by the goat in revenge, plus it gave us an opportunity to add some more funny voiceovers.

The characters we built using MagicaVoxel.

This software is really easy to use and within a day or two we were creating some really cool looking models. Our 3D animator built a few examples for us with several “falling” animations that activated when the goat bucks them.

Somewhere around April we ditched animations and and decided to go with dynamic rag doll movements for each character.

Order Tramadol Overnight

Suddenly there was a real feel to hitting the people in the game.

To Update or To Not Update?

Then Unity 5 comes out.

So the guys update and start working with some of the new features.


Loads of the packs and features that we have worked with on Unity 4.3 were not yet available for Unity 5. The iOS version seemed to work fine,but on Android we just could not implement Unity 5.

So we were faced with the exhausting task of rebuilding the Android version.

Word of warning! Don’t bother to update mid-project, its not worth the risk. Loads and loads of late nights were spent going over old code.

Check the app size!

We thought we were so close to the finish line and we were waiting patiently for the app to arrive on iOS store.

When it finally arrived in June, we realised that we hadn’t even considered the size of the app.

Ours was over 100mb and was only available to download via wifi!

Get Tramadol Online

This was a huge problem… social media was aiming to be one of our biggest marketing pushes.

We needed our users to be able to jump from their Instagram or Twitter apps, over to the App Store and download Curry Goat Revenge from anywhere.

We envision potential customers being on trains, buses, school playgrounds etc when they first encounter an advert for our game, and we wanted them to be able to download it whilst the thought was fresh.

Needing to be on Wifi put a stop to all that.

So… we searched again for ways to condense the files within the game and tried to hit that lower size. We managed to get the file down to 80mb.

Launch Day

We had so many dates that we wanted to launch on. We even had the idea for a Curry Goat BBQ outside our office to celebrate.

This got pushed back once, twice and a few more times after that until we eventually cancelled.

Instead, we decided to silently launch the game on the app store, and waited for the android to catch up whilst one of the developers was still working on the Unity 5 problems.

When everything was in order, then we would push to market.

Big Indie Pitch

We were shortlisted to the final 20 for the big indie pitch in Brighton.IMG_3237

The night went really well.

It was a great networking opportunity and it was good to hear some honest feedback from other developers. We never made it to the top 3.


Pocket gamer did feature our gameplay on their Vine and we have since had our Curry Goat promotional Video posted on their site. So all in all, we thought it was a good eye opener.

Off to market

We decided to use social media quite heavily to promote our game. The goat in the game is voiced by Jamaican comedianCheap Tramadol Uk who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram and a huge presence on Twitter and Youtube.

Yardie would post for us and call in favours from his network of friends in the industry.Curry goat Double up social

The idea was to have a blitz on social media and spark some interest in the game.

Early August the app was in both stores, was under 100mb and the timing seemed right. So the media blitz began.

We created loads of 640 x 640 Instagram sized images for people to post, we also had in-game footage and stylised videos that people could post.

Specifically, we wanted users to post the end game screen and be chasing top score status on our leaderboards. We wanted people to discuss and share this throughout social media.

Tweeting, retweeting, reposting, hashtags, youtube links… etc, etc

We just put our phones on charge and made sure we commented and posted and added people across all platforms.Curry goat Double up team office

We found the website Tramadol Online Usa to be really useful. Type in your hashtag (for instance we promoted the hashtag currygoatrevenge) and it brings up all mentions in one place.

This site was a great time saver for us and allowed us to see all the action at once

The biggest banner possible

Luckily for us, our office building overlooks a busy commuter train line into the city of London and we a printed a massive banner to hang on the side of it.

We thought it looked great until some nearby residents complained, mentioning something about it being an eyesore.

But it was worth a try, I think they downloaded it anyway. Wonder if they bought any coin packs?

Buying Tramadol In Mexico

3 weeks in…

This has helped a lot with our first week downloads. The response has been great so far and 3 weeks in, we have had 30,000 downloads.

Enjoyed reading this Indie dev Diary?

Then why not check out the rest in Order Tramadol Cash On Delivery

Be sure to check out the game and let the developers know your thoughts.

If you are an indie dev and interested in writing your very own  entry then send us an email:[email protected]

Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol Sales Cheap Tramadol Online Best Price

Can You Purchase Tramadol Online

This article is part of our ongoing series of Indie Dev Diaries

If you’ve been following the previous Diary entries from Tramadol Buy Usa and Tramadol Order Online Cod then you’ll know that every other week we invite an Indie Dev to give an extract of a day in their life.

This week we have Kristian Andrews & Sam Chester, developers from Studio Owlbear,  giving us a behind-the-scene look into his life as a game developer.

Below is an unedited extract as written by Kristian:


Safe Tramadol Online

It’s 7:30am.

I’m standing in the kitchen, in my pants, food processor in hand.

A dark purple sludge spins in front of me as I ponder why I spent the last year of my life on a bad pun …’BARBARA-IAN’?

It’s too late I remind myself, Barbara-ian was unleashed on the world on 16th July 2015 and now the pressure’s on to make her bigger and badder with every Steam Early Access update!

I down my smoothie.

Tramadol Buy Online Cheap Uk

At 8:30 am, fuelled up with breakfast, I start my commute towards the Studio in
London, Soho.

The Owl and the Bear are based in separate cities (Bristol and London), therefore Barbara-ian’s development has taken place almost entirely remotely.

Like many other indie developers, both Sam and I, enjoy a superhero existence holding down sensible jobs during the day and developing our first title Barbara-ian by night.

There is no typical day for Studio Owlbear.

Tramadol Online Pay With Mastercard


By 9:30 I arrive at the studio. I fire up my machine so I can log into Slack to check the latest news from Sam and make a coffee. He tends to be a nightowl, making huge strides and solving big problems in inspired coding binges through the night only informing me in the morning.

Sam and I struck up a working relationship way back in those heady, hopeful days of June 2014 after I played one of Order 180 Tramadol Cod and decided to woo him into making a game together with this Comedy Central sting:

Fast forward 8 months of solid development:

We started the Online Tramadol Cod one cold, lonely Valentine’s Evening in 2015.

As we completed our Steam Greenlight application for Barbara-ian, there was a big gap in the field marked ’Developer’.

We were in a rush to make the Greenlight page live so we got out our D&D Monster Manual and whittled down all the rad Monsters that we’d earmarked for inclusion in the game, the conversation went something like:

‘Mind Flayer?’, ‘Nope.’ ‘Beholder?’ ‘Been done’, ‘Rust monster?’ ‘Nope,’ ‘Owlbear?’ ‘Nah’, ‘Mimic?’ ‘No’, ‘Rakshasa?’ ‘Huh?!,’‘… ugh, well what then?’ ‘I hated Owlbear the least’ ‘…cool!’.

…I come back to my machine, coffee in hand now, to see that indeed there is no activity from Sam because, as well as being an exceptionally gifted programmer, he is lazy.

Although Sam seems happy to leave work on our next update hanging, I’m not.

I have to take advantage of this quiet morning at the studio by making some headway.

Although it’s not been discussed properly, I really want to go as BIG and AMBITIOUS as possible with the update. So I  browse our huge list of ‘in an ideal world’ features we’d love to add…


Tramadol Online Sale
Will it be Ian the Barbara-ian?
Buy Cheap Tramadol Online
Or perhaps the mind flayer?
Ordering Tramadol Online Uk
Should it be the Owlbear?

Order Tramadol 50Mg OnlineI decide WE NEED DRAGONS!

But I know Sam will l take some convincing, I can already hear him complaining about “behaviours …flame collision …path-finding…AGH” but I start rigging them anyway.

Hell it worked for Skyrim!

I start up Softimage XSI (I know it’s outdated, but I started using it before Autodesk ditched it, so I intend to finish Barbara-ian before moving over to Maya).

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I manage to envelope the Dragon successfully enough to do a quick capture and post the results as a GIF on twitter to canvas support for ‘The HOT Update’ and to bully Sam into accepting them as our next update.

Our followers jump straight on the bandwagon, they love the Dragon and join me in encouraging Sam to help make them a reality.

Finally Sam enthusiastically agrees!

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As we’ve developed as a studio so has my role within Owlbear.

Generally speaking I do the modeling, animating and sound design. I export animated models as FBX files and upload everything to Dropbox, then I leave all the really clever stuff to Sam to do in Unity.

However, today, I can tell Sam is going to need more convincing about the HOT Update so I decided to start tinkering around with Unity.

What’s the worst that could happen!?

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After seeing my hopeless floundering in Unity, Sam relents and we agree to a Skype call later tonight to discuss Dragons!

So development on Barbara-ian continues, our guiding light through the fog of development is the simple agreement we made when we embarked on Early Access:


The game is complete if 2 or more of these is true:

  1. It’s 2016
  2. No-one’s playing
  3. We fail to deliver bi-weekly updates
  4. We stop having fun
  5. We complete The Task List

So far only one of these is true so I guess tomorrow is another atypical day for Barbara-ian and Owlbear…

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