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How to play minecraft with a free download

 Minecraft is the must have game for any new, current or even future gamer – however we all have those moments where we have no money to spend and need an alternative way to get things for nothing.

Some of the methods our team have selected below are both legal and illegal (we do not recommend taking the illegal route or take any responsibility if you do use an illegal method of playing Minecraft) so please be aware of what you are doing.

Free, Legal ways of getting minecraft

Believe it or not there are many ways to obtain minecraft without having to spend any money at all. In this article we explore the legitimate ways of getting hold of your very own copy

Share a minecraft friends account

If you have a friend that would be kind enough to lend you their account , then why not give it a go?  This is a great way to easily play the latest version of minecraft without having any worries at all. Many people use this method regularly as it is purely the simplest way to go about playing Minecraft. The best thing about it is you do not have any gameplay features restricted. You will still be able to play all your single player worlds saved to your pc and also be able to play any minecraft server out there.

Download minecraft for free - multiplayer

However this does not come with some restrictions. As you will be playing on your friend’s account you will not be able to use it when your friend wishes to play on an online minecraft server – if you were to try this your friend would be automatically removed from the server they are currently playing. You also need to bear in mind that you will be acting on behalf of your friend so anything you do online will reflect on your friend’s online account. Lastly as it is not your own account you should not  customise it to how you would want it without explicitly asking your friend for permission to do so.

Enter a Legitimate Competition

Although your chances may be slim, there is always the possibility of winning a free minecraft account through entering a legitimate competition. Winning one of these accounts will give you full control over the username, account, customization and multiplayer making it truly your own account. As mentioned above this is not always a guaranteed way to get a minecraft account. Depending on how many people decide to enter the competition your chances could be slim or very high.


Interested in minecraft? Check some of our other minecraft articles out!

 Play the free version of minecraft, Minecraft Classic

Minecraft Classic is fantastic for players that want to experience minecraft for the first time without having to spend a single penny or even having to ask anyone for help. With minecraft classic you can play it directly from the browser (providing you have the java plug-in). This eliminates the need to download it to your pc, and whats even better is it has  built-in multiplayer on the classic servers.

Download minecraft for free - Minecraft ClassicAs with any other of the solutions, there are some draw back to this method which is pretty obvious. This version of minecraft is 0.30_03 having been created in 2009 – it still has the core features of minecraft however you will not be getting a true experience of the game.

Play the Minecraft Demo

To get the most up to date version of minecraft for free you can play using the demo – this will allow you to play the game in a single player world for 5 in-game days. This relates to around 1 hour and 40 minutes in real life and will result in the world being locked from future play unless you either reset it or buy the game in full.

Download minecraft for free - demo

The minecraft demo will give you a true to life feel to the game however you will never be allowed to play using multiplayer; you will always keep the same world seed, and won’t be able to change game modes.

Download via a Torrent

Not the best suggestion, but you could Torrent a cracked account or launcher via websites such as” kickass” or “the piratebay”  but please note: although you will get the game for nothing this method is illegal in most countries and you could face legal action. We do not condone this method – however it is listed here because it is one of the many methods to get hold of an account fr free.

Lastly we can not forget the one and only easy way to play minecraft…

Despite how long it may take, as long as you have the will to play minecraft, you can actually save up the money to pay for it. Ask your parents, wash the car or do what ever it takes to get the money.

Download minecraft for free  - buy it

With this method you will be directly supporting the developers and you will also feel better afterwards.

What method will you use to get hold of your own copy of minecraft for free? Let us know in the comments below

We hope you find these methods an easy and efficient way to play minecraft. The game is always expanding and providing players with new and exciting opportunities. How will you play your copy of the game and what are you most looking forward to testing out?

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Top 10 Minecraft Modpacks 2017

Fresh to 2017 we take an updated look at DoubleUpGaming’s Top 10 Minecraft Modpacks for the year.

We have listened and taken note and opened public polls and Q&A’s to find out what you have voted your most favorite Minecraft modpack of 2017.

And the crazy part is:

We’ve combined our in-depth knowledge to give you the ultimate list for the year ahead!

Check out the above video version below if you prefer

10. SkyFactory



Sky factory reinvents itself as the new way to play any and all sky block based maps. It’s packed full of high tech mods, custom automation and a brand new look to the ever so famous Skyblock game style.

People enjoy this the most:

Players have the opportunity to be spawned directly into the void itself with only their wits and a piece of dirt between what seems like a sure way to die.

If you’re not afraid of heights, don’t be afraid to give this a go.


Download via ATLauncher

9. The MadPack


If you’re one for survival and tech,with adapting difficulty scaling (dependent on your playing skill), then you wont get one more like it.

Best played by users who enjoy a challenge to avoid death, the Madpack is designed for the notorious hardcore mode that many players try to avoid (however is playable in any given mode).

The battle for survival is certainly clear in this quest filled, deathdriven, challenging masterpiece.


Download via ATLauncher

8. CrazyCraft


The word Crazy in Crazycraft is by far no understatement in the Modpack universe.

Known best for its crazy antics, varying structures, mob and weapons this pack brings a bit of much needed fun into the game by releasing your inner crazy!

But you’re probably wondering:

“What will I get out of this pack?”

You’ll be witness to mass bizarreness and confusion. But unfortunately it can’t really be explained so its best to play it for yourself. (No two people have the same experience.)


Download via Voids Wrath

7. Attack of the B team


This pack most famously noted for its release in conjunction with the charity, Childsplay.

Attack of the B team was introduced to feed a need for players who have always wanted to experiment and become the ultimate mad scientist.

The secret to this pack’s popularity is simple:

The focus is purely on Weird Science and Witchcraft.

You can explore all of your sadistic needs as you sit back and watch your evil minions complete your bidding for you.


Download via Technic

6. Test Pack please ignore


Despite the misleading title, Test Pack  is a well thought out Minecraft Modpack that is designed to have a more balanced feel above all other packs.

Here’s the deal:

This Includes a large and extensive library of mods.

It was originally sought after by the Reddit community who had a large involvement in the various tweaks and adjustments that can be noted whilst playing.


Download via Technic

5. Voltz


Voltz is perfect for players that love, explosions, chemical warfare and advanced electricity from Nuclear Fission to wind powered turbines.

The modpack allows players to make their dream bases deep within the mountains set with their very own factory, numerous strategic defense and attack structures.

Want to know the best part?

You’ll always have a never-ending supply of electricity all made possible through the universal electricity API.


Download via Technic

4. FTB Direwolf20


Getting an accurate representation of Direwolf20 is by no means easy.

Bundling a range of useful and powerful mods it follows the same pattern as other FTB builds as by being the kitchen sink of minecraft Modpacks.

It doesn’t end here though:

Giving users infinite possibilities of countless things to do, FTB have helped pave the way for many other packs.  Their experience has given them a good knowledge of what users want meaning you will be in more than capable hands.


Download via FTB

3. Bevo’s Tech Pack


A tech savvy player?

you’ll welcome Bevo’s Tech pack into your arms.

But it gets MUCH better:

If you’re a fan of enhanced gameplay by the means of a technology infested world, this pack will allow you to explore your altruistic egos with many of the classic mods such as Industrial craft, Glalacticaraft and even Tinkers’ Construct

This is all mixed in with many newer technology driven mods to bring you into the future of Minecraft.


Download via ATLauncher

2. Yogscast Complete


By popular demand Yogscast Complete has clawed its way up the ranks.


This is one of the largest ever modpacks publicly released to Minecraft players (large in being nearly 200+ mods).

Originally created to fulfill the needs of youtubers, Lewis and Simon’s pack has grown exponentially in popularity –

A fan of space travel?  Farming or just plain building?

No matter where you look there will be a mod included that will meet your playing needs.


Download via ATLauncher

1. Tekkit Classic


Now hang on a minute:

You may be thinking, “Tekkit classic? why?”

Well the answer is simple.

This has been the daddy of packs since time began and it also contains the core of all modern packs.

Following in swift pursuit of last years list, Tekkit Classic remains cemented as our all time top 10 minecraft modpack of 2017. It includes all of our favorite mods such as:

  • Industrial craft 2
  • Redpower 2
  • Buildcraft
  • Equivalent Exchange 2
  • computercraft
  • Much much more

The bottom line:

The pack itself is much easier to run than others listed here and although being of an older minecraft version it still provides countless hours of fun and even brings back memories for those of us who began experimenting with the modpack back in 2012.

Age has proven to be no challenge for this opportunistic pack that has given many hours of fun for a legion of players.


Download via Technic

This has been our Ultimate top 10 Minecraft Modpacks 2017 but things do not stop there!

If you love Modpacks then you’ll want to get a great Texturepack to go with it. Make sure to check out our Best Minecraft Texture Packs article for this

Feel free to let us know in the comments what you would of done differently (and who knows maybe that modpack will be included in next half of this year)

Downloads Featured Gaming Minecraft Minecraft Maps

Voiced Minecraft Christmas Adventure Map

Recently we have created a one of a kind Christmas adventure map, making full use of the Minecraft 1.8+ mechanics.

This brand new voiced Christmas adventure map is fully narrated, has one of a kind slow motion cut scenes and classic minecraft battles with unique mobs to give you a truly magical Christmas experience. The team at DoubleUpGaming have come together to produce breathtaking scenery  and high quality voice clippings combined into one downloadable map listed on the minecraft forums.

The minecraft adventure map exports you to the the freezing cold surroundings of the North Pole within a sleepy elf village  below the ever-looming Santa’s workshop. You. an elf, have been asleep for many years unaware of events unfolding around you.

Awakening from your cryogenic sleep to the loving welcoming voice of Santa you find it is up to you to save Christmas… or is it? Ho Ho Ho!



Features of the map

Due to the use of Minecraft 1.8 and a custom-built resource pack we have managed to implement a lot of great features into the map including, but not limited to:

A Custom boss wave fighting system

Yes you heard it right, when you get to a certain part in the story you will be up against wave after wave of enemies with nothing but measly care-packages to aid you

Functioning cut-scenes

Albeit they need a bit of work to get them top-notch, these cut-scenes add a surreal feeling to the game giving the player a different experience within minecraft. You will get to witness the wide display of emotions contrasted within the game through small spinet of stories told with cut scenes

Multiplayer or single player map

That’s right, you can go this game alone or battle through with friends. When being built this we took this into careful consideration as to allow people to work together or enjoy the game in peaceful solitude.



Where can I grab my download of the map?

You can find your download right here! If you have been directed here from a forum, welcome! and we hope you enjoy: Christmas – An awakening!

IMPORTANT – FOR MULTIPLAYER: please put the resources zip found in the map inside of your resources folder, play on a vanilla 1,8 server and have a server view distance of 12+

Main Download

(Ad supported Media fire Link)

v.2.2.1 Official Version 02/12/2015 18:10 gmt

Minecraft World & Resource pack built in

Mirror 1 download

(NO AD Media Fire Link)

v.2.2.1 Official Version 02/12/2015 18:05 gmt

Minecraft World & Resource pack built in


Mirror coming soon

 I have downloaded the map, now what?

Well you are off to a good start! You can now install the map into your /saves and install the texture pack into the resource pack folder then you are ready to play.

We at DoubleupGaming wish you all a Merry Christmas and happy gaming!

Please leave comments on the forum thread or below with feed back on the game! Thanks alot for supporting us

Announcement Downloads Featured Gaming Special

Week Of Horror: Alien Isolation and DLC Giveaway

As part of DoubleUpGaming‘s Week of Horror we are launching an exclusive giveaway to fans of DoubleUpGaming

Yes! We are celebrating this Halloween with a range of spooky horror themed articles ranging from our definitive list of the best multiplayer survival horror experiences, to some scary indie games that are worth a look. However, we are not stopping there! We are launching a giveaway of Alien Isolation to one lucky fan of DoubleUpGaming.

giveaway showcase-01

With this giveaway you could win Alien: Isolation, Alien: Isolation: Last Survivor and Alien: Isolation Retail – DLC: Crew Expendable

How do I enter the giveaway?


We have made it as simple as possible to enter our free giveaway. All you have to do is use the handy widget below to Follow, Tweet and Like our DoubleUpGaming social network pages. It’s as simple as that!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*DLC Only given if claimed during livestream- read more below

Entry Bonus! From day 4


Do All 4 for a larger chance to win!

  • Tweet out about the giveaway with the #DUGWeekOfHorror hashtag
  • Follow @DoubleUpGaming
  • Follow @FreshPlayHost
  • Like the DoubleUpGaming Facebook page



When will the winner be announced?

The Winner of the giveaway will be announced during our  8 hour Fright Night livestream that will be on air from 8pm to  4am in the morning on halloween night. This announcement will take place somewhere between the beginning and middle of the livestream and will clearly be heard via, what else, but the sound of an obnoxiously loud cow.


But wait! If you are the lucky winner of the giveaway we are giving away 2 extra pieces of DLC for Alien isolation if you win and claim during the livestream. This means you could win Alien: Isolation, Alien: Isolation: Last Survivor and Alien: Isolation Retail – DLC: Crew Expendable if you are watching the stream at the time you win.

 What have others been saying?


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Save the Comet: Space Arcade for your Android  

I had the chance to dive into this strangely addictive game that offered me everything a good arcade game should, while keeping the goal as simple and interesting as a more complex game might do. Let’s hop on a journey through the void…


The Game UI has a very simple design: a spacy background, three main buttons (shop, achievements and play), information, stats and rankings in the corners and a share button in the bottom that flips around and shows you where you can share your scores and achievements. The game supports connections to Google Play Games and you can also enable it to post to Facebook, Twitter or Google+. The game is available in Turkish, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

I would like to point out one more gimmick – if you look at the logo of the game, it sort of looks like the caption of a comic book or a film, which gives the game a very nice overall touch.

save the comet 3 wide 2-01


After a quick tutorial, you are ready to make your first move. The goal of the game is as simple as the design – you travel through various levels of space and all you need to do is keep the comet safe and collect stardust, which you get by pulling a planet or an asteroid near you. The trick is to press on a planet and pull it slightly towards the comet so it can collect stardust. Some planets contain more stardust than the others, but the silver asteroids we see on the picture can be used to spin around the comet to gain more stardust.

You simply have to pull one planet to another close enough to your comet and let it keep on its journey. In order to gain more points, you need to land combos, which you achieve by pulling the planets or asteroids fast enough.

Additionally, some asteroids or planets have moons. Those moons will be absorbed by the comet and will get you more points. Meteorites, however, will destroy your comet and you will lose the game in no time. A fun fact is also that you can destroy planets and asteroids, as well as meteorites by letting them collide into each other, which is a nice option if you just want to make a mess in outer space. With the right amount of points collected, you travel to many other levels of the game with lots of other enemy planets and extra-terrestrial bodies  to avoid. The closer the planets go by your comet, the more bonus points you’ll get.

One of many levels in the game is the Crimson Realm: a hostile area with lot of meteorites, explosive volcanic planets and large asteroid showers. This level is designed to be much harder than in the beginning and has a brilliant design! Besides, it will require every skill you have to survive this environment.


As I mentioned earlier, this game is made of all components an arcade game needs. It just takes a few seconds for you to dive into adventure. However, things can turn out pretty bad for you – if you don’t pay attention your comet is going to go down in a blast! You only have one chance to shine, so choose your path wisely and watch out for your comet. As exciting as this game may be, it’s as frustrating as any other arcade, indie game that you can play anytime you want to waste some time. The fact that the game ends after your comet gets destroyed, as well as you have to start all over again makes it sometimes difficult to keep your patience, especially if you’ve travelled through lots of different levels. However, there are many chances to extend and sustain you on the vast journey – with the points you collect in game you are able to buy many things in the shop, like the Ouroboros perk, with which your comet gets reborn and you can continue your journey.

Besides the power-ups you can buy in the shop, you can also customize the game components. For example, you can get an alien skin for your comet or make the planets look different. However, many power ups are too expensive to earn them in the game but you can buy it with the in-game billing option;  if you don’t mind giving up a small amount of money you can purchase many things that will make the game look prettier and more enjoyable.

save the comet 3 wide-01


Moga Mecha has made a very interesting game with a very futuristic design that has put every component together as an arcade game should have.The game is perfectly made not only for high end phones but also for phones with perhaps a lower resolution. It worked perfectly on my mid-range phone without any sudden lags or large impacts on the phone’s RAM or CPU capacity. As such, it is a perfect game to play on any occasion, whether you are travelling, waiting for a bus or just sitting at home and want to have a great time. Also a positive accept  is that the ads in the game are not playing you a video of  HayDay®, for example, which I find quite annoying. Onesmall suggestion to the developers may be that they should change the option that lets my softkeys light up all the time while I play which does suck a lot of my battery power in a rather short time.

After playing this game for nearly 10 days in a row; it has given me lots of fun, an exciting journey through space, as well as a lot of “no” shouts every time I lost a game.

However, there were certain things I don’t like. At first, it is very hard to extend the game to further levels because at some point, the game becomes very difficult and you will need a lot of concentration to get through a level. The frustration that comes with the loss of every attempt is not as great as it was with Flappy Bird® for example, but hey, what would an arcade game be without the head shaking you make each time you lose?

Overall, Save the Comet is a great arcade game with definitely a bright future not only in the Turkish Google Play Store charts. I would recommend this game to every arcade lover that likes retrospective design and music combined with great physics and   addictive gameplay. Besides little things that may be not made by the newest development standards, I think this game can keep up with any other arcade action out there in the Google Play Store. I can only hope that Moga Mecha will continue to surprise us with a lot of great games in the future.

If you would like to download the game, you can head over to the google play store here. We would also like to know your thoughts on the game and whether you may give it a download ( feel free to leave a comment) 

Downloads Minecraft Minecraft Skin

Minecraft skin template

Creating your very own minecraft skin can be a great experience for any minecraft player! However to express your creativity you are first going to need a Minecraft skin template that will allow you to create any masterpiece you want. Thats why we have researched and created a great minecraft skin template that is both easy to follow and create step by step.

What does it look like?

If you were to upload it straight to minecraft the skin would look the picture below, it doesn’t look that fancy but once you have added some of your own textures it could be the next best skin going.

Minecraft Skin Template - What it looks like

 How do I use the Minecraft skin template?

Firstly you are going to need  download The Skin using the link found below, next you are going to need to open open the image on a photo editing software such as Photoshop or free alternatives such as GIMP and, (as long as you are not using paint you should be fine) The skin has labeled sides which will show you what is what to make it just that bit easier to edit. After you are done all you need to do is save it as a .png and upload it to minecraft profile or share it with the world!


Ok so now you are ready to download it! Just click the button below to save it to your pc.

Download Skin Template

Skin Key

HB- Head Back
HR- Head Right
HF- Head Front
HL- Head Left
HT- Head Top
H boT- Head Bottom

BF- Body Front
BR- Body Right
BL- Body Left
BB- Body Back
bT- Body Top
bb- Body Bottom

LO- Leg Outside
LF- Leg Front
Li- Leg Inside
LB- Leg Back
T- Leg Top
b- Leg Bottom

AO- Arm Outside
AF- Arm Front
Ai- Arm Inside
AB- Arm Back
T- Arm Top
b- Arm Bottom

New Hat Feature: If you do not want a hat, just erase ALL parts that are labeled “HT”
HT F- Hat Front, HT R- Hat Right, HT L- Hat Left, HT B- Hat Back, HT T- Hat Top, HT boT- Hat Bottom


Downloads Featured Gaming Minecraft Minecraft Maps

8 Amazing Game of Thrones Minecraft builds

We love Minecraft but we also love Game of thrones just as much – That gives us a dilemma but luckily for everyone some clever people have made some stunning minecraft builds which evolve around one of the best ever book / tv series. Out team of minecraft and GOT fanatics have picked out some of the greatest builds and have included a download link for some of the builds.

Winter Fell

8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - winterfell

This is truly a magnificent view of winterfell from a never seen angle of above (Download minecraft map)

The Eyrie

8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - the eyrie

The Wall
8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - the wall

The Red keep8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - the red keep

Sunspear Islands
8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - Sunspear

Kings Landing
8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - Kings Landing

Kings landing is best know for its lies and deceiving inhabitants, just ask Ned stark, however here we are shown the true beauty of it. (Download minecraft map)


8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - ~Dreadfort

This again shows the Dreadfort which many viewers never really get a chance to see, however the map builders worked tirelessly to replicate it to their best ability. (Download minecraft map)

Dragon Pit

8 Amazing Game of Throne Minecraft builds - Dragon pit

So here were some amazing Game of throne minecraft builds, however we can expect to see many more amazing builds from Westeroscraft and remember to check back frequently for all your gaming news, tips and reviews.

Downloads Featured Minecraft Videos

Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

 NEW UPDATED ONE HERE: Top 10 best minecraft texture packs 2015

Yes we have a long-awaited new updated list of our top 10 Minecraft texture/resource Packs for 2014!


10: RuneScape Pack

Runescape Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

This Texture pack earned its place on our list for taking us back to our early RPG roots where Rune-Scape was the thing of the time. With its simple textures and reminiscence of an age-old game this texture pack is solid at number 10.



9: Zeko Craft

Zeko craft

Mixing it up a bit is the quirky Zeko Craft which is defiantly one for the people who like to change it up once in a while. We particularly  love this pack as not only does it make us feel happy inside, it strips away all that we previously knew about Minecraft – Giving us a brand new experience.



8: BlockU HD

BLOCKU-HD-Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Although this texture pack may not be fully complete yet, it offers a slick hd UI and smooth blocks for the modern Minecrafter.



7: Cotritie Craft

corrtie craft Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

In spite of this texture pack looking slightly depressing from the screen shots, it is far from that – After experiencing this first hand it again like Zeko craft, lead us into happiness, without its radicalness. If you are looking for a bright, airy texture pack with the same aspects of Minecraft, this is the one for you



6: Chroma Hills

chroma hills Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Chromahills is a step up from the  Rune scape pack at number 10.  If it wasn’t for the large choice of texture packs out there, without doubt this would be within our top 3 – A lot of thought and detail has been put into this cartoonrpg style texture pack, obtaining it high regard from the DoubleUpGaming team.



5: Faithful

faithfull - Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Who knew default minecraft could look so good in HD? If you are not willing to budge from the normal minecraft textures, but eager for an upgrade to fulfill your 1080p display, then you should unquestionably consider downloading this all round great texture pack.



4: Dukucraft

dukucraft - Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Dukucraft! This one of a kind texture packs is completely customizable for the everyday minecraft user that wishes to go for a slightly medieval look but keeps the same qualities that we respect about the current minecraft textures



3: Sphax PureBD

Sphax PureBD Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Taking us into our top 3 is, Sphax PureBD. This exception texture pack has had a tremendous amount of effort put into it and it really shows – Compatible with nearly every mod pack going, be sure to snap this up if you are willing to experience a new quality of minecraft.



2: Battered Old Stuff

Battered old stuff Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

This texture pack looks exactly like the name suggests, battered old stuff… We particularly love this texture pack  due to its ingenious concept of a rustic feel which some how doesn’t make the game feel shabby.



1: Glimmars Steam Punk Hybrid

steam punk Top 10 Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs 2014

Bringing us to number one is definitely Glimmars Steam Punk Hybrid minecraft texture / resource pack. From the off look this truly amazing pack pulls us in to witness the pure beauty in terms of steam punk and minecraft mixed together, it brings all that we know and love about the unique graphics of steam punk and releases it into the raw world that minecraft can sometimes be! Although this may not be your usual, bog standard, custom texture pack, it is one for the adventurous.


Let us know of your favorite Minecraft Texture/Resource Packs!

Yes, we would love to know what is your best texture pack or if it is featured in the list below. The Minecraft community is a large place and sometimes new content can be lost in among the massive sea of content that is produced, so if you would like to stay completely up-to-date with the latest Minecraft news feel free to join our mailing list  and or subscribe to our YouTube channel

Downloads YouTube

FREE YouTube Channel Art Template 2015 (Photoshop & Illustrator)

Need a Template for your YouTube Channel Art cover? Don’t worry, we got your 2015 sorted

We decided to put together a simple pack for a channel art template  with different formats including; .psd, .ai, .eps, .svg, pdf, .png for all designers and you-tubers out there. After looking around the web we discovered some of these templates just were not good enough or was only in one format, but don’t worry, we know have the perfect bundle for both Photoshop & Illustrator! The download for your free YouTube Channel Art Template can be found at the bottom of this article


Why use the YouTube Channel Art Template?

As you may have found out by now YouTube has made everybody’s channel art follow their own guidelines to suit all types of screens. On TV the whole template will be used in which you can fill it with any of your art. The aspect ratio is 16:9 i.e. 2560 x 1440 px , On mobile they use the safe area scaled down to the width of  the mobile screen (which varies by device). On tablets YouTube uses a slightly wider slice which is indicated in the template, the aspect ratio of this slice is 1855 px by 423 px.




 How to use the YouTube Channel Art template

As the template suggests you need to put everything you want your viewers to see for sure in the text and logo safe area after that you can put all the un-important stuff that will only add to your channel art. All of these layers are toggle-able for your ease. Hope you enjoy this free to use the template (All downloads comply with our creative commons license, so please respect this)

Download Here

*Editors note: We have updated it to allow maximum editing ability on layers