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Seven days have passed from the 3-day Eurogamer 2013 Expo (EGX) and many still cant get it out of their mind.

Although they have sadly rolled up the blue carpet, dejectedly shipped back all the PS4s and Xbox Ones and said farewell to the historic Earls Court, it was another biggest and best game expo ingeniously collaborated.

Faster than the speed of light, the viral success of gaming spread like an epidemic on the show floor even before it started. Even superstars like Phil Harrison of Xbox and David Cage (writer-director) of Beyond were not spared.

They had even contributed to the spread of the epidemic where they showed off to group of lucky audiences their expertise, who got to witness Bethesda’s upcoming survival horror game called The Evil Within.

At the Eurogamer 2013, developers made intimate presentations for gamers to experience their most favourite games with a behind the scenes view.

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However, it was the playable games that all gamers wanted to see in the expo.

EGX invaded two floors of Earls Court for the very first time that bewildered all gamers with upcoming games, presentations and a lot of stuff to try.

Among the line-up of games in that treasure trove, the Indie Arcade game called Chroma from Clawhammer Games caught the Editor’s choice award. To make sure that every game was accounted for a poll was created for all gamers and visitors alike to vote for their favorite games during the show.

Without further ado, below is the people’s top 10 game of choice, counting down from the 10th place to the 1st place of Eurogamer 2013. Enjoy and see you all next year!

(Sony/ Guerrilla Games – November 29th release date). Unsurprisingly, Sony’s stand drew the biggest crowds during the show. Why not, they were the first one to display PS4 at EGX. Among their PS4 favorites included are Octodad: Dadliest Catch, Housemarque’s voxel spectacular and Resogun but the one leading the charge is Amsterdam’s Guerilla sci-fi FPS series, Killzone.

9. Forza Motorsport 5

(Microsoft/ Turn 10 Studios – November 22nd release date). This was another glossy and comprehensive racing game of Xbox One’s flagship sim racer. More than its excellent Forza 5’s look and handling, it was the rumble triggers on the Xbox One pad that lead the competition ahead.

8. Batman: Arkham Origins

(Warner Bros. / Warner Bros. Games Montreal – October 25th release date). This popular Batman series was a more aggressive Dark Knight prequel especially having set up in a new studio from London’s Rocksteady to Warner Bros to stay up to the current generation of consoles.

7. Dark Souls 2

(Namco Bandai/ From Software – March 14th 2014 release date). A fabulously attired Dark Souls Knight brought by Namco to EGX that caused some traffic outside the expo. Although, it was just months old, there were some speculations about it but gamers still looked forward to it as one of their top favorites.

6. Beyond: Two Souls

(Sony/ Quantic Dream – October 11th release date). David Cage’s latest interactive drama is another game you can play this weekend. Following the success of its dark serial killer thriller, Heavy Rain, this offered a more ambitious story line and amazing graphics for gamers.

5. Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

(Ubisoft/ Ubisoft Montreal – November 1st release date). A tasty-looking installment of pirate series was another sure hit for gamers. It was the winter’s biggest blockbusters from several releases and it couldn’t be stop like the ocean waters.

4. The Elder Scrolls Online

(Bethesda/ Zenimax Online Studios – Spring 2014 release date). It is a promising massive multiplayer game like World of Warcraft that gamers look forward to. Most especially that PS4 and Xbox One are joining PC, if ever making it the first subscription-based online game bigger than the consoles.

3. Call of Duty: Ghosts

(Activision/ Infinity Ward – November 5th release date). Believe it or not, amidst its latest blockbuster shooter game, it was the awesome dog that the gamers really care about and not the absurdly warfare series.

2. Battlefield 4

(EA/ DICE – November 1st release date). There was a talk in town that says this game would push the next generation consoles in the market. Whether or not it is true, it still took over the second place for people’s military shooter choice of game.

And the top people’s choice award went to Titanfall (Game of the show) from EA/ Respawn Entertainment with release date on spring 2014.

Totally new interface, fast-paced shooting, unexpected twists and a variety of fun factors, beating all the playable games in Eurogamer 2013.

Well that’s it for this year, but we’re sure, just as this year, we wont be disapointed by what’s to come next year!

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Being one of the largest gaming events we have visited this year, there were so many great items to report on that sometimes you may get overwhelmed on how much great stuff is actually there!

After the long drawn out queueing we were completely on our way to take a look at some great things the expo had to offer. Immediately we were thrown into the the depths of Sony’s new hardware releases including the new concept of the PS4 which could come out as soon as November!

Throughout the day we managed to get our hands on some great games such as Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag, Titanfall and even  Battlefeild 4. But the games did not stop there! We also had glimpses of Call of duty Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5 and Wolenstein: New order.


In spite of all the triple A titles there were many smaller indie releases, retro developers and many people in the game industry for us to find however the game that really stole the show is was Titan fall the possible “COD Killer” which boasted pristine graphics and amazing physics. (For a more info on the best games, Tramadol Online Echeck)

Amongst the organised chaos we bumped into a few other YouTubers and and gaming websites who along with us were egar to get our hands on wolfenstien which was a real surprise for us as it featured akimbo shotguns and assault riffles with very high detailed actions. After cleaning our grubby hands we weaved our way through the masses of queues and grabed a bite to eat.

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The eventful day then followed with some rocking it out on the brand new Rocksmith 2014 where the crowd fell silent at the amazing playing from our writer /makshift rockstar Jonny (however it later turned out that they were actually listening intently to the announcement being made by expo staff)

Taking it all in at once, we slowly took a look around. We watched as people walked passed and marvelled at the large range of games on show. Altogether this has been one of the best days out we has ever planed and could not wait to head back next year.

Let us know if you turned up to expo 2013 and if you have any plans to go to euro gamer 2014


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The Eurogamer Expo returns to London’s Earls Court from 26th-29th September 2013 for four days of hardcore hands-on gaming, developer sessions, tournaments, competitions, parties and much more! – and to top it off: Can You Still Get Tramadol Online. So get them before they go!

On top of this, Virgin Media has renewed and extended its partnership to cover all the events at the EuroGamer expo. Tramadol Online Order Cheap is also coming backand Tramadol Overnight Visa. Last year Virgin Media ran the 100-Day Game Project, which supported a small dev team called: grassroots game development by teaching a development team (consisting entirely of a group students) to create a game in 100 days. The finished title being named: Superfluid, which was subsequently released on the Android and iOS platforms and the people who made it got full game development jobs in the UK due to its astounding success.

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Virgin Media will be doing some other really cool stuff this year. Virgin Media customers will be able to access half-price tickets with early access to the show floor (Max 4 Tickets under this exclusive deal)

Every year at the Expo publishers and developers bring the latest early alpha and beta builds of games in that are currently in its stages of development (and also some pretty cool game systems) for you to try before they are finished, optimised and sold.

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Tickets are on sale now! But are running out very at a very fast rate,and after just 4 hours the early access tickets for the saturday expo have ran out! so we here at DoubleUpGaming highly recommend you buy a ticket before they run out, so you do not not to miss out on any of the life changing opportunities that are placed in front of you!

Below is a video of the EuroGamer trailer: