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Steam is renowned for emptying users wallets and creating a surge of increase in spending on the pc gaming market.

So with time fast approaching Christmas it can be expected that the Steam Christmas sales are coming, and they are coming in hard!

Although not a fully confirmed source of information, a leaked email from PayPal Japan (yet again) has kick started a growing speculation that the Steam  Christmas holiday sales will be launched on the 18th of December 

Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk

This being one of Steams biggest sales of the year (excluding the summer sales) we can expect some huge savings on a wide  range of games and with the release date of Metal Gear Solid V being on the exact same day it may be no surprise that this game too will offer a small discount to pc gamers.

Why should I believe this information?

The simple answer is you should always take this information with a pinch of salt. We can never confirm this type of information to say it is 100% correct however if past events have revealed any light to us, information leaked from PayPal seem to be spot on.

You can also take a look at the date of last years Steam Christmas sales and surprise surprise it was on the 19th of December on a Thursday. Comparing this date to the 18th of December we can also see that this is on a Thursday one week before Christmas.

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But we only just had the Autumn sales!?

True, but the Steam Christmas sales are often longer, bigger and better than any other sale during the year. You may notice that alot of the sale prices may be the same as offered through Black Friday or Cyber Monday however alot more games will find their way into the featured slots so chances are you may find a few games you were not expecting to be on sale.

If trading cards are for you, you will also have the chance to build up your collection with rare collectibles and meta challenges. Many free to play games will most likely offer some collectibles through the Christmas sales too.

What is on your wish list for the Steam Christmas Sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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Habitat is an early access game. It is made by Independent Developer 4gency, in partnership with Versus Evil.

You are the future of the human race…

You play as a group of space engineers whose goal is to build and manage a base in orbit to sustain the human race. However, the only items at your disposal are bits of debris that you find in “space junkyards” in earth’s orbit. You must build and fly in-orbit stations in a zero gravity simulated situation to explore the unknown around you. To thrive and grow you must manage the population of your station and their environment.

Not all is at it seems

Don’t be fooled by thinking that this is just a peaceful sandbox game. You also need to build defences for your space station to protect your inhabitants from the dangers of orbit. These can only be built out of pieces of space junk you find in your journey around the Earth, such as rockets, lasers and particle accelerators.

4gency partner with Versus Evil

4gency is an indie game developer based in Seattle, Washington. The studio was founded in 2011 by Charles Cox, who has been in the game industry for a decade, bringing experience from many different studios. Versus Evil are an indie game publisher who focus on helping independent game developers be financially and creatively successful in the competitive games market. Versus Evil have signed a few partnerships recently, Tramadol For Dogs Where To Buy

Version 0.4

Version 0.4 has added quite a few updates to the game, for example: a new XP / leveling and progression system now exists that allows the user to earn, upgrade and face increasingly more challenging foes. Gaining levels allows you to have higher health and you can earn XP by completing missions. As well as this, they have added a system that allows the user to order weaponry to be delivered from earth for a cost, keeping things balanced by only allowing you to order items in a small area around your base. Finally, more space junk is available in orbit: “WW2 Russian submarine – tons of connectors and torpedo launchers make for a powerful platform.”

Where to get it

The game is available now on Steam! You can find it Cheapest Tramadol Uk.

Have you tried out the game or are considering trying out the game? Let us know in the comments or via Twitter!

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As far as Minecraft players can remember Herobrine has existed from the start of time.

But is herobrine real or just a fake and if so who or what is he?

The origin of Herobrine

From the original “Creepy-Pasta” stories of Herobrine it has been said that he plays a menace in your un-expecting Minecraft world. Herobrine appeared first on a 4chan board with just a simple picture explaining a players encounter with this mysterious character . From here rumours of sightings of Herobrine in Minecraft worlds grew slowly in popularity until questionable screenshots of Herobrine were published by a streamer that goes by the name of “Copeland”

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This then lead to many of sightings of the creepy figure in minecraft world  and players have since embraced this character.  However this still begs the question is Herobrine real or not?

So is Herobrine real?

Sorry to burst your bubble!  Herobrine is in fact NOT a real character within Minecraft. Many people have searched day and night through the source code of the game in hope of finding that one thing that may prove his existence.

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Many still argue that he is real.  However there is no way in which Herobrine can be added into a game without Modded clients, mods and/or servers . The explanation of missing blocks and weird formatted signs can be put down to glitches within the game or mis-guidance from other players.

Who or what are people referring to when they say Herobrine?

There are many theories with the most popular, between the community, being that he is in fact a ghost! Others believe that he could even be a demon; but a most believe that Herobrine is Notch’s dead brother (not in the literal sense).

The ominous figure of Herobrine shows the characteristics of a virus as it has been said that he goes through and alters your world. Many players still believe  Herobrine is alive and well within the real world, but this is still subject to debate.

Let us know your thoughts on Herobrine – having heard the facts do you think he is real?


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Recently at Insomnia 52 we had a chance to speak with Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex, Community Manager of the MOBA, Transformers Universe

Navigating through the packed exhibition hall the open booth of Transformers Universe could be found with many wanting to try out the game first hand – from adults to children most of them found themselves battling through the short 10-20 minute games which were being live streamed straight to the jagex twitch account. Whilst Shaun was not commentating over the fast paced action packed games, I decided to catch up with him and find out a little more about the game.

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The Warriors

On the Autobots team, characters such as Monsoon, Triage and Overclock can be found as “starter” warriors which every first time player will be provided with. Likewise on the  Decepticons team, players are provided with Rampart, Hotwire and Drive By. Each Warrior features their own unique abilities that can help in the aspect of healing or damage. Where the money lays for Jagex are the real bad ass warriors for players is that these characters can be purchased with the in-game currency .

Deadheat, ” a founders warrior, bought from one of the four packs” (starting from as little as £24.99) can see perks such as laser beam riffles and blades for both short and long range battles. These paid for warriors can give a significant boost  to the gamers playing style but some may argue that it empathises the idea of a pay to win game. However, playing as Hotwire (one of the starter warriors) on the day, using my amazing healing abilities, I found no significant difference between me and the other players using founder warriors.

Changes to the game

Amongst the various changes to the HUD and gameplay elements the most advantages change was Jagex’s decision from “originally being an MMO to now being a MOBA spaced style”

In this case it is a battle arena, its multiplayer and its online

This change comes as MOBA style games become increasingly popular within the gaming community. MOBA’s, of course, refer to the Multiplayer online battle arena features and many of the heavy hitting first person shooter mechanics combined with the more relaxed RPG elements that many gamers already love. These changes could of reflected an opportunity spotted within the market or could be down to the vast amounts of player feedback the Jagex team has acted upon.

Interestingly we spotted another major change in the mechanics of the game from when it first started out. “With the death mechanic before, it was cool to kinda split it up into the use of separated warriors but we would often find that people might just enjoy playing certain warriors, like their healers…”, shaun explained. This change feels as if it has greatly improved the fluidness of each game, no longer are players forced to wait and watch their team mates get slaughtered as they stand on the side lines with their wrecked warriors. Now players can jump straight back into the action and it reduces the need to pay money within the game to have fun.

Team play is better than going alone

It seems most game developers now focus their attention on moving players away from their old habits of braving the game alone and to the albeit more interesting team style playing. Although on paper this is a very good idea, the reality is that many players still fail to communicate and play as a team – this has been echoed in games such as Battlefield, Dota and even the Tramadol Online Price.   However, maybe due to the lack of high quality mics or matchmaking,team play has never quite launched perfectly in any game.16

Even if this is the case with most games, we are slowly shifting our attitudes and it could be the next generation of gamers who finally make the change as evidenced with some of the younger players in the transformers booth at Tramadol Cheapest Price. Certainly whilst playing it could clearly be seen that using team play tactics lead to a much longer survival rate for players.  One of the key advantages is the use of the healers’ ability, their sole purpose is to keep the team going  for as long as possible and was perfectly shown with one of the players at the even – “if she went down, then her little friend next to her would try and heal her and keep her going”


The future of Transformers universe,

From an upcoming clan system, tournaments, game modes, maps, unique warriors and community driven suggestions, the feature Transformers Universe looks bright, and combined with the the strong image of the Transformers brand and the expertise of Jagex Game Studios, the game is certainly in safe hands. Shaun  expressed to us how with their internal tournaments of the game held within their studio offices has lead to the idea of implementing a clan system throughout to give players a better chance to play as a team and to add new layers of user interaction. As for new game modes, maps and warriors, only the future can tell what these will be like.  Hopefully maps will become more detailed and warriors will continue to evolve without the need to spend mass amounts of cash.

The game is constantly changing to suit the needs of the player base and with the majority of it being user driven via the community forums, the game can be shaped into what we the players want to see.

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Could this be the next big MOBA that will change the way we think? Will you be taking a look at the “free to play” game?

Once you have chosen your side, you can sign up for free to the game on the Can You Get Tramadol Online

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Recently the Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery reported that Microsoft is considering purchasing Mojang, independent developer of “Minecraft”, for $2bn. In the past few days the rumours have been confirmed and Microsoft have in fact acquired the independent studio for $2.5 Billion!

This will come as a shock to anyone that has followed Mojang or Minecraft throughout their development as the founder, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, has frequently stated his disapproval of the way that big companies are organised, going as far as to cancel an Oculus Rift VR version of Minecraft after the company was acquired by Facebook. Throughout his career he has also criticised Microsoft numerous times claiming that Windows 8 was an attempt to “ruin the PC as an open platform” after Metro was revealed to be closed source. Finally, in 2012, he stated that “The more studios that can remove themselves from the publisher system, the more games that will be made out of love rather than for profit.” Markus is the majority shareholder in Mojang and despite his previous statements of disapproval the sale has been confirmed with the added comment “that I will be leaving Mojang AB as soon as the sale is finalized.”

Buying Tramadol Uk
Minecraft zone gamers

The future of Minecraft…

So what does this mean for Minecraft and future games from the once-indie studio? It would be safe to say that Minecraft will start receiving more frequent updates most likely focusing on the PC and Xbox version opposed to the PlayStation edition. At a stretch we may begin to see development of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phones and pushing further paid DLC . With regards to new releases the future development of new titles and IPs is unclear. On one hand it would be most beneficial for Microsoft to push Mojang to release at least a single game or two every few years as the company would garner a huge amount of hype for any sort of new development (Scrolls, for example, which turned out to be a fairly average game ) but on the other hand Minecraft was created initially to test a landscape creation algorithm showing that experimenting with code and ideas can be better than writing out a full design doc with a complete plan and target demographic.

All that we can do for now is wait and see what the future holds as our beloved game is now in the hands of the industry giant, Microsoft

Editors Note:

Notch has spoken out with regards to Microsoft’s interest and has said that it was actually his idea to sell. “[He] reached out to Microsoft a few months ago based on a positive working relationship while working on Minecraft for Xbox.” (Bloomberg).   Notch  is still planning on leaving the company once the transaction has been completed.

Let us know your view on Minecraft being sold to Microsoft…


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NeonXSZ(pronounced Neon Excesses) is a strange title to find nowadays. More than a decade ago, however – it would have come off as a Descent sequel or spin-off. Exactly 2 decades ago, the first Descent game was developed by Parallax Software released by Interplay Entertainment in Europe in 1994. It was the first of it’s kind – a unique first person shooter with 6 degrees of freedom control (6DoF). Doubtless, Descent had set a benchmark for games of its genre and style, and to date, not many had successfully emulated its success.

Brutal And Demanding

Where traditional FPS games requires the player to only operate on two axes; horizontal and vertical strafing, Descent and NeonXSZ demands the player to take control of an additional axis. Doubtless, the controls are difficult to learn, and even harder to master. NeonXSZ is not meant to be an easy game, and my first few moments of venturing into the battlespace was more frustrating than I’d care to admit. I often found myself upside-down, bumping into walls and friendly ships, and occasionally thoroughly lost.

Make It Yours
The depth of customization offered is dizzying to say the least. Not only are players allowed to customise their weapons, gadgets, loadout and ships, but also what the game looks like. There are multiple graphical styles that can be switched at ease without restarting the game, or going back to the main menu. It is incredibly helpful for players that suffer from any variants of colour vision deficiency.

There is a lot of learning to be done in this game. A lot of exploration of the game mechanics is required to fully grasp an understanding, making me wish for a Wiki page to be available. The game encourages the player to develop his own play style; whether it is to create a hulking battleship with turrets that spawn smaller battle drones or a small, fast spaceship that electrocutes enemies upon impact.

Order Tramadol Online Legally

The Open World

You start off as a lowly ship with tier 1 technology, scouring the virtual world and beating down your enemies to salvage their parts, you slowly rise in your ranks. Your enemies also drop various items of loot that enable you to upgrade a myriad of components on your ship. Though the docking stations are slightly indiscernible from each other, you’d find your way once you get used to it.

If you don’t feel like hunting down enemies in the open world, then there are Challenge Arenas available where you can pit your skills against these mini-dungeons. Although the events are said to be scripted, they seem to differ from one to another, and is often very rewarding upon completion.

The game touts a mind-bending 100+ hours of single player content. While it might seem to be an exaggeration, it offers replayability that would doubtlessly invite its players to challenge the game again with different play styles and higher difficulty levels.

As the NeonXSZ attempts to capture the magic of Descent, as well as adapting various aspects of Quake, it is only right that we revisit its predecessor.

The Sequel That Never Came

Descent had garnered a strong cult following due to its special features, consequently releasing multiple expansion packages for its titles and directly spawning two sequels, namely Descent II and Descent 3. Unfortunately, the franchise’s popularity diminishes during the recent years along with the death of its Parallax Software. Parallax Software was split into in two (Cheapest Place To Order Tramadol Online and Tramadol To Buy Online Uk) in 1996, where Outrage Entertainment continued to produce Descent 3. It was acquired by THQ in 2002 and worked on Red Faction II before closing in 2004. Plans for Descent 4 were cancelled by Interplay Entertainment, and the dreams for another sequel slowly drifted away.

Can You Order Tramadol Online

Revisiting, Reinventing

NeonXSZ isn’t alone in the journey to reinvigorate the 6DoF genre. Some examples of recently released games which allow independent control of all three movement axes and all three rotational axes, include Tramadol Purchase Online Legally and Tramadol Online.

Though relatively well-made, both of these games suffer from a scarce playerbase for multiplayer. Its single player statistics are not faring well either, perhaps suggesting that the 6DoF genre is not for the current generation of players. Some would even claim that blinded nostalgia is all that’s left of the 6DoF genre.

Similar statements were made towards Telltale’s games when it first released. The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us are stellar examples of reimagined genres that brought point-and-click adventures back from the dead. While similar in certain aspects, the current generation of Point-and-Click games introduces an array of complex interactions between characters and various game entities – features that weren’t possible with aged technology.

The blood of Descent and Quake flows in the veins of NeonXSZ, but in its current form, it isunable to enamour anyone. From the webpage, we learn that the game’s solo developer, Paul F, “is utterly determined to not only make the game a success but to create the best 6DoF twitch shooter available.

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight

An Unfortunate Truth

Albeit pulsing with potential, NeonXSZ requires further polishing in several aspects to keep up with current tastes.

While NeonXSZ have brought minor surprises, it is not enough to warrant success. It’s complex customization functions and narrative progress are obscured so that players have to delve deep into the game to learn it. While veterans of the 6DoF genre are likely to be able to master the game, it is likely that newcomers would be disenchanted due to sheer frustration.
NeonXSZ is expected to arrive on Steam in Fall 2014. It is currently available as Buying Tramadol Online Forum.

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Finding useful resources and tools can be a daily struggle for the everyday Indie game dev…

We recently spoke to an array of different indie devs to find out what resources and tools they found to be the most useful to them. All of the following resources have been recommended and suggested to us by real indie devs – as part of the indie game initiative meaning this article is extra special! In this article we take a look at:

Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping

Coupons For Tramadol Online for Management

Trello is a simple to use yet effective management tool that will help you arrange and map your game’s development. Sometimes you may find yourself trying to remember what you need to do next or find that you want a visual way of seeing how far you have left till the end of your game. Trello allows you to manage this process privately or publicly meaning you can also keep the media and your community constantly informed on the development of your games.

Tramadol Fedex VisaEz Tramadol Online
Buying Tramadol Online Reviews

Tramadol Online Uk Reviews and Order Tramadol For Dogs Online for uploading small games

If you’re not ready to release your game to steam greenlight or don’t have the funds or backing you can easily upload your games to these two great websites. Itchio is a growing store for all indie games and allow you to add a game for anyone to play. You can even set prices or receive donations for your games. Game jolt is another good resource for uploading games although this is for your free games only. The best thing about it is you receive a small share of the ad revenue that your games bring in meaning if you have a popular game you may be able to have enough money to fund your next project.

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Tramadol Pay With Mastercard

Buying Tramadol Thailand for game development

For an all round great engine that offers both free and premium services is Unity3D. In recent years this is becoming the more popular choice for indie devs as it now allows you to create either a 2D or 3D game. After you pass the large learning curve the software is extremely user-friendly meaning you can get to grips with it fairly easily (besides if all else fails there is a ton of user help guides, documentation and videos that can help you).

Tramadol To Buy CheapEz Tramadol Online
Non Prescription Tramadol Online

Cheapest Tramadol & Tramadol Online Italia for your social needs

A key part of being an indie dev is using your social media effectively. Both Tweet Deck and Buffer allow you to manage, maintain and schedule all your tweets in one simple place. Tweet deck was built especially from the twitter developers to allow brands and individuals to be able to manage the constant flow of tweets we face on a daily basis. Whereas Tweet Deck is an all round web app and software that allows you to add and remove multiple columns of what you want to see, buffer allows you to schedule all your social media connections from one place.

Tramadol Pills OnlineEz Tramadol Online
Tramadol Online Pets

Online Rx Tramadol for help and research

One hero among the mix you may forget about is YouTube! Offering thousands upon thousands of hours of tutorials and information YouTube is by far one of the most useful tools that any newer indie dev could use. If you ever find yourself in a pickle or wondering how to do something you can always count on YouTube to have some form of answer ( even if it is a 10-year-old child talking on their parents laptop)!

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Tramadol Visas Zales and Tramadol Online TexasorBuy Arrow Tramadol and Order Cheap Tramadol Online for design

Throughout your time as an indie dev you are going to find yourself going through a lot of designing. Obviously its up to your budget and preference which one of the two you go for. Inkscape and Gimp are the free alternatives of  Illustrator and Photoshop however the Adobe software does offer more in the way of features and support.

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Order Tramadol Overnight Shipping for Repository and Bug tracking

Bit Bucket is kinda like GitHub but they feature more enriching features and can be harnessed to release the potential of your game. This is really a coder’s dreams as it breaks down the communication barriers you may face and will work universally on pretty much any device you throw at it. It also works as a good  bug tracker as users can submit information to it and you can take note on it.

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Get Tramadol Online (Ad Exchange), Cheap Tramadol Uk(Video Ad),Tramadol Online Usany(Video Ad) for advertisement

Using Ad tools can be a great way to fund your next project or earn yourself a bit of extra revenue. It can be more difficult to find a good ad network but thanks to these recommendations it should be a breeze. Tap for Tap is great as you can either gain money from ads you show on your game or use this to show your game as an ad on other people’s games. If you want to really boost your ad revenue you can also use EverPlay or Adcolony which will play a video ad in between a loading screen on your game.

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Best Tramadol Online and Tramadol Online Shop Inrikesfor tracking

Flurry offers advertising solutions and analytics for the in-game experience of your game. With Flurry you can get basic insights into your users and app performance, or set up an advanced analysis of complex events to get a deeper understanding of everything your users are doing. Crazy Egg is perfect for seeing how your users are interacting with your website and on your web game. It generates a heat map so you can see where users are clicking across your page and game so you can better optimise it.

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There are far too many audio editing programs out there to recommend a good one for you, but what we can do is recommend a great site for you to find and download high quality pieces of audio. If you have the budget for your game you can download different sound effects/audio from Audiomicro and have a fully fledge licence to include it within your game.

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 Safe Tramadol Online for translation

If you aim to release your game on different platforms around the world and want to offer different languages you can use this recommended tool which allows you to quickly find and translate your games. The great thing is that its fairly cheap in comparison with hiring a full-time agency to translate your game.

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Other Resources and tools

There are thousands of resources and tools out there for you to use! Not to mention the many tools that were recommended to us such as Pixelmator, Pixen, iDraw, Prepo, Glyph Designer, Audacity, Pro Sound Effects,  eLance. Evernote, Reflector and much, much more. If you have a suggestion of something you think we should add please feel free to leave a comment at the end of this article.

Should we continue articles like top resources & tools for indie game developers?

We hope you will find these resources and tools useful and will take them away with you on your latest project or build. If you find articles like these useful, let us know and we will make ensure to continue a whole series of related articles for indie devs. Please do share this among the community so others can also find and use these tools in their daily lives!

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Amongst all the AAA titles we sometimes forget about the little guys, the people that start off small and grow to flourish into something much bigger.

It is a well known fact that we take them for granted. Just think back to the the last time you downloaded a game on your phone or decided to try out a free game. We have all been there –  however the the market is so large that many indie developers fail to get noticed and actually find it much harder to build up a fan base.

In light of this we decided to speak to Jake Birkett  from Buy Cheap Tramadol Overnight who could be considered an expert in the “casual games” market. Jake, who has also founded Tramadol Cheapest Overnight in both Canada and the UK (An indie meetup / hangout for indie devs), also has years of experience in this field  So basically he knows what he is talking about.

The current state of the  casual / free indie games market

As mentioned before the market is massive, with many business models and developers offering a wide variety of games on a silver platter.

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Many of these models have now changed into what Jake and many would refer to as, “free to play/F2P/freemium/evil “. These models attract people in with the supposedly free features then lure people to hand over their money in an attempt to make them somehow better off within the game. Does this mean the market is in dismay? No not necessarily, but it does show how much it has changed  and how people are more willing to spend their money to progress within a game.

I prefer to craft a game that, once the player has bought it, they can enjoy playing through to the end. Perhaps that’s old-fashioned now, but it’s the way I roll.

Life can be frustrating as a casual indie developer

Yes, yes it can…  within the sea of casual gamesthe casual portals only pay devs about 35% on average”  This is compared to places like apple that actually offer around 75% commission.  You need to remember the next time you buy a game for a £1 that only a portion of that goes to the game developer making it very frustrating to them.

Many people do not realize that these types of games rarely get any coverage in the media making it yet again very frustrating and difficult on the developers.

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I guess they aren’t “cool” enough, even though it’s a really huge market

This is why we have also launched our Real Tramadol Online which aims to make it an easier process for all indie devs alike to let us know of all their latest games no matter how big or small they are.

The Future of casual and free to play games

With more and more games being released each day we can see the  market evolve right in front of our eyes. “We will see more and more people converting over to F2P games” Jake adds “This will make it even harder to compete in that market.  There’s already some consumer and press backlash in that market and we might see stricter regulations introduced in the near future”

With the wide availability of (fairly easy to use tools) such asOnline Tramadol Overnight Delivery we can expect to see many more people take up their ambition of creating games. Of course this means “it  is going to make it harder to compete and survive”

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Of course with what some call the “Indie gold rush” coming to an end soon we may see a decline in indie sales and a backwash of preempted games that fail to gain any traction due to the rise in amateur indie developers. As a very last resort Jake told me “When it begins to look non-viable I will evaluate my options and consult with trusted friends in the industry as to what direction to head in.”

Advice for any developers in the market

Continue at what your doing and make sure you do not give up! Jake has been going for over 9 years – over this time there have been ups and downs, things that worked and didn’t work, but if you stick at it things will turn out better.

It’s a roller coaster ride but you are at the controls, and that’s pretty cool.

We constantly see games come and go, some succeed and some fail but most importantly it is a learning curve that will provide you with the experience to know what works for you and what doesn’t. The key is you need to be unique in your own right, make people like you as well as the game and most importantly do your research into what’s hot and what’s not!

Let us know how the Casual / Free to play market is treating you

Remember to continue supporting these fantastic indie game devs, if you want you can even go and check out Jake’s latest game Tramadol For Sale Online Uk. We also want to hear from you and have your views on the market… Where do you think it is heading? If you’re an indie dev we would love to hear  your views on the market too!

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Battlefields UI sucks… Its not as bad as some games we have seen but it can certainly be improved!

The casual noob that has never laid eyes on a Battlefield game would find it difficult to even comprehend what they are looking at. In light of this Battlefield developers Dice have decided enough is enough and it is time to release a HUD clutter fix.

The above video shows how you can completely customise you HUD experience by adding a range of new settings. Icon visibility, Info zoom and visual recoil are just some of things you can now change to make your experience alot better

You may be thinking that in fact the current state of the battlefield UI is fine

Yes it may be fine, but  have you ever accidently misunderstood an enemy for friendly? Have you ever been in a tight situation and found it difficult to look beyond the icons that glare you in the eye from every direction?

I hate how the screen fills with really prominent colours of m-coms or flags and stuff it’s really off putting.

Well these are just some of the problems the new Battlefield HUD clutter fix will improve upon. In a life or death gaming situation these simple elements could be the make or break of whether you survive or not.  By giving the flexibility of being able to make it just right and how you like it, players will see that their skill and enjoyability will increase.

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Will these changes go over to Hardline?

Thats the beauty of it! Any changes made to Battlefield 4, or Hardline for that matter, will be directly interchangeable. This means we no longer have to wait for pointless crossovers that sometimes take months in advance to implement – we can now see instant changes throughout both games, keeping all the players happy.

As many of you may know. Hardline is built on the same engine as Battlefield 4 and features the same amazing graphics that we all love. If you’re a fan of these changes you will be more than happy to know that along side these changes you can also expect the net code update too.

Let us know your thoughts of the updates, are they really needed?

I want to hear what you have to say on the matter.  Is it enough that these new features are only just being implemented nearly a year after its initial release? Do you think that these changes will increase your gameplay experience?