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EA have been renowned throughout the gaming industry for their astonishing history of games released over their 34 years of creating and publishing games.

You will have come across them from their highly-demanded, gaming series such as FIFA, Battlefield, and The Sims.


More recently, they have raised many questions regarding their pricing strategies of their products.

One thing you learn very quickly is that you can rarely buy a full game from EA; all their games come with a variety of expensive microtransactions and DLCs.

And by now, you’ll have heard about all the kerfuffle about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II – it’s pretty hard to ignore the angry cries of millions of Battlefront fans.

But what truly is the source of the problem?

Players have had enough of paying extortionate prices.


This is certainly not a new problem for us gaming fanatics.

Gaming companies have been finding new ways to make your games cost a fortune and today, these add ons come in all shapes and sizes.

And EA have reached a peak in testing how far it can charge its fans.

For Battlefront II, in order to unlock all the game has to offer, you’d have to pay $2,100 on top of the $59.99 you paid for the game.

That’s almost 3 months rent in London: one of the most expensive places to live in the world!

Alternatively, Order Tramadol Online Cod OvernightThat’s about 27 weeks of gameplay.

Of course, it is ridiculous to be asking this of fans and it comes as no surprise that EA received a lot of backlash because of this.

Reddit Took Over the Internet.

Reddit was one of the main social media platforms to bring this problem to light.

One redditor, u/MMBMaverick complained how they had Ultram Tramadol Online

The redditor said “This is a joke. I’ll be contacting EA support for a refund… I can’t even playing f***ing Darth Vader?!?!? Disgusting. This age of “micro-transactions” has gone WAY too far. Leave it to EA though to stretch the boundaries.”

And EA’s response has made history:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.54.42 AM_49970

Not only did Reddit humiliate EA with the most downvoted comment in Reddit history, they were also the ones to force EA to reconsider their money making scheme.

In response, Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk. However, EA later announced they would Tramadol Prescription Online – I don’t think they quite understood the issue.

Reddit also raised the valuable point that the purchase of loot boxes in video games is gambling. 

Belgian Gaming Commission started an investigation on whether Battlefront 2 is violating gambling laws:

Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child.

Koen Geens, Belgian Minister of Justice.

As well as this, Chris Lee, a member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, called Star Wars: Battlefront II “an online casino designed to trap little kids” and wants to ban these microtransactions in Hawaii.

Due to all of this hoo-ha, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was one of the only games to remain fully stocked after the black friday sales:


Call of Duty: WWII has sold 4 times as many copies in the US than Battlefront 2. While COD does have microtransactions, they certainly don’t cost an arm and a leg and aren’t necessary to enjoy the full game.

EA lost $3 billion in stock value between the launch of Battlefront II and the end of November.

This is not the first time EA has received Criticism

EA has released many games that require paying a lot more money in order to enjoy the full game.

Sims 4 is a classic example of this.

Order Tramadol Overnight Cod.

Basically, to allow your sim to do anything interesting, you’ll have to pay for another expansion pack.

If you want a pet, there’s the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. If you want a good job, there’s the Get to Work expansion pack and so on. Each add on can be costing a similar price to a whole game!


I’m surprised this didn’t create a bigger uproar amongst fans.

Another EA title to receive a negative response for microtransactions is Dead Space 3.

This was another game where players are charged to obtain additional resources though the weapon crafting system.

Players were confused as to why they had to pay more money to unlock items even though they had already spent $60 on the full game!


EA has also been called out for bad practices.

The Consumerist gave EA the title of “Worst Company in America” for 2012 and 2013 – the only company to have the title for two consecutive years. They were also given the Golden Poo trophy.

There is a long list of reasons as to why they won this award including the microtransactions in Dead Space 3, Poor customer service, and EA’s tendency to absorb smaller companies and then ruin their game.

Not only do they treat fans poorly, they have been sued by their own workers!

In 2004, workers commented: “The current mandatory hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.—seven days a week—with the occasional Saturday evening off for good behavior (at 6:30 PM).”

Fortunately, they won their lawsuit and were compensated for all the over time they had worked.

Star Wars Battlefront II Looks Absolutely Phenomenal

It truly is a shame that all of this has happened and EA has made it impossible to play this game because Star Wars Battlefront II looks brilliant.

The graphics are revolutionary offering one of the most immersive experiences; any Star Wars nerd could lose hours in this game.

You can explore popular locations with heros and villains from all eras through the use of many intergalactic vehicles.

There are also a number of game modes to truly make you feel like a part of the films.

And unlike many games that follow movies, the campaign allows you to follow the path of an imperial soldier working for the Empire to try and restore order to the galaxy.

Rather than being forced with the side of the “good guys”, you can also experience stories from the “bad guys” too!


Should You Buy the Game?

Not purchasing the game will finally be giving EA the kick up the butt that they’ve needed for a while. Finally they’ll start to rethink the way they charge their fans.

This is a shame however for the developers as it is obvious that they have put a lot of effort into their game to make an innovative, unique experience for gamers.

My verdict? Wait a while until EA has realised its errors and then find a cheap “Game of the year” copy to enjoy the talent of DICE.

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It’s rare that a video game receives such positive attention on the day of its release.

And it can be particularly difficult for companies to maintain those expectations having hyped their game months before the world can enjoy it.

However, having announced their game at E3 in may, Nintendo have certainly given their fans more than they could ask for with Super Mario Odyssey.

The latest installment in Mario’s sandbox era has taken the world by storm with its inventive gameplay and use of new technology.

Today we are going to explore:

  • What is Super Mario Odyssey?
  • Why is it so popular?
  • Are there any other awesome 3D Platformers?

What is Super Mario Odyssey?

36 Years on from his first appearance, our favourite plumber is exploring the lands of an alternate world with his new companion.

Unsurprisingly to all, Bowser has once again stolen Peach and this time he wants to make it official: he’s going to marry her.

In order to take down the villain, Mario teams up with Cappy whose special talents allow Mario to transform into Goombas, Dinosaurs, inanimate objects and more.

New levels of personalisation have been added to this game as you chose Mario’s outfit and a matching hat. If you want to wear a pair of boxes with a pirate hat while riding a scooter jumping a skipping rope, now you can!


Together, they venture across the globe collecting Power Moons to fuel Cappy’s airship and take down Bowser once and for all (all though, something tells me we’ll see Bowser again in the future).

The World Adores this Game!

Super Mario Odyssey has received a fantastic reception from the world with many 10/10 reviews.

The game was so popular, Nintendo sold 2 million copies during the first 3 days of its release. Many celebrities were eager to play Super Mario again including Mike from Stranger things!

View this post on Instagram

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A post shared by Can You Still Get Tramadol Online (@finnwolfhardofficial) on

This makes us ask the question: why is Super Mario Odyssey so popular?

There are many factors that contributes to the games success, the most obvious one being that it’s Mario. He has a worldwide fan base which has been established for over 30 years – of course everyone wants to play his new game!

But there’s more

Super Mario Odyssey allows its players an incredible amount of freedom you don’t see in many games. Typically, this would mean you can chose the story, the outcome etc. but in this scenario, we are referring to the maps.

In every location, there are hundreds of power moons to collect – each in a more unique location than the last.

In order to progress to the next level, there is a minimum amount of power moons needed however, this number is miniscule compared to the true amount of them hidden.


In total, there is 836 Power moons to find in levels while you only need 124 moons to complete the game! (Some of the 836 are released after the end of the game).

So even as the game has ended, there is still hours of fun to be had with the game as you try to complete it!

Thanks to all of these hidden power moons, the depth of detail in the levels is incredible!

So many hidden paths and areas that lead to further challenges beyond the story of the game add to your gaming experience.

Especially when these challenges involve you transferring Mario into another creation using Cappy!

You never run out of things to do when you explore this game, that’s why fans love it so much!

There are a variety of different terrains to discover, civilizations, cultures – you wouldn’t get this variety of detail from many other games.


A particular function that came as a surprise to most fans was the addition of retro Mario.

Many levels feature green pipes that transform our protagonist into the Mario we once knew and loved.

His new outfits transfer intro retro mode but he only has the controls of the original Mario!


Another reason Super Mario Odyssey has received so much attention is the way it has used the Nintendo Switch controls.

Rather than being another controller based game, players can throw Mario’s cap and have extra ways to control other creatures using the Joycon controllers.

While motion control certainly isn’t new, it is a more engaging and immersive way to enjoy a video game; players can feel more connected with the character they’re controlling.

And the Joycon controllers create an excellent multiplayer mode too as the second player can control Cappy while the first player controls Mario.

Previous Mario Platformers

This is not the first time fans have explored multiple worlds with Mario:

Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 and was the first 3D Platformer for the Mario Bros.

The game was introduced for the Nintendo 64 – one of the first 3D consoles (hence the awesome 3D game).

While the graphics and technology was still new, this game is still considered one of the best to date! Similarly to Super Mario Odyssey, the game received multiple 5 Star and 10/10 reviews.

Mario is invited for afternoon tea at Peach’s castle when Bowser interrupts the festivities and steals the princess, her servants and the 120 Power Stars that power the castle.

With the use of Portals within the castle walls, Mario teleports to multiple universes to collect Power Stars and save the princess.

At the time of its release, Tramadol Online Order Cheap was also becoming popular.

Despite Super Mario 64’s innovating graphics and use of technology, Nintendo developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, was worried that a virtual pet consisting of roughly 20 pixels was going to overtake their game!

Super Mario Sunshine 


Super Mario Sunshine was released in 2002 for Nintendo’s next 3D console: the GameCube.

While some may say that the game didn’t perform as well as its predecessor (looking at the reviews for this game, you could still say that it performed brilliantly), Super Mario Sunshine offered an alternative and refreshing side to Mario gameplay.

Peach and Mario are about to enjoy their holiday on the tropical Isle Delfino.


They soon discover that someone impersonating Mario, who they conveniently name Shadow Mario, is graffiting the Isle and the Shine Sprites that once powered the Isle have now disappeared.

It’s up to Mario and his FLUDD (the machinery on his back) to clear the Graffiti and restore the holiday destination.

It’s nice to explore a plot in which Peach hasn’t been abducted by Bowser and for Mario to be a hero in other ways.

Super Mario Galaxy


I remember excitedly receiving my copy of Super Mario Galaxy when I was young and I absolutely adored it, I still have it today!

Released for Wii in 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was an equally popular game.

You join Rosalina on her journey across the stars collecting Power Stars to power her Comet Observatory and defeat Bowser. As you collect more power stars, new rooms on your ship start to power up and you discover more about Rosalina’s history.

This game is very unique with its platform design. You travel across the galaxy exploring various planets. The particularly small ones mean you can run all the way round them as you view from above.

To aid you on your way, a Luma, that sits under your hat can help defeat enemies.

Similarly to Super Mario Odyssey, this installment added motion controls to the game as you can hurt enemies by waving the Wii remote. You could also point at the screen to collect star bits.

Once again, Super Mario Galaxy was hailed as one of the best video games of all time (I certainly can’t disagree) and received a positive reception from the public.

Nintendo have had a successful line of Mario 3D Platformers


Every Mario platformer has been hailed for their original contributions to the Gaming World and Nintendo have never let its audience down.

With the release of another Mario 3D Platformer, we have been blessed with Super Mario Odyssey and the hours of ingenious gameplay it has bestowed.

The only disappointing thing to come from this is knowing it will be a long wait before we are introduced to the next installment!

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The world has seen a number of iconic, video game heroes since the 70s.

Just to name a few, many gamers can probably recall playing Super Mario, Spyro the Dragon or Ratchet and Clank in their lifetimes.

There’s one classic explorer who has made an impact on gamers lives since the ’90s: Rayman.

Similar to other protagonists, Rayman’s transformation has followed closely to the development of game consoles, finding himself new fighting abilities and comrades over the years.

He is now renowned for being one of Ubisoft’s greatest creations.

Having named his first game as one of the Order Tramadol From China, we are going to explore:

  • Who is Rayman?
  • What Rayman Games have been released over time?
  • Other Games Similar to Rayman?

Rayman: Our Favourite Limbless Hero


Who is Rayman?

How could one possible describe this hero?

Rayman is the brave humanoid that risks his life to save another species under attack. He sports a funky hoodie and trainers rather than armour; something a stereotypical hero would wear.

In fact, in many installments you can dress Rayman to rock any outfit you want! You can use Disco Rayman, Assassin’s Creed Rayman and even Mario Rayman!

The first thing anyone would notice when playing Rayman games is that he doesn’t posses any arms or legs. He does have hands and feet but they magically hover beside his body.

The protagonist was originally designed to be fitted with fully-functional arms and legs but, due to rendering problems, he had to go without.



Thanks to his lack of limbs, his fighting attacks can be taken to the next level! In many games, he throws his fist in order to attack someone from a distance.

His hair also allows him to glide through the air and fly through gusts of wind. This power up known as the “HairlyCopter” makes his hair spin in fast circles like helicopter blades.

Rayman Games: A Timeline

Rayman has a long history behind him.

While many games have been released, we picked the most significant episodes that brought changes to the protagonist and his capabilities.



This was the first game to introduce us to the character.

His appearance is incredibly different to what we now know but you’ve got to admit, he’s so cute!

The game was a platformer where he starts off already known as a hero throughout the Glade of Dreams. He saves the Electoons from the wrath of Mr. Dark, who has stolen the Great Protoon, as he explores different worlds and defeats various boss levels – some great physics lessons in this game.

He releases many trapped Electoons from cages. Vulnerable characters are still seen in cages in Rayman games today.

Betilla the fairy grants him new abilities along the way – many of which are included in more modern games! For example, he learns how to use various attacks and swing from hoops to cross various levels.



Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Exploring the capabilities of the Nintendo 64, Ubisoft decides to explore Rayman in a 3D format; no longer is he a 2D platformer.

His appearance is now similar to the one we know today (except he may have a few more angles in his body shape than we remember but we must bear in mind that the technology didn’t exist).

Despite the angles, this game is said to have raised the standards of 3D gaming and is considered as one of the best games of all time.

Robo-Pirates have threatened to take control of the Glade of Dreams having destroyed many galaxies in its way. It’s up to Rayman and comrade Globox to take them down.

This game introduces us to new friends of Rayman that make reappearances throughout the series. One useful creature being Murphy: “a flying encyclopedia” who guides you along the way. Another popular character is, of course, Globox.

Untitled design
New characters introduced in Rayman 2. From Right to Left: The Teensies, Globox, Murphy

Globox fights alongside Rayman featuring as a multiplayer character in future games.

Finally we meet The Teensies. Having freed them from cages, they offer you help throughout the rest of the game.

Rayman 2 was originally released for Nintendo 64 and Windows but was further released for Dreamcast and PS1 a year later.

An additional special edition version was made for Ps2 titled Rayman: Revolution at the end of 2000.


Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Yet another enemy has decided to destroy peace within Rayman’s land and once again, our hero isn’t having any of it.

A black lumb named Andre (yes the bad guys name is Andre) has gathered and created a group of Hoodlum soldiers to take over the world. Globox and Rayman are ready to tackle him down.

Check out this advert for Rayman 3! So many innuendos in this photo, it’s unbelievable.


This game was released on PS2 and Gamecube with 3D graphics and similar controls to the last instalment.

2D platformers were also developed for Game Boy Advance with this version of the game being the most popular (82% on GBA compared to 80% for PS2). Nevertheless, this game received a great reception.

I have distinct memories of Purchasing Tramadol


Rayman Raving Rabbids

Revolutionizing the very existence of Rayman, this game introduced his arch nemesis: The Raving Rabbids.

Always causing trouble in the weirdest yet most adorable ways, these messed up bunnies had you playing mini games for hours in order to save Rayman.

He has been imprisoned by the Raving Rabbids and has to complete trials in order to receive funky outfits and toilet plungers! Using the plungers, he can eventually build a ladder out of his prison cell to freedom.

The trails are made up of unusual yet hilarious mini games; each weirder than the last.

Due to the popularity of this game, it led to a mini series of games featuring the rabbids in a number of different ways – some of these games didn’t include Rayman. Nevertheless, I have a lot of great memories playing these games.

maxresdefault (1)

Rayman Origins

It has been 8 years since a game focused on Rayman has been released and it was well worth the wait for fans.

Rayman Origins introduced a whole new artstyle; Rayman and his friends have been presented in a way that we have never seen them before.

Ubisoft decided to not focus on the 3D aspect of Rayman and instead, a 2D platformer reminding us of older Rayman games.

The game starts with Rayman, Globox and two Teensies all having a nap after the events of the last game.


Their snoring pesters a granny from the Land of the Livid Dead and she sends many nasty creatures and darktoons to the Glade of Dreams. These beasts capture the electoons and send the world into Chaos.

Therefore, its up to Rayman and co. to fix it! Fortunately, this game supported excellent co op play allowing up to four people to work together to defeat the Darktoons.


Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends is the most popular Rayman game to date. 

The game offers brilliant level design as well as a fantastic artstyle and detailed music to listen to. Everything about this game is divine.

This is another 2D platformer that offers 3D aspects within the game. Boss levels can go deeper into the level as well as popping out of the screen!

And the amount of levels available on this game leads to hours and hours of unique play.

This game follows on directly after the previous game. Having been asleep for 100 years, Rayman is woken up to learn that who they thought they once defeated is still alive and at large. 5 Dark teensies have captured lots of good teensies and its up to you to save them.

My absolute favourite thing about this game is the music levels. 

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Rayman Legends Definitive Edition: His Latest Adventure

And that brings us to present day.

Ubisoft have just released Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch and I absolutely adore it. 

Not only do I get to enjoy this amazing Rayman game, it is also so easy to enjoy with other people thanks to the Joycon controllers and I can take it with me wherever I go!

And Ubisoft have used the Nintendo Switch to make the game even more entertaining.

They have utilised the touch screen to include new ways to interact with the game; destroy enemies, cut ropes and manipulate platforms all with a tap on the screen.


The developers have received a lot of praise for this game. Some redditors shared their thoughts on the platformer:

“Really well made levels, great music and animations and a fantastic sense of humour have made this one of my favorite platformers. I recommend it for anyone.” – Reddit user Kplo

“Not only is the game beautiful and plays amazingly well, but just the fact that is has couch co-op is a god send. Me and my roommate used to play all the time, barely any games have this feature anymore and it’s saddening.” – Reddit User THTIME

“Best platformer in a long time. The added multiplayer is icing on the cake!” – Reddit user lkjhlkjhlkjhlkjhlkjh (what a username!)

Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard

However, I do have a couple of issues.

Levels can take a long time to load. And I mean long.

I expect loading times as long as that to be something of the past yet it still bothers players today.

As well as the loading time, the game has a bit of a latency issue. There are some particular levels where it is almost impossible to complete because you die before you have the chance to move!

Hopefully these issues can be addressed in the near future.

Despite these small flaws, Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is still one of my favourite Nintendo Switch Games.

Games Similar To Rayman

This is not a kept secret but Rayman isn’t the only 2D platformer in the world. We have been graced with other quality platformers in the past:

Ori and the Blind Forest


A white guardian spirit named Ori falls from a tree during a storm and is guided by Sein, the “light and eyes” of the Forest’s Spirit Tree.

Together they solve puzzles and defeat enemies in order to restore the forest and the life within it.

Ori and the Blind Forest was inspired by Rayman Games, no wonder it’s a great platformer!

The art in this game is absolutely stunning and it has won The Game Award for Best Art Direction. The Game features hand-painted artwork as well as unique character animation.



This game is ideal for anyone looking for the perfect co op campaign. It is impossible to complete this game on your own.

The two of you solve puzzles in order to find various pieces of the Totem.

Kalimba offers a lot of laughs and frustration as you try figure out how to cross the level. It got to the point that one of us was purposefully dying just to restart the level and annoy the other player.

This game includes a feature that counts your death toll and let’s just say, our score wasn’t that impressive.


We have presented why Rayman is one of the best Heroes to date:

  • He is a timeless character with a great history of games behind him.
  • His popularity hasn’t died since 1995.
  • He has inspired other developers into making great 2D Platformers.

Why do you love Rayman? Are there other video game characters that you prefer? What other great platformers are out there?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Yes, that’s right, I finally lost my VR virginity, and it was awesome!

I have always wanted to experience virtual reality. It just seems so futuristic and mind blowing. The way experts predict that VR will shape the future and yet I hadn’t placed a headset once on my head seemed ridiculous!

Therefore, I decided, it was time.

London MCM Comic Con, May 2017. It was the first ever time that I went to a Comic Con event, so I was super excited about seeing all of the wacky, clever cosplays and getting to try brand new games that haven’t even been released yet, like Agents of Mayhem; an absolutely awesome game which I will definitely be purchasing in August.

Suddenly, while exploring the variety of stalls the event had to offer, the PSVR caught me eye. Its delicate, sleek design and beautiful LED strips had me long for a session in the Virtual world.

And I knew the exact game to play: Gran Turismo.

Back when I had my PS2, I remember playing Gran Turismo 4. Now, in it’s time, it was an incredible game. From what I remember the graphics weren’t too bad for a 2004 video game.

Let’s fast forward to 2017. Instead of driving around and racing with a controller, you can actually experience the driving yourself with a steering wheel, gear shifter and the pedals, all in VR!

I got to experience Gran Turismo with a steering wheel and the accelerator and brake pedals. But unfortunately I didn’t get to enroll in a full driving adventure as there was no clutch or gear shifter.


That is something I would love to do. Maybe next time, eh?

Despite it lacking the equipment needed to relate to a real life car, I managed to lose a lot of time while engulfed in Virtual driving.

The experience still succeed in convincing me that I was driving a car! Seeing as many of us won’t be able to drive a car like this in our lifetimes, this experience is definitely worth while.

Gaming in 1950s to Now

To be honest, it’s absolutely phenomenal how far games have come since the beginning in the 1950s.

It all began with computers that were so huge they needed an entire room! And all the computer could process was a simple game of tic tac toe.

We then moved to a few white pixels on the screen that were more interactive. Players had to bounce a singular white pixel, acting as the ball, back and forth between two white lines. This was known as the Atari Pong which was created in 1975.

For it’s era, this game could keep 2 players entertained all day.


Throughout the years of gaming, there has been many additions that have revolutionised video games.

Space Invaders circa 1978, is a truly iconic game that is still around today with many different editions and remakes. Its simple design, but great soundtrack and effects made this game turn an average video game hobbyist into a life-long, competitive gamer.

Tetris is also a game which has had many remakes over the years. It was originally created in 1984, and enabled the gaming community to grow a lot larger as it attracted all kinds of people.

And then there was super mario bros, where it all started in 1985: the first appearance of Mario on a console, which then spiralled into many more creations, remakes and editions.

This was the very beginning of all platformer games. From here onwards, the gaming industry just grew bigger and better.

Now we arrive in the early 90s to present, where gaming changed forever. We became more advanced with our technology and our innovative ideas to build something spectacular.

First person shooters came into play, like Doom in 1993; the first of many.

Then there was strategy games, MMOs and RPGs like World of Warcraft in 2004, puzzle games, racing games, action and adventure…. The list is endless.

All of these genres of games that have developed over the years have lead to people asking the question: How else can I play my favourite video games?

What other ways can players be so deeply immersed in games that they have forgotten the world once around them?

Et Voila! The Virtual Reality headset is our answer!

Unbelievable experiences of being immensely involved in video games have been created, thanks to VR and most importantly, movement with your legs, arms and your weapon of choice are now a possibility.

Honestly, playing CSGO like this would be so much fun.


Video games truly are evolving rapidly.

Anyway, back to Gran Turismo.

Gran Turismo Sport is meant to be released at some point this year and will be available for PSVR. Trust me, you should definitely give this game a try in VR.

The way that technology is going, I feel as if at some point, you won’t need driving lessons in real life. You can just drive using VR with a very advanced steering wheel, pedals and a gear shifter.

As soon as I sat in that driving seat behind the wheel, I asked, “Is it possible for me to drift”, and the employee answered “Only if you know how to drift in real life”. I wish I did.

Soon I will learn.

This just proves that it is scarily similar to driving. It’s almost there. Just give it a few years.

I understand that all of you experienced drivers out there may disagree, but I know how to drive, and I fully understand that it is different.

You don’t get the full experience of the bounce in your suspension, to feel of the bite on your clutch, the smell of burnt rubber after you have just managed to complete a sick burnout, the beautiful sound of your turbocharger, the wind blowing in your face as you master an awesome drift.

Or you know, if you are a casual, everyday driver, you just don’t get to experience it the same way.

Okay, It’s different. But technology is advancing.

It’s predicted to change our lives in so many ways and there is no reason why this experience couldn’t, one day, completely replicate that of a real driving experience.

Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk If we’ll, one day, be able to transport ourselves to the top of the pyramids, why couldn’t we drive a virtual car?

Anyway, after my tremendous experience, I needed more!

I decided I wanted to try out more games in virtual reality.

On the Oculus Rift I played a number of awesome games from AudioShield to Lucky’s Tale.

I even got to walk along a plank which was suspended from a very very very tall building. I had to jump off the plank too – that made me feel so queasy (It’s called Richie’s Plank Experience and you can play it on Steam!)

This game is perfect for all the troll gamers out there. All you have to do is get your friend who is scared of heights and get them on this plank! Warning, they may hate you forever.

Audio Shield was definitely my favourite game. You had to block these coloured balls with a corresponding shield to the beats of a song. It kinda reminded me of guitar hero, which is one of my favourite franchises, therefore that is probably the reason I loved it so much.


Lucky’s Tale was brilliant. I didn’t have to do much movement as this is a platformer. Honestly, I never expected to see a platformer for VR. It was awesome!

It just made you feel like you were actually in the platformer, watching over this little fox. It really made you feel like you had a connection with this character.

After all my VR experiences, I definitely want to try out more games. The escapism that comes with these games is unreal! Stimuli in the real world can no longer interrupt you while fully immersed with a headset making you really question reality during the experience.

Also, new games are being released everyday and I would severally regret not being a part of the evolution of VR!

I’d love to see a zombie killing  game, similar to the modes on Call of Duty games, except you can physically walk around the whole map to collect weapons and repair barriers!

VR backpacks have already been introduced allowing players to walk around in a space. So it shouldn’t be long before we see a game like this in arcades.

In the meantime, maybe I will pluck up enough courage to play Resident Evil 7 through virtual reality.

That would be terrifyingly awesome!

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2016 has come and gone and yet again, the masterminds behind the “Worms” franchise have graced us with a game so brilliant, we have to mention it!

Team 17 published a game that will truly succeed in entertaining us for hours this Christmas Holiday:


Created for testing our fragile minds to the limit, Overcooked is all about teamwork to pass the inventive levels.

You can choose from a number of budding chefs to represent as you enter kitchens you never thought would have existed.

Designed in mind to make sure cooking is as hard and frustrating as possible, you and up to three others have to complete orders to earn as much money as you can before the time runs out.

Your goal is to train your culinary skills in the wackiest of locations to finally defeat the boss level and save the Onion Kingdom.


You may be thinking to yourself: how on Earth could a game like this possibly be difficult??

Well my friend, you are purely underestimating the power of the game designers at Ghost Town Games.

The levels are designed so that players don’t have access to exactly everything they need so other chefs will have to complete other jobs in the game.

For instance, one has the ingredients and the other is next to the chopping boards so one chef will have to pass the other chef the food. Basically, communication is key t0 completing the game.

With this in mind, there is a single player function where you control two chefs one at a time but you can tell while playing it that’s not what the game was created for.

Multiplayer in this game is extremely entertaining.

This is the function that truly makes the game and that’s why everyone loves it:

While there’ll doubtless be at least one person determined to appoint themselves de facto head chef, Overcooked is, simply put, a hilarious game to experience with a bunch of friends.

– Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery

The more you continue through this game completing the levels, the more intense its gets!

The floor starts moving, the orders are harder to complete, enjoyment intensifies.

But there are so many aspects of this game that make it so unique; we need to go into a bit more detail to understand why this game is such a great party game for everyone to play.

The controls.

This game has been designed with the varieties of players enjoying this game in mind.

Understanding the potential of the amusement achieved with Overcooked, they have created controls that anyone can understand.

When one person is using one controller, there are only three buttons you have to worry about; Three.

Use the left joystick to move your person, X (or A) to pick up items and put them down, and “Square” (or B) to chop up. That’s it!

The observant ones among us would have realised I said “When one person is using one controller”. That’s because there is also the option for two people to share one controller!

Having such simple controls with the use of only a few buttons per player, why not utilise the rest of the controller and share it!

It also allows more people to play in one go if someone doesn’t own enough controllers.

However, playing this way is a lot harder if you’re sharing a controller with someone who’s not particularly good at sharing.

I tried this mode with a member of the older generation who felt they needed a hold of the whole controller to understand what was happening on the one side that they were using; annoying yet fun at the same time.


Team Building

Communication is a must for excelling in this game and I mean it.

If you don’t like the people you are playing with then co-operative play is not the mode for you.

But that’s also why it’s a great party game:

People tend to show up at parties where they like their fellow attendees thus are guaranteed to like the people they play with.

If you’re playing with some people you’ve just met, this is a fantastic way to get to know them. I would consider this the perfect team building exercise.

When we played Overcooked, our strategy would be to start the level, get to know the kitchen and any obstructions and then designate tasks in the kitchen. Of course, in this process, there was always a friend that would consider themselves head chef.


if you don’t like the sound of team work, don’t fret! There is also an awesome competitive multiplayer mode that tests to see who can complete the most orders before the time runs out.


The sheer stupidness of the game.

I mean this as a compliment.

The process to completing the game required steps you would NEVER see in a normal kitchen.

What am I referring to?

I’m referring to the store cupboards that would keep disappearing so, in a rush, I would take as many vegetables as I could and throw them on the floor before they abandoned me.

Let me reiterate: I would store my vegetables on the floor.

In fact, if I ran out of table space, I would continue to store cut and uncut vegetables on the floor.

I’m also referring to the kitchens in which you cook in. Some would be in volcanoes, others would be in multiple moving trucks.
They would be set in incredibly challenging situations with multiple hazards getting in your way.

Each kitchen would break so many health and safety regulations in the real world, it’s unbelievable!


Last but not least:

The characters

Each has a quirky sense about them and some of them are certainly not creatures you’d find in a day to day cooking game!

From Raccoons in Wheelchairs to a box-head man, you never know which character you will unlock next.

You get attached to one in particular to the point you know you’ll fail each level unless you have your favourite character (Mine’s the angry looking cat, just saying).


What makes this game the most ultimate, super-amazing party game ever?!

If I was ever at a party and forced to play a game, what would it usually be? Something like Just Dance on the Nintendo Wii.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I just want to sit down and hold a controller in my hand, I don’t want to be physically active. Yet, I still want to be social while I do this. You definitely couldn’t do that with Just Dance.

Another game? One thing a mate would bring to a party would always be Mario Kart.

What makes Overcooked better than Mario Kart? We’ve all played Mario Kart before; we’ve been playing it since we were kids!

I’ve never been offered a party game before that revolves around cooking in ridiculous conditions but I love how Ghost Town Games realised that and now, they have given us the chance.

Overcooked has offered us a way out of the trends of mainstream games such as Mario, Rock Band and so on.

But what makes me like Overcooked so much?

This game is designed to make you happy, not for you to play when you’re happy. 

For me, I think it’s because this game has no reference to parties or celebrations or happiness. You don’t have to play it at a party, but it certainly makes a great impact on the evening!


Overcooked has one complaint…

Many fans have been saddened by the fact that it doesn’t have online multiplayer.

When initially pondering whether online play is necessary, I kept thinking to myself: “Do we really need it? This game is so much fun when playing it with people in the same room!”.

Which is true. People love this game creates immense fun when with friends at a party, round their house etc.


Adding online functions would only be another great thing to add to the game; it would just be another reason to buy it.

I’m not thinking about the hardcore gamers that like to challenge strangers but for the long distance friends who want to find ways to play games together but can’t physically get into the same room.

Overcooked holds the perfect opportunity to reconnect distant friends and family; the developers have created something that can let people forget the miles between them.

The creatives behind this mastermind are apparently considering an online function but this however, hasn’t been confirmed (please please please make online multiplayer).

Have you played this game before?

Tell us your experiences with Overcooked in the comments below.

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Call of duty is one of the largest and most successful franchises and is dying, rapidly.

(disclaimer: opinion article)

During their reign as creators of the franchise Call of Duty, Infinity Ward have managed to create the world’s fastest selling game (MW3) and have enticed over 100 million players into playing their games.

Given this success, one would believe the popularity of the games would only be forever increasing.

Sadly not.

The new installment Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare just came out and usually I would be excited since I am a huge CoD fan. Well, I am afraid to say, I am not as hyped.

I, and many others, have to come to realise that Call Of Duty is really going downhill.

The mission is failing.

And our greatest evidence to support this: less and less people are buying their games. MW3 saw 29.74 Million units sold but Infinity Ward have never been able to achieve sales like this ever since.


As seen by the graph, the growth in the series’ popularity is all thanks to Modern Warfare 2, an incredibly popular game, and for good reason.

But the graph shows as if they hit their peak in 2011 with the release of MW3 and that sales have gradually decreased ever since.

Of course, the graph also shows an increase in demand for Black Ops 3. This is not a surprise given the success of the previous Black Ops games.

To understand the nature of the graph, we need to go right back to the beginning

Every November, a brand new Call Of Duty game is released. Back in 2003, Infinity Ward released the very first Call Of Duty. It wasn’t a huge game to begin with and it was very underrated.

The game as a whole was very basic, but extremely enjoyable. It was well designed and had great, intense, single and multiplayer modes. As you can see, the Call Of Duty franchise is a first-person shooter, in which I enjoy a lot.

In 2005, the highly awaited Call Of Duty 2 was released and at this point it was still a minor franchise.

Set in WW2, you get to experience the life of a soldier overcoming the odds. You can play as 3 different soldiers in the Soviet, British, and American Campaign.


However, Call Of Duty started getting a lot more noticed and gaining more fans as new games were released.

  • Call Of Duty 3 –  (2006)
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – (2007)
  • Call Of Duty: World At War – (2008)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – (2009)
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops – (2010)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – (2011)
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – (2012)
  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts  – (2013)
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – (2014)
  • Call Of Duty: Black ops 3 – (2015)
  • Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – (2016)

Modern Warfare 2 was one of the best selling Call Of Duty’s, and fans still love playing it to this very day.


Because it’s one of the most well designed games in the franchise. The campaign was incredible, giving you an intense experience.

For example the mission, “No Russian”, is bone chilling. This mission requires you to shoot your way through Moscow airport with Makarov.

This particular mission shows true fear as you learn it’s all for nothing. You then go to see that he discovers your true identity resulting in shooting you on your way out.

Since the Call of Duty’s multiplayer has vastly evolved over the years, Modern Warfare 2 shines bright as its multiplayer is perfectly balanced.

A significant part of the online play is the ability to counter most of the killstreaks by taking cover inside; this can be seen in the pure excellence of Infinity Ward’s design for the maps.

The weapons used in this game were amongst the best ever seen. For example, the sniper rifles like the Barrett .50cal or the intervention, Assault rifles such as the M4A1 or the Ak-47 and submachine guns like the MP5K or the P90.

My all time favourite thing? Using the map Rust to solve arguments with friends. It was so small, there was nowhere to hide…


Personally, my favourite Call of Duty was Black ops 2 and overall, I played around 700 hours of that game. It’s actually crazy.

To me, the multiplayer was almost perfect and I loved zombies (mainly the town map).

So what actually happened to Call of Duty?

Well, in one’s own view, the downfall was Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The campaign? It was average. Nothing special. Not much of a storyline to be honest. Even though I did spend about 7 hours completing the campaign. Non stop!

The multiplayer? I guess that was the only part I enjoyed, until I ended up losing interest and went back to playing Black Ops 2.

But the maps were just exceptionally large. For instance, Stonehaven was enormous. Unless you had a sniper on that map, you were basically screwed for getting killstreaks.

The zombies? Wait… there wasn’t zombies? Well, that is one clear example that this game was THE WORST in the franchise. Zombies just got replaced with extinction. Which makes me wonder… WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING INFINITY WARD?!

Many players lacked enjoyment in the game due to the bleak colours throughout and boring kill streaks – one of the things that truly makes these game worth while.

Then, in an attempt to fix everything, November 4th 2014 came around and Infinity ward decided to release a brand new Call of Duty, created in a different light by adding futuristic features such as exo suits and guns of the future.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was very innovative. But this is when Call of Duty was evolving, into something us fans particularly don’t want to play.

The game developers must have experienced a lot of negativity after Ghosts, therefore they revolutionized the gaming experience with advanced designs.

I must say, in the first month of playing Advanced Warfare I did enjoy it to an extent. Infected was one of my favourite multiplayer game modes as I had such great hiding spots in every map.


I did love exo zombies too. It was different and a lot more challenging. But that’s what a great game requires: Challenges.

But this game displayed the worst sales in Modern Warfare 2! Why?

To put it straight, everyone hated the multiplayer functions. The way in which the game decided ‘who shot who’ is terrible. Give a guy 5 bullets to the chest, he’ll give you 2 back and you’ll be the one that ends up dead!

November 6th 2015 rolled around and Black ops 3 was released.

Each and every CoD fan was excited for this release as Black ops 2 was such an amazing and innovative experience.

But yet again, another futuristic Call of Duty was placed on the market. Not as bad as Advanced Warfare in my opinion, it had some good traits. However the thrusters/ exo suits were back and made everyone too overpowered and easy to escape gunfire.

The zombies? I loved it. The maps were huge, I loved all the easter eggs in The Giant and it had an exceptional storyline.

Adding the Margwa in zombies made it more challenging, and that is an aspect I enjoyed greatly as well as the additional weaponry. For example, having to craft the bow in der eisendrache made it more than just ‘Run around, shoot zombies and don’t die’.

After Black ops 3, we waited, and anticipated the next Call of Duty game.

  • Modern Warfare 4?
  • Ghosts 2?
  • A ‘brand new’ futuristic Call of Duty that nobody wanted?

Well, we guessed right.

Infinite Warfare.


Probably the most futuristic it could possibly get. Set in space? Really Infinity Ward?

Did you know the pre-order sales from Black ops 3 to Infinite warfare dropped by 90%?

As of May 16th 2015 Call of Duty Black ops 3 had 300,000 pre-orders. Since May 14th 2016 Infinite Warfare has just over 30,000 pre-orders. The Infinite Warfare pre-orders are the worst in the franchise history!

I just really don’t understand why the game developers won’t listen to the players. You could say that they half listened since they are brought out Call of Duty Modern Warfare Re-Mastered, but they out smarted us.

Currently you are only able to purchase Modern Warfare Re-Mastered as a bundle with Infinite Warfare.

That truly sucks.

All I know right now is that the war between Battlefield and Call of Duty has a clear winner this year.

Overall the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer has received over 49 million views, over 2 million likes and 39,000 dislikes. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on the other hand has received over 35 million views and 555,000 likes.


They have a whopping 3.3 million dislikes, making it the largest like to dislike ratio on YouTube, ever!

Plus, the whole game style with Battlefield 1 was completely unique. Having discussed this with friends, we decided that the game was more of an interestingly educational history lesson about the dark battles fought during the Great War.

It was the first game where I struggled to shoot the other team knowing the truth of World War One.


Therefore Battlefield 1 gets my vote, along with millions of other players.

At least Battlefield listens to the players and delivers what they want.

The Call of Duty developers are going to have to step up their game otherwise it will be a dead franchise in years to come.

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This time of year can be the most joyous and equally most stressful.

While we have the pleasure of rejoicing with our family and friends with filling roast dinners and thoughtful presents, our bank accounts don’t seem to thank us for it.

But with the month of November, and Christmas soon in sight, comes the most frustrating thing of all to twist our minds into a mess:

What presents do I buy for people?

This situation is not helped when the future receiver of your gift has given you zero hints as to what they would actually like.

But people, I am here to unravel your confused brains with some great suggestions for prezzies.

Specifically, presents for gamers. 

Today you will discover:

  • Great Games for Various Consoles
  • Quirky Stocking fillers
  • The Weirdest and most Wonderful presents of 2016

To get us started, let’s take a look at the Games recently released in time for the big day:

Video Games

These are always a great gift idea for gamers because this is what they live for: games! With the price being fairly high for each title, make sure you know that the receiver will definitely appreciate the gift before you commit to giving it to them! (Or, keep the receipt and gamble).

Here are the most anticipated games to be released this winter season.

Pokemon Sun and Moon


Yes, another Pokemon Game!

But don’t be fooled. Rather than have you challenge a number of gyms across the region, you are sent on multiple scavenger hunts and given quizzes to solve in order to cross the area.

It stills follows the basics of most Pokemon Adventure games but holds new, unique ways of advancing.

These games also introduce the new idea of Pokemon having exclusive appearances only available to the Alola Region called “Alola Form”. It’s great way of incorporating the original, well loved pokemon into a new game.

It makes us want to catch ’em all that little bit more.

This will make the perfect present for any Pokemon Fan with a 3DS by their side.

Watch Dogs 2


Set in the City of San Francisco, you play as Marcus Holloway, a hacker and “Modern day magician”. A Central Operating system has recently been installed around the city and, having discovered that it’s harming innocent civilians, you have teamed up with the hacking group DedSec to bring it down.

A great action adventure game for the dedicated gamer, this can make an excellent present.

The latest version of the game allows you access to a variety of tools to complete your missions as well more freedom as to how you want to use them!

This is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Dishonoured 2


Dishonoured 2 has been designed for the lovers of stealth. However, it’s still pretty awesome for the players who love to run in and attack people as they please.

The new assassin game has taken the game industry by storm winning multiple awards.

The main reason people absolutely adore Dishonoured 2 is the way that the story mode is unique to every player! Many players can have very different experiences with the game.

This all based on how people approach the game; completing tasks etc.

In fact, storylines can be so exclusive for players that the estimated time to play this game is between 12 and 16 hours. 4 Hours is quite a big uncertainty.

This game is also available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Super Mario Maker


A nintendo game we have all been dying to play in years, Super Mario Maker.

You can now become the evil mastermind behind those impossible levels we use to rage quit over and over again.

While you may feel like it can be a whole lot of effort laying each and every brick, this is not the case for this game. You can draw out your levels as if you are using a pen and paper!

This is my favourite bit:

You can play in 4 different ages of Mario.

So if you want to create a retro Mario level, you go ahead and create a retro mario level. If you want to make a more modern level you can do that!

And if don’t really want to make the courses, thats cool, you can play hundreds of levels generated by nintendo and created by other users around the world.

This game is available on Wii U and 3DS.

Assassin’s Creed: Ezio Collection


A Collection of the original Assassin’s creed games is now available in one box set and it sounds awesome. Each game follows the original Assassin, Ezio Auditore da Firenze as he seeks vengeance for his family in 15th Century Italy and 16th Century Constantinople.

The box set includes:

  • Assassin’s Creed II
  • Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Assassin’s Creed: Revelations

Each copy includes the original story from the games as well as new bonus single player material.

An awesome present for any fan wanting to relive the fun with enhanced graphics as well as for those who never got to experience it first hand.

The Ezio Trilogy will be available on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian is the equivalent of Avatar in the gaming world. First talks of this game was back in 2007 and has been in the making ever since.

The game follows a young boy and a mythical creature and a unique land creating a bond to overcome obstacles and to be honest, that’s all we really know!

The developers, Team ICO, haven’t released many, if any, spoilers for this well anticipated game other than cute screenshots and faced paced scenes of the misfit duo.

What we do know is that the game includes an exclusive storyline with two loveable characters with many secrets to discover…

A quicker reminder, if you’re planning on buying your friend, significant other, etc. a game, remind them not to buy any before christmas!

If of course, they were too eager and went and bought the game anyway, here’s some more ideas for you

Stocking Fillers

Little presents with a lot of meaning that come at a low cost. These can be great for a huge variety of people and are a guaranteed win. The fun and quirky while also telling the receiver that you know them too well.

Order Tramadol India


For any hardcore Fallout 4 fan, this present is ideal. It is easily accessible from a number of online retailers for a low price.

A great gift that can be discrete or for show, it makes a wonderful accessory for any gamer.

Order Tramadol American Express


A cute gift for a girlfriend, friend that is a girl etc. who is very much into the Portal franchise.

This is a fantastic, inexpensive present for someone who expressively shares their passion for this game. It is also a discrete way they can share with others that portal 2 is their life.

Order Tramadol Mexico


Now, this present obviously isn’t designed for anyone under 18 (Or 21, sorry America).

Party in style with these beautiful Assassin’s Creed Shot Glasses. Make a drinking game with them. For example, take a shot every time something glitches in Assassin’s Creed: Unity.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you might want to watch Tramadol Online Nc

Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk


We’ve included a gift for the adults so how’s about an awesome gift for the younger generations.

This wall sticker makes it look as if a creeper is coming is out of your wall! A great gift idea for a boy or girl wanting to spice up the bedroom a bit with their favourite game.

Order Tramadol Online Australia


I personally wanted to include this on the list as it’s perfect for any gamer that brags about them playing PC and how it’s “so much better than console”.

I know a few people I would give this mug to.

Now we’ve had some great ideas for gifts, but it’s time for:

The Most Awesome (and probably the most expensive) Presents of the Year!

These gifts are the true the definition of “Where would you even buy that?!” and “Wow! How could I ever repay you?!”. Be prepared for the weird and wonderful.

Buy Prescription Tramadol Without


“Why is this necessary?” Who knows. However, what we do know is that it’s pretty awesome!

Technically this gift would be a replica of the world’s largest arcade machine but, nevertheless, it’s still pretty big.

It includes over 250 of your favourite arcade games as well as a built in PC to play all your Steam games to your hearts content.

This monster stands out 14.5′ tall and weighs 1,200lbs!

The one downside, its $99,000. So whoever you buy it for, if you have the spare cash, must be pretty close to you.

Tramadol Cheapest Online


Bringing back the past to modern technology, this will convert your over-used smartphone into an even more over-used smartphone.

Enjoy your favourite GameBoy games on your phone with the smartphone gameboy adapter.

It works the exact same as the old one where you plug your cartridges in and you’re ready to go! (Of course you need a phone.)

Coming in at a price of $60, this gift is definitely more affordable than the World’s Largest Arcade Machine.

One thing to note, this gameboy adapter is only compatible with androids and not iphones!

Tramadol Uk Buy


This is the perfect present idea for the retro gamer parents who want to show of their video gaming history.

Coming in at a high price, it offers a unique solution to carrying your little bundle of joy.

This could be a potential present for a spouse given it’s price tag…

Tramadol Pet Meds Online


For any Pokemon fan, just the sight of this jumper will make memories come flooding back. The hoodie has you cosplay as one of your favourite legendary Pokemon and it’s awesome!

But, before we celebrate too quickly, it is quite expensive at £139!

However, if you’re feeling generous, you might make someone very happy this year…

Order Tramadol Paypal


Okay, I’m not gonna lie, I want this.

A brilliant present for any Playstation follower, this “ugly Christmas jumper” (definitely not ugly) is great for those to get them into the spirit of the season.

The price tag, for a Christmas jumper, might be fairly high but definitely worth it.

Tramadol Ohne Rezept Online


Nintendo are finally releasing a modern version of their original NES system previously released in Europe back in 1986.

All you have to do is plug this baby into your TV and you can enjoy all your favourite NES games.

This is a fantastic present for any retro gamer wanting to relive the past! For the price of £50, I don’t think that’s too bad for what comes in the box.

Tramadol Legal To Buy Online


I know great present for a diehard portal 2 fan. Impress every gamers you know with this replica portal gun, equipped with red and orange LED lights to make even more realistic.

The only downside, it doesn’t actually create portals. What a bummer.

And it comes at a price of +$450. Maybe a little bit out of your price range but still pretty cool.

At the end of this article comes the reflection period; the time to realise, you’re not as screwed as you originally thought you were as you now, have some brilliantly unique ideas for gifts that you can amaze all your family and friends with.

If you know some folks who are stuck with the same problem of buying gifts, share this article to inspire some more. If you have any more gift ideas for gamers, leave them in the comments below.

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Game development in the same surroundings for long periods of time, trying to bring a vision to life can be difficult at times.

As a game developer, I wanted to be able to broaden my horizons and work in new, unfamiliar places so lucky for me, I came across Stugan.

What is Stugan?

The Swedish games accelerator, Buying Tramadol Thailand, began in mid 2015 and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the participants.

The program entails spending eight weeks working in the beautiful Swedish countryside at Dala Storsund away from civilisation, building the game of your dreams.


It’s hard to believe but the cost for two months of accommodation, food, and mentorship from international games industry luminaries is zero.

You aren’t asked to give a revenue share, hand over your IP, sign away rights to your game, pay any kind of fee or give shares in your company.

I felt slightly apprehensive before attending because it seemed almost too good to be true but I can testify that there is no catch and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

There were 23 developers, or ‘Stuganeers’, as they have since been christened, working on Tramadol To Buy Cheap. I heard about the program from a friend and recorded a 90 second application Tramadol Online Shipped To Florida and filled in a remarkably brief application Non Prescription Tramadol Online.



The accelerator is run by Cheapest Tramadol (Co-founder of Resolution Games and ex-King games guru), Tramadol Online Italia (General Manager, Rovio Stockholm) and Tramadol Pills Online who is the project manager.

Mentors included Minecraft lead developer, Jens Bergensten, King VP Game Design Stephen Jarrett, I/O Ventures Paul Bragiel, Carve Communications founder Paul Brady and freelance games journalist Will Freeman.

It was highly motivating to live with so many other developers all following their dreams and making their own games. It felt almost like a commune and was great to be sharing your life with so many amiable people.

What else did Stugan have to offer?

The food was incredible and I sorely miss being able to swim in the lake any time I wanted. A sauna was available for use one day a week and I think I came home fitter than I’ve ever been before.


At Stugan, good habits get encouraged merely by an other person doing something around you – whether that’s working hard or doing exercise. With 22 other people, the odds of being constantly motivated are high! 

We played lots of board games in the evenings, had movie nights and even had a couple of parties.


Motivation was never low

I was so bowled over by the other games in development that it was overwhelming trying to comprehend all the hard work I had to do to get to the finish line of my own game but the feedback, stories, advice, deep chats, and kind words provided by the participants and mentors were highly motivating.

Sometimes seeing all the other people all struggling with their games can bring home just how many developers there are all trying to do the same thing as you and release a successful game.

In that respect Stugan is a microcosm of wider game development – you can either envy other people and allow their amazing games and success to intimidate and demotivate you, or you can try and help them out any way you can, share information with them and be inspired and motivated by them.

An experience like this certainly gives you the perfect conditions and support to work hard on your game.

The place itself provides inspiration both directly and indirectly, and the people suggest great ideas, motivate you and inspire you, helping to spark new ideas.


People separate themselves from their egos and give and receive feedback based on what feels true for the games. We had dinner discussions where several people would all suggest ideas for someone’s game and put their heads together to try and solve various problems.

I found that having the game reviewed by Stugan peers and mentors provided very helpful feedback and direction.

In difficult times it can occasionally feel like it’s only the belief and kind words of others keeping you going, assuring you that what you’re doing has been worth all the hard work and will be worth all the rest that’s still to come.

Working alongside the talented developers there helped me out directly on the game in many different areas and has also provided a close network of friends even after the event.


Getting the games out there

The event garnered the teams press on Tramadol 200Mg Online, one of the biggest national newspapers in Sweden – Tramadol Online Pets, Online Rx Tramadol, K Pa Tramadol Online Sverige, Tramadol Online Nz, Tramadol 100Mg Online Overnight and even on the Tramadol Visas Zales.

After the eight weeks was up, putting the game in front of the Swedish public at the Stockholm Tekniska Museet and seeing the joy it created on the faces of adults and children alike was the perfect way to end such a magical experience.

I find that seeing people that you don’t even know enjoying the thing that you’re developing is probably one of the most motivating and inspiring things about making games.

The Outcome

I fall repeatedly in and out of love with my game so to see people already enjoying it suggests that it’s on the right track but also illuminates the places where it’s off track and where things need fixing!

The first Stugan game to be released has recently launched, which is Tramadol Online Texas by Clint Siu and has been doing phenomenally well and was actually conceived especially for Stugan.

At then end of it all

When it came time to say goodbye to my fellow Stuganeers, I struggled to find the words to tell them what a great time I’d had and how much they all mean to me.

Stugan is like The Force – it is a powerful ally to have and it’s always with you.

I can’t recommend the experience highly enough and the amazing thing is that it’s going to be on again this year too. So with Buy Arrow Tramadol and running until March 31st, what are you waiting for?


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Is Tramadol Illegal To Buy Online

With so many must have games, 2016 is evidently going to be a great year for video games.

For this article:

  • We looked at some of the best games that caught our attention
  • We talk about why each one deserves a place on this list

Remember: when making this list we felt that these games are a must have for many gamers, but they don’t apply to everyones play style.

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Quantum Break sh

Quantum Break has you controlling time in order to stop the Monarch corporation founded by Paul Serene, the main antagonist who also has the ability to control time.

The reason that Quantum Break is on this list is due to the brilliant concept of controlling time.

Come on now: how many people in the world would love this power?

Well, Quantum Break allows these people to do just that (within a game of course)

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For Honor is a medieval fighting game that has you fighting as either the:

  • Feared Viking warriors
  • Noble Knights
  • Honorable Samurai

Players can customize everything about their warrior from the gender all the way to the deadly weapons used to annihilate their enemies.

But why is this a must have?

The idea that three of the deadliest nations to have ever reigned, have come together to fight in one large scale war.

It sends shivers through you just thinking about it.

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No Mans Sky is an adventure survival game that has players explore a randomly generated planet from a list of over 18 quintillion planets.

(Yes you read that right)

Throughout the game you also gain materials on your travels and they can be used to upgrade your ship and trade with other players.

Tramadol Buying Online is a must have because of its revolutionary feature of procedural generation.

None of the worlds within the game have been custom made by a developer.


Each one of these worlds including its occupancy has been generated by a computer.

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Remember that one game that you used to spend all your time on when you were younger?

Well this is its newer, slightly more polished looking version.

Ratchet and Clank is the game that many gamers have played, loved and then replayed due to its humor and simplicity.

Well with 2016 comes a brand new look!

We can almost guarantee that Ratchet and Clank is going to take the gaming industry by storm this year as gamers experience that sweet, sweet nostalgia

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Tom Clancy’s The Division is a post-apocalyptic Cheap Tramadol For Dogs.

You find yourself exploring New York, fighting off gangs as well as other players in order to get the best loot and become the best damn agent you can.

Now its all well and good saying this is a must have game for 2016, but what about its features?

Glad you asked.

Off the bat The Division is an open world co-op survival.

This means you to get to explore a ruined New York in all its glory whilst you and your friends, kill other players or join forces to fight bigger threats.

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Finally. The wait is finally over…

With the first Doom (1993) being the most influential and significant within the gaming industry we can expect big things. (Fingers crossed)

The new Doom comes complete with a stunning new engine that allows you to enjoy all the guts and gore you could ever dream off. (In spectacular style of course)

Being the Upcoming reboot here’s what we can expect:

  • Classic weapons such as the super shotgun
  • Brand new over the top badass weaponry.
  • An ode to the original release

At this point in time its too hard to confirm, but here’s hoping.

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This series has been known for its rage quits and it’s frustrating game play.


Unlike most games, Dark Souls requires speed and Strategy which we can all agree makes the game A LOT more intense.

One wrong move and it’s game over for you…

They’ve stuck with the same amazing concept through the series so why change now?

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Deus Ex has been one of the most entertaining games for us as it has many different ways of completing objectives.

From stealthy short cuts to all guns blazing, there’s a play style for everyone.

Looking at what we enjoyed most about the last Deus Ex, (Human Revolution, 2011) was the detailed animations which we more than hope they include in the latest installment.

Like all the other games in the series, Deus Ex has always successfully delivered with all the way up to the Action cut scenes.

Definitely look forward for this game.

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Ghost Recon is an amazing concept of open world exploring all set in the real life continent of the good old South America.

This game stood out due to the incredible co-op play that allows you to play in different ways or just mess around and explore.

Ubisoft, the creators of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, have clearly outdone themself with this one.

But why you ask?

With a brand new engine you can explore the uncharted continent of South America complete with the very best graphics 2016 games have to offer. (Lets hope this one doesn’t end up like another watchdogs)

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The Mass Effect series has one of the most in depth story lines and lore

And it clearly shows through the anticipation from the swarms of Mass effect fans eager to get their hands on a copy.

With all this taken into consideration, it makes it really fun to read up and get a better idea of the story and information on enemies and events.

The decision making aspect of Mass Effect is intuitive to use as you can be an ass to people, be their friend or just ignore the decisions and leave them.

But nobody likes an ass now? Do they?

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This outstanding fighter tore through the gaming industry when it was newly released.

Being one of the first of its kind it gained immense popularity for arcade gamers.

The combined publishers of Street Fighter have used the game’s popularity as a momentum to propel them into an ever changing gaming industry.

Gamers will thoroughly enjoy the latest installment of street fighter as you can experience the classic fighting in an new beautiful engine.

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Recore see’s you as one of the last humans on Earth

Although, you’re not entirely alone:

Exploring the desert you find and resurrect robots and companions that can help and aid you with your objectives.

The entire concept of the game is truly amazing and with a stunning new perspective on game styling, the game-play looks simply beautiful.

Hopefully, this gives you alot to think about when faced with daunting decision on what must have game to buy.

If you think we’ve missed any out make sure to let me know in the comments below and it may be added to the list!