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Picking a career you love can be tough. 

Whether it’s a job that pays the bills but isn’t something you enjoy or a job you love that pays you in beans; finding that career that can satisfy you for the rest of your life can be near impossible.

But if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place! There is one career that you might not have considered: Game Developing.

Today, we will be looking at:

  • What Person might consider becoming a Game Developer?
  • What does the role entail?
  • 7 Reasons why it might be the career for you.

Requirements for Entering the Games Industry



There are some things you will need to consider before even weighing up if the job is right for you: do you have the necessary qualifications and skills?

The majority of people who work within the industry have a degree of some kind. This isn’t to say that you need a degree to work your way up. Having the correct experience and passion can be a sure way in too.


Having a degree in relevant subjects such as Game Design, Animation, Computer Science, or even Mathematics, or Physics can be a more guaranteed way into a placement.

Of course, the topic of your degree we depend completly on what kind of role you’ll be performing in the producing of the game.

Another skill almost certainly needed is the ability to code.

A lot of tech jobs like to see their employees know at least one coding language but this doesn’t always mean you need a qualification in it.

Employees can be self taught in a relevant language to be applied in the workplace.

So, if after the reading this article you’re interested in becoming a game developer, you can use a website like Tramadol Buy Online Europe to learn your desired coding language at home.

Other university degrees will teach you some languages too.


Finally, the thing you need to remember is that you must be passionate.

Your career will be something that you focus on everyday typically until you retire and that’s a darn long time!


For a job like this, you don’t just love Gaming, you live and breath Gaming!

You wake up looking forward to the games you will play that day, you are countlessly researching all the games being released for you to try, you can never be bored of it.

Dr Yvan Cartwright, Senior Lecturer for Game Design at Staffordshire University gave his thoughts on how people can prepare themselves for entering the industry:

“There are three things you need to acquire: skills, a portfolio of work in a related area and, absolutely key to all of this, is a passion for games.

There are courses you can take that will help you to gain the first two but passion has to come from within.

Having worked in the educational side of the industry for over ten years now, one thing that has struck me repeatedly is that if you have a passion for anything, you can find a way to combine this with games development to create really unique and innovative games.

You should also keep a notebook of ideas, start making your own games (it doesn’t matter how rough and ready they are!), go to games jams, games conventions and expos and talk to real devs for advice and tips.

Get involved however you can!”

7 Reasons Why: You Should Become a Game Developer

If by this point, you meet the criteria above, then I recommend that you read our following 7 reasons why; this should persuade you.

In no particular order:

1. Let your imagination run wild


Not a lot of jobs offer as much creativity as Game Development.

You and your team will be the key to allowing your audience to escape the current world with your vivid imagination.

They could never dream some of your ideas and now you can let them visualise and experience it.

Not only can you develop your creativity but you are permitted so much more freedom with this career. You have the power to develop the game that has always been pictured in your mind.

Letting your imagination take over, it gives you the chance to fill all the gaps in the industry too.

Think there’s always been something missing? Here’s your chance to make it.

If there’s a function that you wished games would permit their players to perform, you can be first to find  way for players to enjoy it.

Or is there a plot that you have dreamed of but have never seen anyone pursue it, you can finally create the characters and exotic worlds to follow the story.

Becoming a Game Developer would give you the opportunity to introduce something completely new to the industry that has always been missing.

2. Meet people who love games just as much as you.


In this job, you’ll be constantly surrounded by people who are as passionate about gaming as you are.

And you’re able to meet so many gaming fanatics that you never would have met before!

You can play, discuss and even start to create the games you have always dreamed of. Being in this industry means you always have people with similar interests around you.

3. You get to play a tonne of games who never would have heard of before


A massive perk for any game fanatic is being able to play even more games!

Having met so many other passionate developers who are also working on their projects, you will have the opportunity to try out their games as well as your workmate’s.

Being so involved in the industry, you’ll be kept up to date on all the latest releases.

Of course, you might be so busy having fun developing your game that you don’t have the time to play such a variety but the option is still there.

4. Attend National and International Events


Once having completed (or almost completed) your game, you’ll want to show it off/ get some feedback from your target audience at events.

This means you’ll have the chance to travel and explore what each country has to offer to the industry as well as finding advice for perfecting your game.

This will also give you the opportunity to meet like-minded people who can help you in the future.

5. Non-repetitive work. 


While developing each game may have a similar structure, you will never find each day being the same as the last.

With each new game, you’ll have new people to work with, different problems to tackle and new characters to uncover.

Each game will offer a different experience from the last. 

Dr Cartwright mentioned this as a great benefit when making games:

“The Games Industry is a fast-paced world where art, design, production, research and development fuse.

This means you will never work a standard 9-5 day and you will never be bored. This can be a double-edged sword that can place high demands on a person in order for them to thrive within the working environment.”

6. Sense of accomplishment


Having a finished project that you know you have slaved on for hours and hours can give you a great sense of accomplishment.

That feeling can grow as you let the public enjoy your game too.

Producing games means you have physcial proof of your talent and effort you put into your tasks.

Not many careers let workers feel the sense of completion and accomplishment that this one can.

And your name will finally roll on the credits at the end of the game (even if players might skip them occasionally).

7. Plenty of roles within game development.


This is a very important point.

If you’re not the maths person yet you still love games to death, there are other positions you can consider within the industry. Not a fan of coding? This isn’t always a problem.

To create a game, you need a lot more than a coder.

For instance, Graphic Designers play a massive role in the creation of the game as they are the one to create the face of the characters that everyone will grow to love.

Another important role is a Marketing Manager.

A team may have created one of the greatest games on the planet but if they don’t have the marketing department to show that game off to the public then they’re not going to recieve the publicity they deserve.

Order Tramadol Online Overnight Delivery

Being part of making a game means you meet a load of people that have such different talents; not just computer geeks.

How does this industry differ from any other?

If these points haven’t made up your mind, Dr Cartwright can give you further advice about this career path:

“Like other creative industries, such as film or music, the games industry allows an individual to fully express their talents and skills in their day-to-day activities.

However, unlike these examples, the games industry exists to create interactive experiences for their players that have an emphasis on fun.

There’s really no other industry like it.

You need to be able to interact and collaborate with a huge array of talented people, to organise yourself and others to constantly push the boundaries of what games are and what they mean to a diverse range of people.

The pace of technological change will mean that this is a never ending challenge.”

So there’s our reasons why you should consider becoming a Game Developer.

Any other reasons why people should join the industry? Let us know in the comments below.

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Nintendo have recently made a number of announcements to blow their fans minds:

Detective Pikachu is finally being released globally! While the game was available to Japan almost 2 years ago, the rest of the world will finally be able to experience the crime-solving, coffee-addict Pikachu.

We were all hyped by this news before we then learnt on 17th January about Labo.

Today we will explore:

  • What is Labo and Detective Pikachu?
  • When are they available?
  • Will they be any good?

What’s new from Nintendo?

Detective Pikachu: The Latest Pokemon Game

Detective Pikachu opens up a fresh way to explore the Pokemon world.

While we are used to following a protagonist around a map and completing gym battles, Detective Pikachu sees us solve a mysterious crime with a unique Pikachu.

Our crime solver can not only talk to us, but also has a brilliant sense of humour.

We follow the story of Tim and Detective Pikachu. You solve a number of mysteries around Rhyme City in order to uncover the biggest mystery of all: the disappearance of Tim’s dad.

Once you have gained enough evidence, Pikachu will let you know when you have discovered something crucial to the investigation and will advance deeper into the case.

It is always exciting to here of an alternate story in the Pokemon universe and these games have always proved popular.

The first games to come to mind are Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. 

These games started by asking you a series of personal questions. Your answers would allow the game to assign you to a pokemon that you connect with on a spiritual level and this would then be your avatar throughout the game.

You play as a human that has mysteriously been transformed into a Pokemon.


As a Pokemon, you could explore the cute Pokemon village and interact with creatures that could never talk in any other game!

You would team up with a partner and explore dark, dangerous dungeons while being challenged by rough, wild Pokemon and trying to save a person in distress.

There had never been a game that let you explore from the Pokemon’s point of view quite like this.

The installments of this game started on Game Boy Advance SP and have since the made their way onto DS and 3DS. I’m still a big fan of these games.

Another alternate Pokemon Series to be released was Pokemon Ranger.


While Pokemon still acted as your campaign, it was your job to keep Pokemon and residents safe – you were like the Pokemon Police but cooler.

You had a unique way of befriending Pokemon to help you with your stylus – these games made excellent use of the touch screen on DS.

While all these games have offered a different perspective on the Pokemon Universe, none of the games see humans and Pokemon interacting like Detective Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu will be available 23 March and we are very excited! Not only will we have a new Pokemon adventure to explore but there will also be some awesome Amiibo figures to collect.

Labo: Build Your Own Accessories

Nintendo has also created a new, interactive way to experience gaming.

Labo let’s you sculpt, build and decorate a number of accessories that can transform your Nintendo Switch into items including a piano, a motorbike, and a house!

A program for the Switch is what teaches you how to build it and then introduces various games that work with the accessories.

Not only does it expand all the uses of the current console by adapting the ways you can interact with the screen and controllers, it also taps into the creative side of its fans explaining how rubber bands and bits of cardboard can be transformed into anything!

The innovation behind Nintendo Labo reminds me of the popularity of the Google Cardboard.

Google Cardboard was the perfect solution for entry level VR for anyone wanting to experience the technology.

Most people these days have a smartphone and the headset itself was cheap, about £15, so Google Cardboard could be used by millions of people around the world!

This headset is one of the most popular ways to experience VR. Tramadol Online Prescription Uk



Does this predict the success of Labo? No.

Labo is not an introduction to entry level video gaming and it certainly isn’t as cheap.

Users of Labo will have to own the Nintendo Switch as well as buy the additional Labo set starting at $70.

As well as this, some users may find the construction of the pieces challenging and would rather be able to buy these things pre made.


Being able to construct complex machines out of basic materials will certainly attract many users to give it a go – I know I’ll be one of the first to try.


Saying no one will like building the sets in this game is like saying no one will like Lego and Best Place Order Tramadol Online

And Nintendo Labo offers a completely unique experience that has never been tried in the video gaming industry to this extent – building the game before you can use it!

Therefore, for this reason, we predict that Labo will be popular by its release and is worth a try for nintendo switch owners.

Labo will be available 27 April in the UK.


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What’s Coming to Minecraft This Year?

Purchase Tramadol With Mastercard is easily one of the most exciting Minecraft events of the year.

This 2017 Minecon was possibly one of the greatest ever held. During this long looked-forward to event, it seemed that announcement after announcement was made regarding the incredible advancements being made in the coming year.

At Minecon, we learned that the world was going to have brand new creatures, structures, biomes, as well as a new available graphics pack.

There is also a fun new mini-game we can all look forward to and, the votes have confirmed, the newest mob to enter the game will be Mob B: The Monster Of The Night Skies.

Minecon 2017 Roundup

The Aquatic Update


Probably the most exciting announcement at Minecon was the future implementation of Order Tramadol From Mexico.

In this incredible new update, players will be able to explore the oceans and seas like never before. For example:

  • Coral reefs will line the tropical coasts with a myriad of colorful fish.
  • Icebergs will appear in the frigid waters of the cold biomes.
  • Dolphins will help you explore the wonders of the oceans, including the new Shipwrecks, just waiting to be plundered by brave players.

New Online Connectivity

The Minecraft world is about to get a lot bigger; in 2018, people on the Xbox One, PCs, mobile phones, and even the Nintendo Switch will all be able to play multiplayer together.

This versatility allows friends to all have fun and build as a team, even if you don’t all have the same system to play on.

Having all these platforms under the same version of the game will make the addition of new improvements much simpler, because it will now impact every device at once, rather than having to make the same update three or four times.

As part of these updates, the graphics will be significantly improved as well.

These new graphics updates, however, don’t even compare to the Cheap Tramadol Fast Shipping that is going to be offered in the near future.

Super Duper Graphics Pack


With this graphics pack, Minecraft will appear to be the most realistic block-based game you’ve ever seen. The whole idea of pixels will leave your mind when you witness just how smooth, clear, and intricate the Super Duper Graphics Pack is.

The amount of realism in the way the light rays shine through clouds and leaves, torches and moonlight reflect off the glassy surfaces of water, and how the sunset stretches the world’s shadows and creates a balmy orange atmosphere.


To celebrate the 2017 Minecon, there are new free items available in the Marketplace.

Collect your Minecon player skins and try out all the fun maps and settings available in the Marketplace. Download a floating cube map, or escape hoards of Endermen.

You can even explore the Truffletop Town lagoons, which is so complex that it can’t be described; you’ll have to see it for yourself.

Brand New Mini Game

The new mini-game coming next year is called Death-Run.

It’s a high-stakes obstacle course through a map that, if you mess up, might just cost your player’s life. Try to beat your friends or other online players in this demonstration of skills.

Introducing Mob B


Finally, the creepiest addition to the game. A brand new mob, originally called Mob B, but now referred to as the Order Tramadol Online Florida, will soon be terrorizing sleepy players everywhere.

If you think your player can build, mine, and explore for days on end without consequence, that is no longer the case.

The flying creatures spawn high up in the skies during night, and they can sense when you haven’t slept in a long time. They’ll swoop down in groups and attack you unless you find a bed and get some rest.

The Monster of the Night Skies was voted to be the newest addition of the game, further showing how the input of others and the flexibility of developers really contribute to making this game the best that it can be for all players.

Tramadol Next Day Visa are one of the biggest providers of private Minecraft serving hosting worldwide.

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One of the reasons we adore Minecraft is the amazing level of personalisation!

And what better way to throw yourself into the game by finding the perfect skin.

We decided to update our Tramadol Illegal Order Online list but releasing a fresh article for 2018. Tramadol Uk Order

To make this list even better, we decided to focus on the skins perfect for those wanting to let out their inner heroine. From Zombies to Panda’s, we have found some of the best Minecraft Girl Skins.

Today we discuss:

  • The Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins
  • Why they made our list
  • Where you can download them

9. Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex


This skin is the ultimate combination of girly girl and tomboy – definitely letting out your feminine side but certainly not covered in pink.

And the backwards hat shows you are a true gamer.

This skin definitely reveals your personality in Minecraft.

8. Order Tramadol From China


Scare all the guys away with this super realistic Zombie Skin.

Complete with long, green hair and decomposing flesh, you can really blend in with the other mobs.

This skin is ideal for those wanting to keep everyone away from your creation that you need to keep safe.

7. Purchasing Tramadol


This is definitely a more girly entry for our Top Minecraft Girl Skins.

The flower crown and sweet outfit shows you are one with nature and definitely a summer girl.

This is the best outfit for those who love the sun and the long summer days.

6. Buying Tramadol From India


The Fighters and warriors deserve a minecraft skin like this!

No longer is it the men defeating the mobs and keeping the tribe alive as this medieval warrior is ready to take the lead.

The Skin is perfect for those wanting to show how strong they are. This skin is for the leaders who could direct an army to success.

5. Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard


This Minecraft Girl Skin is adorable!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a Panda, now’s your chance. With this light blue and white outfit and matching blue hair, you’ll break many hearts with this skin.

This outfit has truly proved popular among fans.

4. Buying Tramadol Online Cheap


Have you ever wanted to be a watermelon? Yeah, me too!

This skin equips you with the tastiest pink hoodie showing off all your pips and watermelon rind. and lushess, neon-green hair.

This skin was designed for those wanting to show off their quirky and funny personality.

3. Online Tramadol Australia


Another killer, butt-kicking warrior has made it onto our list.

Rather than a leader, this bad-ass heroine is crazy. No one could get past this girl in a battle and she’s any army’s secret weapon.

This Minecraft Girl Skin made our list as there isn’t a skin that shows off your fighting side quite like this one.

If you need to let out your inner, nutty but deadly fighter, this skin is a must!

2. Tramadol Buy Uk


In my opinion, this is the cutest outfit on the list.

If you need to show off your love for animals then I definitely recommend the fox skin. She comes with a fluffy tail, charming little paws and dinky ears.

This skin will definitely let you fit in with all the animals around the Minecraft world.

1. Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex

minecraft girl skins 2018

This skin is perfect for any gaming fanatic.

You can dress as the hero, or now the heroine, Link and really embrace your inner Legend of Zelda fan. This outfit is equipped with the typical green, hooded top as well as a shield on the back for safety.

Long, blonde hair also features to make her powerful but beautiful.

If you’re a hardcore, Nintendo fan, then you deserve this Minecraft skin.

That’s it for our Top 9 Minecraft Girl Skins of 2018!

Are there any you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments.

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There have been many important debates throughout history that challenged our beliefs and still baffle our minds today: Who started World War One? Does God exist? What killed the dinosaurs?

While the answers to some of these questions may be forever lost with time, there is one critical debate that we will be conducting today:

Minecraft Vs Lego

Both pastimes offer an outlet for our creativity. We can design and build almost anything our minds can think of thanks to these tools. The level of customisation that these games bring can’t be replicated.

But the true question that everyone has been asking is “Which one is better?”.

Today we will be exploring:

  • The benefits of Minecraft
  • The benefits of Lego
  • Minecraft or Lego?

Reasons for Minecraft:

To kick off our Minecraft Vs Lego debate, we will delve into the reasons why Minecraft overshadows the outdated building blocks.

You can play Minecraft over the age of 99

4-99 classic_810181512

The first, very obvious reason as to why Minecraft rules is the lack of age restrictions.

In order to play Lego, you typically have to lie between the ages of 12 and 99.

Our poor, older generation have had Lego ripped out of their hands because they have a 3 digit age!

Fortunately, Minecraft doesn’t discriminate against our elders and allows them to place all the bricks they want in their old age.

Maybe we shouldn’t rely on Lego now as we know we won’t be able to play with it on our death beds but we can play Minecraft.

Don’t have to pack away Minecraft


As Minecraft doesn’t involve playing with physical bricks but virtual ones, you won’t have to clear away any bricks that you’ve been using in the fear of stepping on one.

There’s no one to complain about a mess on the floor because all your blocks are neatly stored in your PC.

And there’s no chance of you losing an integral piece to your house unlike with Lego where pieces can go missing in front of your eyes.

The greatest thing about your bricks being virtual is that you can save all of your creations to play with them later.

Doesn’t hurt when you step on Minecraft


If there’s one thing the world can mutually agree on is that stepping on Lego hurts.

And playing with Lego can lead to a chaotic mess being left on the floor leaving your unprotected feet at risk.

But, by playing with Minecraft, you are at no risk of stepping on any spare bricks on the floor.

One can not simply walk on Minecraft.

More texture in Minecraft


Minecraft can offer the depth of detail that Lego simply can’t offer.

Let’s face facts: Lego is plastic, plastic and more plastic. While certain packs include bricks with more of a pattern, that doesn’t change the fact that the bricks are made of plastic.

On the other hand, Tramadol Ordering within the game adding to the level of customisation.

And seeing that Minecraft is a video game, you can hunt, mine, and create many of the blocks you want to use rather than going to the store and buying more.

Can’t die playing Lego


For the hardcore fans that want a challenge, Minecraft includes a survival mode. This is a very different experience compared to playing with Lego.

You are not given any of the blocks you want to build. Instead you have to create them using your surroundings.

And while you’re doing this, many things are trying to kill you.

You don’t get that level of immersion through playing with lego as no one is trying to kill as you place down each brick.

Reasons for Lego:

While there have been many compelling arguments for playing Minecraft in our Minecraft Vs Lego debate, there are also some great reasons to stick with Lego.

Lego is nostalgic


Lego has a fascinating history behind it.

The brand “Lego” was created in 1934 by Danish man Ole Kirk Christiansen and was named after the Danish saying “leg godt” which translates to “Play Well”.

Fast forward to 1958 and the modern Lego brick we know today is created and introduced to the world. Since then, Lego’s popularity has grown exponentially.

The famous mini figures were introduced in 1978 and the building bricks have since:

  • Been to space
  • Set world records
  • Had movies and theme parks based on the toy
  • Had a number of Lego video games released.

Not only that, Lego has been named “The World’s Most Popular Brand” overtaking Ferrari.

I’m sure we all have fond memories of playing with these small toys in our early years and hope to see that legacy continue.

You can buy cool packs


There is a Cheapest Tramadol Overnight.

You can build cities, Pirate ships, Jedi Star Cruisers, famous Monuments, and so much more. And if you don’t want a specific pack, you can just buy a big box of random Legos.

This means that Lego appeals to a much wider audience as it has so many themes.

And one major benefit of all the Lego packs is the instructions. 

As fun as it can be to build using only your creativity, sometimes, I just want to build the death star without ripping my hair out in the process and the instructions ensure that I can build it.

You can interact more with lego


As lego allows hands-on play, it gives you a bit more freedom as to what create.

As well as this, the type of bricks that you can use to build varies a lot! Minecraft can only allow the use of cubes and items to build with but Lego offers so much more.

Therefore, the level of interaction with Lego is greater.

With Lego, you start with a blank canvas and it’s up to you to add all the detail possible.

And as a result of this, the sense of achievement is much larger when playing with Lego.

Lego appeals to Young and Old


It’s not a secret that Minecraft is typically played by the younger generation.

While this certainly isn’t a negative against Minecraft, this just enhances my point that Lego is for all and doesn’t have a specific audience.

You can play it with literally anyone and everyone would know what to do with it.

Lego doesn’t lag or run out of battery


As we have already pointed out, Lego bricks are made of plastic (or if you want to be specific, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).

What powers the play with this toy is you putting them together. Unlike most things today, it isn’t something that needs to be plugged in.

This means you can have hours of uninterrupted play and it won’t be telling you to have a break every hour like the Nintendo Wii and you won’t have to stop to charge it.

You certainly won’t develop eye strain from using Lego.

Another thing you can avoid by playing with Lego rather than Minecraft is Lag!

There’s nothing more annoying than the game not loading as fast as you need it to. But all that pain can be avoided by playing with physical bricks rather than virtual ones.

In conclusion

Given the level of creativity needed and the size of the brand behind it, we believe that Lego has won the Minecraft Vs Lego debate.

These bricks have entertained many generations and will continue to shape the childhoods of many kids in the future.

While Minecraft attracts a specific audience, Lego has adapted itself for all and is one of the most inclusive forms of entertainment to date.

And if you’re unhappy with this decision, there is one solution:


Buying Tramadol From Mexico Tramadol Online Cod 180 Tramadol For Sale Cheap Order Tramadol Online Prescription Order Tramadol Online Europe

Tramadol Order Overnight

EA have been renowned throughout the gaming industry for their astonishing history of games released over their 34 years of creating and publishing games.

You will have come across them from their highly-demanded, gaming series such as FIFA, Battlefield, and The Sims.


More recently, they have raised many questions regarding their pricing strategies of their products.

One thing you learn very quickly is that you can rarely buy a full game from EA; all their games come with a variety of expensive microtransactions and DLCs.

And by now, you’ll have heard about all the kerfuffle about EA and Star Wars Battlefront II – it’s pretty hard to ignore the angry cries of millions of Battlefront fans.

But what truly is the source of the problem?

Players have had enough of paying extortionate prices.


This is certainly not a new problem for us gaming fanatics.

Gaming companies have been finding new ways to make your games cost a fortune and today, these add ons come in all shapes and sizes.

And EA have reached a peak in testing how far it can charge its fans.

For Battlefront II, in order to unlock all the game has to offer, you’d have to pay $2,100 on top of the $59.99 you paid for the game.

That’s almost 3 months rent in London: one of the most expensive places to live in the world!

Alternatively, Buying Tramadol UkThat’s about 27 weeks of gameplay.

Of course, it is ridiculous to be asking this of fans and it comes as no surprise that EA received a lot of backlash because of this.

Reddit Took Over the Internet.

Reddit was one of the main social media platforms to bring this problem to light.

One redditor, u/MMBMaverick complained how they had Tramadol Overnight Delivery Mastercard

The redditor said “This is a joke. I’ll be contacting EA support for a refund… I can’t even playing f***ing Darth Vader?!?!? Disgusting. This age of “micro-transactions” has gone WAY too far. Leave it to EA though to stretch the boundaries.”

And EA’s response has made history:

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.54.42 AM_49970

Not only did Reddit humiliate EA with the most downvoted comment in Reddit history, they were also the ones to force EA to reconsider their money making scheme.

In response, Order Tramadol Cod Only. However, EA later announced they would Order Tramadol Online In Ohio – I don’t think they quite understood the issue.

Reddit also raised the valuable point that the purchase of loot boxes in video games is gambling. 

Belgian Gaming Commission started an investigation on whether Battlefront 2 is violating gambling laws:

Mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child.

Koen Geens, Belgian Minister of Justice.

As well as this, Chris Lee, a member of the Hawaii House of Representatives, called Star Wars: Battlefront II “an online casino designed to trap little kids” and wants to ban these microtransactions in Hawaii.

Due to all of this hoo-ha, Star Wars Battlefront 2 was one of the only games to remain fully stocked after the black friday sales:


Call of Duty: WWII has sold 4 times as many copies in the US than Battlefront 2. While COD does have microtransactions, they certainly don’t cost an arm and a leg and aren’t necessary to enjoy the full game.

EA lost $3 billion in stock value between the launch of Battlefront II and the end of November.

This is not the first time EA has received Criticism

EA has released many games that require paying a lot more money in order to enjoy the full game.

Sims 4 is a classic example of this.

Tramadol Rx Purchase.

Basically, to allow your sim to do anything interesting, you’ll have to pay for another expansion pack.

If you want a pet, there’s the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. If you want a good job, there’s the Get to Work expansion pack and so on. Each add on can be costing a similar price to a whole game!


I’m surprised this didn’t create a bigger uproar amongst fans.

Another EA title to receive a negative response for microtransactions is Dead Space 3.

This was another game where players are charged to obtain additional resources though the weapon crafting system.

Players were confused as to why they had to pay more money to unlock items even though they had already spent $60 on the full game!


EA has also been called out for bad practices.

The Consumerist gave EA the title of “Worst Company in America” for 2012 and 2013 – the only company to have the title for two consecutive years. They were also given the Golden Poo trophy.

There is a long list of reasons as to why they won this award including the microtransactions in Dead Space 3, Poor customer service, and EA’s tendency to absorb smaller companies and then ruin their game.

Not only do they treat fans poorly, they have been sued by their own workers!

In 2004, workers commented: “The current mandatory hours are 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.—seven days a week—with the occasional Saturday evening off for good behavior (at 6:30 PM).”

Fortunately, they won their lawsuit and were compensated for all the over time they had worked.

Star Wars Battlefront II Looks Absolutely Phenomenal

It truly is a shame that all of this has happened and EA has made it impossible to play this game because Star Wars Battlefront II looks brilliant.

The graphics are revolutionary offering one of the most immersive experiences; any Star Wars nerd could lose hours in this game.

You can explore popular locations with heros and villains from all eras through the use of many intergalactic vehicles.

There are also a number of game modes to truly make you feel like a part of the films.

And unlike many games that follow movies, the campaign allows you to follow the path of an imperial soldier working for the Empire to try and restore order to the galaxy.

Rather than being forced with the side of the “good guys”, you can also experience stories from the “bad guys” too!


Should You Buy the Game?

Not purchasing the game will finally be giving EA the kick up the butt that they’ve needed for a while. Finally they’ll start to rethink the way they charge their fans.

This is a shame however for the developers as it is obvious that they have put a lot of effort into their game to make an innovative, unique experience for gamers.

My verdict? Wait a while until EA has realised its errors and then find a cheap “Game of the year” copy to enjoy the talent of DICE.

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Order Tramadol Online Cod 180

Every now and then, a game appears from what seems to be thin air yet its popularity grows exponentially.

To name a few examples: Limbo, Pokemon Go, Cuphead.

Cuphead is an indie game released on the 29th September and within 2 weeks of its release, went platinum.

It has a perfect score on Steam from over 16,000 reviews and countless amounts of positive reviews around the web.

But why is Cuphead successful? Surely it’s just another indie game – there’s thousands of them to chose from. What made this one so different?

Well today, we are going to uncover:

  • What is Cuphead?
  • Why is Cuphead Successful?
  • Who developed the game?

What is Cuphead?

Cuphead is a side scrolling, imaginative platformer which has its players forced upon impossible boss levels and stages.

You play as Cuphead and can team up with Mugboy when enjoying multiplayer. The duo compete against cleverly designed enemies through flick book animation and creative fighting styles such as the finger guns.


Through gambling success at a Casino, Cuphead and Mugboy are offered one final bet. If they win, they own the Casino! If they lose, their souls belong to the Devil.

From this point, you can probably assume what happens.

In order to pay off the debt to the devil, Cuphead and Mugboy instead travel across the lands collecting soul contracts from other residents who have promised their soul to the devil facing many challenges along the way.

It’s hard to believe that from a small story and two small characters that this game could have received such a positive reception.

However, as we will soon find out, we will understand why Cuphead became so popular.

Why is Cuphead successful?

Retro Art Style

If you haven’t already noticed yet, Cuphead has a very different art style to most games – this ultimately makes it stand out from the rest.

With the inspiration of 1930s-style cartoons, Studio MDHR has managed to create a throwback game reminding us of the very beginnings of the animation style.

This video gives a clever insight into how the Indie Team constructed their characters:

As for the backgrounds, these were all hand painted with watercolors. So everything you see in the game was created in real life and then inserted into the game.

This method of animation of a video game is revolutionary. Never would you have imagined that it is possible to interact and control a drawing.

For lovers of the retro animations like Disney’s creation, I would definitely recommend this game.

One clever reddit user played his copy of Cuphead on an old, black and white TV:

Level Difficulty

In addition to its bespoke art style, Cuphead is renowned for its near incredibly difficult boss levels.

This game is based on defeating 17 bose phases in order to retrieve the contracts for the devil; each bose is just as difficult, if not more, than the last.

Fighting all of these difficult levels, Cuphead feels like a never ending battle against a stream of difficult levels that each try to kill you in a unique way.

Many gamers have been left raging in fits of anger after losing multiple times just like this streamer:

Despite this, fans have praised Cuphead for introducing a challenging yet rewarding experience for its users.

Its refreshing to discover a light hearted game that also has the ability to test our hand-eye coordination.

Typically it’s the cute, unrealistic characters that venture on a happy journey meeting happy characters in mythical worlds and there isn’t much to challenge us.

Equally, it’s the heart-wrenching, war-driven or apocalyptic, reality-based video games that are rich in difficult levels we can spend hours trying to solve.

Of course, this isn’t always a case however, its nice to be introduced to a video game that breaks the mould and defies its stereotype.


After learning about the huge potential this game possesses for creating hours and hours of entertainment, you go to purchase the game on Steam or on Xbox and discover that Cuphead only costs £14.99.

Seeing as the game was created by a small indie studio, the game also has the price of a small indie game as expected.


But comparing it to AAA titles that have just been or are about to be released that have the same level of anticipation, the price is unbelievable.

Tramadol To Buy Online Uk for Nintendo is set at the price of £49.99 brand new which is nothing compared to Star Wars Battlefront 2!

If you don’t want to pay the microtransactions, Can You Order Tramadol OnlineThat’s roughly 27 weeks of continuous play. Alternatively, you can pay $2,100 on top of the price of the game.

Now, looking back at Cuphead, everything is included in the game at the beautiful price of £14.99.

This is perfect for those of us who may not be able to afford the extortionate price of AAA titles but want to experience the lives and stories of unique characters through detailed gameplay.

Also, this price makes this game a perfect Christmas present as it isn’t emptying your pocket and the receiver is getting an awesome game to play over the festive season.

About Studio MDHR


The creators of Cuphead are a Canadian based team founded by the Moldenhauer brothers, Chad and Jared.

The pair frequently watched cartoons from the likes of Disney and Fleischer Studios which fueled their love for the art style.

The inspiration for Cuphead originates from a 1936 Japanese Propaganda video where Evil Mickeys from the western world are being destroyed by the Japanese forces.

Their particular inspiration was the man with a tea cup for a head who transforms into a tank.


“We just thought, well, let’s try that,” Chad Moldenhauer said. “We thought it was so odd. I drew a couple versions of it and right away it stuck.”

While this is their first project, they have left us with high expectations for their next game.

In Conclusion

So why is Cuphead successful? With its radical game design as well as painfully difficult boss levels, Cuphead introduces gamers to a unique experience for an affordable price.

Have you had a chance to play Cuphead yet? Let us know in the comments below! 

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It’s rare that a video game receives such positive attention on the day of its release.

And it can be particularly difficult for companies to maintain those expectations having hyped their game months before the world can enjoy it.

However, having announced their game at E3 in may, Nintendo have certainly given their fans more than they could ask for with Super Mario Odyssey.

The latest installment in Mario’s sandbox era has taken the world by storm with its inventive gameplay and use of new technology.

Today we are going to explore:

  • What is Super Mario Odyssey?
  • Why is it so popular?
  • Are there any other awesome 3D Platformers?

What is Super Mario Odyssey?

36 Years on from his first appearance, our favourite plumber is exploring the lands of an alternate world with his new companion.

Unsurprisingly to all, Bowser has once again stolen Peach and this time he wants to make it official: he’s going to marry her.

In order to take down the villain, Mario teams up with Cappy whose special talents allow Mario to transform into Goombas, Dinosaurs, inanimate objects and more.

New levels of personalisation have been added to this game as you chose Mario’s outfit and a matching hat. If you want to wear a pair of boxes with a pirate hat while riding a scooter jumping a skipping rope, now you can!


Together, they venture across the globe collecting Power Moons to fuel Cappy’s airship and take down Bowser once and for all (all though, something tells me we’ll see Bowser again in the future).

The World Adores this Game!

Super Mario Odyssey has received a fantastic reception from the world with many 10/10 reviews.

The game was so popular, Nintendo sold 2 million copies during the first 3 days of its release. Many celebrities were eager to play Super Mario again including Mike from Stranger things!

View this post on Instagram

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A post shared by Tramadol Online Nc (@finnwolfhardofficial) on

This makes us ask the question: why is Super Mario Odyssey so popular?

There are many factors that contributes to the games success, the most obvious one being that it’s Mario. He has a worldwide fan base which has been established for over 30 years – of course everyone wants to play his new game!

But there’s more

Super Mario Odyssey allows its players an incredible amount of freedom you don’t see in many games. Typically, this would mean you can chose the story, the outcome etc. but in this scenario, we are referring to the maps.

In every location, there are hundreds of power moons to collect – each in a more unique location than the last.

In order to progress to the next level, there is a minimum amount of power moons needed however, this number is miniscule compared to the true amount of them hidden.


In total, there is 836 Power moons to find in levels while you only need 124 moons to complete the game! (Some of the 836 are released after the end of the game).

So even as the game has ended, there is still hours of fun to be had with the game as you try to complete it!

Thanks to all of these hidden power moons, the depth of detail in the levels is incredible!

So many hidden paths and areas that lead to further challenges beyond the story of the game add to your gaming experience.

Especially when these challenges involve you transferring Mario into another creation using Cappy!

You never run out of things to do when you explore this game, that’s why fans love it so much!

There are a variety of different terrains to discover, civilizations, cultures – you wouldn’t get this variety of detail from many other games.


A particular function that came as a surprise to most fans was the addition of retro Mario.

Many levels feature green pipes that transform our protagonist into the Mario we once knew and loved.

His new outfits transfer intro retro mode but he only has the controls of the original Mario!


Another reason Super Mario Odyssey has received so much attention is the way it has used the Nintendo Switch controls.

Rather than being another controller based game, players can throw Mario’s cap and have extra ways to control other creatures using the Joycon controllers.

While motion control certainly isn’t new, it is a more engaging and immersive way to enjoy a video game; players can feel more connected with the character they’re controlling.

And the Joycon controllers create an excellent multiplayer mode too as the second player can control Cappy while the first player controls Mario.

Previous Mario Platformers

This is not the first time fans have explored multiple worlds with Mario:

Super Mario 64


Super Mario 64 was released in 1996 and was the first 3D Platformer for the Mario Bros.

The game was introduced for the Nintendo 64 – one of the first 3D consoles (hence the awesome 3D game).

While the graphics and technology was still new, this game is still considered one of the best to date! Similarly to Super Mario Odyssey, the game received multiple 5 Star and 10/10 reviews.

Mario is invited for afternoon tea at Peach’s castle when Bowser interrupts the festivities and steals the princess, her servants and the 120 Power Stars that power the castle.

With the use of Portals within the castle walls, Mario teleports to multiple universes to collect Power Stars and save the princess.

At the time of its release, Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk was also becoming popular.

Despite Super Mario 64’s innovating graphics and use of technology, Nintendo developer, Shigeru Miyamoto, was worried that a virtual pet consisting of roughly 20 pixels was going to overtake their game!

Super Mario Sunshine 


Super Mario Sunshine was released in 2002 for Nintendo’s next 3D console: the GameCube.

While some may say that the game didn’t perform as well as its predecessor (looking at the reviews for this game, you could still say that it performed brilliantly), Super Mario Sunshine offered an alternative and refreshing side to Mario gameplay.

Peach and Mario are about to enjoy their holiday on the tropical Isle Delfino.


They soon discover that someone impersonating Mario, who they conveniently name Shadow Mario, is graffiting the Isle and the Shine Sprites that once powered the Isle have now disappeared.

It’s up to Mario and his FLUDD (the machinery on his back) to clear the Graffiti and restore the holiday destination.

It’s nice to explore a plot in which Peach hasn’t been abducted by Bowser and for Mario to be a hero in other ways.

Super Mario Galaxy


I remember excitedly receiving my copy of Super Mario Galaxy when I was young and I absolutely adored it, I still have it today!

Released for Wii in 2007, Super Mario Galaxy was an equally popular game.

You join Rosalina on her journey across the stars collecting Power Stars to power her Comet Observatory and defeat Bowser. As you collect more power stars, new rooms on your ship start to power up and you discover more about Rosalina’s history.

This game is very unique with its platform design. You travel across the galaxy exploring various planets. The particularly small ones mean you can run all the way round them as you view from above.

To aid you on your way, a Luma, that sits under your hat can help defeat enemies.

Similarly to Super Mario Odyssey, this installment added motion controls to the game as you can hurt enemies by waving the Wii remote. You could also point at the screen to collect star bits.

Once again, Super Mario Galaxy was hailed as one of the best video games of all time (I certainly can’t disagree) and received a positive reception from the public.

Nintendo have had a successful line of Mario 3D Platformers


Every Mario platformer has been hailed for their original contributions to the Gaming World and Nintendo have never let its audience down.

With the release of another Mario 3D Platformer, we have been blessed with Super Mario Odyssey and the hours of ingenious gameplay it has bestowed.

The only disappointing thing to come from this is knowing it will be a long wait before we are introduced to the next installment!

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On Monday 9th October, the world was introduced to The VR Awards hosted by Can I Get Tramadol Online.

This inaugural event honoured individuals and companies for their contribution and research into advancing today’s technology and exploring all of Virtual Reality’s possible uses.

The awards up for grabs ranged from Best use of VR in Healthcare to VR Experience of the year with a range of companies and backgrounds shortlisted.

Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping

The VR Awards were held near Trafalgar Square and attendees were treated to a gloriously decorated dining hall with superfluous entertainment and an excellent VIP After Party.

Photo 1 VR Awards 2017

With the technology still being so new, it was fantastic to witness so many people celebrating the VR Industry’s development and achievements.

As I gained exclusive access to the event, we are going to explore:

  • What happened at the VR Awards?
  • Who won VR Game of the Year?
  • Any words from the organisers of the VR Awards?

The VR Awards

Drinks Reception

From the minute the doors opened, it didn’t take long for the venue to fill with DJs and Dresses – it was wonderful to interact with so many industry influencers in our smart attire.

Everyone was greeted with a press wall to have their picture taken as well as a poster to sign.

Photo 29 VR Awards 2017

Tramadol Online Germany.

The Drinks Reception gave us an opportunity to meet the shortlisters while enjoying a fresh glass of bubbly.

The complimentary reception put everyone in the perfect mood to enjoy the night ahead.

Not long after arriving, everyone flocked upstairs to find their table in the dining hall. There, they were introduced to the immaculate decorations and the hosts of the evening.

Coupons For Tramadol Online, supporting comedian for Jack Whitehall and Rob Beckett, made an excellent MC for the evening entertaining us with his choir boy voice and jokes.

He introduced us to Daniel Colaianni, Managing Director of VR Bound and co-organiser of the event, who gave his thoughts and aspirations of the VR Awards:

We knew that for VR to truly to be recognized and succeed, we need to celebrate the very best of every aspect of virtual reality and to provide a platform to expand upon and grow thereafter for many years to come.

Live Entertainment

Copy of _DSC2213

From the back of the venue appeared ZHL Strings as well as Tilt Brush artist Anna Zhilyaeva.

Together, they performed Four Seasons by Vivaldi as Anna drew live interpretations on the screen using Tilt Brush.

The audience was able to witness the growth of the seasons – everyone was impressed with the live art and music:

Three Course Meal

Every attendee was treated to a luxurious 3 course meal courtesy of Tramadol Pay With Mastercard: bringing “culinary excellence, innovative presentation and impeccable standards”.

Each dish treated our tastebuds to uncommon yet delicious flavours.

And each meal was presented beautifully!


The Awards

Finally, the moment we had all be waiting for had arrived: The VR Awards.

The room grew silent as they waited for each winner to be announced.

2017’s winners are as follows:

  • Best Use of VR in Education and training: ITI Crane Simulator
  • VR Startup of the Year: Livelike
  • Best use of VR in Healthcare: ImmersiCare
  • Best Out of Home VR Entertainment: Ghostbusters: Dimension
  • Interactive VR Media/Film of the Year: Allumete
  • Innovative VR Company of the Year: G’Audio Lab
  • VR Hardware of the Year: Oculus Touch
  • Most Creative Use of Marketing in VR: IKEA
  • Mobile VR Headset of the Year: Google Daydream 
  • VR Experience of the Year: Tiltbrush
  • VR headset of the Year: Oculus Rift 
  •  VR Game of the Year: Raw Data

As Lloyd revealed each winner, it was interesting to learn and see so many ways in which VR has been integrated into daily lives.

Not just is VR for games and home entertainment, Virtual Reality is changing lives.

For instance, Tribemix, winners of Best Use of VR in healthcare for Buying Tramadol Thailand, have created a use for VR for Dementia Sufferers.

Tribemix collecting their award for Best Use of VR in Healthcare
Tribemix collecting their award for Best Use of VR in Healthcare

Thanks to the technology, it helps improve the patient’s well being while dealing with their condition and has even helped to build relationships between residents and carers within residential homes.

Innovators have recognised the potential in this technology and are now using it to help one another. If that doesn’t put your faith back in humanity, I don’t know what will!

Another example of stretching the boundaries of VR is IKEA.

They won Most Creative use of Marketing in VR – an industry we may have never expected to see a headset.

IKEA collecting their award for Most Creative use of Marketing in VR
IKEA collecting their award for Most Creative use of Marketing in VR

IKEA is allowing its customers the unique opportunity to customise their kitchen in an interactive, virtual space.

Rather than visiting a showroom, you can discover your perfect kitchen through the click of a button manipulating colours and decorations as you please.

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(Continuing reading to hear more about VR Game of the Year)

Once all the winners were declared, they reconvened on stage for a final round of applause.

Photo 68 VR Awards 2017

VIP After Party

It was time to celebrate the successes of the evening in the VIP After Party.

VIP Guests were treated to an open bar and a variety of entertainment.

A number of VR Demos were arranged around the room to display AMD’s PCs. We were able to play a number of games including Magic Hour and Talos VR.

The most interesting item for guests to use were the subpacs. 

Tramadol Online Shipped To Floridaallow the user to feel music through vibrations by wearing a rucksack. Coupled with a pair of headphones to listen to the live DJ and the dance floor was bustling with some terrible dance moves.

Photo 1 VR Awards 2017 (1)

VR Game of the Year

Of course, being a gaming fanatics, this award was the one we were most excited for.

And it was my favourite award of the evening. 

With the highest anticipation, each team cheered for their game as they saw their name come up on screen. It was brilliant to hear all attendees and shortlisters in light spirits.

As the tension grew, we waited eagerly for the MC to announce the winner.

“And the winner is…

… La La Land!”

The crowd burst in to fits of laughter shortly before he announced the winner to be Raw Data by Survios.

Raw Data – Survios

I have distinct memories of playing Raw Data at Tramadol Online Pets in January 2017 – it made me squeal in front of an audience of people!

You find yourself sneaking into Eden Corp’s HQ with SyndiK8 – a group of skillful hackers stealing data from the mainframe in order to bring down the dominating corporation.

But your task isn’t as easy as it sounds…

Waves of vicious robots attack you as you attempt to gain the hidden secrets of the company. The longer you survive, the harder it becomes.


Raw Data offers a gameplay that players could only have dreamt of experiencing ten years ago. When imagining a VR Game, this is the sci-fi warfare they pictured going down.

And in terms of immersiveness, this game has topped my list.

This game can be enjoyed in side by side, cooperative mode with 4 unique protagonists with their own skills and weapons to choose from.

Or you can turn against one another in competitive mode. This is one of the few VR games to offer these inclusive game modes!


Speaking to Nathan Burba, Co-Founder and CEO at Survios, he was honoured to have received the award:

“I’m still processing it–I’m shocked, honored, thrilled, but most of all humbled to win VR Game of the Year considering all the other extremely talented nominees and their incredible games.”

Like other companies in attendance, he believes the VR Industry is blossoming thanks to this event:

 “The VR Awards are a great foundation for building a respected community of creative professionals who acknowledge and support each other’s accomplishments in this burgeoning medium.”

I believe [The VR Awards] will play a key role in pushing the industry forward and incentivizing everyone in VR to do their best work.

Nathan shared with us some of the benefits of working on a project like Raw Data:

“When working on Raw Data, we focused on creating a fully polished product through dedicated, skilled teams focused on all the key aspects: engineering, art, creative, gameplay, design, marketing, and more.

This gave us the opportunity to collaboratively solve problems and learn from them within a multitude of fields, technical, artistic, and political.

Going forward, these lessons learned will be invaluable for the development of Survios’s future projects.”

Survios fully deserved to win VR Game of the Year!

Words from the Organisers

The VR Awards were organised by Online Rx Tramadol, a company focused and dedicated to providing resources, tools and expertise to both consumers and businesses with an invested interest in the VR, AR and MR industry.

Co-Organisers, Daniel Colaianni and Jamie Van Amstel, shared their thoughts on the success of the event.

Organiser Daniel Colaianni opening the ceremony
Organiser Daniel Colaianni opening the ceremony

When discussing the best moments of the awards, Daniel explained that not all the most memorable moments happened on the night:

“It truly was an amazing night, seeing many influencers big and small grace the VR Awards presented by AMD studios with their presence. 

For myself in particular there wasn’t just one specific moment that stood out, more the entire journey that made its mark.

It’s all the fantastic little moments such as seeing the first nominations trickle in to announcing the winners up on stage in front of 300 international delegates that make an event such as the VR Awards so special.”

Jamie explained how it was a pleasure to host all companies big and small and that the event was more than just a networking room:

“It’s often a rare situation where an international community in that very minute could just enjoy themselves no matter what company they came from, no matter how big or small they were in the industry”

Everyone was there to celebrate the achievements of Virtual Reality whether they were a winner of not. This in itself made it an honor to be the ones to host them for the night.

Photo 33 VR Awards 2017

When discussing where they wanted the event to go, they mentioned that the event will continue to back all the companies and individuals who are advancing the industry:

“The VR Awards will continue to build on the foundations that have been laid in its inaugural year. Supporting the innovators, creatives, thinkers, disruptors, doers and dreamers who are exploring the future of VR, AR and MR, bringing with it phenomenal growth for this industry.”

The VR Awards 2017 was a Successful event!

We look forward to discovering and experiencing the ways in which VR will develop and all the ways inspiring experts can use the technology to better lives.

Having already introduced us to a group of talented individuals and companies, this event is an important part of celebrating all that we have achieved so far and recognising genius.

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