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We all know that video games are perfect for bringing people closer together.

They allow us to practice our communication and teamwork skills in the weirdest and most unrealistic of situations. They also let us bit the crap out of our friends without hurting them physically in real life.


It can be tough trying to get your friends to play video games when they are not gamers themselves. They’ll make the excuses “It’s too difficult! I won’t be any good. I don’t like Video Games”

Yet you can prove them wrong.

Today we are going to explore:

The Best Video Games for Non-Gamers

These examples on our list today are perfect games for socialising with friend because:

  • The controls aren’t overly complicated.
  • There is no detailed story so you can play the game whenever you like without commitment.
  • No history of gaming is needed in order to understand what to do and to enjoy the game.



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Overcooked sees you cooking a number of food orders in a hectic kitchen with small aspects making it harder and harder to complete each order.

Sometimes, the layout of the kitchen will keep changing. Other times, the kitchen will be placed in the centre of a volcano and you have to avoid hot lava as you cook.

Not only that, but the dishes become more and more challenging as you make your way through the game.

Each player can pick a quirky character and work together in order to complete each level. Communication is key in order to complete this game. 

One of the coolest things about this game is that the controls only use 3 buttons! Also, two players can share one controller so if you don’t have many controllers but have lots of people that want to play, there is a solution.



Next on our list for Best Video Games for Non-Gamers is Kalimba.

This game offers a quirky puzzle solver with a solo or multiplayer campaign. Each player controls two totem heads that have to journey through the underworld in order to restore light to the land.

However, in order to do so, you carefully have to navigate your way through meticulously designed levels.

Each player has totem heads with a different colour to help you see which ones you are controlling.

What’s so great about this game is that it isn’t challenging your ability to use a controller. Instead, it forces you to solve problems and to think before you act.

The only controls necessary for the game is jump and move. The rest is up to your patience and problem solving techniques.

One of the greatest things about Kalimba is the price. It is only £7.99 on the Microsoft store!

Mario Kart


I bet the majority of people on this planet have played Mario Kart at some point in their lives.

Tramadol Online Best Price Gamers and non gamers alike have had their fair share of mario kart experiences.

Racing around out of this world racecourses, players can choose their favourite nintendo character and battle head to head with wacky items to distract your competitors.

You can also play in battle mode where tactics and teamwork are necessary to reign champion.

This is a perfect game for non gamers – particularly with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe giving you so many options to make the driving and control much easier. Controls are quick to pick up and learn.

Mario Kart comes with so many moments of frustration and anger as well as satisfying victories creating lasting memories.

Portal 2


Portal 2 is one of the best and most successful games created. And it’s understandable why.

Your challenge is to overcome many levels only with the use of a portal gun. You can use this transfer heavy objects, move yourself across the room and more. You explore the derelict Aperture science labs that were once used to test whether human subjects you could safely navigate test chambers.

The game has been celebrated for its excellent story and gameplay after its release in 2011.

The pure focus of this game is testing your ability to cross various levels with little resources making it ideal for non-gamers.

Portal 2 also comes with individual campaigns for solo and multiplayer giving you lots to explore within the game.



It’s almost frowned upon to use your opponents screen in order to get further in the game. Many fueds have been fought just because of this.

However, winning this game purely depends on it.

In Screencheat, you can’t see yourself or any of the other players in the game – all are invisible. The aim of the game is to shoot your rivals the most amount of times and to not get shot yourself.

Therefore, in order to find anyone else, you have to look at everyone else’s screen to locate them and guess where they are to shoot them down.

Screencheat makes for an excellent party game or for any small group looking for quick, simple yet hilarious fun.

Rayman Legends


Similarly to Mario Kart, Tramadol Buy Online Europe. However, there are more moments for teamwork than competitive rivalry.

Rayman has a wide variety of 2D levels that explore beautifully designed worlds and a variety of enemies.

There are also music based levels that can only be completed by performing actions in time with the music and timed levels where every second counts.

While there are more complex controls, the basic controls that anyone needs to know is jump, kick and run. Knowing those three, you could make your way through each level.

We have many fun memories of playing Rayman Legends along with non-gamers.

The one particular game mode we always show to non-gamers is (the football level).

There is an intense amount of competition as you each fight to shoot the ball in the goal. Of course, this minigame goes against all rules of football as you can punch and kick your opponents to your heart’s content.  Once again, there are only three controls one needs to know to play this.

That’s it for our list of the Best Video Games for Non-Gamers!

Share this article to convince a friend to try playing video games.

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Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies are the latest technological innovations that threaten to disrupt the gaming status quo.

Some hope that blockchain will prevent debacles such as the launch of EA’s Star Wars: Battlefront II, Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk and infuriated gamers.

Others are much more sceptical.

But with French gaming giant Ubisoft the latest to explore the potential applications of blockchain tech what can gamers expect?

What is Blockchain?

Essentially, blockchain is the technology which underpins all cryptocurrencies.

It is the digital ledger which records and verifies all transactions of a cryptocurrency. Each record is encrypted, to allow for secure transactions.


In contrast to traditional currencies, cryptocurrencies are decentralised. Instead, cryptocurrencies are monitored by peer-to-peer computer servers distributed around the globe.

With no third-party interference in the transaction, cryptocurrencies are not subject to interest rates and other fees.

The decentralisation of the system also makes it impervious to cyber-attacks and remarkably transparent.

The utopian ideal of blockchain and cryptocurrencies was to free the global economy from the corruption of banking groups and to make international trade easier.  

Although this ambition has not yet materialised, the success of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has shown the potential of blockchain technology. Tramadol Prescription Online

Gaming on Blockchain


The most apparent way to Order Tramadol Overnight Cod into gaming is to use cryptocurrencies to reward in-game achievements.

This could then be used to purchase upgrades or unlock new features. Obscuring the definition between game-commerce and real-commerce offers new freedom and opportunities to avid gamers.

With blockchain, gamers can transform their investment of time and skill into real financial profit.

Avid gamers accumulate a lot of in-game rewards. These rewards are often useless outside of the game. However, with blockchain gamers could transform their rewards into cryptocurrency.

Potentially, proficient gamers could accumulate enough in-game rewards to make a living from gaming. Combined with the rise of eSports, blockchain could contribute to the increasing professionalisation of gaming.

Yet, the potential of blockchain is not limited to the financial sphere. Blockchain could also empower the independent game movement to challenge the established AAA developers.


Using blockchain, indie developers can create more immersive worlds, which can handle greater technical capabilities.

This is because the extra bandwidth and CPU resources created by the decentralised network of chained computers improves the processes of development and the performance of games.

Although the integration of blockchain into gaming is still in its infancy, the decentralised platform also has the potential to fuel the transition towards cloud gaming.

Countless gamers are unable to play some of the industry’s leading titles because they do not have powerful enough hardware to run them.

Again, the network of chained computers could allow users to share their processing power.

Owners of high-end gaming PCs and GPUs could rent their servers through the cloud to other gamers to allow them to play the latest games.

Decentralisation will also provide gamers with improved security. Hacking is still a common occurrence in the gaming industry. This is often because of the use of centralised networks, which give hackers a single point of access to an entire system.

What Blockchain Games are Out There?

Ubisoft is not the first developer to explore the applications of blockchain technology in gaming. There has always been interaction between cryptocurrency communities and online gaming communities.

According to WAX, Order Tramadol C.O.D It should, therefore, come as no surprise that there are several blockchain games already out there.

Arguably the most popular blockchain game of the moment is CryptoKitties, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain.


CryptoKitties uses blockchain’s ability to facilitate unique digital content to create a unique cat images, which can then be bred with other cats to create another unique cat image.

Because of the decentralisation of the CryptoKitties application it is impossible create fake cats and each cat has a digital scarcity which makes it valuable. Users collect and trade the cats, Tramadol Online Prescription Uk

However, CryptoKitties was not the first blockchain game. Online gambling games such as EtherRoll and Edgeless were developed for Ethereum users before the cat-based game.

Another Ethereum-based game that managed to gain gamers’ consideration was EtherPlay. EtherPlay is currently undergoing a revamp, but in 2017 it paid out 70 ETH to its users, which is worth approximately £18,400.

What’s next for the technology?


Although blockchain is not yet integral to gaming the decentralised approach, which means that third parties cannot interfere with in-game content after it has been coded into existence, is very attractive to gamers.

A decentralised platform allows gamers to take true ownership of their gaming experience and has the potential to revolutionise the future of gaming.


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Over the years a good portion of the huge selection of video games available have included the good old bow and arrow and the trend is on the up.

The bow is a weapon historians have found in settlements dating back to around 9000 BC.

Pop culture loves the bow and arrow and there’s also a good slice of the movie that’s taken up the gauntlet with heroes like Hawkeye and Katniss Everdeen wielding them.

Today we are exploring:

Best Bows and Crossbows in Video Games

There’s a comprehensive top 50 of the best bows (and crossbows) ever in video games over at Tramadol For Dogs Where To BuyCheapest Tramadol Uk. If you want to see the whole list, take a look at the article in the link.

Best Retro Game Bow – Kid Icarus – The Sacred Bow


The favourite bow from older games is the enhanced Sacred Bow wielded by Pit in Kid Icarus.

While he starts out wielding a short-range bow, the Sacred Bow lets him fire arrow much faster and farther. Pit has an unlimited supply of arrows and can use Fire Arrows to deal more damage.

By the time Pit returned in Kid Icarus: Uprising, the bow was only one of many weapons he used, but in the original two games, it was his primary weapon of choice.

The Best Crossbow – BioShock


Do crossbows count? They are bows, after all, some  might say not really but the top pick for the crossbow in a computer game is BioShock.

Not only is the crossbow in BioShock one of their favorite video game crossbows, but it’s also considered by many players to be the best BioShock weapon.

It deals excellent damage with multiple types of ammunition, it is powerful at both short-range and long-range, and a headshot from the crossbow will kill a Splicer in one hit on any difficulty setting.

If that’s not enough, its bolts can often be recovered intact (and you can upgrade it to make this more likely), which means it’s an incredibly powerful weapon with a ready supply of ammo.

It doesn’t get much better than that.

Magical – Bayonetta 2 – Kafka


Some are magical some are just plain weird.

Bayonetta is here to prove bows can be very strange. The Kafka, a new bow added in Bayonetta 2 and named in honor of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” has a dragonfly-like appearance and shoots poison arrows.

According to its in-game description, the bow comes from a man who metamorphosed into a insect and lives on inside the weapon to fire arrows made of venomous bugs.

Indeed, if you perform an Umbran Climax while wielding this bow, it fires massive, demonic dragonflies at the enemy.

A bow that shoots demonic dragonflies instead of arrows? It doesn’t get much weirder than that.

SciFi! – Crysis 3- Predator Bow


You can’t beat an auto-loading compound bow!

The Predator Bow from Crysis 3 is a fan-favorite, with three draw weights you can switch between and four different types of arrows to fire: carbon-impact, electro/shock, airburst fragmentation, and super-thermite.

In single player, it has its own weapon slot, and it is also the only weapon you can fire while Cloaked without using energy.

In short, the Predator Bow is one of the best bows in video games–science fiction or otherwise.

Better Than Real? Best VR – QuiVR


QuiVR is a multiplayer wave shooter designed specifically to be a fun, accurate archery game.

Your trusty bow will let you take down wave after wave of enemies, with physics designed to feel like actual archery.

QuiVR isn’t the fullest gameplay experience out there yet, but if you want to feel like you’re wielding a bow and take down enemies at the same time, this is the VR bow we like the most.

The Top 5 Best Overall Bows in Video Games

Some of these bows are in games where archery is a main focus, while others just happen to have a good archery component, but either way, these are the top 5 bows in video games and some of the games you most want to seek out if you’re looking for a fun archery experience.

Middle-Earth – Shadow of Mordor – Azkâr  


Azkâr is a special bow originally made for Celebrimbor, but Talion can use it in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor when he enters the Wraith world while in Ranged mode.

This bow can be upgraded with Runes to gain special bonuses, and Shadow of Mordor is another game where archery is generally enjoyed by fans.

You may not use it often, but between its gameplay and its connections to Lord of the Rings lore, we feel Azkâr deserves recognition.

Dark Messiah of Might & Magic – Bow of the Dragonhorn

maxresdefault (1)

The Bow of the Dragonhorn available in Dark Messiah of Might & Magic is one of the most powerful bows in the game (especially against undead enemies), but that’s not why it has such a high spot on this list.

Instead, we picked it out because many players consider Dark Messiah to have some of the most realistic and satisfying archery in video games, with realistic aiming and physics.

Mount & Blade: Warband – Khergit Bow


Okay, the best bow is pretty divisive among fans, but whether you favorite the Khergit Bow or one of the others, Mount & Blade: Warband is a must for satisfying archery combat.

Just the fact that so many different bows can be considered the best depending on your style and preferences points to how strong its archery is.

Not only that, but it has fairly realistic physics and aiming.

In general, using a bow in Mount & Blade: Warband finds a nice balance point between realism and fun.

Tomb Raider – Compound Bow 


As of the Tomb Raider reboot, the bow has become Lara’s standard weapon.

There are many different types of bows you can use, as well as various special arrows, but as long as you don’t mind its slower rate of fire, the Compound Bow is one of the best.

It deals heavy damage and is a great choice for stealth. Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider don’t have the most realistic archery combat, but they do make it fun, so give their bows a try.

Age of Chivalry – Longbow


Age of Chivalry is a free total conversion mod for Half-Life 2 focused on medieval combat between two fictional orders.

The team eventually made a full game called Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

Archers in Age of Chivalry can fight with a longbow, a crossbow, or a javelin, and the longbow’s fast pace and long range makes it our pick.

Not only is archery a strong focus, but it’s also fairly realistic–Age of Chivalry is another go-to game for players interested in bows that try to feel realistic.

For those that like pictures….

Here’s the whole list in a nice infographic for those of you who like that sort of thing!

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The History, The VR Awards and Beyond

Technology has been increasing on an unpredictable scale.

Amongst us geeky fanatics, we’ve had the pleasure of experiencing most of it.

Throughout all the tech that we have tested, the most immersive experience to ever grace the gaming world has to be Virtual Reality, hands down.

No other piece of equipment transports you to unusual, exotic worlds quite like a VR headset.

Here at DUG, we love VR. Tramadol Overnight Visa.

And with London about to celebrate such great advancement in the VR Industry with the Tramadol Mastercard Overnight, it feels right to explore just how far we have come with this Technology.

Today we are going to unearth:

  • The History of Virtual Reality
  • The Latest and Greatest Games being celebrated at the VR Awards
  • Where VR is set to expand in the future

The History of Virtual Reality

It’s 1968.

Man has not been on the moon. Civilization hasn’t realised that it needs Google yet. What even is a portable telephone?

Despite the lack of advancements in technology, humans still have the incredible idea to connect a head mounted display to a computer.

This headset is known as the Sword of Damocles. 


While this headset is still an encouraging start to the industry, it’s an intimidatingly large machine that users have to strap into to use.

Not only that, the computer tech isn’t up to speed with the ideas of the inventors so picture graphics were slow and bland.

Nevertheless, it inspired the creation of so much more…

Fast Forward to 1987

The Term “Virtual Reality” is born thanks to the amount of research in the industry.

Techies wanted to see the birth of the tech yet didn’t really know what call it. Jaron Lanier then has the excellent idea to call it Virtual Reality, VR for short.

The 1990s saw the Normalisation of VR.


1991 saw the first commercial use of the headsets in “Virtuality Group Arcade Machines”.

Players could play single or multiplayer modes in arcades. However, home use was still far out of reach.

Next, in 1992 the concept of VR had just entered Hollywood.

The movie Tramadol Online Buy describes the story of a man whose life and body transformed through the single use of a headset.

1995 introduced the first VR to use at home


Nintendo Virtual Boy was the first,portable headset for players to buy and use wherever they liked.

While being the first of its kind, it was also a massive failure with discontinuation following the next year.

This was due to the lack of colours, red and black only, and how awkward it was to play – you couldn’t find a comfortable playing position.

Credit is given where credit is due, Nintendo’s creation inspired many companies to follow the path into VR to help develop the industry.

Slowly, overtime, as the technology began to develop, the capabilites of the VR headsets rose too.

In 2012, the increase of popular headsets began.


The crowdfunding of the now popular headset, The Oculus Rift, began and high tech, VR entertainment was on its way.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that people began to recongise the term “Virtual Reality”.

This is the year that all the major headsets were released including the HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

But we also have to thank the Headsets like the Google Cardboard for introducing VR to the world.


These viewers took advantage of the amount of people owning smart phones; if you own a phone, you can use VR.

And with the cardboard only costing around £15, anyone could afford it too.

The VR Awards

Our generation was in the fortunate position to have lived the birth of modern Virtual Reality and our now the ones to take it further.

Bringing us to present day, Buy Cheap Tramadol is about to celebrate all the best in the business on October 9th at the VR Awards.

Held in a Central London location, this event will present to the public the best uses of VR in real life situations including uses through healthcare and education.

AMD and The Foundry are set to partner with VR Bound to host the celebrations.

It’s a pleasure and an honor for AMD to give the much-deserved recognition to VR Content Creators and Innovators.

– Roy Taylor, CVP of Media and Entertainment, AMD

The category with the highest anticipation has got to be VR Game of the Year with some pretty tough competition announced earlier this month.

The shortlist is as follows:


Many of these games have set a high mark for future games to top. The level of immersiveness these games allow the players can’t be matched by any typical console game.

One nomination I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy is Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality.

Experiencing the life of the famous duo, you play as a Morty clone and assist in the garage/ science lab while they galavant on their adventures. You take part in various challenges and are rewarded with the distinct humour of the show and being shot in the head a few times.

Never would I ever have imagined that I would be able to realistically experience one of the world’s favourite TV Shows!

Speaking to Cy Wise, Studio Director at Owlchemy Labs, she is very honoured that their project, Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, has been nominated for the award and has explained what these awards will mean for the industry:

“We’re thrilled to have been selected, and beyond honoured to be considered among such fantastic studios and projects!”

rick and mort quote-01

Another game nominated for VR Game of the Year is Lucky’s Tale.

Most owners of the Oculus Rift have had the privilege to enjoy this game as a digital copy comes with the headset. This game allows you to play from the point of view of God as you watch and guide this cute fox across the land.

David Calkins, Communications Director at Playful Corp, expressed his gratitude to the organisers and explained how the awards will help the industry grow:

“We’re truly grateful for what VR Bound and other organizations are doing to fan the flames of interest for VR. We are at a key point in history where, 50 years from now, our grandchildren will look back and say, “This is where it all started.”

For us, VR Bound and others are passionate advocates for this technology and great champions of this pivotal transition to a new reality where creativity and human connection know no limits.”

There is much more talent yet to be explored in the Virtual Reality Industry and it’s exciting that hard work is finally being rewarded and acknowledged.

Tramadol Online Mexico.

Future of Virtual Reality

When I think about the future of gaming, the first thing to always come to mind is the gaming scene in the movie “Her”.

The film explores the future of technology and how it will impact on our lives (I very much recommend it).

Using the projections, the player has a 3D visual of the game in front and the protagonist in the game copies the movements that the player makes. Not only that but you can also talk personally with the characters to interact with them.

It explores the idea of finding new ways to test the capabilities of the players.

Ordering Tramadol Online IllegalWARNING! Very strong language is used throughout!


Some of the developers nominated for the award also gave their hopes and beliefs for the future of Virtual Reality. The technology has come so far yet has some distance to go…

Samantha from Tender Claws, creators of “Virtual, Virtual Reality”, believes that VR has the ability to broaden and diversify the type of games that we will see in the future. Developers will gain new design knowledge to innovate definitions of gaming itself:

“I think VR currently opens up a market where new players and smaller studios can enter and design unique work that thinks beyond definitions of “traditional gaming”.

I hope that a diverse landscape of gaming in VR and VR creators will continue to grow; especially, as new audiences are poised to experiment with VR and broaden their views about what a game can be.”

Cy at Owlchemy Labs equally longs for the creation of games only possible with VR:

“There is definitely still so much to experiment with! Commercial room scale, hand-tracked VR hasn’t even been out for two years yet.

I’m sure we’ll be seeing tons more innovation, from new mechanics and gameplay, to whole new genres only possible in VR!”

David at Playful Corp also had some excellent suggestions for the changes VR will make to the future of gaming:

luckys take quote-01-01

He continued to explain:

“We could one day be walking down the street, saying hello to a neighbor while simultaneously be playing a platforming game as we guide a digital character – projected into the real world via contact lenses – over fences and parked cars.

One thing’s for sure: we’ll need a slew of new words to describe our existence. I suggest “Meetingamer” for one who has mastered the art of appearing present in a meeting while secretly flying spaceships through a gauntlet of water bottles and office chairs.”

A world where I can game at work without being caught is a world I definitely want to live in.

My predictions

The way I certainly want to see this tech develop is by eliminating the amount of hardware needed.

Instead of having to utilise heavy, clunky controllers, will there be ways in which are hands will be enough to act as the controller?

Can we go one further and say that the headset itself will be redundant as well? We could trick the eyes into believing the surrounding environment is completely different to what it really is without having to focus them on screens.

How they would do this? No clue whatsoever. Hopefully, someone smart could figger that out.

Are you looking forward to the VR Awards? Are you excited to see where VR is going next?

Let us know in the comments below who you think is going to grab VR Game of the Year!

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Mental Health Disorders come in many shapes and sizes.

While they alter many different parts of the brain, each disorder can affect a person’s ability to communicate, understand emotions, control the body and more.

One area of Mental Disorders is addictions. 

Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard:

Addiction is the repeated involvement with a substance or activity, despite the substantial harm it now causes, because that involvement was (and may continue to be) pleasurable and/or valuable.

WebMD also explains that “If the person does not get more of the substance or behavior, they become irritable and miserable”.

There are a variety of things one can be addicted to with the most popular being drugs and alcohol.

Video Game Addiction has been officially added to the list of Mental Disorders


Now the World Health Organisation (WHO) have recognised Video Gaming to also be addictive.

Many institutions welcome this news as more treatment will now be available for those with the mental disorder.

A study carried out by University of New Mexico found that as much as 15% of all gamers so signs of addictive behaviour.

Many countries, including the UK, have set up treatment centres for those needing to kick the bad habit.

In this article, we discuss:

  • Symptoms of a video game addiction
  • Why people would spend their lives with video games
  • Ways to combat a video game addiction

Symptoms of Video Game Addiction

Back view of concentrated young gamer in headphones and glasses using computer for playing game at home
Back view of concentrated young gamer in headphones and glasses using computer for playing game at home

Just like any other addiction, there are many warning signs that friends and loved ones will start to notice.

Video Game Addiction has emotional and physical symptoms.

Victims will seperate themselves from people in the real world in order to dedicate more time with a controller in hand.

Not only that, they will be restless and irritable when unable to play a game. They will frequently be preoccupied thinking about playing games.

They will also lie about the amount of video games they have played to family and friends.

People addicted to games will sacrifice their personal hygiene in order to persevere with a game. The repetitive motion of the hands can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – numbness and pain in the hand – as well as eye strain and fatigue.

There are many other health issues that can follow from extensive use of video games.

Buying Tramadol Online Cheap – a blood clot in his leg – which was caused by his lack of movement while playing video games for long periods of time.

The DVT lead to a pulmonary embolism: a blockage in his lungs. That doesn’t sound like fun at all.

This isn’t the first time someone has died while playing video games!

Reasons Players Dedicate Themselves to Games

They are a number of factors that might persuade people to dedicate their lives to video games rather than other activities:

Video Games can offer a sense of achievement that isn’t achievable in real life.

Achievement cover

Have you ever rescued a princess on the moon while defeating a spiked, flame-throwing giant? No, I didn’t think so.

However, Video Games are the key to experiencing out of the world situations that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

You can do so many things within a game that no one could ever dream of.

Linking to this is the idea of escapism:

Video Games are great for escapism. 


Say you had a physical disability that confined you to a chair.

While you might not be able to run in real life, video games could allow you to become an olympic sprinter competing for your country.

Or say science wasn’t your forte at school.

While you might not pass as a scientist, video games would allow you to take part in missions in deep space without all of the rigorous training.

When things are troubling you in the real world, video games allow you to temporarily ignore all of those issues.

So video games allow you to reach for unimaginable goals that would be possible in the real world otherwise and they allow you to forget about any problems you may be facing in the real world.

How to Deal with Video Game Addiction

A few questions you need to ask yourself if you’re wondering if you have a video game addiction:

  • Do you frequently lose sleep over video games?
  • Are you spending more money on games than on important items like food and bills?
  • Do you ever get so frustrated at losing in a video game that you break things in real life?
  • Have you ever missed a day at work or school to play video games?

If you’re answering yes to all questions, it’s likely you have an addiction.

Fortunately, there are simple steps to help you cut down your time with gaming without having to go to rehab.

Find Other Interests


Finding other hobbies and talents will be a simple way to distract you from video games.

Pick a hobby that also has achievements and goals that you can reach for.

As well as this, you could pick an interest to share with a friend or family member. That can help with motivating you to follow the hobby.

Get a Job/ Go to School

Finding a job that you’re interested and in and would enjoy is perfect for tackling your addiction.

Not only will you find more structure has been added to your day, you’ll also being making money rather than spending it.

Alternatively, you could focus your attention on education and receive qualifications to help you aim for a career you might want in the future.

This would also be a great way to make new friends and find interests you never thought you would have liked in the past.

Make a Timetable Allowing Time for Video Games

Rather than removing video games all together, it would be much easier to allocate time slots in the day to play games.

That way, you can still enjoy your favourite games as well as making sure you stay hygenic, do some exercise, socialise, eat properly, and earn money through work.

Remember to Take a Break


It’s important while playing games that you take a break every hour for at least 15 mins.

This will give a chance for you to stretch your legs and ensure circulation of blood is all ok. Also, when playing video games, you tend to blink less so your eyes can become more dry and suffer from eye strain.

Therefore, it’s good to give your eyes a break.

Assess your Finances

We all know video gaming is expensive.

So, you should plan how your money is going to be used each week or each money.

Set aside money for rent, food, bills and other important things. You can then set a budget for how much you have left for games.

The best thing to do is to limit yourself to a certain number of games a month. If you were to buy one expensive title a month, then you could set aside £50 to fund that and no more.

Did you suffer from a video game addiction?

Let us know how you overcame your addiction!

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You’ve slaved hours and hours on what many would consider a masterpiece. Now, it’s time to draw in all the well-deserved attention in front of the gaming industry.

The best place to show off your game? Major national events. And what’s the problem with this? You will be surrounded by hundreds of others games equally demanding all of the attention.

Being part of a small team, it can be tough to come up with the materials to make your booth resemble blackpool illuminations.


After delving through the depths of incredible indie games, we found some developers who truly embraced all that was great about their creation and managed to make their personalities stand out. Today we will be exploring:

How to make your game stand out at events

In this article, you will discover:

  • The most interesting ways we’ve seen developers make their game stand out.
  • The best tips for engaging players and potentially creating fans at your booth.
  • The importance of making your game stand out at a trade show.

To start off with, some great examples of inventive booths.

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From some of the creative minds behind Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, and one of the DoubleUpGaming’s favourite’s Tramadol Eu Online, the quirky team of two have introduced yet another fun game: Knights and Bikes.

This particular game is all about the heroic journey two small girls take in order to save their local community. On their bikes, they will defeat enemies with the power of puddles, water balloons, and more.

The game art alone is one to grab attention of enthusiasts as the featured characters are so goddamn adorable but the main attraction were the bikes. 

In order to enjoy the game, players were forced to place themselves on these awesome kids bikes decorated with stickers of knights; the perfect seating for this game.

Untitled design

The bikes were ideal for drawing in attention simply because no one else had anything quite as unique. 

Even we couldn’t help but steal one and cycle it around Tobacco Dock.

Another game that couldn’t help but stand out at events:

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On the other side of indie games, Playstack have just published the game “Dick Wilde”: a VR experience that isn’t one to be missed.

Players live the life of Dick Wilde, the extreme exterminator with an arsenal of weapons behind him. Your job is to shoot and take down the lurking wildlife that lives in the waters.

What playstack did to advertise their game was simple but effective.

Using props such as blow up snakes, blow up palm trees and more, they decorated their booth so that it effectively relayed the character of the game to the audience. The bright, neon lights that lined the booth acted as great eye catchers.


So, let’s think about what we can learn from these guys.

I interviewed Rex Crowle, developer at Foam Sword and Kiron Ramdewar, community manager at Playstack on how they made their creations stand out at events and they gave some great advice:

What are the best tips for engaging players and potentially creating fans at your booth?

Rex made the excellent point that having a typical setup that replicates every other booth isn’t the way forward:

“Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how imaginative and unique your game is, you’re going to find it hard to stand out if [your game] is presented in exactly the same way as everyone else at a show: Vinyl banner, TV, Controllers.”

He continued to share a few simple ways that can spruce up your display:

“It’s good to think about ways that you can extend what’s happening inside the game out into the space, that could be anything from dressing up as a game character to having a model of something from the game on display.

And if the game is more of a competitive experience, having a real chalkboard leaderboard in the booth is a lot more engaging for potential players wandering past, than any in-game leaderboard hidden away inside the TV.”

And once you’ve intrigued your new fan, and they’ve played the game, make sure there’s a way they can remember it at the end of the day, whether that’s by having a stand that they will feel compelled to photograph, or give them some stickers to jog their memories with.”

Kiron explained a number of great ways that some developers would never consider were behind the success of a display:

“I would say the biggest tip is to be passionate about your game. People can quickly distinguish legitimate enthusiasm from a pseudo fan racking off a sales checklist of items to discuss.

I think it is really important to have played the game a good amount too. I know this sounds stupid, but you would be surprised how many people working on booths have barely touched the games they represent.

Most people won’t directly approach you to talk, so you need to be forthcoming with people attending. Everyone there likes games, so rustling up a conversation about what they’ve played so far, their favourite title at the show or whether they’ve played VR yet is a good place to start.”

What is the importance of making your game stand out at a trade show?


Rex shares that the hours of labour you’ve spent on your game should be projected into your stand in order to make the most of your time:

“If you’ve put months into getting your demo ready, and stressing about every element inside the game, its a missed opportunity if you’ve not put a lot of effort into how it’s presented externally.

You don’t necessarily have to build a life-sized pirate ship manned by a team of actors but its good to have something that takes the atmosphere of the game out into the booth that surrounds it, as it acclimatizes players.”

Before they pick up the controller they have some idea of what they are getting into.

Kiron explained how having a fun and unique booth means most have the work has been done for you. Rather than trying to draw people in, people are coming over themselves as they are incredibly intrigued:

“If you can grab people’s attention without talking to them, it gives us a bigger chance of them playing our game and having a chat with us. People want to have fun and that is the vibe we wanted to give off – a fun and exciting game.

On top of awesome game experiences, these kinds of touches are what people will recall and they are more inclined to take photos and videos of the stand. Best of all, they will most likely play your game. I think this was really reflected in the overwhelming queue size for Dick Wilde at Rezzed.

Your game can be the most fun thing in the world, but if your booth looks drab and dull, it reflects poorly on even the best titles out there!

What other ways have you used to gain attention at expos?

As game developers will have a number of games they will want to promote at various events, discovering unique ways to draw attention to each game can be difficult. Here is some ways that Rex and Kiron both advertised their games at a variety of events:

Rex: “Back when I was leading the Tearaway team at Media Molecule we would fill an entire suitcase with paper and scissors when travelling to events (Which led to some interesting conversations at airport security!) and once we’d arrived at our booth, we’d cover the entire booth with paper and papercraft.

One of my happiest memories was being at PAX Australia, where Gemma from MM and Spaff (Former MM Community Manager) and myself had not only built a papercraft kingdom, but also set up a craft table and we had some of the events biggest queues of players wanting a break from staring at games, so they could sit down at the craft table and make some papercraft mice with everyone else that was doing it.

mm tweet

It just creates a great atmosphere that people want to hang out in. Getting attention isn’t just about playing dubstep louder than everyone else!”

Kiron: “At both PAX and Rezzed we had a large list of inflatable animals, LED strips around the display, a huge piece of artwork and banners. There are hundreds of other games companies that want face time with attendees and press, so making your booth loud and exciting is really important.

I think when running a booth there is a tendency to worry about being over the top, but I’d prefer to be too loud than our booth quietly sitting there.

I’m also a big fan of competitions and giveaways. It gives an incentive for people to talk to you and play the game. At PAX we had a Dick Wilde leaderboard for the day and the whole weekend.

Every day the top five players with the highest scores won t-shirts, the player with the top score for the weekend won the TV we were using at the expo. At Rezzed we went for the PSVR competition.”


In Conclusion

The key element to a successful booth at an event or expo: be passionate. 

Players want to see how emotionally involved developers are with their game and how much time they have put into it. And all of this can be reflected in their booth.

Here is a list of all the things mentioned and more that teams can do to spice up their booths at events:

  • Big decorations that reflect the game
  • Unique ways to interact with the game (unusual seating like children’s bikes)
  • Other interactive activities to promote the game (papercraft tables for Tearaway Unfolded). Create live demonstrations of your game. If your game is about defusing bombs. Make a physical (fake) bomb that attendees can play with and try diffuse.
  • Leaderboards with small and big prizes (from t-shirts to TVs with Dick Wilde)
  • Cosplay (attendees always want a picture with great cosplay)
  • Giveaways (who doesn’t love free swag).

Seen any other ways developers have really showed off their games? Let us know in the comments below!

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Exploring the finest in VR that Europe has to offer, VR Days, spanning across 3 action packed days in Amsterdam has seen speakers from giants including The Guardian, BBC, Google and Samsung to the more localised companies including Holodeck, Force Field and The Mill.

Each individual had something new to add to the conversation on how VR & AR will affect our ever growing digital driven lives but in this feature we’re going to explore:

  • The effect that VR is going to have on our entertainment consumption
  • How it will change the way games are made
  • Why AR is the latest trend for games

Exploring the “Church of VR”


Speaking with Nikki van Sprundel, head of VR Days content curation for the Buying Tramadol In Australia (A collection of great content in VR) we explored what it was like putting together this year’s lineup of experiences:

“It’s been a very fun time having over 200 applications for the church of VR. There were a few things that I looked at, mainly the way they use the medium, the way they tell a story and it was key to have a lot of variation.”

Nikki also went on to mention “It’s still a big trend to focus on the empathy within VR, and to get people in a space where people wouldn’t normally be. syfy too  is being published alot  along with smaller trends that explore VR within VR, which is a great way to get to explore the medium.”

A wave of change


Diving deeper, (quite literally) into how VR is changing the way we experience our games and media, Marijke Sjollema from Tramadol Online For Dogswent on to explain why their unique concept of including both physical elements (in this case a swimming pool) and VR changes the game.

“Our brains believe that VR is reality and our body physically reacts to that making it a powerful medium. Your skin is one of your biggest organs meaning there is a lot of sensitivity there. Adding water to that experience makes it even more immersive.”

With so many talented developers and creatives exhibiting on the show floor, they too had much to add when we speak about the way in which they now need to approach making a game.

Terence Mosca who works for Tequila Works who earlier this year released the puzzle adventure game ‘Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery‘ spoke to us about their new VR game ‘Buying Tramadol Uk” which utilizes time mechanics and the explorative power to create an experience.

When Terence spoke more about this it was very easy to understand the ways in which game developers are overcoming the learning curve for VR.

“Theres the creative questions, the production question and the market question. Firstly moving to motion capture, allowed us to capture real life emotions and shorten our production timeline”

Terence then went onto speak about how their movement mechanics adapted as well, “for some users that are not used to VR, we utilised a sticky mode where you can connect yourself to a character and follow them along”

The new buzz word for games…


AR too has been a big topic of buzz at this years VR Days, whether it is just speculation hype from the recent news of Apple’s AR Kit or Google’s AR Core for android, it is unknown.

However one thing’s for certain AR is going to make its way into our lives just as much as VR.

Small Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard, Playmax who have been working closely with the new generation of Asus AR phone technology spoke to us about why AR is beginning to be so important for your average consumer and business.

Ruben mentioned:

AR is becoming more mainstream now, because it is much more accessible for much more people and this is mainly down the having AR on your phone

When looking at this side of the story it really starts to make sense with the number of smartphone users forecasted to grow from 2.1 billion in 2016 to around 2.5 billion in 2019.

With so many people having the ability to use this technology people are starting to notice.


When looking into the AR gaming aspect of things, Ruben also mentioned how the rise in location based games could be making a big impact in the coming years.

“AR enables location based games to allow multiple people to share experiences all together, things are moving really fast and proper experiences will be here within a year.”

With more people able to play together in the same space things are instantly made more sociable for people.

When you take a closer look, human beings are incredibly social creatures which makes interactions with technology in the physical world much more appealing to general consumers at the moment.

Where will we be in just 5 years?

As the day starts to wrap up at the 2017 VR Days the spirit and collaboration between a constantly evolving community of creators will continue to grow and see a new movement of games, experience and projects in both Virtual Reality and Augmented reality.

Are you a developer or creative in the games industry? How has the impact of VR & AR affected your views of the future of yours or others games? Make sure to let us know in the comments below or email [email protected]

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Video games take us to fantastic places across many different fictional worlds and times, but plenty of them are rooted right here in reality.

This isn’t to say that those fictional destinations aren’t as great, but when a game shows you a place you can actually go, you can add it to your bucket list and start planning your next destination vacation.

Video games add a phenomenal level of escapism to our lives. This is particularly useful for those who are unable to reach every corner of the world.

Therefore, we are going to explore:

The Best Video Game Locations in Real Life

Fallout Series

At the top of the list in video game locations is the Fallout series.

There are five games in the main series, but the more recent ones: Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Fallout 4, hit more recognizable spots in the United States.

Fallout 3


Even without the context of having played Fallout 3, Washington DC is a tourist destination for everyone.

You can compare photos of the haggard-looking Washington Monument or compare the futuristic technology built into the Jefferson Memorial as you tour through DC’s mall.

Even so, the game faithfully recreates parts of Northern Virginia and Maryland as the surrounding area, like the Washington Naval Yard which houses one of the game’s largest hubs, Rivet City.

Fallout: New Vegas


Fallout New Vegas takes place in titular New Vegas and the surrounding Mojave Desert, rebuilding from the ruins of our current Las Vegas.

While the actual elements of the Las Vegas strip are greatly diminished, New Vegas recreates the highway system surrounding the city and several locations such as:

  • Hoover Dam
  • Lake Mead
  • Goodsprings
  • Primm
  • Nipton.

Hoover Dam is the site of much of the game’s conflict, as is Lake Mead that fuels it, and you can easily make a trip to tour both locales to see one of the United States’ marvels of construction.

The town of Nipton and Goodsprings are prominent in the early parts of the game and greatly resemble their real-world counterparts particularly well.

Nipton is infamous for once having the most lottery sales in all of California, because it exists just across Nevada state lines, mirroring one of the story beats of Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout 4


Probably the most popular Fallout installment, with some Order Tramadol Online Cod 180, Fallout 4 is a goldmine for real-world locations mirroring the game, and they’re all conveniently close together, seeing as the game centers in Boston.

Fallout 4 tends to repurpose Revolutionary War monuments and historical sites for plot points, including the famous Freedom Trail and the infamous Salem.

Boston is ripe with other locations like Fort Independence, called The Castle in Fallout 4, and Fenway Park, which is the game’s primary hub as Diamond City.

It would take you a whole week’s worth to hit all the things to do in Boston that the game covers, not to mention everything else you’d find in the city.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution


In 2011 Eidos Montreal and Square Enix released Deus Ex: Human Revolution, a scifi game about people with high-tech prosthetics and other enhancements.

The first area you come to in Human Revolution is Detroit, Michigan, the unofficial capital of “augmented” people.

While the game heavily fictionalizes their locations, which include Montreal and a fictional district in Shanghai, they invoke very modern feel to all their destinations that can really entice a person to want to see them physically.

Human Revolution received a sequel in 2016 called Mankind Divided, and heavily features Prague as its setting.

Those with a penchant for international travel will find modern Prague just as exciting as the futuristic city portrayed by the game.

The Walking Dead


While not exactly a game with the tone to inspire vacation, The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games hits a few locations in the southern United States as it tours around the zombie apocalypse for its protagonists.

In the first season, you play as protagonist Lee as he guards a little girl named Clementine from the burgeoning zombie menace.

The game ties neatly in with nods to characters that appear in the comic book and TV show, but also the series lands you directly in beautiful coastal Savannah, Georgia.

Or, at least it would have been beautiful, had it not been for all the zombies.

While the game meets an emotional climax in the town, players discover how its survivors have been coping and traverse its varying districts in a coastal city that’s very inviting to visitors; at least, visitors that are living.

Assassin’s Creed


A series grounded heavily in historical locations is Assassin’s Creed.

From the outset of the first game, the protagonist Altair journeys through Crusade-era Jerusalem and Damascus to bring justice to his enemies.


The series truly begins to shine with later installments, such as Assassin’s Creed 2 and Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, which both take place in Renaissance Italy, with the latter focusing nearly entirely in Rome.


Ezio, the protagonist, leaps from buildings and dashes through streets that still exist today to enact his vengeance.

Assassin’s Creed 3 touches on Revolutionary War-era America, showing you parts of Boston and New York City.

Subsequent games continue the historical fiction, with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate occurring across Victorian England and showing historical sites of London and beyond.

Forthcoming is Assassin’s Creed Origins, which plans on showing sites of ancient history—like the Great Pyramids’ construction.

Assassin’s Creed is a fantastic example of a series whose video game locations spread all around the world!


Games are a great way to introduce yourself to new places.

With each one you can add to your list of dream destinations, and hopefully make them a reality.

Take a trip to Venice and see the canals you leapt across in Assassin’s Creed 2, or tour the Mojave Desert to see the small town your courier crawled out of to save New Vegas.


Having our favourite heros interact with these locations gives an excuse to go on holiday and discover them for ourselves!

Featuring real life locations in our beloved video games also adds a sense of realness to the game. You can connect so much more easily to the story and the characters knowing it’s happening somewhere that exists.

I can’t relate to Destiny as well as I can relate to Fallout 4 as I’ve never been to Mars!

Is there a video game location based on real life that we have missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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We all love to look good in Minecraft so why not do it right first time with a great skin that is bound to get your friends interested? Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2018!

With so many amaxing movies coming out, including Marvels: Infinity War, we have devised a list of some of the Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2018 with download links! If you want to check out some different ones you can see our All time top 10 Minecraft skins or our Top Funny Minecraft Skins.

1. Despicable Me – Minion

Buying Tramadol Online ForumThis amazing Skin is one of the minions from Despicable Me – It uses a blend of colors to achieve what might be considered a very good remake of the original in Minecraft. The skin is bound to get some laughs from your friends and most people know the movie, so it is a no-brainer, You simply must download this! Creator:  tixie

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2. Star Wars – Storm Trooper

Ordering Tramadol Online CodA classic skin cannot go unnoticed, especially when it is such a large movie franchise set to expand through the wonders of Disney! Before you know it everyone will be wearing one of these skins, whether it is Chewbacca or Darth Vader… so why not get the head start on your friends? If we could we would have included every character from the star wars series but there is simply not enough space. Creator:  NeverSeenPain

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3. Man of steel – Superman

superman - Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2013

 Wow… If you want to go down in style then why not do it with this wonderful skin? After the successful launch of man of steel, it seems a great time to wear this skin as it not only makes you look cool but makes you feel like a superhero! Plus you can use the simple Order Tramadol Australia to add your very own  Superman cape to make you just that bit better Creator:  Minecraft343

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4. Iron man- Iron man suite

Buying Tramadol Online IllegalKeeping with the superhero theme iron man is a perfect alternative to Superman, maybe you don’t like dc or you think iron man is cooler,  it will always make you look stunning! This skin carefully matches the original outfit whilst adapting it into Minecraft in an almost perfect way meaning your friends will love your stylish looks and shiny shell… Mind you though, you wouldn’t want to put on any amour after wearing this skin.  Creator:  Zlag

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5. Monsters University- Sullivan

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With Monsters University just around the corner or possibly out if you are reading this at a later date, we thought we ought to add this adorable skin!  If you are playing a minigame of the hunger games no one is bound to hurt you, instead, they will turn around and give you a hug! (I know I would) The creator of this skin has blended the simplicity of a Minecraft skin with a cuddly adorable creature… Just Amazing! Creator:  JloDoesMC


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That is it for Top Movie Minecraft Skins 2013! But don’t worry we will be adding more along the year. Why not let us know your best Minecraft skins? You never know it may be included in our next featured article… Skin’s provided courtesy of Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk