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Gaming to be taught in college

The gaming landscape has transformed tremendously in the last decade. People can actually now make a living playing video games via YouTube, competitions, through advertising revenue, for example. A lot of young people are now choosing this as a career option spending 8 or more hours a day in front of their computers.

Despite some scepticism in this area – yes you can actually make a living by playing video games!

Recently, one of the top schools in South Korea, the Chung-Ang University, announced that it will be accepting computer gamers as athletes. This is due to the fact that eSports has become such a popular thing today and people who take part in such competitive area  need training. Being able to have computer gaming recognized as an education skill is more than impressive and surprising as video gaming has always been seen mostly as a bad thing by parents, teachers and educational institutions.

The Robert Morris University in Illinois, United States, has also added eSports to its athletic program. Not only that, but it also offers a scholarship to professional gamers. Most of the gamers that have signed up to the eSports athletic program are League of Legends professionals, but as time passes it is expected that different kind of games will be accepted to this program.


MOBA games are perfect for a competitive gaming mix, with shooters and sports games also developing  large fan bases.  Certainly in the future we will be seeing  more and more games being added to the eSports athletic programs.

Hopefully many more colleges will adhere to this idea going forward recognizing the fact that professional gaming is a career move which young people can make a living out off. Just like any other skill or job, this one also needs to be learned with training available – so having a special class in college that helps with this will  certainly be very useful.

The US government even awarded visas to professional gamers, so this can literally change the life of a gamer. By enrolling in such a program any gamer can receive the training and tips that are needed to achieve their best performance.


Games like League of Legends or DOTA are quickly expanding with millions of people playing them daily. Even if not all of them  reach the professional gaming competition stage, it cannot be ignored how large the gamer masses are – and how it is growing – and the importance of supporting the professional gamers to get the help they deserve when it comes to improving their skills and knowledge.

Having eSports recognized by colleges shows that competitive gaming has literally stepped out of the virtual world and entered into a new reality. It does, however, remains to be seen if this will be globally accepted, but for now even having a few colleges to admit the importance of professional gaming is just brilliant.

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New UI changes to Battlefield 4

Battlefields UI sucks… Its not as bad as some games we have seen but it can certainly be improved!

The casual noob that has never laid eyes on a Battlefield game would find it difficult to even comprehend what they are looking at. In light of this Battlefield developers Dice have decided enough is enough and it is time to release a HUD clutter fix.

The above video shows how you can completely customise you HUD experience by adding a range of new settings. Icon visibility, Info zoom and visual recoil are just some of things you can now change to make your experience alot better

You may be thinking that in fact the current state of the battlefield UI is fine

Yes it may be fine, but  have you ever accidently misunderstood an enemy for friendly? Have you ever been in a tight situation and found it difficult to look beyond the icons that glare you in the eye from every direction?

I hate how the screen fills with really prominent colours of m-coms or flags and stuff it’s really off putting.

Well these are just some of the problems the new Battlefield HUD clutter fix will improve upon. In a life or death gaming situation these simple elements could be the make or break of whether you survive or not.  By giving the flexibility of being able to make it just right and how you like it, players will see that their skill and enjoyability will increase.


Will these changes go over to Hardline?

Thats the beauty of it! Any changes made to Battlefield 4, or Hardline for that matter, will be directly interchangeable. This means we no longer have to wait for pointless crossovers that sometimes take months in advance to implement – we can now see instant changes throughout both games, keeping all the players happy.

As many of you may know. Hardline is built on the same engine as Battlefield 4 and features the same amazing graphics that we all love. If you’re a fan of these changes you will be more than happy to know that along side these changes you can also expect the net code update too.

Let us know your thoughts of the updates, are they really needed?

I want to hear what you have to say on the matter.  Is it enough that these new features are only just being implemented nearly a year after its initial release? Do you think that these changes will increase your gameplay experience?

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Destiny – an in depth look

Destiny is the latest big game to be announced by Bungie, the studio responsible for the Halo franchise, and Activision, creators of Call Of Duty.

It is a MMORPG based on a dystopian solar system, within which humans have colonised planets beyond the Earth. One city remains after the Traveller arrived at Earth and its enemies followed and destroying the majority of humanity.

An MMO thats a ‘shared-world shooter’

Bungie refuses to call this game a ‘MMO’ instead they insist that it is a ‘shared-world shooter’. You play the role of a Guardian, a protector of the last city. You choose from one of three roles, Titan, Warlock or Hunter. Titan is your melee role with brute force and “in-your face” play style. Walock is the mage in the group using Damage over time effects and explosions to dispatch enemies. Hunter is the agile hard to hit gunslinger that eliminates enemies whilst dodging what is being thrown at him. Currently the game has been announced to be released on PS4, PS3, Xbox one and Xbox 360. This is a game that has been developed on the PC and yet they are not releasing the game on the PC platform – as a PC gamer this very disappointing! They are developing the game for four consoles which is a big task on its own without throwing in the fourth platform which is also technically challenging – another reason for the lack of a PC game. However this does not cross out the possibility for a PC version to come in the but not on initial release. 1st_Person_Screenshot_3

Breath Taking scenery with a long wait on the side

The Alpha for the game was released at E3 and plenty of people have shared their opinions- mostly positive. The game has two very distinct PVE and PVP sides. When I saw the gameplay from the Alpha (as a player of various online adventure games), I thought that there were a lot of menus to go through, and with a lobby to wait for players to join you, I felt like I was sitting around when I could have been browsing through shops. The vendor are of the game is called ‘The Tower’ this is where you can socialise with players as well as pick up new gear and bounties. You come here to spend the glimmer (currency) you have collected from the missions you have completed and picked up off corpses. Some of the vendors in the area have their stock refreshed periodically so that there is new and fresh gear to choose from every time you visit. From here you can join the queue for either the PVP or PVE side of the game and jump into the action. Many comments have been received from gamers that the scenery around the tower is breath-taking. The game feels very Halo – which as it is made by Bungie it is not surprising, This is not a bad thing as Halo has phenomenal gameplay. Throughout the game you collect or purchase armour and weapons which are used both in the PVP and PVE areas. It will be interesting to see how they balance this in PVP; as in the Alpha there are players who are clearly overpowered as they have collected considerably better gear. The_Tower_Hangar

Fly in from above and demolish your opponent

PVP within Destiny is based in the crucible. As everyone in the game chooses a class they all have different roles and play styles within the PVP scene. The main difference I see in PVP is the abilities, I have seen a group of people run around a corner with a few team mates and have a player bear down on them as they fly in from above demolishing the entire group in a giant flash as they hit the floor. The game offers the chance to change your load-out mid game at the cost of being vulnerable as you play around in menus and you don’t even have to wait for your next respawn for this to take effect (you can change from an assault rifle to a shotgun mid game if you wish to do so).

Destiny or tragedy?

Only the future will hold the truth behind whether or not Destiny will go down as well as Bungie hopes. For now if you have a console you can actually join the the Destiny beta by pre ordering it and redeeming your code. If you also have a bit of spare time you can check out some indie games to play until the official beta / game comes out.

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What happened to GTA V? Hiests, Next Gen, Maps…

Jam packed with epic gun battles and thrill seekers enjoyment, the initial release of GTA V Seemed like a success. But did it really go down as most people thought?

Despite the rocky launch of GTA V’s Servers, Rockstar cemented the game in history by breaking 7 world records and an amazing 11.21 million units sold in its first 24 hours of release. Many people have commented on the next gen graphics, surround sound audio and open world multiplayer; saying how this has “truly revolutionised gaming for the good”. However it is a question, did these comments get caught up in the initial hype of the major run up to the games release or do these comments reflect on the true nature of the game.

I for one believe that the console generation has been conned

GTA V Heists

We were promised unbelievable content which so far has failed to turn up. We were promised a large open world when in fact only a handful of the building are a actually accessible. But most of all we were promised to receive an on going enjoyment that would last on years on end… how is this going to work when they cant even be bothered to bring the game over to next gen consoles or pc for that matter?

Over coming the obvious floors in what actually is a very well made game the game does deserve recognition where granted and Rockstar Games should celebrate the achievements they have achieved. However where are our hiest we have been waiting for since, what now? 7 Months! In a recent up date from Rockstar games we have been told that we can expect these to being coming to all users as soon as this spring but this is too late for most and a real let down. 

GTA V Garage

Overall the game gets a decent fps on all consoles alike which adds to the great video quality and the audio is fantastic (featuring some of my most favourite songs from the 80’s to modern rap). In spite of this the game play / seamless experience has been heavily let down in the long run  due to the repeated un-delivered
DLC content and vast amounts of useless space within the map in a bid to make it larger.