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Isn’t it frustrating when you try to play on your favourite console and your game has a tonne of updates to perform! Or remembering that you can only play all your games in HD and not in 4K (unless you updated your system to the PS4 Pro/ Xbox 1S).

Life is hard for a gamer. 

But I think it’s time to look back at our console and realise things could be much, MUCH harder! The only way we can do this is by comparing our home entertainment systems with the consoles that allowed the gaming world to blossom.

Retro Consoles Vs Modern Consoles

1977 was the year that pioneered the idea of “gaming at home”. No longer did you have to go outside to arcades. Instead, you could try all your favourites in the comfort of your living room.

The one console that truly made this a possibility is the Atari 2600.

Atari were the founders of modern console gaming; they frequently bragged on posters that “there’s no comparing it with any other video game”.

This was, however, until the company suffered the video gaming crash of 1983 *cough* ET.

With 2kB Ram (impressive, right?), CPU speed of 1.79 MHz and GPU speed of 5.32 MHz, it had the highest specs on the market.

Since then, video gaming has been redefined by a number of consoles with revolutionizing features. They evolved from miniature arcade machines to vast home entertainment systems.

To make a fair comparison of old and new, we will analyze each aspect of what the consoles and the companies had to offer:

  • Games
  • Technology
  • Music
  • Promotion
  • Style


Untitled design

A significant and obvious change has been made in games over the past 30 years; the main difference being lack of depth in the games in the past.

You’ll play these games and believe that they could only take a minimal amount of time to develop and design. That’s of course if we compare it to the size and depth of the games today.

The simplicity of Atari and Nintendo games were all due to the main focus of the consoles – they were designed to bring arcade games into the comfort of your own home and arcade games didn’t have the most complex stories – if they did no one would ever get a turn!

Therefore, the games followed basic yet somehow challenging objectives, limited backstory of the characters, certainly no cutscenes and a small amount of levels.

Something else that easily proves the distance gaming has come is the graphics.

Untitled design (1)

Not having the resources back then, the CPUs could only process a byte of data at a time (or as it’s more commonly known, 8 bits). This means that Today CPUs in modern consoles can process 64 bit strings of data and therefore support a lot more detailed games.

One argument that says Retro Games were better is that style of graphics were popular in the 80s. No one was desperate to see detailed graphics as they simply didn’t fit in with the time.

The style of gaming was a fashion in the 80s. Are modern style may not have fit in so well.

The final difference in between the two eras were the possibilities within the game.

When I say this, I refer to the number of options a player has, the amount of commands they can make.

A lot of games in the past involved run, jump, duck and attack. Today, there is a whole variety of ways in which a players can interact with the game.

Not only that, but today there are so many more places you can explore. Games in the 80s saw 2D platformers and limited levels. Now there are whole worlds to explore. Take GTA V for example. You have the whole city in the palm of your hand!

Having such a variety of games on the market today and the quality of them, modern games have to take the lead.



Without a doubt, the technology today is much MUCH more advanced.

One thing that needs pointing out is the amount of things modern consoles can do. Back in the past, consoles were for games and games only. But today, they have evolved into home entertainment systems.

What I mean by this is that you can play movies, you can connect with friends and play online, you can catch up on TV, you can buy games in the comfort of your own home, you can listen to music and so much more.

Did this bother the gamers of the past?


First of all, they didn’t know what they were missing out on. Secondly, they were happy by the fact they could play their favourite arcade games at home. They didn’t need to the console for watching TV and listening to music as they already had devices for it.

Considering the technology they had at the time, Retro consoles were the bomb!

Another significant difference is the size of technology.

Ok, the size of the consoles hasn’t dramatically changed. If anything, they’re still the same size.

However, one holds a lot more data and advanced technology than the other. Having more uses and playing higher quality games but still in the same size shell, retro consoles don’t compare to modern ones.

But if we look at cartridge based games, there is a massive difference! Take for example the size of a NES cartridge, they’re like a huge version of GameBoy cartridges and I mean huge!

Now we have the ones PS Vita’s use cards smaller than most memory cards and almost half the size of a DS game!

Therefore, Modern Consoles have to take a win for this.



For a musician, this is one of the most noticeable changes. Having inferior CPUs, old consoles couldn’t possibly handle full orchestras and a wide variety of sound effects.

However, this never stopped any game developer in making effective games.

Having 8 Bit processors, the game would play everyone’s favourite 8 bit music. Recognisable, bouncy tunes that could easily determine the mood of the scene without complex instruments.

Nowadays, we find ourselves treated with the melodic sounds of strings, drums, basses and more to creating the gaming mood. Many have demonstrated phenomenally composed pieces that have even made it on to classical charts, an example being Battlefield 1!

Having to pick a favourite, my heart has to say that retro consoles had the best music!

Even being a huge classical fan, the white noise and pixelated sounds have won many decision for one reason:

8 bit music from games are memorable.

If I asked you to recreate the sounds of Mario, I’m sure you could do it. For Zelda, for Pokemon, they don’t prove a challenge.

As for other games, the soundtracks don’t come as naturally. I understand you may be able to remember the theme of the loading screen or a memorable battle scene but otherwise, it’s not tunes you would happily recreate with your friends.

It’s as if the older games had their own theme tunes that we so dearly loved and still love today.



Our lives are riddled with adverts we see them on TV, all over the internet, and even when we leave the house on billboards and posters.

Plenty of the adverts are gaming related: games, consoles and more.

This was the same in the past when gaming came into fashion. Well, there weren’t adverts on the internet because there was no internet but you get my drift.


They are another thing that has changed dramatically.

The most noticeable thing is the tone that the adverts give. Gaming in the past was about time to share with family and friends. You can all play competitive games together in a light manner.

Many adverts featured wacky colours, smiley faces and why their console is the greatest thing. They specifically like to promote the together time.

And the TV Adverts, oh boy the TV adverts. I knew it was the 80s but I wasn’t expecting this!

Of course, we have to remember that the quality of the adverts are a lot worse than what they are now however, no one had the TV sets at home to be watching HD Video. These adverts were big productions back then.

Today, it’s a different story.

For many mainstream games, It’s all about being the best player possible; play online and be better than everyone else. This could be linked to games become more immersive and realistic.

Games offer the opportunity to become the soldier you ever thought you could or travel to the depths of space. It showing players that not all experiences might be sunshine and rainbows and the only way is to show it with darker adverts provoking more feeling inside.

Take Halo 5 for example:

Not only is it more dramatic, fast paced, it’s obvious how much video production has advanced.

I’m not saying there aren’t games today promoting family time. Gaming doesn’t have family time as its first priority, let’s be honest. It’s more centered towards gamers looking for the most immersive experience.

Modern games have the benefit of modern advertising.

Using the internet and vast variety of TV Channels as well as popular areas in cities to promote, this has definitely benefited them greatly. Take these for example:


Rockstar Games effectively using the London Underground to display a full sized poster.

Another example:


Bungie stretching the definition of a full size poster at Time Square.

Promotion for 80s games looked a bit more like this:

Untitled design (2)

So these games might not seem so cool to you now, especially given their posters but they were awesome in the past!

The wacky drawings, variety of colours very much fit in with the style of the time.

It seems harsh to pick a winner of better advertisement given the technology available in the past. However, modern adverts are a lot more dramatic and therefore, inviting. As they show off the power of video games, modern console take the win.


Modern Gaming attracts so many audiences that it almost doesn’t fit in with any kind of modern style. You have the most realstic RPGs, real life simulators, the wackiest of fantasies, educational games, brain training games, quirky indie games and so much more.

80s Gaming knew exactly where it was.

It followed the style that decade so famously had: jazzy colours, geometric shapes etc.

All the games fit together as well. Not only did they appeal to everyone but they had similar playing modes, objectives and more. As well as this, the games also managed to be unique to one another with their characters are worlds.

Games created in this era are now embedded into things we think about when looking at the 80s. We think about shoulder pads, jazzy colours, arcades, funky music videos and overly dramatic music.

When was the greatest time to be a Gamer?


To answer this question, you have to ask yourself: “What would you rather experience: the technology or the style?”

Today we have 4k graphics with surround sound audio and an unlimited amount of experiences all thanks to advancement in technology.

Before, we had the true beginning of console gaming; retro games and console selling for £1000+ that our founding fathers continue to discuss, the brilliant 8 bit music and quirky designs that perfectly fit into the age.

To many this sounds like no argument but we also need to discuss something else.

Despite arguments proving the greatness of modern gaming, Nintendo managed to sell 61.91 Million Nintendo Entertainment Systems since 1983 while 40 Million PS4s have been sold.

Okay so Nintendo has had 30 more years to push their pioneering console but that doesn’t change the fact that the console was incredibly popular.

There is one argument that can decide our winner:

Retro gaming consoles are the reason why we were able to create modern consoles.

Without our Atari 2600 or NES, where would we be now? Would gaming still be a thing or would it have died quickly and quietly?

For that exact reason, retro gaming is the bomb.

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A series of gaming announcements have been made this week but the news most talked about is the PS4 Pro and Xbox 1S.

But no has ever seemed to convey how these new consoles would actually benefit me. This will probably be because no one really knows anything about it.

So I’m guessing a number of people also have a lot of questions.

To help you lovely people out, I thought I’d do a bit of research into what makes these consoles so great (or not so great).

In this article, you will discover:

  • What these console have to offer
  • How they differ from their predecessors
  • Which one will be better

To kick us off:

PS4 Pro


Off the bat, this console only differs visually from the original PS4 thanks to an extra strip on the front; obviously not what I’d be paying the extra money for.

The new console brings a whole new variety of specs with it. Your bog standard HD graphics will be a thing of the past once the PS4 Pro is released as it will feature Ultra HD!

Given that your TV is compatible, you can play games and stream shows in the most realistic definition available as your console supports 4K HDR. This is thanks to the graphics processor being twice as fast the original PS4.

Along with better graphics, you can also enjoy higher frame rates (even in those intense high speed games) as well as running games faster meaning your gaming experience will be smoother and a whole lot more realistic.

A list of games has already been released that is said to support the new function including Order Tramadol From Mexico.


This new console is said to be created for the release of PSVR, the virtual reality headset designed to be used with the latest playstation console.

The previous PS4 could not compete with frame rates needed for an enjoyable VR experience – the lack of frame rates could lead to problems such as motion sickness.


this new console should defeat this problem all together.

The pS4 Pro is expected to cost about £50 more than the original and will be released on the 10th November.

There is an update expected for all PS4 owners that will let their consoles support HDR meaning more accurate colour grading but this does not mean that there console will be able to catch up with the PS4 Pro.

If you’re not planning on updating your console,

Do not fear!

Sony are still intending to make games compatible for both the PS4 Pro and the PS4.

Time to see our other competitor:

Xbox 1S


The noticeable thing about the new Xbox is its size.

The Xbox 1S is 40% smaller than the Xbox 1 so for those of you trying to save on room space, this maybe an ideal option.

Not only that, it comes with a funky stand to make storing it even easier.

Now for the cool bit.

The controller has had a face lift to optimize play:

  • Bluetooth so it can connect to your windows 10 PC or phone
  • Sleeker design and added grip on the back
  • Get upto twice the wireless range as the previous controller.


Not only has the controller been optimized, features on the console have as well.

The Xbox 1S will also support 4k and HDR and will even feature a 4K Blu-Ray Player! Snazzy! Stream, watch, and play in Ultra HD.

Enjoy the latest releases of games as well as your Xbox 360 favourites.

They have even made the on button an actual button so that it isn’t too easy to turn off (we know how frustrating that can be).

Now for my favourite bit:

The console is equipped with an internal power supply. 

Im impressed to see that Microsoft have not only looked to match the specs of its competitor but is actually looking for ways to make gaming that little bit easier, setting up and playing your favourite games no longer has to be a task.

The Xbox 1S is out now and can be as much as £100 cheaper than the PS4 Pro. I don’t want to influence you in which console is better but it can be quite hard to hide it sometimes.

Which one is better?

We must remember, this decision is coming from the information that I have discovered regarding the two consoles and it’s funny to say I’m quite disappointed with my decision.

Since the beginning of time – well, as long as I can remember – I have always been a playstation fan.

But I have to say that the Xbox 1S is looking a lot better than the PS4 Pro.

While both consoles have seriously improved gameplay with the addition of 4K and HDR, Xbox have taken it a step further and improved functionality all together.

They have considered everything that was wrong with the Xbox 1 and looked to make the Xbox 1S the most advanced console yet.

And somehow, this console is still cheaper.

Sony have made it seem that the latest playstation is only so the PSVR can actually compete with other leading VR headsets.

It’s also peculiar that Sony didn’t include a 4K Blu-Ray Player on the PS4 Pro given that they were the first ones to introduce a Blu-Ray Player to a console with the PS3.

I know which console I’ll be buying next. How about you? Let me know in the comments below on which console takes your fancy.

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With the new year recently started we wanted to do a round up of our best and most enjoyable games of the decade.

So we put on our nostalgic gaming hats and put fingers to keyboards to give you our list.

Online Tramadol Australia

Call of duty 4 - Games of the Decade

Now I think that everyone remembers this game probably because of the mission “All Ghillied Up”

Crawling past the Russian soldiers and APCs and realising how bad of a decision it was to shoot them and try to hold off their force.

Its on this list because of the unique campaign missions that were very enjoyable but also the multiplayer maps that caused havoc amongst some friends.

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Battlefield 3 - Games of the Decade

Battlefield 3 was undoubtedly one of the best games to have existed.

Some of my best memories came from Battlefield 3 one such memory is when me and my friend Calum flew around the Golf of Oman in an attack helicopter and repeatedly destroyed the bush wookie snipers.

The co-op missions were enjoyable to play as they felt like each one was different. It is on the list because we all love the destruction of our favourite maps such as Operation Metro or hitting an incredible shot such as a 5 man multi kill whilst in a tank.

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Halo Reach - Games of the Decade

Halo: Reach was the first Halo game that allowed you to use your customised spartan in the campaign but that is because it didn’t feature Master Chief.

However, Reach gave us some of the most fun that we have ever had in the crazy forge maps like Jenga or the mongoose races but the best was definitely Infected.

Infected was one of the tensest games that you could play especially when you were the last alive. Reach is on our list as it gave us some of the funniest times that we have ever had.

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Call of Duty World at War - Games of the Decade

World at War has got to be the best Call of Duty without question and the reasons for this are its use of historical events which stood out to me and a lot of my friends, being able to blow off peoples legs or arms and the first Call of Duty to have zombies.

Zombie mode gave us a lot more replayability but also some frustration. World at War is on the list because of everything about it as it gave a lot of replay ability and entertainment.

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Skyrim - Games of the Decade

Skyrim is one of the best RPGs that you can play for months, possibly years because there is soo much to do especially on PC where there is a huge active community that are constantly releasing content ranging from armour sets to companions.

Skyrim has so much replayability that you can sometimes just get lost in possible options.

I remember not completing the Whiterun quests and I didn’t have a single random dragon attack for the rest of my playtime. Skyrim is a game of the decade because is just so enjoyable to play and it has nearly unlimited content.

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Minecraft - Games of the Decade

Minecraft continues to take the world by storm with ever expanding updates that improve game play.

It is one of the most popular games in the world at the moment and has millions of users world wide.

Possibilities in this game are endless and hence the game is also endlessly replayable!

I have had many hilarious memories in this game and that is why it’s on the list.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 - Games of the Decade

Grand Theft Auto 5 caused mass excitement when it had been teased and everyone loves the fun activities that you and your friends can get up to.

GTA V has is constantly being updated with new content such as new vehicles and weapons for players to customise and show off. GTA missions allow players to complete activities with random players or with your friends and this can cause a lot of fun.

One mission I was playing had a random player driving his fully customised and upgraded his smart car but of course it was still slow so we had to wait but it gave me a lot of entertainment.

Why is GTA V on the list you may ask and the simple reason is… it’s awesome.

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Runescape - Games of the Decade

Now where do I start with Runescape.

This game was my whole childhood because there was so much for me to do and it was just a simple point and click game that has recently evolved.

Update after update gave me and my friends hours of excitement after school. I have had times of sheer happiness when I completed a difficult quest or when I got a cool weapon but I have also had times of rage when I died and lost a lot of my gear.

My most memorable time of Runescape was the final boss of the “Grand Tree Quest” which my friends has said was very hard. So I spent a lot of gold buying weapons, armour and ammo to fight the boss only to find that I had gotten the boss stuck and was free to hit him… The ten minute fight that came after was rather underwhelming.

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Rainbow 6 - Games of the Decade

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was one of my favourite childhood games because it gave me the ability to be a military operator and customise him to my liking.

I remember playing the campaign multiple times with different friends but it was still fun every time.

When I unlocked the riot shield I felt immortal and just continued to play for weeks just using the riot shield.

Why Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and not Rainbow Six Siege?

Well Siege is more multiplayer based and in my opinion a lot harder but definitely still one of my favourite games. However, Vegas 2 gives players who are new to shooters the possibility to practice their skills in the single player.

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Payday 2 - Games of the Decade

Payday 2 has recently grown to one of the most popular games in the gaming world and I can see why because it has a lot of content and different ways to play that reward in different ways.

Overkill are constantly releasing new masks and weapons that keep players interested.

Me and my friends have spent days playing Payday and we either fail hard, fail less or don’t fail at all but at the end of day we had fun robbing banks and gangsters.

Payday has an incredible customisation for its masks because there are soo many possibilities you probably won’t find most of them.

What do you think of our Games of the Decade?

Share your thoughts below in the comments!

And be sure to check out the video Tramadol 50 Mg Online Uk!

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Recently the Order Tramadol Cod Only reported that Microsoft is considering purchasing Mojang, independent developer of “Minecraft”, for $2bn. In the past few days the rumours have been confirmed and Microsoft have in fact acquired the independent studio for $2.5 Billion!

This will come as a shock to anyone that has followed Mojang or Minecraft throughout their development as the founder, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson, has frequently stated his disapproval of the way that big companies are organised, going as far as to cancel an Oculus Rift VR version of Minecraft after the company was acquired by Facebook. Throughout his career he has also criticised Microsoft numerous times claiming that Windows 8 was an attempt to “ruin the PC as an open platform” after Metro was revealed to be closed source. Finally, in 2012, he stated that “The more studios that can remove themselves from the publisher system, the more games that will be made out of love rather than for profit.” Markus is the majority shareholder in Mojang and despite his previous statements of disapproval the sale has been confirmed with the added comment “that I will be leaving Mojang AB as soon as the sale is finalized.”

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Minecraft zone gamers

The future of Minecraft…

So what does this mean for Minecraft and future games from the once-indie studio? It would be safe to say that Minecraft will start receiving more frequent updates most likely focusing on the PC and Xbox version opposed to the PlayStation edition. At a stretch we may begin to see development of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for Windows Phones and pushing further paid DLC . With regards to new releases the future development of new titles and IPs is unclear. On one hand it would be most beneficial for Microsoft to push Mojang to release at least a single game or two every few years as the company would garner a huge amount of hype for any sort of new development (Scrolls, for example, which turned out to be a fairly average game ) but on the other hand Minecraft was created initially to test a landscape creation algorithm showing that experimenting with code and ideas can be better than writing out a full design doc with a complete plan and target demographic.

All that we can do for now is wait and see what the future holds as our beloved game is now in the hands of the industry giant, Microsoft

Editors Note:

Notch has spoken out with regards to Microsoft’s interest and has said that it was actually his idea to sell. “[He] reached out to Microsoft a few months ago based on a positive working relationship while working on Minecraft for Xbox.” (Bloomberg).   Notch  is still planning on leaving the company once the transaction has been completed.

Let us know your view on Minecraft being sold to Microsoft…


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Seven days have passed from the 3-day Eurogamer 2013 Expo (EGX) and many still cant get it out of their mind.

Although they have sadly rolled up the blue carpet, dejectedly shipped back all the PS4s and Xbox Ones and said farewell to the historic Earls Court, it was another biggest and best game expo ingeniously collaborated.

Faster than the speed of light, the viral success of gaming spread like an epidemic on the show floor even before it started. Even superstars like Phil Harrison of Xbox and David Cage (writer-director) of Beyond were not spared.

They had even contributed to the spread of the epidemic where they showed off to group of lucky audiences their expertise, who got to witness Bethesda’s upcoming survival horror game called The Evil Within.

At the Eurogamer 2013, developers made intimate presentations for gamers to experience their most favourite games with a behind the scenes view.

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However, it was the playable games that all gamers wanted to see in the expo.

EGX invaded two floors of Earls Court for the very first time that bewildered all gamers with upcoming games, presentations and a lot of stuff to try.

Among the line-up of games in that treasure trove, the Indie Arcade game called Chroma from Clawhammer Games caught the Editor’s choice award. To make sure that every game was accounted for a poll was created for all gamers and visitors alike to vote for their favorite games during the show.

Without further ado, below is the people’s top 10 game of choice, counting down from the 10th place to the 1st place of Eurogamer 2013. Enjoy and see you all next year!

10. Killzone: Shadow Fall

(Sony/ Guerrilla Games – November 29th release date). Unsurprisingly, Sony’s stand drew the biggest crowds during the show. Why not, they were the first one to display PS4 at EGX. Among their PS4 favorites included are Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Housemarque’s voxel spectacular and Resogun but the one leading the charge is Amsterdam’s Guerilla sci-fi FPS series, Killzone.

9. Forza Motorsport 5

(Microsoft/ Turn 10 Studios – November 22nd release date). This was another glossy and comprehensive racing game of Xbox One’s flagship sim racer. More than its excellent Forza 5’s look and handling, it was the rumble triggers on the Xbox One pad that lead the competition ahead.

8. Batman: Arkham Origins

(Warner Bros. / Warner Bros. Games Montreal – October 25th release date). This popular Batman series was a more aggressive Dark Knight prequel especially having set up in a new studio from London’s Rocksteady to Warner Bros to stay up to the current generation of consoles.

7. Dark Souls 2

(Namco Bandai/ From Software – March 14th 2014 release date). A fabulously attired Dark Souls Knight brought by Namco to EGX that caused some traffic outside the expo. Although, it was just months old, there were some speculations about it but gamers still looked forward to it as one of their top favorites.

6. Beyond: Two Souls

(Sony/ Quantic Dream – October 11th release date). David Cage’s latest interactive drama is another game you can play this weekend. Following the success of its dark serial killer thriller, Heavy Rain, this offered a more ambitious story line and amazing graphics for gamers.

5. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

(Ubisoft/ Ubisoft Montreal – November 1st release date). A tasty-looking installment of pirate series was another sure hit for gamers. It was the winter’s biggest blockbusters from several releases and it couldn’t be stop like the ocean waters.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online

(Bethesda/ Zenimax Online Studios – Spring 2014 release date). It is a promising massive multiplayer game like World of Warcraft that gamers look forward to. Most especially that PS4 and Xbox One are joining PC, if ever making it the first subscription-based online game bigger than the consoles.

3. Call of Duty: Ghosts

(Activision/ Infinity Ward – November 5th release date). Believe it or not, amidst its latest blockbuster shooter game, it was the awesome dog that the gamers really care about and not the absurdly warfare series.

2. Battlefield 4

(EA/ DICE – November 1st release date). There was a talk in town that says this game would push the next generation consoles in the market. Whether or not it is true, it still took over the second place for people’s military shooter choice of game.

And the top people’s choice award went to Titanfall (Game of the show) from EA/ Respawn Entertainment with release date on spring 2014.

Totally new interface, fast-paced shooting, unexpected twists and a variety of fun factors, beating all the playable games in Eurogamer 2013.

Well that’s it for this year, but we’re sure, just as this year, we wont be disapointed by what’s to come next year!