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Every Gamer under the sun knows that Console Gaming is waaaaaay better than PC Gaming whether they like to admit it or not.

Many PC Gamers hide their feelings incredibly well with plenty of invalid counter arguments. I, myself, don’t see the attraction to using PCs for something other than powerpoint; PC Gaming is just “a phase”.

Of course, I joke.

PC Gaming is alright (I guess). However, I am still a firm believer in console gaming being the future of this industry.

Therefore, I have concocted some reasons (7 to be exact) as to why Consoles are much much better than PCs.

Consoles are easier to play


So after reading this, you might be thinking “If PCs are harder to play, that makes PC Gamers the superior Gamers”. No.

It is simple to find games for consoles that are equally as challenging on PC. The simplicity of many of the games available for console means a wider variety of people can enjoy them.

Take for example families with younger children. If their parents are like most other parents, they won’t exactly be the most experienced of players so definitely won’t be asking for the most difficult titles to play.

As for the children, we want to be introducing them into gaming not scaring them away with inconceivable controls of a PC. Thus, consoles hold the perfect option.

Consoles only require simple setup


GPU, Ram, Motherboard, Hyperdrive, Holodeck: Just a few of the things you have to consider when constructing your PC setup.

What is needed for the console? As long as you have a TV and a few plug sockets (and of course, the console and everything that comes with it), you’re off and away. Just plug in a few leads and you’re done. That’s it.

A counter argument to this would be “By buying all the seperate parts to the computer, you have the most up-to-date gaming setup possible”.

But for PC gamers, it doesn’t take long before part of their setup is out-of-date and they have to splash out even more cash to update it.

For consoles, any updates for the software are automatic and developers are always making games to play; there is no need to update the hardware for at least a few years!

Consoles don’t have to be played at a desk


Consoles can be considered comfortable ways to play games as TVs are usually located at the end of beds or in front of couches thus gaming experiences are filled with cushions and blankets.

PCs are typically found on desks; definitely not as comfortable.

I know there’s nothing stopping them using a TV as their monitor but where do you put your keyboard and mouse? You need some sort of desk.

Anyway, if you Search for “Awesome Gaming PC Setups” you will find yourself with a number of desks and a lack of comfy pillows.

For a variety of gamers, comfort might not be integral. This might turn out to be a more personal opinion. My ideal gaming setup is being wrapped up in multiple blankets with a number of snacks by my side, one controller I can hold comfortably in my hand and I nice, big screen in front of me.

Another benefit to comfy setups as the ease of play when using multiplayer functions.

Say you’re at a party and playing Mario Kart with your friends. A PC Setup at desk wouldn’t hold the perfect option for everyone to play together comfortable. However, a console does.

Consoles are Cheaper


This is not one to be argued with.

There are so many, seperate components to be purchased for PCs that it brings them to unimaginable prices compared to consoles.

Not only are they expensive to be build but there are also expensive to update having to purchase multiple items just to keep the system up-to-date.

As for consoles, you buy what comes in the box, the screen and the games and that’s all!

People may argue that games are terribly expensive for consoles but comparing prices to games in store and games on Steam, the prices are incredibly similar.

Lan Play is much more effective on Consoles


“But you can play Locally on PC”. Shhh your winey mouths.

The LAN Play I’m talking about is when you all sit in one room, each with a controller in hand.

With multiplayer being so simple, anyone can take part: Family, group of friends, etc.

This definitely makes consoles more orientated for groups of people that want to play together with little to no effort.

Don’t have to know every spec of the console to buy a game


As I mentioned in the section regarding complicated PC Setup, all those expensive components you buy each have their own specification. If something in your setup isn’t good enough, you can’t play all the games you want.

Therefore, you need to know exactly everything about your PC and its “system requirements” in order to purchase a game. Frustrating

Processors, Memory, graphics and more are all things that need to be checked before actually playing the game.

For console gamers, there’s one thing they need to remember: what console do they own. Then they make sure they buy a title avaliable for their console.

Thanks to this, no one playing with a console is at more of an advantage to any other players due to hardware. We all possess the same console so all experience the game the same.

PC players with a worse setup than another player will struggle to perform as well due to an increase in bugs, glitches etc.

Exclusive Titles


“But PCs also have their own exclusive titles!”. Are you still here?!

Consoles are blessed with a number of well loved games made exclusively for them. Halo for Xbox 1, LittleBigPlanet for PS4 and so many more titles.

Sure, PCs have their own titles but nowhere near as many.

Developers are more like to construct their game for consoles as they already know the specs of the console. In order for a company to know whether the game works for the majority of PCs, they have to test it on quite a few setups.


For consoles, there’s a very select handful that they have to test on.

Therefore, consoles are easier and cheaper and less time consuming to develop for.

To Conclude: Consoles are superior.

If this article has offended you, please note that I am very accepting of what ever platform you wish to play. You are who you are, PC Gamers and we love you all the same.

If you have plenty more arguments to throw our way for PC Gaming, hold your tongue and watch this space; there are plenty of writers at DoubleUpGaming that disagree with me…

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2016 has come and gone and yet again, the masterminds behind the “Worms” franchise have graced us with a game so brilliant, we have to mention it!

Team 17 published a game that will truly succeed in entertaining us for hours this Christmas Holiday:


Created for testing our fragile minds to the limit, Overcooked is all about teamwork to pass the inventive levels.

You can choose from a number of budding chefs to represent as you enter kitchens you never thought would have existed.

Designed in mind to make sure cooking is as hard and frustrating as possible, you and up to three others have to complete orders to earn as much money as you can before the time runs out.

Your goal is to train your culinary skills in the wackiest of locations to finally defeat the boss level and save the Onion Kingdom.


You may be thinking to yourself: how on Earth could a game like this possibly be difficult??

Well my friend, you are purely underestimating the power of the game designers at Ghost Town Games.

The levels are designed so that players don’t have access to exactly everything they need so other chefs will have to complete other jobs in the game.

For instance, one has the ingredients and the other is next to the chopping boards so one chef will have to pass the other chef the food. Basically, communication is key t0 completing the game.

With this in mind, there is a single player function where you control two chefs one at a time but you can tell while playing it that’s not what the game was created for.

Multiplayer in this game is extremely entertaining.

This is the function that truly makes the game and that’s why everyone loves it:

While there’ll doubtless be at least one person determined to appoint themselves de facto head chef, Overcooked is, simply put, a hilarious game to experience with a bunch of friends.

– Tramadol Online Echeck

The more you continue through this game completing the levels, the more intense its gets!

The floor starts moving, the orders are harder to complete, enjoyment intensifies.

But there are so many aspects of this game that make it so unique; we need to go into a bit more detail to understand why this game is such a great party game for everyone to play.

The controls.

This game has been designed with the varieties of players enjoying this game in mind.

Understanding the potential of the amusement achieved with Overcooked, they have created controls that anyone can understand.

When one person is using one controller, there are only three buttons you have to worry about; Three.

Use the left joystick to move your person, X (or A) to pick up items and put them down, and “Square” (or B) to chop up. That’s it!

The observant ones among us would have realised I said “When one person is using one controller”. That’s because there is also the option for two people to share one controller!

Having such simple controls with the use of only a few buttons per player, why not utilise the rest of the controller and share it!

It also allows more people to play in one go if someone doesn’t own enough controllers.

However, playing this way is a lot harder if you’re sharing a controller with someone who’s not particularly good at sharing.

I tried this mode with a member of the older generation who felt they needed a hold of the whole controller to understand what was happening on the one side that they were using; annoying yet fun at the same time.


Team Building

Communication is a must for excelling in this game and I mean it.

If you don’t like the people you are playing with then co-operative play is not the mode for you.

But that’s also why it’s a great party game:

People tend to show up at parties where they like their fellow attendees thus are guaranteed to like the people they play with.

If you’re playing with some people you’ve just met, this is a fantastic way to get to know them. I would consider this the perfect team building exercise.

When we played Overcooked, our strategy would be to start the level, get to know the kitchen and any obstructions and then designate tasks in the kitchen. Of course, in this process, there was always a friend that would consider themselves head chef.


if you don’t like the sound of team work, don’t fret! There is also an awesome competitive multiplayer mode that tests to see who can complete the most orders before the time runs out.


The sheer stupidness of the game.

I mean this as a compliment.

The process to completing the game required steps you would NEVER see in a normal kitchen.

What am I referring to?

I’m referring to the store cupboards that would keep disappearing so, in a rush, I would take as many vegetables as I could and throw them on the floor before they abandoned me.

Let me reiterate: I would store my vegetables on the floor.

In fact, if I ran out of table space, I would continue to store cut and uncut vegetables on the floor.

I’m also referring to the kitchens in which you cook in. Some would be in volcanoes, others would be in multiple moving trucks.
They would be set in incredibly challenging situations with multiple hazards getting in your way.

Each kitchen would break so many health and safety regulations in the real world, it’s unbelievable!


Last but not least:

The characters

Each has a quirky sense about them and some of them are certainly not creatures you’d find in a day to day cooking game!

From Raccoons in Wheelchairs to a box-head man, you never know which character you will unlock next.

You get attached to one in particular to the point you know you’ll fail each level unless you have your favourite character (Mine’s the angry looking cat, just saying).


What makes this game the most ultimate, super-amazing party game ever?!

If I was ever at a party and forced to play a game, what would it usually be? Something like Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just want to sit down and hold a controller in my hand, I don’t want to be physically active. Yet, I still want to be social while I do this. You definitely couldn’t do that with Just Dance.

Another game? One thing a mate would bring to a party would always be Mario Kart.

What makes Overcooked better than Mario Kart? We’ve all played Mario Kart before; we’ve been playing it since we were kids!

I’ve never been offered a party game before that revolves around cooking in ridiculous conditions but I love how Ghost Town Games realised that and now, they have given us the chance.

Overcooked has offered us a way out of the trends of mainstream games such as Mario, Rock Band and so on.

But what makes me like Overcooked so much?

This game is designed to make you happy, not for you to play when you’re happy. 

For me, I think it’s because this game has no reference to parties or celebrations or happiness. You don’t have to play it at a party, but it certainly makes a great impact on the evening!


Overcooked has one complaint…

Many fans have been saddened by the fact that it doesn’t have online multiplayer.

When initially pondering whether online play is necessary, I kept thinking to myself: “Do we really need it? This game is so much fun when playing it with people in the same room!”.

Which is true. People love this game creates immense fun when with friends at a party, round their house etc.


Adding online functions would only be another great thing to add to the game; it would just be another reason to buy it.

I’m not thinking about the hardcore gamers that like to challenge strangers but for the long distance friends who want to find ways to play games together but can’t physically get into the same room.

Overcooked holds the perfect opportunity to reconnect distant friends and family; the developers have created something that can let people forget the miles between them.

The creatives behind this mastermind are apparently considering an online function but this however, hasn’t been confirmed (please please please make online multiplayer).

Have you played this game before?

Tell us your experiences with Overcooked in the comments below.

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Call of duty is one of the largest and most successful franchises and is dying, rapidly.

(disclaimer: opinion article)

During their reign as creators of the franchise Call of Duty, Infinity Ward have managed to create the world’s fastest selling game (MW3) and have enticed over 100 million players into playing their games.

Given this success, one would believe the popularity of the games would only be forever increasing.

Sadly not.

The new installment Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare just came out and usually I would be excited since I am a huge CoD fan. Well, I am afraid to say, I am not as hyped.

I, and many others, have to come to realise that Call Of Duty is really going downhill.

The mission is failing.

And our greatest evidence to support this: less and less people are buying their games. MW3 saw 29.74 Million units sold but Infinity Ward have never been able to achieve sales like this ever since.


As seen by the graph, the growth in the series’ popularity is all thanks to Modern Warfare 2, an incredibly popular game, and for good reason.

But the graph shows as if they hit their peak in 2011 with the release of MW3 and that sales have gradually decreased ever since.

Of course, the graph also shows an increase in demand for Black Ops 3. This is not a surprise given the success of the previous Black Ops games.

To understand the nature of the graph, we need to go right back to the beginning

Every November, a brand new Call Of Duty game is released. Back in 2003, Infinity Ward released the very first Call Of Duty. It wasn’t a huge game to begin with and it was very underrated.

The game as a whole was very basic, but extremely enjoyable. It was well designed and had great, intense, single and multiplayer modes. As you can see, the Call Of Duty franchise is a first-person shooter, in which I enjoy a lot.

In 2005, the highly awaited Call Of Duty 2 was released and at this point it was still a minor franchise.

Set in WW2, you get to experience the life of a soldier overcoming the odds. You can play as 3 different soldiers in the Soviet, British, and American Campaign.


However, Call Of Duty started getting a lot more noticed and gaining more fans as new games were released.

  • Call Of Duty 3 –  (2006)
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – (2007)
  • Call Of Duty: World At War – (2008)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – (2009)
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops – (2010)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – (2011)
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – (2012)
  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts  – (2013)
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – (2014)
  • Call Of Duty: Black ops 3 – (2015)
  • Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – (2016)

Modern Warfare 2 was one of the best selling Call Of Duty’s, and fans still love playing it to this very day.


Because it’s one of the most well designed games in the franchise. The campaign was incredible, giving you an intense experience.

For example the mission, “No Russian”, is bone chilling. This mission requires you to shoot your way through Moscow airport with Makarov.

This particular mission shows true fear as you learn it’s all for nothing. You then go to see that he discovers your true identity resulting in shooting you on your way out.

Since the Call of Duty’s multiplayer has vastly evolved over the years, Modern Warfare 2 shines bright as its multiplayer is perfectly balanced.

A significant part of the online play is the ability to counter most of the killstreaks by taking cover inside; this can be seen in the pure excellence of Infinity Ward’s design for the maps.

The weapons used in this game were amongst the best ever seen. For example, the sniper rifles like the Barrett .50cal or the intervention, Assault rifles such as the M4A1 or the Ak-47 and submachine guns like the MP5K or the P90.

My all time favourite thing? Using the map Rust to solve arguments with friends. It was so small, there was nowhere to hide…


Personally, my favourite Call of Duty was Black ops 2 and overall, I played around 700 hours of that game. It’s actually crazy.

To me, the multiplayer was almost perfect and I loved zombies (mainly the town map).

So what actually happened to Call of Duty?

Well, in one’s own view, the downfall was Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The campaign? It was average. Nothing special. Not much of a storyline to be honest. Even though I did spend about 7 hours completing the campaign. Non stop!

The multiplayer? I guess that was the only part I enjoyed, until I ended up losing interest and went back to playing Black Ops 2.

But the maps were just exceptionally large. For instance, Stonehaven was enormous. Unless you had a sniper on that map, you were basically screwed for getting killstreaks.

The zombies? Wait… there wasn’t zombies? Well, that is one clear example that this game was THE WORST in the franchise. Zombies just got replaced with extinction. Which makes me wonder… WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING INFINITY WARD?!

Many players lacked enjoyment in the game due to the bleak colours throughout and boring kill streaks – one of the things that truly makes these game worth while.

Then, in an attempt to fix everything, November 4th 2014 came around and Infinity ward decided to release a brand new Call of Duty, created in a different light by adding futuristic features such as exo suits and guns of the future.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was very innovative. But this is when Call of Duty was evolving, into something us fans particularly don’t want to play.

The game developers must have experienced a lot of negativity after Ghosts, therefore they revolutionized the gaming experience with advanced designs.

I must say, in the first month of playing Advanced Warfare I did enjoy it to an extent. Infected was one of my favourite multiplayer game modes as I had such great hiding spots in every map.


I did love exo zombies too. It was different and a lot more challenging. But that’s what a great game requires: Challenges.

But this game displayed the worst sales in Modern Warfare 2! Why?

To put it straight, everyone hated the multiplayer functions. The way in which the game decided ‘who shot who’ is terrible. Give a guy 5 bullets to the chest, he’ll give you 2 back and you’ll be the one that ends up dead!

November 6th 2015 rolled around and Black ops 3 was released.

Each and every CoD fan was excited for this release as Black ops 2 was such an amazing and innovative experience.

But yet again, another futuristic Call of Duty was placed on the market. Not as bad as Advanced Warfare in my opinion, it had some good traits. However the thrusters/ exo suits were back and made everyone too overpowered and easy to escape gunfire.

The zombies? I loved it. The maps were huge, I loved all the easter eggs in The Giant and it had an exceptional storyline.

Adding the Margwa in zombies made it more challenging, and that is an aspect I enjoyed greatly as well as the additional weaponry. For example, having to craft the bow in der eisendrache made it more than just ‘Run around, shoot zombies and don’t die’.

After Black ops 3, we waited, and anticipated the next Call of Duty game.

  • Modern Warfare 4?
  • Ghosts 2?
  • A ‘brand new’ futuristic Call of Duty that nobody wanted?

Well, we guessed right.

Infinite Warfare.


Probably the most futuristic it could possibly get. Set in space? Really Infinity Ward?

Did you know the pre-order sales from Black ops 3 to Infinite warfare dropped by 90%?

As of May 16th 2015 Call of Duty Black ops 3 had 300,000 pre-orders. Since May 14th 2016 Infinite Warfare has just over 30,000 pre-orders. The Infinite Warfare pre-orders are the worst in the franchise history!

I just really don’t understand why the game developers won’t listen to the players. You could say that they half listened since they are brought out Call of Duty Modern Warfare Re-Mastered, but they out smarted us.

Currently you are only able to purchase Modern Warfare Re-Mastered as a bundle with Infinite Warfare.

That truly sucks.

All I know right now is that the war between Battlefield and Call of Duty has a clear winner this year.

Overall the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer has received over 49 million views, over 2 million likes and 39,000 dislikes. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on the other hand has received over 35 million views and 555,000 likes.


They have a whopping 3.3 million dislikes, making it the largest like to dislike ratio on YouTube, ever!

Plus, the whole game style with Battlefield 1 was completely unique. Having discussed this with friends, we decided that the game was more of an interestingly educational history lesson about the dark battles fought during the Great War.

It was the first game where I struggled to shoot the other team knowing the truth of World War One.


Therefore Battlefield 1 gets my vote, along with millions of other players.

At least Battlefield listens to the players and delivers what they want.

The Call of Duty developers are going to have to step up their game otherwise it will be a dead franchise in years to come.

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Ubisoft releases a brand new Assassin’s Creed every year, impressing each and every player with an exciting new historical story each time.

From the beginning Assassin’s Creed, released in 2007, was created and based around the Third Crusade, playing as Desmond Miles.

This third person action-adventure, stealth video game had high potential as it was equally as educational as it was enjoyable.

Ever since, Ubisoft have been developing more video games based on historical events, which include:

  • Third Crusade
  • Renaissance
  • Colonial era
  • French Revolution.
  • Imperial China
  • Victorian era
  • Sikh Empire
  • October Revolution


Each one helps you escape from reality and the world as we know today by taking you in a time machine to a new time period with a fascinating locale.

Throughout the years, Assassin’s Creed has been getting more and more popular within the gaming community, therefore becoming a colossal franchise within the video gaming industry.

This means that Ubisoft needed to keep their players interested by creating a new variety of games in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Their answer was Assassin’s Creeds: Chronicles.

Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles includes 3 separate games:

  • China
  • India
  • Russia

The trilogy started by releasing China in 2015; Russia and India soon followed in 2016. All being very diverse in comparison to the original franchise.

Recently, I played Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China as it was free with an Xbox live gold membership.

To be completely honest— I loved it!


I loved how Ubisoft created this game in a completely different light, however keeping some aspects of the original franchise within the Chronicles trilogy.

I asked frequent gamer and good friend of mine on his thoughts of the game play and he said:

it looks really good for a 2.5D platform and the stealth was incorporated very brilliantly.

How is the style different to the original franchise?

This game is very reminiscent of the old platform games, therefore bringing back the old school vibe of 2D platform games.

This Assassin’s Creed trilogy is based around 2D platformers such as:

  • Mario
  • Little Big Planet
  • Sonic
  • Broforce

But why would anyone consider these types of games anymore? They’re so retro!

But that is what is so precious about 2D platformers – they tone the level of hardcore gaming down. They concentrate on the brilliance of the story and the characters rather than worrying about detailed aspects that come with modern gaming.

Take Super Mario for example.

I bet a lot of players didn’t know much about that tiny, Italian Plumber (some probably didn’t even know he was a plumber.) Despite that, everyone still knew how to play the game!

The objectives could be easily worked out: run to the right, don’t die, and get to the end.

The aspects about how the game worked didn’t over complicate players with complex stories, buttons and functions, side stories and multiple directions to run in and by doing it this way, it can make the game a whole lot more fun.



This Assassin’s Creed trilogy does have aspects which creates uniqueness and makes it stand out from its predecessors.

You could almost say it’s a 2.5D platformer because of the way you interact with your surroundings, making it more realistic and more towards the original Assassin’s Creed style rather than the retro platformer games like Super Mario.

Instead of just thinking about not dying when playing a game as a plumber, there’s a little bit more thinking required to progress through the levels when playing as an Assassin.

Little Big Planet is a great comparison to the Assassin’s Creed Chronicles trilogy as you go more in depth with your surroundings and having a lot more interaction.

Little Big Planet is more of a puzzle game, and figuring out how to get past that certain level.


You could consider Assassin’s Creed Chronicles as a very similar style as you have to pass guards without alerting them, whilst collecting pieces of the animus shards along the way,

This is all so you can pass the memory sequences and assassinate Zhang Yong at the end of memory sequence 12.

The rest of the Assassin’s Creed franchise is all third person and enables you to explore an unbelievably beautiful world of history, allowing you to free-roam and show off your parkour skills.

As the Chronicles trilogy is a platform game, this limits you greatly to exploration.

Although you are able to free-roam in the world of Assassin’s Creed in the rest of the games, you still need to use stealthy techniques to get through map and complete the memory sequences.

Ubisoft has kept that aspect of the game to make sure it still has the vibe of assassination and history.

What could possibly be bad about it?

Although these set out games may be visually appealing and intriguing, it does lack in some qualities.

After playing China, I didn’t experience much of a story in comparison to the other Assassin’s Creed games.

Throughout each memory sequence you can find chests containing scrolls which explains further about the situations you are in or about the characters involved.

For example Scroll 1 gives us a character description of the ‘newly trained’ assassin, Shao Jun, who was born in 1505 in imperial captivity.

There isn’t really any cut scenes. However, in between each memory sequence the historical Far East is replaced with watercolour paintings, involving calligraphic pen strokes which focus on certain attacks and moves.

In some ways, this trilogy can be exciting as it’s reminiscent of old school games, however it may not be seen as enjoyable as it could be as it has lost the touch of discovering your way around a specific area.

From personal experience of playing this game, I found it quite easy to get through, and I got through it extremely quickly as it is a very short game, including 12 memory sequences which on average take about 10-20 minutes each.

Some memory sequences are slightly longer. Memory 5, 10 and 12 took me on average about 5 minutes to complete but then memory 3 took me 27 minutes.  All adding up to around 3 hours and 40 minutes for the entire game.

That is still incredibly short for a video game, don’t you think?

Especially when you compare it to the rest of the franchise; much longer, more difficult and more enjoyable to play. A lot of players love a challenge when it comes to video games.

Trust me, it is a lot more thrilling.

Overall thoughts?

Despite the negatives, I still did enjoy it and I loved how it created a ‘Retro Vibe’ . Personally, Assassin’s Creed is my favourite franchise so to be completely honest I would enjoy it no matter what.

What other modern 2D platform games do you love? Tell us in the comments below!

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A series of gaming announcements have been made this week but the news most talked about is the PS4 Pro and Xbox 1S.

But no has ever seemed to convey how these new consoles would actually benefit me. This will probably be because no one really knows anything about it.

So I’m guessing a number of people also have a lot of questions.

To help you lovely people out, I thought I’d do a bit of research into what makes these consoles so great (or not so great).

In this article, you will discover:

  • What these console have to offer
  • How they differ from their predecessors
  • Which one will be better

To kick us off:

PS4 Pro


Off the bat, this console only differs visually from the original PS4 thanks to an extra strip on the front; obviously not what I’d be paying the extra money for.

The new console brings a whole new variety of specs with it. Your bog standard HD graphics will be a thing of the past once the PS4 Pro is released as it will feature Ultra HD!

Given that your TV is compatible, you can play games and stream shows in the most realistic definition available as your console supports 4K HDR. This is thanks to the graphics processor being twice as fast the original PS4.

Along with better graphics, you can also enjoy higher frame rates (even in those intense high speed games) as well as running games faster meaning your gaming experience will be smoother and a whole lot more realistic.

A list of games has already been released that is said to support the new function including Tramadol Eu Online.


This new console is said to be created for the release of PSVR, the virtual reality headset designed to be used with the latest playstation console.

The previous PS4 could not compete with frame rates needed for an enjoyable VR experience – the lack of frame rates could lead to problems such as motion sickness.


this new console should defeat this problem all together.

The pS4 Pro is expected to cost about £50 more than the original and will be released on the 10th November.

There is an update expected for all PS4 owners that will let their consoles support HDR meaning more accurate colour grading but this does not mean that there console will be able to catch up with the PS4 Pro.

If you’re not planning on updating your console,

Do not fear!

Sony are still intending to make games compatible for both the PS4 Pro and the PS4.

Time to see our other competitor:

Xbox 1S


The noticeable thing about the new Xbox is its size.

The Xbox 1S is 40% smaller than the Xbox 1 so for those of you trying to save on room space, this maybe an ideal option.

Not only that, it comes with a funky stand to make storing it even easier.

Now for the cool bit.

The controller has had a face lift to optimize play:

  • Bluetooth so it can connect to your windows 10 PC or phone
  • Sleeker design and added grip on the back
  • Get upto twice the wireless range as the previous controller.


Not only has the controller been optimized, features on the console have as well.

The Xbox 1S will also support 4k and HDR and will even feature a 4K Blu-Ray Player! Snazzy! Stream, watch, and play in Ultra HD.

Enjoy the latest releases of games as well as your Xbox 360 favourites.

They have even made the on button an actual button so that it isn’t too easy to turn off (we know how frustrating that can be).

Now for my favourite bit:

The console is equipped with an internal power supply. 

Im impressed to see that Microsoft have not only looked to match the specs of its competitor but is actually looking for ways to make gaming that little bit easier, setting up and playing your favourite games no longer has to be a task.

The Xbox 1S is out now and can be as much as £100 cheaper than the PS4 Pro. I don’t want to influence you in which console is better but it can be quite hard to hide it sometimes.

Which one is better?

We must remember, this decision is coming from the information that I have discovered regarding the two consoles and it’s funny to say I’m quite disappointed with my decision.

Since the beginning of time – well, as long as I can remember – I have always been a playstation fan.

But I have to say that the Xbox 1S is looking a lot better than the PS4 Pro.

While both consoles have seriously improved gameplay with the addition of 4K and HDR, Xbox have taken it a step further and improved functionality all together.

They have considered everything that was wrong with the Xbox 1 and looked to make the Xbox 1S the most advanced console yet.

And somehow, this console is still cheaper.

Sony have made it seem that the latest playstation is only so the PSVR can actually compete with other leading VR headsets.

It’s also peculiar that Sony didn’t include a 4K Blu-Ray Player on the PS4 Pro given that they were the first ones to introduce a Blu-Ray Player to a console with the PS3.

I know which console I’ll be buying next. How about you? Let me know in the comments below on which console takes your fancy.

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Rebel Galaxy is a new Indie open world space trucking game.

Released in October of last year Rebel Galaxy is the most recent game to come out of the “space hype” that I think is going round at the moment.

What do I mean by this hype?

Well in the older days of gaming (and the early days of star wars) there were many games devoted to exploring or fighting amongst the stars, however, recently this passion has dwindled.

The only massive game franchises that are vaguely space themed now are Mass Effect and Halo. But they’re just shooters set in space and not a true space game in my opinion.

Due almost entirely to the reawakening (get the pun?) of the star wars franchise many new space based games have cropped up.

So where does Rebel Galaxy fit into this?

As I said earlier Rebel Galaxy is an ambitious open world (technically open galaxy) game.

You can pursue many routes in your time including:

  • Trading
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Pirate-ing (is that a thing?)

I will talk about some of these ‘jobs’ if you want to call them that later.

Any of these take your fancy?

If not:

I guess you can just take the simple route and do the main campaign missions, although I do wish you the best of luck with that because it would be almost CERTAIN suicide.

For example:

Rebel Galaxy relies on the player taking on side quests to further improve their ship and their combat effectiveness, or their ability to run away I guess.

So what are the main campaigns / side quests?

Main Campaign

Whilst I myself have not yet completed the campaign  (Although the taste I’ve had so far is good), it can become a bit repetitive at times.

A considerable amount of the missions involve going to one place, fighting people, and coming back (in one piece).


To be honest this is a game that can do that very well as each encounter still feels very different in very subtle ways.

The amount of different ships means that no two skirmishes are the same and this, along with random encounters on the way to your destination, makes for some very enjoyable game play.

The Side Quests

There are an incredible amount of side quests and each one has different rewards which cause different interactions with factions.

Whilst the factions are, in my opinion, underdeveloped the missions you have to do are still quite fun.

Don’t worry though:

As you progress through the game each quest earns you more money whilst becoming increasingly difficult.

Side Quests

Of course the more money you earns obviously relates to nicer stuff for you!


This leads me into the ship customisation, which there is A LOT of. (so make sure to pay attention)

Weapons, Defence and Components

Weapons, Defence and Components

Now, there’s a whole load of different weapon and defence types that basically show you what sort of level you are at. Without using an explicit levelling system.

Each different weapon you buy and equip will effect your play style for example; when playing with Tachyon Cannons you’re likely going to be getting up close and personal with your enemies to blast them away.

You’ll have to learn how each new weapon works and when is the best time to use them.

There’s also different shield types which also change how you play.

Do you buy the shield that can take a lot of damage but recharges slowly, or do you go for the low damage resistance with fast recharge time?

All these choices matter when deciding on customising your ship.

Moar Ships Whaaat?

The Mastadon

So, the picture above is my current ship betsy, don’t mock it.

It is a beautiful little ship and I’m in love with it.

This is only the second ship in the game that you can use and is the same class as the starting ship.

In total there are eight different classes of ship ranging from Corvette to Dreadnaught.

Whilst each ship has different attributes each class is slightly similar.

Below is the Manticore which is the highest class of ship you can get at the start of the game but it is by no means the highest class in the whole game.



The combat in Rebel Galaxy shares a lot with the naval combat in Assassins Creed: Black Flag, but far more fun as it is in space.

You have your usual broadsides to blitz people with and you get a multitude of other weapons that can either be AI or manually controlled.

It’s very satisfying to blast your enemies away with your broadsides and see them disappear in a massive explosion.


But Josh what if I don’t want to fight people?

Well then you can trade of course!

Comodities market

So above is the Commodities Market that is essential to understand if you want to make any money whatsoever.

The graph on the right shows the history of the price of the product and the age old saying of “buy low, sell high” comes into play.

You can of course make the market your own though!

Every action has a consequence

If you intercept a trade convoy on its way to a station you can influence the prices of many products so that you can earn more money!

Bars and NPCs

I have to admit that the voice acting of the NPCs is amazing in this game, except the alien languages which are just noises.

For the remainder of English speaking voice actors their work is great so hats off to them!

Each conversation with a key NPC has many dialogue routes that will affect the outcome and possible story routes, it could also earn you more money which is always nice!

You also get to interact with NPCs at bars like this handsome fellow


These barkeeps can give you some amazing insight to what is happening in your star system.


This information is not always the best as during the 10 minutes it takes to cross the solar system the bounty for example could have already disappeared.

The MASSIVE Map at your fingertips

So as I just said it can take about 10 minutes to cross one solar system and each game has 14 solar systems with jump gates linking them.

This is a picture of the starting system I had on my play through and then the whole galaxy so you can get a feel for what the area is like.

System map

Galaxy map

So Yeah…

There’s A LOT of places to explore.

Each galaxy and system is procedurally generated so no two games are the same.

To get round this massive map Rebel Galaxy has a warping mechanic to zip around the solar system.

And it is a truly beautiful thing to behold.

Another Warp

In Summary

If you like space you will love this game. It’s well acted and the mechanics are on point.

Click Order Tramadol Cod Only to see Rebel Galaxy on steam for only £14.99!

If you’re still not sure check out the trailer below!

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With the new year recently started we wanted to do a round up of our best and most enjoyable games of the decade.

So we put on our nostalgic gaming hats and put fingers to keyboards to give you our list.

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod

Call of duty 4 - Games of the Decade

Now I think that everyone remembers this game probably because of the mission “All Ghillied Up”

Crawling past the Russian soldiers and APCs and realising how bad of a decision it was to shoot them and try to hold off their force.

Its on this list because of the unique campaign missions that were very enjoyable but also the multiplayer maps that caused havoc amongst some friends.

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Battlefield 3 - Games of the Decade

Battlefield 3 was undoubtedly one of the best games to have existed.

Some of my best memories came from Battlefield 3 one such memory is when me and my friend Calum flew around the Golf of Oman in an attack helicopter and repeatedly destroyed the bush wookie snipers.

The co-op missions were enjoyable to play as they felt like each one was different. It is on the list because we all love the destruction of our favourite maps such as Operation Metro or hitting an incredible shot such as a 5 man multi kill whilst in a tank.

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Halo Reach - Games of the Decade

Halo: Reach was the first Halo game that allowed you to use your customised spartan in the campaign but that is because it didn’t feature Master Chief.

However, Reach gave us some of the most fun that we have ever had in the crazy forge maps like Jenga or the mongoose races but the best was definitely Infected.

Infected was one of the tensest games that you could play especially when you were the last alive. Reach is on our list as it gave us some of the funniest times that we have ever had.

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Call of Duty World at War - Games of the Decade

World at War has got to be the best Call of Duty without question and the reasons for this are its use of historical events which stood out to me and a lot of my friends, being able to blow off peoples legs or arms and the first Call of Duty to have zombies.

Zombie mode gave us a lot more replayability but also some frustration. World at War is on the list because of everything about it as it gave a lot of replay ability and entertainment.

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Skyrim - Games of the Decade

Skyrim is one of the best RPGs that you can play for months, possibly years because there is soo much to do especially on PC where there is a huge active community that are constantly releasing content ranging from armour sets to companions.

Skyrim has so much replayability that you can sometimes just get lost in possible options.

I remember not completing the Whiterun quests and I didn’t have a single random dragon attack for the rest of my playtime. Skyrim is a game of the decade because is just so enjoyable to play and it has nearly unlimited content.

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Minecraft - Games of the Decade

Minecraft continues to take the world by storm with ever expanding updates that improve game play.

It is one of the most popular games in the world at the moment and has millions of users world wide.

Possibilities in this game are endless and hence the game is also endlessly replayable!

I have had many hilarious memories in this game and that is why it’s on the list.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 - Games of the Decade

Grand Theft Auto 5 caused mass excitement when it had been teased and everyone loves the fun activities that you and your friends can get up to.

GTA V has is constantly being updated with new content such as new vehicles and weapons for players to customise and show off. GTA missions allow players to complete activities with random players or with your friends and this can cause a lot of fun.

One mission I was playing had a random player driving his fully customised and upgraded his smart car but of course it was still slow so we had to wait but it gave me a lot of entertainment.

Why is GTA V on the list you may ask and the simple reason is… it’s awesome.

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Runescape - Games of the Decade

Now where do I start with Runescape.

This game was my whole childhood because there was so much for me to do and it was just a simple point and click game that has recently evolved.

Update after update gave me and my friends hours of excitement after school. I have had times of sheer happiness when I completed a difficult quest or when I got a cool weapon but I have also had times of rage when I died and lost a lot of my gear.

My most memorable time of Runescape was the final boss of the “Grand Tree Quest” which my friends has said was very hard. So I spent a lot of gold buying weapons, armour and ammo to fight the boss only to find that I had gotten the boss stuck and was free to hit him… The ten minute fight that came after was rather underwhelming.

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Rainbow 6 - Games of the Decade

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was one of my favourite childhood games because it gave me the ability to be a military operator and customise him to my liking.

I remember playing the campaign multiple times with different friends but it was still fun every time.

When I unlocked the riot shield I felt immortal and just continued to play for weeks just using the riot shield.

Why Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and not Rainbow Six Siege?

Well Siege is more multiplayer based and in my opinion a lot harder but definitely still one of my favourite games. However, Vegas 2 gives players who are new to shooters the possibility to practice their skills in the single player.

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Payday 2 - Games of the Decade

Payday 2 has recently grown to one of the most popular games in the gaming world and I can see why because it has a lot of content and different ways to play that reward in different ways.

Overkill are constantly releasing new masks and weapons that keep players interested.

Me and my friends have spent days playing Payday and we either fail hard, fail less or don’t fail at all but at the end of day we had fun robbing banks and gangsters.

Payday has an incredible customisation for its masks because there are soo many possibilities you probably won’t find most of them.

What do you think of our Games of the Decade?

Share your thoughts below in the comments!

And be sure to check out the video Order Tramadol Mexico!

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With so many must have games, 2016 is evidently going to be a great year for video games.

For this article:

  • We looked at some of the best games that caught our attention
  • We talk about why each one deserves a place on this list

Remember: when making this list we felt that these games are a must have for many gamers, but they don’t apply to everyones play style.

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Quantum Break sh

Quantum Break has you controlling time in order to stop the Monarch corporation founded by Paul Serene, the main antagonist who also has the ability to control time.

The reason that Quantum Break is on this list is due to the brilliant concept of controlling time.

Come on now: how many people in the world would love this power?

Well, Quantum Break allows these people to do just that (within a game of course)

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For Honor is a medieval fighting game that has you fighting as either the:

  • Feared Viking warriors
  • Noble Knights
  • Honorable Samurai

Players can customize everything about their warrior from the gender all the way to the deadly weapons used to annihilate their enemies.

But why is this a must have?

The idea that three of the deadliest nations to have ever reigned, have come together to fight in one large scale war.

It sends shivers through you just thinking about it.

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No Mans Sky is an adventure survival game that has players explore a randomly generated planet from a list of over 18 quintillion planets.

(Yes you read that right)

Throughout the game you also gain materials on your travels and they can be used to upgrade your ship and trade with other players.

Buying Tramadol Online Reviews is a must have because of its revolutionary feature of procedural generation.

None of the worlds within the game have been custom made by a developer.


Each one of these worlds including its occupancy has been generated by a computer.

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews


Remember that one game that you used to spend all your time on when you were younger?

Well this is its newer, slightly more polished looking version.

Ratchet and Clank is the game that many gamers have played, loved and then replayed due to its humor and simplicity.

Well with 2016 comes a brand new look!

We can almost guarantee that Ratchet and Clank is going to take the gaming industry by storm this year as gamers experience that sweet, sweet nostalgia

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is a post-apocalyptic Tramadol Buy Overnight.

You find yourself exploring New York, fighting off gangs as well as other players in order to get the best loot and become the best damn agent you can.

Now its all well and good saying this is a must have game for 2016, but what about its features?

Glad you asked.

Off the bat The Division is an open world co-op survival.

This means you to get to explore a ruined New York in all its glory whilst you and your friends, kill other players or join forces to fight bigger threats.

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Finally. The wait is finally over…

With the first Doom (1993) being the most influential and significant within the gaming industry we can expect big things. (Fingers crossed)

The new Doom comes complete with a stunning new engine that allows you to enjoy all the guts and gore you could ever dream off. (In spectacular style of course)

Being the Upcoming reboot here’s what we can expect:

  • Classic weapons such as the super shotgun
  • Brand new over the top badass weaponry.
  • An ode to the original release

At this point in time its too hard to confirm, but here’s hoping.

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This series has been known for its rage quits and it’s frustrating game play.


Unlike most games, Dark Souls requires speed and Strategy which we can all agree makes the game A LOT more intense.

One wrong move and it’s game over for you…

They’ve stuck with the same amazing concept through the series so why change now?

Buying Tramadol Thailand


Deus Ex has been one of the most entertaining games for us as it has many different ways of completing objectives.

From stealthy short cuts to all guns blazing, there’s a play style for everyone.

Looking at what we enjoyed most about the last Deus Ex, (Human Revolution, 2011) was the detailed animations which we more than hope they include in the latest installment.

Like all the other games in the series, Deus Ex has always successfully delivered with all the way up to the Action cut scenes.

Definitely look forward for this game.

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Ghost Recon is an amazing concept of open world exploring all set in the real life continent of the good old South America.

This game stood out due to the incredible co-op play that allows you to play in different ways or just mess around and explore.

Ubisoft, the creators of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, have clearly outdone themself with this one.

But why you ask?

With a brand new engine you can explore the uncharted continent of South America complete with the very best graphics 2016 games have to offer. (Lets hope this one doesn’t end up like another watchdogs)

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The Mass Effect series has one of the most in depth story lines and lore

And it clearly shows through the anticipation from the swarms of Mass effect fans eager to get their hands on a copy.

With all this taken into consideration, it makes it really fun to read up and get a better idea of the story and information on enemies and events.

The decision making aspect of Mass Effect is intuitive to use as you can be an ass to people, be their friend or just ignore the decisions and leave them.

But nobody likes an ass now? Do they?

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This outstanding fighter tore through the gaming industry when it was newly released.

Being one of the first of its kind it gained immense popularity for arcade gamers.

The combined publishers of Street Fighter have used the game’s popularity as a momentum to propel them into an ever changing gaming industry.

Gamers will thoroughly enjoy the latest installment of street fighter as you can experience the classic fighting in an new beautiful engine.

Cheapest Tramadol


Recore see’s you as one of the last humans on Earth

Although, you’re not entirely alone:

Exploring the desert you find and resurrect robots and companions that can help and aid you with your objectives.

The entire concept of the game is truly amazing and with a stunning new perspective on game styling, the game-play looks simply beautiful.

Hopefully, this gives you alot to think about when faced with daunting decision on what must have game to buy.

If you think we’ve missed any out make sure to let me know in the comments below and it may be added to the list!

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Tramadol Online Nz

There are many games that gamers around the world play to death. (quite literally in some cases)

In this article I explore:

  • What these games are?
  • Why they are here?
  • How addictive are they?

Here are a few that I think are the MOST addictive games.

Buy Arrow Tramadol

Order Cheap Tramadol Online

Let’s kick things off with the game that has the largest concurrent user base on steam. Valve’s very own Dota 2.

So why is it here? Why is it SO addictive?

Well it is here because at the time of writing it has a peak of 768,351 concurrent users, that’s a whole lot of people playing one game! It also has a thriving esports following with the top 4 prize pools being for Dota 2.

Some reasons it’s addictive:

  • It is FREE!!!!
  • It is competitive

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Order Tramadol Canada

Another hit from Valve here is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). This wonderful game (in my opinion) takes the second spot on the popularity list for steam games with a peak of 580,061 concurrent users.

CS:GO is the fourth game in the series and is by far the most popular. Again, it has a massive presence on the esports scene which helps because you compare yourself to the pros.

The competitive nature again pushes us towards that elusive Global Elite rank that we can see but not reach. Also the skins are addictive in their own right, having a better knife than someone gives you a feeling of superiority. And that is good.


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Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping

Here we have a classic PC game and the front runner in MMO titles: World of Warcraft.

Being an MMO WoW offers hundreds of quests and different things to do throughout your time playing. This causes players all over the world to play for hours on end trying to discover everything the immersive world has to offer.

A bonus for WoW would be that it has parts of the game that are free to play this makes the game easier to start and get addicted to.

It is such a large game now that the company that owns it, Blizzard Entertainment, even have their own event: Blizzcon

And of course we all remember the viral Buying Tramadol Online Legal video right?


Is Tramadol Illegal To Buy Online

Order Tramadol Overnight

As stated in our Get Tramadol Online article Team Fortress needs no introduction.

Even though it is many years old now it still has thousands of users playing.

This is probably due to it being free to play and just generally a stress free gaming experience. As you don’t have to worry about a rank or winning it becomes a easy game to lose yourself in.


Cheap Tramadol Uk

Tramadol Online Usa

Going back to a classic retro game for this one.

Tetris has been out now for a huge 31 years! In this time it has had countless remakes and many people have tried to accomplish the infamous grand master difficulty with many not achieving this.

This game has spanned generations and now with app versions has allowed us to be addicted on the go!


Buying Tramadol In Mexico

Order Tramadol Cash On Delivery

This has to be one of the most fundamental PC gaming series ever.

I would be shocked if you haven’t played one of the games in this series.

Even though in recent years it hasn’t been as popular as it used to be The Sims is still addictive due to the fact you can live an alternate life.

You can be a writer, office worker and even be a thief! The possibilities are endless with this game and that is why it is addictive.

You can live a life quickly and however you want.


Tramadol Buying Online

Best Tramadol Online

Ever since the fourth entry to this series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, COD has been projected into the centre of staple console games.

Every yearly iteration of this game has hundreds of thousands of players online and in the single player (yes even COD: Ghosts).

With nine games each offering an exciting story line and multiplayer I can see why these games are so addictive.


Tramadol Online Shop Inrikes

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As the only 4X game on this list Civilisation V is also holding the place of most 4X games.

I have spent hours and hours perfecting my skill against the AI only to have all that effort slapped in my face by my friend Isaac.

The core game itself doesn’t lend to being addictive however with all the expansions available the game opens up to many possible tactics to try, then to perfect, then to fail to employ against your better friend. Damn you Isaac.

Also, the hilarity of crushing your friends pikemen with Giant Death Robots never gets old.


Can You Purchase Tramadol Online

Tramadol Where To Buy Uk

Starcraft has the perfect blend of science fiction and old school real time strategy thrills leading to it being incredibly addictive.

Don’t believe me? Well in 2005 a South-Korean man DIED after playing the game for a whole 50 hours straight.

So yeah, it is pretty damn addictive.


Purchase Tramadol For Dogs

Best Way To Order Tramadol Online

Seen as Fallout 4 made its debut earlier this year and destroyed attention for any other releases that were even around the same day *cough* Rise of the Tomb Raider *cough*

I know many of the DoubleUpGaming team members have already been playing it for hours on end.

This spot however is for all Fallout games as they have set the bar for a genre and have held many players in its tight grasp for hours and hours.


Tramadol Buy Usa

Tramadol Order Online Cod

Quite obviously Minecraft had to come to this list at some point so why not save the best til last?

Minecraft has proved to be so addictive that there is now an event dedicated to the game: Minecon. There have also been countless games that have tried to replicate Minecraft’s success however none have even come close.

Also rumor has it that Minecraft’s concurrent user list rivals Dota 2 and even surpasses it. Although seen as it isn’t on Steam this data is harder to come across.


All in all a list of good games that are incredibly addicting.

Do you agree with our list? Have any games that you feel were left out? Tell us in the comments!