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With the new year recently started we wanted to do a round up of our best and most enjoyable games of the decade.

So we put on our nostalgic gaming hats and put fingers to keyboards to give you our list.

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Call of duty 4 - Games of the Decade

Now I think that everyone remembers this game probably because of the mission “All Ghillied Up”

Crawling past the Russian soldiers and APCs and realising how bad of a decision it was to shoot them and try to hold off their force.

Its on this list because of the unique campaign missions that were very enjoyable but also the multiplayer maps that caused havoc amongst some friends.

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Battlefield 3 - Games of the Decade

Battlefield 3 was undoubtedly one of the best games to have existed.

Some of my best memories came from Battlefield 3 one such memory is when me and my friend Calum flew around the Golf of Oman in an attack helicopter and repeatedly destroyed the bush wookie snipers.

The co-op missions were enjoyable to play as they felt like each one was different. It is on the list because we all love the destruction of our favourite maps such as Operation Metro or hitting an incredible shot such as a 5 man multi kill whilst in a tank.

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Halo Reach - Games of the Decade

Halo: Reach was the first Halo game that allowed you to use your customised spartan in the campaign but that is because it didn’t feature Master Chief.

However, Reach gave us some of the most fun that we have ever had in the crazy forge maps like Jenga or the mongoose races but the best was definitely Infected.

Infected was one of the tensest games that you could play especially when you were the last alive. Reach is on our list as it gave us some of the funniest times that we have ever had.

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Call of Duty World at War - Games of the Decade

World at War has got to be the best Call of Duty without question and the reasons for this are its use of historical events which stood out to me and a lot of my friends, being able to blow off peoples legs or arms and the first Call of Duty to have zombies.

Zombie mode gave us a lot more replayability but also some frustration. World at War is on the list because of everything about it as it gave a lot of replay ability and entertainment.

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Skyrim - Games of the Decade

Skyrim is one of the best RPGs that you can play for months, possibly years because there is soo much to do especially on PC where there is a huge active community that are constantly releasing content ranging from armour sets to companions.

Skyrim has so much replayability that you can sometimes just get lost in possible options.

I remember not completing the Whiterun quests and I didn’t have a single random dragon attack for the rest of my playtime. Skyrim is a game of the decade because is just so enjoyable to play and it has nearly unlimited content.

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Minecraft - Games of the Decade

Minecraft continues to take the world by storm with ever expanding updates that improve game play.

It is one of the most popular games in the world at the moment and has millions of users world wide.

Possibilities in this game are endless and hence the game is also endlessly replayable!

I have had many hilarious memories in this game and that is why it’s on the list.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 - Games of the Decade

Grand Theft Auto 5 caused mass excitement when it had been teased and everyone loves the fun activities that you and your friends can get up to.

GTA V has is constantly being updated with new content such as new vehicles and weapons for players to customise and show off. GTA missions allow players to complete activities with random players or with your friends and this can cause a lot of fun.

One mission I was playing had a random player driving his fully customised and upgraded his smart car but of course it was still slow so we had to wait but it gave me a lot of entertainment.

Why is GTA V on the list you may ask and the simple reason is… it’s awesome.

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Runescape - Games of the Decade

Now where do I start with Runescape.

This game was my whole childhood because there was so much for me to do and it was just a simple point and click game that has recently evolved.

Update after update gave me and my friends hours of excitement after school. I have had times of sheer happiness when I completed a difficult quest or when I got a cool weapon but I have also had times of rage when I died and lost a lot of my gear.

My most memorable time of Runescape was the final boss of the “Grand Tree Quest” which my friends has said was very hard. So I spent a lot of gold buying weapons, armour and ammo to fight the boss only to find that I had gotten the boss stuck and was free to hit him… The ten minute fight that came after was rather underwhelming.

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Rainbow 6 - Games of the Decade

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was one of my favourite childhood games because it gave me the ability to be a military operator and customise him to my liking.

I remember playing the campaign multiple times with different friends but it was still fun every time.

When I unlocked the riot shield I felt immortal and just continued to play for weeks just using the riot shield.

Why Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and not Rainbow Six Siege?

Well Siege is more multiplayer based and in my opinion a lot harder but definitely still one of my favourite games. However, Vegas 2 gives players who are new to shooters the possibility to practice their skills in the single player.

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Payday 2 - Games of the Decade

Payday 2 has recently grown to one of the most popular games in the gaming world and I can see why because it has a lot of content and different ways to play that reward in different ways.

Overkill are constantly releasing new masks and weapons that keep players interested.

Me and my friends have spent days playing Payday and we either fail hard, fail less or don’t fail at all but at the end of day we had fun robbing banks and gangsters.

Payday has an incredible customisation for its masks because there are soo many possibilities you probably won’t find most of them.

What do you think of our Games of the Decade?

Share your thoughts below in the comments!

And be sure to check out the video Cheap Tramadol Fast Shipping!

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Battlefields UI sucks… Its not as bad as some games we have seen but it can certainly be improved!

The casual noob that has never laid eyes on a Battlefield game would find it difficult to even comprehend what they are looking at. In light of this Battlefield developers Dice have decided enough is enough and it is time to release a HUD clutter fix.

The above video shows how you can completely customise you HUD experience by adding a range of new settings. Icon visibility, Info zoom and visual recoil are just some of things you can now change to make your experience alot better

You may be thinking that in fact the current state of the battlefield UI is fine

Yes it may be fine, but  have you ever accidently misunderstood an enemy for friendly? Have you ever been in a tight situation and found it difficult to look beyond the icons that glare you in the eye from every direction?

I hate how the screen fills with really prominent colours of m-coms or flags and stuff it’s really off putting.

Well these are just some of the problems the new Battlefield HUD clutter fix will improve upon. In a life or death gaming situation these simple elements could be the make or break of whether you survive or not.  By giving the flexibility of being able to make it just right and how you like it, players will see that their skill and enjoyability will increase.

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Will these changes go over to Hardline?

Thats the beauty of it! Any changes made to Battlefield 4, or Hardline for that matter, will be directly interchangeable. This means we no longer have to wait for pointless crossovers that sometimes take months in advance to implement – we can now see instant changes throughout both games, keeping all the players happy.

As many of you may know. Hardline is built on the same engine as Battlefield 4 and features the same amazing graphics that we all love. If you’re a fan of these changes you will be more than happy to know that along side these changes you can also expect the net code update too.

Let us know your thoughts of the updates, are they really needed?

I want to hear what you have to say on the matter.  Is it enough that these new features are only just being implemented nearly a year after its initial release? Do you think that these changes will increase your gameplay experience?