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For what seems like forever, GDC has acted as the worlds largest video games industry event for everyone!

It’s a jam-packed 5 days of watching talks, navigating the show floor and meeting up with people in the indsutry from all over the world.

This year we too ventured out to San Francisco talking to developers from all walks of life, finding out what they most enjoyed, and their highlights of GDC 2017.

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The Exhibition floor

Navigating the show floors of GDC can sometimes seem like a daunting mission, especially with over 570 different companies exhibiting across multiple halls and buildings.

The show is absolutely massive, so much so if you don’t go for the full 5 days you might end up missing something important.

Here’s what was most notable on the show floor:

  • Qualcomm showing off their hand tracking stand-alone headset
  • Purchasing Tramadol Onlineshowcasing sensor built headphones that integrate spatial audio, along with Order Tramadol With Paypal integrating “Virtual touch”
  • Alt.Ctrl.GDC showing off all the cool alternative ways to interact with games
  • The Indie MEgabooth also had so many well thought out games it was unreal (You can see some of the games in this video below)

When we weren’t on the show floor we ended up listening to the awe-aspiring talks from industry leaders in the community…

Our Highlighted talks

The talks at GDC are a perfect way to gain insider knowledge into how a game was made, new techniques people are employing daily and at the end of the day make you leave more pumped than ever.

Here’s just a selection of the best talks:

It’s not all DOOM and gloom

If you’ve ever played  Bethesda’s DOOM you’ll know how intense the gameplay can get and that’s thanks in part to the incredibly intricate composition put together by Mick Gordon.

During his talk, he takes a complete deep dive into the making of the Doom soundtrack.

The Antidotes of Zelda


Nintendo’s recent release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is so good it deserves to win multiple awards and accolades.

But to get there Nintendo had to completely rethink how they should approach the series to live up to the hype its player base expects.

This talk explores exactly how they did that.

Lifting the lid on mobile AR

Pokémon GO: it’s a game that truly took the world by storm, at some points you would look around and it would seem like everyone was throwing down Pokeballs in an attempt to catch anything other than a Pidgey.

We particularly like this talk as Niantic pull back the curtain and give us a sneak peek into the making of Pokémon GO.

Despite the world’s lust for the game, read our Order Tramadol Online Europe

An unexpected appearance

It was a game that was highly anticipated from its conception. It made bold statements of what could be achieved in an open world environment and ultimately a game that has left many players wondering where on earth their money went.

In a rather unexpected appearance to keep this talk saw Sean Murray talk about the making of No Man’s Sky.

A new frontier for GPU’s

Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti

When Nvidia announced the GTX 1080 back in May, 2016, many including ourselves were hugely impressed with its performance vs price. So, when Nvidia dropped the mic on its new crazily high powered GPU the 1080 TI that was both more powerful than its predecessor and over $400 cheaper, we couldn’t help but crack a smile.

This new graphics card which could change the way future games are made features a whopping 3,584 CUDA cores with 11GB of GDDR5X.

AMD Ryzen


All though not part of the main show, AMD also hosted a separate launch of their AMD Ryzen CPU’s through their much-anticipated Order Tramadol Online Cod Overnight event.

Unfortunately, though the event fell flat of having any real evidence-based substance for most game developers unlike Nvidia’s announcement of the GTX 1080 Ti. It was, however, an announcement that will spur on increased competition and therefore innovation in the CPU market space.

Lots of new VR content

VR in full force at GDC 2017

By far Virtual Reality was the most popular exhibiting piece at GDC this year. From Facebook’s HUGE 2-floor exhibition stand to an exclusive world demo of Sprint Vector, VR was everywhere. Here are a few of our VR highlights from the show:

Exploring new VR movement options

For a while, Developers have been struggling to get people moving in VR without making them want to throw up.

As a result, a few innovative game studios began to explore different movement types including Ultram Tramadol Online‘s interesting Wii sports style, arm running movement and Tramadol Hydrochloride Buy Uk table top wristwatch controllers.

The beginning of Eye Tracking?


For a while now theTramadol Prescription Online has been integrating its tech into laptops, external cameras and working with games to add interesting movement options that follow the eyes.

Interestingly for us though, Tobii have started to shift their attention on to Virtual Reality, and more importantly, have begun integrating their technology into the HTC Vive.

This means for the first time ever were able to get a glimpse into the future and what all VR headsets should eventually be like outside of the Fove. In the taster demo that Tobii showed us, we were able to see the difference between focus pane and the ability to better control movement.


As has become an annual tradition at GDC, the Game Developer’s choice awards took place again with a bunch of new and worthy contenders in the ring. Most notably Blizzard’s overwatch took home the Game of the Year title and even went as far to receive an additional award for Best Design.

In addition to this AR game, Pokémon GO was awarded Mobile Game of the Year after it took the world by storm earlier this year.

The Game Develop’s choice awards most coveted award, the Lifetime Achievement Award went to the creator of Unreal Engine and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney

Game Developers Choice Awards. Pokémon GO was awarded mobile game of the year & Unreal engine creator and Epic Games founder Tim Sweeney was given the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Outside of the choice awards, the 19th Annual Independent Games Festival Awards awarded Quadrilateral Cowboy, the retro-tech 80s computer coding puzzle game from developer Blendo Games its grand prize.

Looking forward to next year?


If the growth of 2017 is anything to go by, 2018 looks to be another epic year. In lieu of this GDC have already released that the next conference and exhibition is to be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center from March 19 – 23, 2018.


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Virtual Reality was the biggest change to happen to the Gaming Industry in 2016 with multiple high end headsets becoming available on the market.

The most popular being:

  • HTC Vive
  • Oculus Rift
  • Playstation VR

Steel Media held the perfect event for discovering the latest trends in the VR industry:

VR Connects London

VR Connects was a fantastic opportunity for game developers and creative thinkers to show off their products to the VR World including one company that was showcasing their game after less than a month of development!

It also allowed a number of experts to share their thoughts and views on their predictions for the VR industry as well as what’s happening right now.

Along with Virtual Reality, PG Connects was running alongside the event to show the latest and greatest mobile apps, some I found much pleasure in playing.

The first thing to catch my eye at VR Connects was this:

Polyphonia VR


Being a musician, this is a Virtual Reality experience I couldn’t miss.

Polyphonia allows users to manipulate the shapes they see in the world around them to affect the music playing in their headphones.

For example, you change the colour of one shape and you can suddenly hear the drums.

These shapes float around you while you’re transported to a whole new universe

To top it off, there’s a funky pair of drums to have a go on too.

Polyphonia has been tested on ages 6 to 60 years old so really is the game for everyone! It’s set to be released in late 2017 for all major headsets.



Wanting to explore all things VR (and in need to see the PSVR), my next stop at VR Connects was Battlezone.

Created by Rebellion, Battlezone VR is the reboot of the 1980 battlezone first created by Atari. This time round, they game is all more realistic and definitely more immersive.

You play as a tank whose goal is to destroy all of the incoming targets.

This game has sold me on Playstation VR

Why this game was immensely popular, it immediately explained one of the greatest problems with are facing today:

Motion Sickness.

As soon as you move your tank, the wave of sickness hits you and there’s no stopping it. They explained that this game effects everyone differently but I want to meet the person that can survive this feeling.

I think what can make the PSVR seem more sickening than other headsets is the fact you are sitting down with a controller and not using your body to move what so ever! So your bodies real time movement and movement its seeing through this lense is completely different.


Here’s one company with a possible solution to this ongoing problem



The ROVR, created by Wizdish is revolutionary in new ways to experience VR.

This piece of tech first reminded me of a zimmer frame except it probably isn’t suitable for those who require aid while walking.

This kit allows you to walk around in the game while using a VR headset to experience the world you play in. They make you wear these huge sandals so you can walk on the surface of the “zimmer frame”.

As you are performing the motion of walking, we are one step closer to tricking our brains that we are actually walking while in the game. This should reduce Motion Sickness.

Unfortunately, we haven’t completely solved the dizzy feeling one feels when using the headset, however, the effects while using a ROVR were much smaller.

While using the ROVR, I played first person PAC-MAN. What this meant was I was running down corridors trying to collect the bubble thingys while the ghosts chased me.


This sounds like fun right? Wrong.

It was like a PAC-MAN Horror Game! You can’t see the ghosts come round the corner and they jump up on you and chase you; I was literally screaming while playing this.

While it was utterly terrifying, I do recommend you have a go.

Looking for other headsets to try, I moved over to this stand:

These guys report everything on Virtual Reality: current affairs, things to look out for and more. They gave me all the facts I needed to about the VR Industry.

The thing that drew me to their stand was the game they were currently demonstrating. Watching me glare at the gameplay, they offered me the chance to play (of course, I didn’t refuse).

The game allowed me to play was Raw Data. Now I knew that I could be a bit of a scaredy cat sometimes but this has topped my list.


The concept of this game is that you find yourself inside a dominating corporation’s HQ and Robots are attacking you from all directions.

While that doesn’t sound so bad, the purpose of Virtual Reality is to throw you into a unique environment, as if you were really in the room.


I truly believed that Robots were charging towards me trying to kill me.

I was freaking out and had forgotten all the buttons. I managed (eventually) to draw my sword and attack with life like moves.

However, I didn’t last long.

Having experienced plenty of VR by this point, I decided to discover what mobile games were up and coming.

Lilith Games


Lilith Games, originating in Shanghai, China, sold to me that day the power of mobile games.

Mobile apps, in my opinion, have developed a stereotype suggesting they are small games with little story and rather too simple controls.

This doesn’t mean I never played them. I use to love Tiny Wings and Crossy Roads but I’d only play them when I was on the bus or waiting for a friend to get ready; I would never go out of my way to play them.

One game has significantly changed my mind: Abi

You follow the paths of two robots: Abi and DD. These are both robots that once served the long-gone human beings. They travel across the dusty plains left behind, each for their own reason. You find yourself solving a multitude of problems in order to complete your journey.

The trailers show so much personality in each robot that makes you desperate to want to know what happens at the end of the game.

And what can I say about the art behind the game. It has a design you rarely see in mobile games – something that would usually attract me to a game in the first place!

We will definitely be seeing more of Lilith Games on soon.

While walking round the expo, there was always a crowd gathered around one particular stand so of course, due to my weak human nature, I also wanted a go.

Chicken Jump


A wacky game with simple controls and a lot of fun, Chicken Jump sees you command your player when to jump over the oncoming traffic.

This game reminds you of Hipster Whale’s Crossy Roads with its similar characters and design.

The novelty that was drawing crowds to this stand were the controllers. If this was played on a phone or computer, the controls would consist of one tap or button. At PG Connects, they were a little bit different.

Each player had a pad, one that would remind you of a home made Wii fit they that had to physically jump on to make their character jump.

It proved fantastic exercise and well as entertaining. While it sounded fairly easier, I myself struggled to make it past wave 2.

What I particularly liked about this game was that even if your character fell over, they could still continue to jump.

The creators, Fire Punchd, described their game as “Imagine a deadly racing game – where you are the pedestrian.”

Here’s a company creating accessibility to all the games you love, wherever you are with who ever you want to play with:



Imagine Netflix but with Mobile Games. Hatch will offer the unique opportunity to explore hundreds of games from your phone and share memorable moments with your friends.

Working like a gaming social media, friends can comment on your posts and even play the games with you; pretty awesome, right?

Not only that but it also allows you to stream your games rather than downloading them meaning you can play games as big and detailed as you want without worrying about your memory.

You have access to a wide variety of single player and multiplayer games all selected for their detail design and build; not any game will make it onto this app.

But here’s my favourite bit:

Single Games can effortlessly be made into multiplayer games.

By each connecting online from your phones, you can all control the same character inside a game.

When at the event, I was able to try this function and I loved it!

I took control of jumping while someone else made the character walk back and forwards! This is something I never would have thought would be possible.

What have we learnt?

There was a clear message displayed by each VR stand and talk that I attended.

VR has so much potential…. but we’re not quite there yet

The games available on the market are fantastic but the goal everyone is trying to achieve is creating the most realistic experience possible and we haven’t quite achieved it.

What’s going to make it happen?

Time and research. We can appreciate all the headsets we have now and look forward to the ones we have in the future.

What else did we learn?

The VR is going to be used for waaaaaay more than games.

It’s going to be part of so many areas of lives: therapy, training, holidays, buying homes, creating homes, designing prototypes and more.

Cheapest Tramadol Uk

As for mobile games, they are showing lots of potential for replacing mainstream gaming.

Phones are becoming so much more powerful that they can run incredibly detailed games.

And with apps allowing you to stream the game rather than download them, there will be an endless library of games that people can play.

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Game development in the same surroundings for long periods of time, trying to bring a vision to life can be difficult at times.

As a game developer, I wanted to be able to broaden my horizons and work in new, unfamiliar places so lucky for me, I came across Stugan.

What is Stugan?

The Swedish games accelerator, Tramadol Online Buy, began in mid 2015 and I was fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the participants.

The program entails spending eight weeks working in the beautiful Swedish countryside at Dala Storsund away from civilisation, building the game of your dreams.


It’s hard to believe but the cost for two months of accommodation, food, and mentorship from international games industry luminaries is zero.

You aren’t asked to give a revenue share, hand over your IP, sign away rights to your game, pay any kind of fee or give shares in your company.

I felt slightly apprehensive before attending because it seemed almost too good to be true but I can testify that there is no catch and it has been one of the best experiences of my life.

There were 23 developers, or ‘Stuganeers’, as they have since been christened, working on Buy Cheap Tramadol. I heard about the program from a friend and recorded a 90 second application Tramadol Online Mexico and filled in a remarkably brief application Ordering Tramadol Online Illegal.



The accelerator is run by Tramadol Illegal Order Online (Co-founder of Resolution Games and ex-King games guru), Tramadol Uk Order (General Manager, Rovio Stockholm) and Tramadol Online Overnight Fedex who is the project manager.

Mentors included Minecraft lead developer, Jens Bergensten, King VP Game Design Stephen Jarrett, I/O Ventures Paul Bragiel, Carve Communications founder Paul Brady and freelance games journalist Will Freeman.

It was highly motivating to live with so many other developers all following their dreams and making their own games. It felt almost like a commune and was great to be sharing your life with so many amiable people.

What else did Stugan have to offer?

The food was incredible and I sorely miss being able to swim in the lake any time I wanted. A sauna was available for use one day a week and I think I came home fitter than I’ve ever been before.


At Stugan, good habits get encouraged merely by an other person doing something around you – whether that’s working hard or doing exercise. With 22 other people, the odds of being constantly motivated are high! 

We played lots of board games in the evenings, had movie nights and even had a couple of parties.


Motivation was never low

I was so bowled over by the other games in development that it was overwhelming trying to comprehend all the hard work I had to do to get to the finish line of my own game but the feedback, stories, advice, deep chats, and kind words provided by the participants and mentors were highly motivating.

Sometimes seeing all the other people all struggling with their games can bring home just how many developers there are all trying to do the same thing as you and release a successful game.

In that respect Stugan is a microcosm of wider game development – you can either envy other people and allow their amazing games and success to intimidate and demotivate you, or you can try and help them out any way you can, share information with them and be inspired and motivated by them.

An experience like this certainly gives you the perfect conditions and support to work hard on your game.

The place itself provides inspiration both directly and indirectly, and the people suggest great ideas, motivate you and inspire you, helping to spark new ideas.


People separate themselves from their egos and give and receive feedback based on what feels true for the games. We had dinner discussions where several people would all suggest ideas for someone’s game and put their heads together to try and solve various problems.

I found that having the game reviewed by Stugan peers and mentors provided very helpful feedback and direction.

In difficult times it can occasionally feel like it’s only the belief and kind words of others keeping you going, assuring you that what you’re doing has been worth all the hard work and will be worth all the rest that’s still to come.

Working alongside the talented developers there helped me out directly on the game in many different areas and has also provided a close network of friends even after the event.


Getting the games out there

The event garnered the teams press on Order Tramadol From China, one of the biggest national newspapers in Sweden – Purchasing Tramadol, Buying Tramadol From India, Tramadol Online Overnight Mastercard, Buying Tramadol Online Cheap, Online Tramadol Australia and even on the Tramadol Buy Uk.

After the eight weeks was up, putting the game in front of the Swedish public at the Stockholm Tekniska Museet and seeing the joy it created on the faces of adults and children alike was the perfect way to end such a magical experience.

I find that seeing people that you don’t even know enjoying the thing that you’re developing is probably one of the most motivating and inspiring things about making games.

The Outcome

I fall repeatedly in and out of love with my game so to see people already enjoying it suggests that it’s on the right track but also illuminates the places where it’s off track and where things need fixing!

The first Stugan game to be released has recently launched, which is Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex by Clint Siu and has been doing phenomenally well and was actually conceived especially for Stugan.

At then end of it all

When it came time to say goodbye to my fellow Stuganeers, I struggled to find the words to tell them what a great time I’d had and how much they all mean to me.

Stugan is like The Force – it is a powerful ally to have and it’s always with you.

I can’t recommend the experience highly enough and the amazing thing is that it’s going to be on again this year too. So with Uk Tramadol Online and running until March 31st, what are you waiting for?


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Last October saw us host the first ever games developer meetup in Essex with the fabulous Cheapest Tramadol Overnight, and now, for the delights of us fellow game industry enthusiasts, the next event is almost upon us.

IDM Essex March

For those of you who have not come across IDM before, we, at DoubleUpGaming, have created the Indie Dev MeetUp: an event to bring all the hobbyists, gaming developers, and local game studios together so you can really understand and delve into the gaming industry.


We know last year was pretty awesome (Buying Tramadol From Mexico), but we need to go larger than that.

Following the success of last year, we plan for our next meetup to be bigger and better than ever before.

For starters, we’ve been granted the use of a huge venue, we have a speaker from a world famous company, and lots of free food / beer!

But the best part of all?:

Entry is absolutely free.daniel talking

Event Details:

  • Date: 15th March 2016
  • Time: 6.30 – 8.45pm
  • Venue: Ivor Crewe Lecture Hall, University of Essex, Colchester

So, similar to last year, you will have the exclusive opportunity to network with Essex game developers and other local businesses as well as a talk from Amazon App Store’s own Mario Viviani.

We will also be running an exclusive competition throughout the night where our lucky winners will be able to win our Game Dev Giveaway. Capture yourself at the event and tweet to #IDMessex to be in with a chance of winning.

Tramadol Online Cod 180

Sponsors of IDM Essex

Not only will you have an insight into the interesting world the video games industry, you’ll also get:

grand central Colchester-01

As a Colchester and Essex based New American Restaurant, Grand Central Colchester offer an authentic dining experience with Great Service and great American Food.

For the event we’re privileged to be able to provide “real American food” to all attendees that have reserved a ticket for the night. 

queen street brew house-01

Just like last time we’ll be having the Amazing Queen Street Brew House providing its unique craft ale on the night.

Based along Queen street, the brew house offers customers something a little bit different to other pubs. Each beer and craft beer has a backstory to them, and there’s plenty to choose from!

  • Amazon Appstore industry talk


Our main sponsor, is fast expanding its race for the Android market share with now over 500,000 apps and games available on Amazon Appstore.

The store offers new unique features including Amazon Underground, which allows users to enjoy the most loved Premium and Freemium apps and games totally for free and provides developers a new monetization model through per-minute royalties.


The University of Essex has been a helping hand in providing state of the art venues for us to host IDM Essex in. Along with this they have been a crucial connection to students wishing to get involved with the Games Industry.

The Essex Innovation Programme (EIP) is just one of the ways in which Essex County Council assists the county’s businesses. The programme helps companies to develop and exploit their creative and innovative commercial development ideas working with businesses at all different stages using high quality, private sector business mentors and specialist partners to help start-ups, small businesses and established businesses.

  • Eastern Enterprise Hub & Shark infested Custard

eastern enterpise hub-01shark infested custard-01

A sponsor we’ve worked closely with that have been very important in the creation of this event will also be supporting us on the night.

Both Steven Huckle and the Eastern Enterprise hub who run the colchester based Games Hub will be there on the night.

illuminate design-01

Attended last years IDM? Well you would of noticed the lovely atmosphere we had there thanks to the fabulous lighting provided by Illuminate Design. We’ll be working with them again this year to make the venue look even better!

What about our guest speaker?

Mario Viviani is a Technology Evangelist at the  Amazon Appstore whose goal is to expand and nurture Amazon’s reputation in the developer community.

mario viviani-01

He has been an Android Developer since 2010, having published more than 90 Android apps and was nominated as a Google Developer Expert for Android by Google in 2013.

He will be supplying us with a great, in-depth games industry talk.

“Now I really have to come”

If you’re thinking the above statement then all you’ve got to do is reserve your place below.

Tramadol Online Cod 180

That’s it. But it’s really important you get your hands on a ticket now as they are of a high demand (they won’t last long.)

If you’d like to support us further, you can reserve yourself a donation ticket where you can choose the amount you’d like to contribute; a great help for us to make the event as awesome as it can be.

If you’re unable to make IDM?

Do not fear! We have already started to plan our next event for the end of July. Save the date!

(More details of this will be released closer to the date and on the night of IDM Essex March)

people at event

So why are you running this free event?

Our goal is to gain more awareness of the Gaming Industry in Essex and to get as many enthusiasts as we can involved as well as inspiring more people to join.

Hopefully, by having more and more of these events, we can do exactly that.

Stay up to date with IDM Essex!

We’ll be regularly tweeting updates and pictures for IDM so keep track of the event by following Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery and use the hashtag Buying Tramadol Uk to get in touch.

This event is the 2nd of many future events so we’d love to hear from you so we know how to make your experience as great as it can be.

Join our Facebook group to hear from other people attending as well as updates and announcements Cheap Tramadol Overnight

Tramadol Online Cod 180

We looking forward to seeing you there!

Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Tramadol For Dogs Order Online

Cheapest Place To Order Tramadol Online

Making your own game but need some money?

On the 15th October, game developers, publishers and investors from all over the country gathered in Rich Mix, Shoreditch for the second Games Funding Forum.

The event is a half day conference and networking event designed to matchmake game developers in need of funding and investors looking to back the next big thing.

Ten different unsigned indie games were on show and there were seven different talks from a range of experts to advise those looking for sources of funding.

First up

Funding expert and conference chair Ella Romanos of Strike Game Labs gave an overview of the different funding sources in the UK including Altara and Tenshi Grants.

Romanos then interviewed former EA Vice President David Lau-Kee of London Venture Partners.

Lau-Kee suggests that 25% is a good amount of equity for founders to give away in return for investment and advised against giving away too much of the company, which he believes affects founder’s motivation and therefore won’t benefit anyone in the long run.


He discusses dumb money vs. smart money, emphasising that ‘dumb’ isn’t meant in a derogatory fashion but refers to funding that might be from friends and family or investors with no experience in the sector.

He explains how LVP provide smart money, looking to give more than just funding to the companies that they invest in by advising them and putting them in touch with key people.

Mike Hayes of Mercia Technologies is up next, telling the audience about Mercia’s ‘soup to nuts’ approach to games investment and how they want to join developers on their journey right from the beginning, reinforcing Lau-Kee’s views about smart money.

He states:

We want to be in your business and help you

…and stresses the importance of a good prototype when looking for investment from Mercia.

Hayes reinforces another of Lau-Key’s points by saying Making sure the founders own at least half of the company ensures a high level of motivation.

In an age of clones and copycat games it’s reassuring to hear him state they look for originality in the projects they fund, before making the refreshingly different statement that they’re not looking to invest in free to play games.

Tramadol Online

Tanguy Dewavrin then looked at Kickstarter

Advising the audience that backers often don’t read the text on a Kickstarter page so it’s therefore beneficial to ensure all important information is conveyed in the video itself.

While he admitted that running the Kickstarter had cost their team a lot in terms of their time and attention, essentially putting the game’s, development on hold for two months, he also stated that it gained them more than just the money:

Crowd validation; media exposure; investor contacts; more Youtube, Facebook and Twitter followers; and new partners such as musicians and other developers.

Dewavrin advised against asking for too much money suggesting that it’s better to ask for what you feel you can achieve and looking elsewhere for the rest if necessary.

As the majority of backers tend to be in the US he suggested running your campaign in dollars if possible.

Jas Sohal then took to the stage to inform attendees about Creative England’s Greenshoots programme in association with Microsoft. Eligible companies can receive £25k or £50k match funding for their games, now available in every UK region bar London.

He showed this video to give an overview of the scheme and some of the teams and games that have benefitted from it.

The deadline for applications closes on the 30th October.

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight

Harbottle & Lewis’s Alan Moss then gave a talk on practical tips from the film industry and how game developers may be able to learn from the film industry.

Moss’s main takeaways were that tax credit loans may help with cashflow and raising further funding, completion guarantees may help to finance bigger budget games, sales forecasts may help to stimulate investment and utilising a collection arrangement could help you work with film financiers.

The ten titles on show in the Gaming Lounge were:

  • Online multiplayer hack’n’slash SKARA The Blade Remains by 8 Bit Studio
  • 2D runner Theo & Lizzy by Butcherlab
  • Mystery exploration game Mute by RG Bird Games
  • VR racer Radial-G: Racing Revolved by Tammeka
  • Turn-based, rogue-lite 2D battler Insane Robots by Playniac
  • Colour switching first person puzzler Spectrum by Dan Smith
  • Puzzle platformer Mimpi Dreams by Silicon Jelly
  • Physics based platformer Snot! by House of Fire
  • Local multiplayer co-op title BFF or Die by Honey Tribe Studios
  • Pvp turn-based combat game MMA Federation by 360 Studios

Buying Tramadol Online Forum

Lastly, Paul Sulyok, founder of Green Man Gaming took to the stage to announce their exciting new finishing fund designed to provide developers with between £20k – £200k in the last 3-4 months of development in order to help developers finish off their game.

It works by providing a cash advance against future royalties and therefore developers don’t need to give up their IP or any equity.


After the talks there were a few networking drinks and attendees got another chance to play the different games on show.

In the harsh world of game development where companies are constantly springing up and going under, the Games Funding Forum was an uplifting and inspiring event that demonstrated there are a variety of different way to find that elusive funding to help you develop and release the game of your dreams.

Tramadol Online Overnight Visa Order Tramadol Online Prescription Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Tramadol For Dogs Order Online Tramadol Uk Online

Order Tramadol India

So here we are.

After a fantastic & amazing night on the 13th of October – IDM Colchester finally came to life.

After months of preparation and working alongside local businesses to turn a £0 budget event into a night to remember, we’re proud to announce IDM Colchester was a HUGE success.

With just under 120 people there on the night people from all walks of the games industry were there to show their support.

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A huge thank you to everyone who turned up on the night

We had lots of local developers from the Essex area and a few Local businesses situated in the know on video games.

All in all it was a good balance between professional outfits and people that are only just starting to find their feet in the industry.

Based on our anonymous feedback from the night (over 50 responses), peoples reactions to the night has been staggeringly positive. More than we ever expected from our first ever event.

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IDM Beer and Papa John’s Pizza

For the many that turned up on the night they would of found our limited edition custom IDM beer provided by sponsors the Buy Prescription Tramadol Without free of charge.

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If you’re an artist or a graphic designer we’re considering holding a game dev competition to design the next limited edition label that everyone will see on the night.

If this sounds like something that interests you then stay in the loop by joining our Tramadol Uk Buy.

Did you say free Pizza?

Yes! We had local business Papa John’s Colchester provide 22 full size pizzas (220 slices) for everyone to enjoy on the night.

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At two slices each there would of been more enough to go around. (yes I’m looking at you, the person with 5 slices.)

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Remember that with feedback from this first event we hope to improve IDM every  single time to make it bigger and better.

Tramadol Ohne Rezept Online to get announcements of IDM straight to your inbox.

Unity 3D’s, Andy Touch’s entertaining talk

Aside from networking beer and pizza we had an awe-inspiring and entertaining talk from the Unity 3D’s technological evangelist Tramadol Legal To Buy Online.

The first talk was a well put together talk on things you should be doing to create a successful game, later followed with bringing your games to life with Unity.

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We’d like to thank Andy for taking the time out to come down on the night and give such a brilliant talk, opening the first game developers event in Essex with a huge impact.

For the Next IDM Colchester event we have an equally amazing speaker lined up but still to be confirmed.

As soon as things have been confirmed we’ll update you via Order Tramadol Next Day Shipping andTramadol Online Germany

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What we’re doing now

We have massive plans for IDM and the games industry in Essex.

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This is only the beginning for the East.

With IDM now announced as a quarterly event we’d like to host 3 “normal” IDM’s with one mega one to end the season of events off.

Plans, partnerships and sponsors are still being worked on to ensure we keep doing what we can to build upon the games industry in Essex and the East.

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If you enjoyed the night and can’t wait for the next one then let people know in the facebook group or tweet out to #IDMcolchester with your pictures.

Below we’ve collated some of the tweets we received on the night.

Local game store showing their support:

The University of Essex, sponsors of the night:



Mark Backler, local Indie dev:


Xtreme Gaming, local gaming center

Josh Wong enjoying the talk from Andy Touch (with sponsors Cymax Computers lanyards:


Developer from Deep space mine thanking the team:

Attendees enjoying the wise words and networking:


OPM Response, local games industry recruiters turning up in style:

The list of tweets from the night could go on and on!

Once again thank you to everyone to turned up on the night and to everyone who helped make the event possible. We look forward to seeing all of you and more at our next IDM Colchester event.

See you in Q1 of 2016.

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The UK games industry is expanding on an exponential scale

So what does Colchester and DoubleUpGaming have to do with this?

We want to put Colchester and Essex on the map as the largest creative hub for the Games industry in the UK and that all starts with events such as “the first ever game developers event in Essex”.

It’s hard to believe that with over *600 digital creative companies here in Colchester and with an industry that is worth in excess of *£3.9bn no local entities have had the initiative to unite the video games industry in Essex that is so rythe and thriving…

…until now that is.

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We (Can You Purchase Tramadol Online have created the first Independent games developer meetup in Essex to bring a community of hobbyists, professionals and local game studios together in one place.

Event Details:

With a date set, a venue locked down and an expert speaker from the world’s largest game development tool, free tickets are available to anyone professionally interested in game development.

Date: Tuesday, 13th October 2015

Time: 6:30pm – 9pm

Venue: Essex Business School, University of Essex Campus

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  • Special guest speaker, Andy Touch from Unity 3d
  • FREE admission, Pizza and Beer (provided by local business Papa John’s Colchester and the Pitfield Brewery)
  • Bringing the talented community of game developers together in one space on a quarterly basis to provide them the opportunity to network, demo games and interact with expert industry speakers.


Let’s get a little  more in depth on what’s happening on the evening and the wonderful local businesses that are making this possible.

We’ve been working tirelessly with the University of Essex and the Colchester Games hub ( local developer Shark Infested Custard and the EE Hub) to ensure we create an evening that marks a milestone of Game Development within Essex.

Throughout the evening attendees will get the chance to network with Essex Game developers and industry experts and professionals, along with local Essex businesses and organisations. 

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Keen to get as many of these businesses involved as possible, we are proud to inform you that all food on the night is free of charge as provided by Papa Johns Colchester.

The same goes for the wonderful custom crafted beer that will be available, kindly provided by the Pitfield’s Brewery  Queen Street, Colchester.

Cymax Computer’s, our local technology sponsor, will also be there on the night supporting the local games industry.

Check out our full list of IDM Colchester sponsors including the EE Hub and Illuminate design.

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Andy Touch from Unity3d to talk at IDM Colchester

Unity Technologies has revolutionized the game industry with Unity, the breakthrough development platform for creating games. The Unity engine is loved throughout the gaming industry for the depth and quality of its optimizations and the speed and efficacy of its workflows – allowing Unity users to produce high-end content fast.


The Unity game engine is far more popular amongst developers than any other game development software. The proportion of developers relying on Unity as their primary development tool and using Unity is growing all the time.

Now more about our speaker:

Andy Touch is one of Unity’s most prolific European evangelists who is an expert in designing and developing games for a range of platforms. Andy will be talking to us about:

  • What you should be doing to create a successful game.

  • Using Unity to bring your games to life.

He will also be available throughout the evening to answer any questions you may have and give advice on game development.

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Safe Tramadol Online

Get connected with IDM Colchester

IDM Tickets:

It’s important to reserve a ticket as soon as possible to make sure you don’t miss out on your spot for the evening. This event is proving to be very popular and tickets may need to be caped fairly soon.

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You can interact with us,  by tweeting out to: Tramadol Online Pay With Mastercard

Order 180 Tramadol Cod


Join us on Facebook where we will be  discussing anything topically relevant for indi devs, speak to those who attended our first event, and carry on the discussion  Online Tramadol Cod.


Tramadol Online Sale

The future aims of IDM Colchester will host’ IDM events quarterly with our next speaker already lined up and ready to be announced at the end of our October event.

Our goal has always been to connect the video games industry in Essex and give Essex devs  a chance to meet, interact and learn from others involved in this innovate, creative and growing industry. Promote your games to industry experts, receive support from other Indi devs and share your own knowledge and expertise.

With each event we’re going to grow and build upon experiences learned, to bring you the very best indie dev meetups within the UK.

Our long term goal is to  hold an annual event that will bring hobbyists, professionals and local game studios together from across the across the region, UK and the globe putting Essex firmly on map that this is the place to be for indie development .

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Ordering Tramadol Online Uk

This is just the beginning ……

DoubleupGaming are looking forward to meeting you on the night! Keep in touch with us and let us know your thoughts on what we’re doing.

If you wish to contribute, want to get in touch or share the event with friends then feel free to tweet or Facebook us.

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I55 was massive, fun and exciting, so where does that leave us?

I’ve been following this event for a few years now.

Although I haven’t had a chance to attend each year, I’ve witnessed how it’s grown truly into the biggest gaming festival in the UK.

Now with Multiplays recent acquisition by game for 20 million, it could be set to take off even more at it’s new NEC Birmingham venue.

From this years Insomnia 55 we put together a little video to show you just how packed and enjoyable it is:

Multiplay started in 1999, with the first ever Insomnia event.

In all this time the extent of support and experience that’s been put in place can clearly be seen through the sheer amount of gaming activities that are available throughout the weekend.

There’s always room for improvement but this is the place to have the glastonbury of gaming  

That taken into account let’s take a look at what exactly gamers get our of Insomnia:

PC’s, lots and lots and lots of PCs

Whilst at the event an unconfirmed source informed me how there was around 2,700 people who had brought their own PC to the event.

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That is alot of Gaming rigs all in one place…

But the one question that played on my mind was why on earth do people even bring their own PC?

Yasmin and Connor told me about their experience with BYOC (Bring your own PC):

In a tiresome and exhausted voice, Connor, who traveled from North Wales informed me how:

Having no social life is an advantage, you get to meet people that you like and you get alot of friends from here.

So friendship comes from an event like this but Yasmin included the key element:

I guess it’s the atmosphere really, the atmosphere is nice. You’e around the same people, doing the same thing. You feel more comfortable.

And I can back that up.

Despite the musky smell of energy drinks and sweat, I and the rest of my team could certainly feel this atmosphere that so clearly filled the air.

Stay subscribed for an up and coming video interview about why people bring their pc’s to a lan event. 

The exhibition halls

The event was slightly let down in my opinion by the exhibition halls.

There’s plenty going on… That’s not the problem.

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It’s when we split the showfloor up from people trying to sell you something to people genuinely showing off some of the cool bits of gaming.


There were game previews of games such as Battleborn, Fifa and Gears of War. But that was pretty much it (excluding the indie halls of course).

In coming years I’d like to see the community element from everywhere else in this event, brought into the one room excluding it.

The Main festival stage

If bright lights and loud music is what you love then the main stage is certainly for you!

Throughout the day you’ll be able to visit the spectacle of live events that are constantly taking place.

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You heard me mention how this event is the glastonbury of gaming.

Well here’s why:

During the day there are plenty tournaments on screen between gaming professionals and celebrity YouTuber’s ( yes that’s a term now).

During the night however…

The music get’s kicked up high and the crowd starts to get wild. If there’s one thing we could recommend, that’s to get your pub quiz tickets reserved as early as possible.

You want to be there.

From “the boat race” to the prizes given out on stage, all of it is as hectic as you could imagine.

What is this “Boat race” you ask?

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This occurs during the after hours of Insomnia where people compete to be the first to finish their pint of beer. The first to place their cup on the top of their head wins.

As for the prizes?

Just imagine the word “box” being chanted a load, (and then for people to be going absolutely crazy over said box).

Festival activities (Retro area and Minecraft)

Of course it’s not all as action packed as the Main stage.

If you venture down to the activities area you’ll come across a spectacular site:

Retro games and consoles, all in a pristine playable condition.

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Maintained by “World of Nintendo”, there’s plenty to be doing here.

From playing one of the very first Mario bro’s game to a Simpsons arcade style game, there’s literally hundreds of variations to choose from.

Given enough time, the team and I would’ve spent most of our time in here, reminiscing about the many hours of fun spent playing these childhood games.

The Indie Section

As you may know already, DoubleUpGaming is certainly an Indie focused site.

What can I say? We love Indie games!

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However it’s a little hard to tell… Does Multiplay like Indie games too?

Hidden towards the back of a large maze like tent, we finally found our way to the shrouded “Indie Section”.

Compared to previous years we’d seen this worthy area united with the expo halls, in front view of all to see.

(Maybe the new, large NEC setup will leave more room for the often forgotten about indie devs?)

Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery

Regardless of this, when we made it, we were happy to be greeted with a few familiar, and not so familiar faces.

The amazing games on display were again some that had just been released, and others that were in the process of being worked on. (Stay subscribed to our site to see a few of our Indie Insomnia articles!)

Youtuber meet and greet’s

By far one of the most attendee drawing factors is the countless number of meet and greet’s available with popular YouTubers.

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We interviewed numerous amounts of day attendees on the exhibition, showroom floor and many of the responses where the same:

I’m here to see my favorite YouTuber

Is it that surprising to see so many children and teens flock to have a chance of meeting their internet idols?


Not really.

However it’s the sheer amount of time that some of these kids spend queuing up less than 45 seconds with this person.

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In some cases this goes into the excess of over three hours! And if you remember correctly, last year we published an article on how Tramadol Online India

The Future of Insomnia

This is a tough one.

From the looks of things, Insomnia is shaping up to become bigger and better with each year its on.

But in all the year’s it’s been running, it may be time for a shake up.

Nothing drastic. Just something to keep it fresh, vibrant, and better than the rest.

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We absolutely love the atmosphere and Vibe that Insomnia never fails to give off.

It’s as if everyone involved is part of a family. From the Yellow to green shirt volunteers everyone pulls their weight together to create what is Insomnia.

The only question that remains now? Will becoming bigger, and better hinder the community drive?

We’ll let you know  if our thoughts change the next time we’re at Insomnia!

In the meantime leave us a comment of your experiences and if you think becoming bigger will change the way insomnia is ran.

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Tramadol Usaonline Biz

At gamescom 2015 I got to try out some of the most advanced VR equipment available.

This time round I decided to focus on the controllers that will be the next step of immersion and quite a different experience compared to sitting in a chair with a PS or xbox controller.

The obvious vision of VR is to move, act and see everything as we do in real life but with the experiences of fantasy worlds filled with dangers and fears we could not have dreamed to face in real life.

If you’re an aware of what the best VR Headset to choose then check out Buy Cheapest Tramadol Online

To check on how close we are to this idealistic point in VR I visited the many different exhibitors at gamescom 2015 in Cologne.

In this article you’ll find:

  • An in detail overview of the VR controllers on show at Gamescom.
  • How these pieces of tech affect our experience with Virtual reality.
  • The limitations and effect of combining the different technology.


manus tech
Bob from Manus Machinae – DoubleUpGaming Press

Firstly I met up with Bob Vlemmix to take a look at the ManusMachinae data glove prototype paired with Samsung Gear VR goggles.

These gloves are very easy to put on and are made of a very light and comfortable lycra fabric with ventilation holes.

To my surprise the little box containing the power cells and wireless transmitter on the wrist was very light and bareley noticable within the VR. Demo wise I tried out something very similar to this demo that was presented at E3:

Although I had some minor alignment issues, I was very impressed that the whole setup fits in Bobs satchel and can be powered with nothing more than a Samsung smartphone (but remains compatible with the majority of VR setups like Razer OSVR, Oculus Rift or HTC Vive).

I was even more impressed when Bob told me that the cell in the gloves keeps the gloves powered for 5-6 hours of heavy gaming.

The glove will cost under 200€ after its consumer release in the first quarter of 2016.

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ManusMachinae data gloves – DoubleUpGaming Press

Now that we have focused on the hands, let’s look down and try to find a solution on how to move your feet in VR.

The guys from Cyberith may have found the best solution to this problem with their controller pod called the “Virtualizer”, which has been in development since 2012.

Inspired by the Wii the CEO and founder of Cyberith, Tuncay Cakmak wanted to move the VR gaming experience away from the desk.

The product presented at gamescom does just that.

You put on a pair of overshoes, hop in the pod, belt yourself to it and the show begins!

Your feet are tracked by sensors in the slippery polished base and makes you walk the same distance in the VR as you would in real life.

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Their demo featured a very unusual experience in a south american jungle.

You could walk, look around and eventually discover an ancient Maya temple with different movement skill based puzzles.

It felt a bit weird since the vision axis was not detached from the walking-directional axis and sidestepping was disabled but this was an intervention by the developers to make the Virtulizer more user friendly with the booth visitors.

Currently the devs need to modify heavily, if not make their own games to make them work with their pod, however this will soon be a work phase of the past since they’re closely working together with developers of different studios.

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Virtualizer front view –

This technology will not only be part of our living rooms but could be used in a bigger and more solid construction by the military in simulations to make it match real life all whilst sparing the soldiers the dangers of a real life battle.

The Virtualizer will be available for purchase at the end of the year with not one but two versions available, the Virtualizer for 1699€ and the Virtualizer HT which will provide haptic feedback to the user for 1999€.

Of course the virtualizer will be compatible with the whole range of tracked VR goggles like the Oculus Rift, Razer OSVR and HTC Vive.

Next up was a more bizarre booth by China Animation Characters Company Limited.

Their vision is to make VR available for everyone with the establishment of VR gaming halls in China.

They had VR goggles that looked surprisingly similar to the Oculus Rift.


The thing catching my eye was a P90 submachinegun style controller that had all the buttons and sticks of a xbox controller built in the grip element of the gun.

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P90 submachinegun style controller – DoubleUpGaming Press

It turned out it was galled MAG P90 and is made by an Asian company called g-mate.

In this demo I found myself in a FPS zombie scenario where I as the player was equipped with different weapon types from shotguns to assault rifles.

The crosshair was attached to line of sight rather than the controllers barrel axis and the movement with the bumper stick felt bad since the character was “gliding” on the floor.

They also had some major hardware problems regarding in-game framerates and focus of the VR goggles, which lead to a headache very fast.

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Alternative view of P90 submachinegun style controller – DoubleUpGaming Press

The thing that really matters though is the controller

It felt very unique and real, especially when wielding weapons of similar kind in game but when the reloading animation started I felt a detachment from the game, since I was doing no such thing in real life like exchanging the empty magazine with a loaded one.

It might take the unknown chinese competitors of other VR projects a couple of months to catch up to the most recent developments of other major projects but their controllers at least are top-notch.

Speaking of controllers:

This was a less serious VR component I tried out but might become relevant in VR especially in combination with airsoft guns and other replicas in VR:

The UzBRAINNet Co Ltd. Rail Gun.

A similar technology like the G-Mate MAG P90 but a little bit different in concept. The controller is no longer part of a gun but attached to one.

Real gun, replica, airsoft gun?

Doesnt matter as long it has the required RIS / RAS rails to attach their hardware to.

Their demo was Call of Duty MW3, although not in VR but on a large flat screen, with their controller mounted to an M4 style pistol (no stock).

You had to aim in the center of your ingame crosshair to begin with the campaign section. Moving was done by a bumper stick on the front rails of the gun while shooting and other buttons where attached to the pistol grip and trigger.

Although it felt weird to move an angle in reality while the ingame crosshair stayed on centre on the flat screen this technology might be really useful in VR especially in combination with the Cyberith Virtualizer and the Manus Machina data gloves.

This would be for people who want to play a specific weapon system ingame while having the same weapon as a replica available on their living room wall.

Just attach a tracking system to the rails and hop in VR to shoot some virtual opponents.

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Video still from UzBRAINNet Co Ltd. Rail Gun.

So, what’s the conclusion?

To come to a conclusion of all the VR controllers I’ve tried at gamescom I firstly have to say that it is regrettable that it was not possible to try the equipment all together, especially a gun controller in the Virtualizer.

I’ve seen that the technology surrounding VR has gone a long way from being just a gimmick.

What we now have are mostly very solid pieces of equipment but with a massive lack of game support.

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DoubleUpGaming Editor trying an Oculus Dev Kit – DoubleUpGaming Press

However this could change pretty soon…

Most of the development teams of the controllers work closely together with video game publishers and developers to give the next generation of video games the compatibility that is currently lacking.

While the tech already exists another aspect are the finances surrounding it.

The single pieces are not that expensive however building up a VR corner in your living room will be quite costly if you decide to buy more than just the goggles but also add the data gloves and a movement pod

You’ll easily pass the 2000€ mark pretty quickly and this is calculated without the extra cost PC that would be capable of even delivering the raw horsepower to support a set of 75+hz VR goggles with an acceptable resolution.