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(Disclaimer: Opinion Article)

It is driving me absolutely insane.

A new craze has hit and, as always, everyone seems to be picking up on it.

But I have no idea why Pokemon Go has become so popular, absolutely no reason comes to mind why Chloe, 19, from Essex has gone from parties every weekend picking up guys with her best mates to wasting her time catching “weird animal things” that she never knew existed before.

This is one of the last things you’d here from me; I love Pokémon. I always have. I’ve been playing since I was a wee little one with my friend’s game boy colour which soon developed in to my very own Gameboy advance.

It was my goal to have everything Pokémon when I was younger. I purchased the monthly magazines, I played with the overly-priced plastic toys, and I even took pictures of my vast collection of Pikachu soft toys and cards.

In fact, I was ecstatic to hear that a game was finally going to be released that I could play on my phone. It was a dream come true.

But my dream was shattered when I saw the public’s reaction that came with the game.

After my anger started to build up, I realised I needed to vent and express my pain.

So here is a list of the particular things I truly despise about Pokémon go.

  1. No one ever played Pokémon before

Did Pokémon even exist before 2016? No one apart from a select few would know. But because of this, I was never “cool” for ever showing an interest in the franchise before.

In fact, like a lot of games, it was considered quite a geek thing to do. I have memories of bringing in Pokémon Pearl on my DS to school and I was not considered the most popular and, if anything, it probably made me unapproachable.

Now don’t go reading this thinking I had the saddest childhood ever. I had friends, trust me.

But the fact is, Pokémon was never cool.

And I loathe how people who had always followed trends before now make it okay. Who gave them the authority to decide whether something was acceptable or not.

Screw those guys.maxresdefault

This leads on to my next point.

  1. Players don’t know anything about it.

It thoroughly upsets me to see people play the game and catch “a fishy thingy” and suddenly consider themselves Pokémon trainers (wow, reading this back I sound so sad).


Youtubers recently went out to ask the public whether something was a Order Tramadol Online Europe and the results were quite disappointing, seriously shaking my head.

I’ve tested the app out with friends and they repeatedly ask me “What’s this Pokémon?”, “What’s a potion? Why would I need it”, “How come the Pokémon turns into a bigger one?”.

If you’re going to follow this pointless craze, at least know why you’re playing it.threw phone 1 (1)

Before I hit the person sitting next to me, I should move on to my next point.

  1. People are brain dead when they use it.

The term you have probably heard more often is “Zombies”.

I first thought that people were exaggerating when they described people as lifeless bodies wondering slowly while groaning but I can finally understand it.

I recently went to my local park where there happens to be a few Pokéstops and lures and the sight was astonishing.

So many people, at least 50, in this one small park all looking at their phones and not taking a single notice of each other trying to catch something they don’t even know of. The ones not gazing at their phones were looking at one another in utter disgust.

Another thing I noticed was that parents had brought their kids to this particular park so they could play Pokémon while their kids entertained themselves – some of them also with a phone in hand and others just trying to get their parents attention.13717478_1162189643801802_4396012540791044341_o

  1. Is the game even that great?

If you’ve ever played a typical Pokémon game before – usually named after some kind of stone – you’d know there was so much potential for the recent Pokémon Go.

Previous games see a much wider variety of battles where actual strategies can help you win.

There is no strategy in the modern battles. Is there any battling at all? It seems to be hit-your-opponent-until-they-die type of thing.

Console games also used to show wide interaction with characters within the story as well as other players in the real world.

While I know this mode is in development for the mobile version, they definitely should have considered this idea when the game was first released.

Thinking about it, it’s a shame that there isn’t a story at all.

I know they were probably thinking, this game is something to play while out and about – people don’t have time for a game that requires more effort than swiping your finger up the screen.

But, let’s face it, this list is all about the things that I hate about the app, not anyone else’s opinion and I think a plot would have been a great addition to the game.pokemon-omega-ruby-en-alpha-sapphire-1416266289

  1. Things need to be improved in the game but they’re not really doing that

I’ve had a few troubles already playing this game.

For starters, why the hell do I desperately need internet to play the game?

I mean, if I thought about it hard enough, I could probably come up with a few reasons why the game would need it.

However, I just wanna play the bloody game.

Pokémon Go has been released for a mere 4 weeks in my country. But, I have been out of the country for 3 of them meaning I’ve had a week of playing the game and 3 weeks of hearing everyone else play it.

I’m participating in this fad because I’m intrigued to see what first generation Pokémon are available. But, unfortunately for me, I am yet to see what Pokémon I can catch other than a Pidgey and a Ratata. All because I don’t have internet. What a nuisance.

Further on from this, when I travel long distances, I expect my hard work to have paid off and I want to see some decent Pokémon. If I see another Drowzee, I’m going to flip.

Dear Developers, you have over one hundred Pokémon to hide in this failing world. I know you don’t want people to catch them all but don’t make it so ridiculously hard.

The final thing that really grinds my gears is the eggs. I try so hard just to lay one egg. I cycle well over 5km just to see if it is another Pidgey with the app open in my pocket and I still find no joy.

I don’t know if this is a particular problem for me or if it is happening for anyone else but the fact of the matter is, I ain’t layin any eggs.

The more I think about it, the more I realise that the company that developed the app is probably under a lot of pressure from the rest of the world to make the app better.

But then I continue to think about it and realise that they also made a crap ton of money so I then feel less sorry for the pressure they have upon them.Untitled design

  1. People playing it are vulnerable

There have been a number of stories in the media about how Pokémon Go has affected people’s lives in random ways.

For starters a girl searching for water Pokémon near a stream ended up discovering something very different to a Magikarp. Instead, she found a dead body. Thanks to this app, she will forever think of that image whenever someone mentions a Pokéstop.

Somewhere else, a group of thieves used this game to their advantage and created lures to drag people to a certain area. Once people had arrived to catch some critters, the thieves would jump them and steal all of their stuff, not cool.

Innocent citizens are being dragged into situations they never would have dreamed of being involved in before.

The game has been known to cause such havoc that it has been banned in an entire country! Iran decided they had enough of this nonsense and overruled anyone wanting to play it.girl finds dead body


7. We have Proven that it was just a fad and died out quickly enough

This is where the true Pokemon fans are highlighted. The ones left playing it are the ones with a connection with the franchise previously, not those who found out their best mate was playing so thought they’d give it a go.

Why people who knew nothing about the game ever played it is beyond me!

I could rant on and on about the perils I, and others, face when playing this game. The fact that I’ve only had a week to play it shows how much of an impact it has made on me.

I think I’m being too harsh. I’m probably more upset that I find it harder to catch a Zubat than get through my exams.

However, after all my upsets, I can see that once I have finished writing this article, I will probably continue to play it.

Screw you.

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We live in a world that’s has a great connection to our electronics. Whether it’s for work or talking to people across the globe, technology is a big part of our everyday lives.

It can also be a great way to entertain yourself. These addictive games for your mobile phone prove just how easy it is. If there’s any game on this list that you haven’t played, you’re missing out!

In this article we look at:

  • The Most addictive mobile games (Of all time!)
  • What makes each of these mobile games so addictive
  • Why they’re better than the rest

So, let’s kick it off with one that was on everyone’s lips:

Flappy Bird


Everyone has at least heard of this game.

It’s annoying, but addictive.

The entire point of the game is to tap repeatedly to make your bird go up and down. You fly the bird through random obstacles, likes walls or clouds. There’s not much else to it, yet everyone loves it.

Angry Birds

angry birds

Another bird-based game, this one is both adorable and a lot of fun to play.

You shoot little birds at obstacles to knock them over. This includes the enemy pigs, which obviously block your birds from making it to the end of each level.

You are limited in how many shots you can take with each bird, so it requires some careful planning.

Candy Crush

maxresdefault (1)

This is a fan favorite by both young and old.

One the most addictive games, many people have spent hard earned cash to buy those extra lives because they just couldn’t stop playing. It’s a fun swapping game that really frees your mind of anything else going on.



This was a favorite long before it became available on mobile devices.

It seems only natural that the people who loved playing elsewhere also took to playing on their phone.

This is a game that essentially allows you to build a world, similar to Minecraft. You can also fight slim, which is pretty cool.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road

This is basically the new age Frogger game.

Your character is a very pixelated chicken that looks a little like he’s made out of lego. The object of the game is, you guessed it, to cross the road. Obviously, you have obstacles in order to do that. Oh, but you can unlock other characters.

You’re not limited to play as the chicken forever. Although it’s designed to look pixelated, the graphics on this game are great. Besides, Frogger was always a blast.

Pac Man 256

Pac Man 256

Speaking of the classic games that never go out of style, this new pac man game is quite the hit on Android devices!

It features new and slick graphics, while maintaining the classic pac man look that we all know and love. There’s a good chance that pac man will never go out of style. Ever.

Plants vs Zombies


It doesn’t even matter which one you choose, although 2 seems the more popular choice.

It’s just more action packed than the original. This game originated on the PC and it was addictive even then. It’s made a long way, gracing other gaming systems and now coming to the mobile devices. You plant a garden with different plants.

You unlock plants the more you play. You use these plants and this garden to build a defense. Against what? Well it’s called plants vs zombies for a reason.

Clash Of Clan

clash of clan

This is another defense based game.

It’s about building a tower, defending it, and buying upgrades to your weapons and defending army. You can actually play this with other friends who have the app downloaded. That’s a major bonus right there.

This is basically your run of the mill strategy game.

Piano Tiles 2

Tramadol Sale Online Uk

This one has been highly rated on almost every website.

It’s pretty much what it sounds like. You tap piano tiles, avoiding the white tiles, as they’ve falling down. The object is to properly replicate the song so it sounds good. The tiles fall faster and faster the more you play.

This one is all about perfect timing. But it’s a great app for teaching quick thinking.

This is what we thought, but what about you?

There are literally thousands of mobile games out there for you to try.

And yes, not all of them are that great.

Which begs the question? Which mobile game is your all time additive one? You know that one game you just can’t put down?

Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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My first iPhone was an iPhone 4 and I thought I was the coolest kid in town, I spent the majority of my time watching YouTube videos and downloading free games.

Here is a list of ten EPIC iPhone Games that we’re or still are the bomb!

10. Ragdoll blaster

Order Tramadol From Mexico

First on the list is a game by Backflip studios,  Ragdoll Blaster.

This physics based game was released to the world in September 2009 and was very successful.

The player would shoot at targets with flying ragdolls, once the targets where hit you would move on to the next level.

The hard part was trying to complete each level in the least amount of tries.

9. Angry Birds

Cheap Tramadol Fast ShippingNext on the list is a timeless classic.

Angry Birds was unleashed in December 2009 and took the world by storm.

By October 2010 it sold over 12 million copies.

The aim of the game was to shoot Birds at the evil pigs who stole one of your eggs.

Angry birds is easily one of the most popular mobile phone games. It’s immense popularity lead to a staggering 14 spin off games.

8. Fruit Ninja

Order Tramadol Online Florida

This game will almost certainly bring back the memories of frustration and anger.

Half Brick released Fruit Ninja on April 21st 2010 and by May 2012 it had reached over 300 million downloads across multiple platforms.

The objective of the game was to slice and cut the fruit that would fly up from the bottom of the screen consecutively without them dropping.

If one of them was to drop it would result in a loss of a life.

The arrival of arcade mode meant the release of the three banana power-ups:

  • Red Stripes: Frenzy mode, a continuous flow of fruit would come from both sides of the screen.
  • Frozen Banana: Slow motion, game play would temporarily be slowed down.
  • Blue Stripes: Double Points, all points gained with the time of the banana would be doubled. You can get additional points by completing combo’s.


7. Infinity Blade

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Infinity Blade was a massive step up within iOS games.

Infinity blade is the first in the trilogy. Having been developed by Chair Entertainment and Epic games it was released by the App store in December of 2010 and was the first iOS game to run the Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine changed mobile fighting games forever.

In the game you play an unnamed man who has a vendetta against the immortal god king.

To reach the god king you must defeat a series of champions who get more powerful as your journey within the God King’s castle ventures on.

As you carry on your journey you are able to buy equipment for your character such as;

  • Armour, to increase your defence.
  • Weapons, to deal more damage.
  • Rings, to enable your magic abilities.

Shields, again to increase the amount of time you can defend yourself.

For me, Infinity Blade was one of the few games that truly captivated and utilised the graphic performance of the older iPhone.

6. TouchGrind BMX

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TouchGrind Bmx was the game that everyone wheelie wanted.

The game itself consisted of multiple levels that you’d have to navigate a BMX around performing tricks along the way.

The graphic and physics are amazing, engaging and fun.

Needing only two fingers to play the game Illusion Labs really made this app with everyone in mind.

It provided a fierce cycle of competition as you’d battle it out with your friends too see who could get the highest score on skyline (the best map).

Another good feature Illusion Lab included was unlocking better looking bikes with Adrenaline points that are obtained within levels.

This game served as a very good pass time for me when I was stuck in French lessons and I would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to pass the time.

(I am not responsible for any Phones confiscated at school)

5. Cut the rope

Tramadol Online Order Cheap

Probably the cutest came on the list is Cut the rope.

since its realise in 2010 by ZeptoLab there has been 5 sequels and has been downloaded over 600 millions times as of May 2015

The objective of the game is too feed a little green monster called omnom by cutting the rope which has suspended all the candy up in the air.

To pass each level you must simply manipulate the candy and make sure to feed omnom.


to get a high score on each level you must complete the level quickly and collect all three stars that are placed around the level.

Again, this game is another cool past time that I poured many hours into whilst waiting for the bus or other boring times.

4. Doodle Jump

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If you didn’t have doodle jump downloaded onto your iPhone at some point then throw your phone away and start again because you missed out.

Doodle Jump is platforming game Lima Sky  in April 2009 and has sold over 15 millions copies since.

The aim is to get a little yellow creature called The Doodler as high as you can by bouncing on platforms that randomly generate.

You must aim the doodler by tilting your phone left and right to jump on the correct platform.

Throughout the game there are short boosts that players can acquire:

  • Propeller hats,
  • Jet packs,
  • Rockets,
  • Springs,
  • Trampolines
  • Invulnerability shields.

What goes up must come down, right?

And what’s a better way to stop the doodler going up than monsters and UFOs that you must shoot and destroy.


There are some things you just cant stop, like a black hole or being abducted by aliens

So steer clear.

3.NFS Hot Pursuit (2010)

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This game made me fall out with someone called Brad.

But its cool because we’re bro’s again.

Hot pursuit was the first car game I downloaded and I did not regret it.

It was first released on iOS in November 2010 by IronMonkey and published by gaming giant, EA.

Players progress through the campaign by collecting bounty and racing through Seacrest county.

With too many details to go into I will simply say there are two game modes jammed with events, races and other cool things which will keep you occupied for ages.

The best thing about this game is the local multiplayer you can access.

One player is the racer which is tasked to escape police and reach a designated location and the cop must do everything in their power to stop them. They are given powers such as:

  • EMP, temporarily disables the cars control.
  • Road Block, a blockade of vehicles cover the road.
  • Spike Strip, destroys racer tyres.

This game gave me and my friends many hours of fun and would definitely fall out with Brad again.

2. Galaxy of Fire 2

Tramadol Online Buy

Galaxy on Fire 2 was another great looking game that captivated its players from the start.

The follow up from Galaxy on Fire 1 see’s you as fighter pilot Keith Maxwell who ends up drifting through the galaxy due to a malfunction in his hyper-drive.

After some time adrift you are picked up by an ore miner named Gunent Breh who aids you back to health

You soon find out that not only have you been blasted across the galaxy but you have in fact woken up 35 years in the future.

You then learn the essentials of GOF2 including:

  • Fitting a ship with the most bad-ass weaponry and defence systems.
  • Mining meteorites for valuable ores which you can sell.
  • Fighting pirates.

Once the tutorial has been completed you will be given Gunent’s old ship, Betty.

Then you will be able to start the storyline properly and begin your epic journey against the dreaded void.

1. Real Racing 2

Buy Cheap Tramadol

Real Racing 2 was the most immersive mobile racing games of its time.

When it was released in 2010, by Firemint, Real Racing 2 took the app store by storm.

When starting career mode the player finds himself buying their first car, VW Golf GTI Mk6 or a Volvo C3o.

Upon purchasing the car you will move to your first division, the Club Division.

The game itself is split into 5 divisions;

  • “Club Division.”
  • “State Showdown.”
  • “Grand National.”
  • “Pro Circuit.”
  • “World series.”

With each division comes individual races that progressively get more and more difficult.

Do you agree with these Ten EPIC Games For iPhone?

Overall each and every one of these games were truly the epicentre of my mobile gaming life!

Which one was your most favourite?

If you have played any of these games or you think we have missed any out be sure to share with us in the comments!

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Mobile gaming is gaining popularity like never before along with the development of smartphones.

From this article, we will let you know some of the best mobile games available for Android and iOS users.

New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is considered  a simple, yet an addictive game. In the game-play you will have to guide your favourite soccer team towards victory. However it is not as an easy task as you think because of the competitive levels.

Doodle Jump

This is another simple and never-ending game.  Move the avatar upwards by tilting your mobile phone in the right way. This is an addictive game which will give you  a high score chaser within no time.

Tramadol Buy Uk

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex is considered one of the most addictive PC games of all time. This Uk Tramadol Online allows you to build whatever you prefer with basic building blocks.

Stick Cricket

Out of the available cricket games for mobile platforms, Stick Cricket has gained much attention because of its simplicity. You don’t need to spend a lot of time training under the nets to be an expert in this game. Using simple strokes your favourite team can win an exciting game of cricket.


Most people who prefer classic phone games are in love with Tetris. A highly addictive  classic game and you will play this game for many hours breaking records over and over.

Tramadol Online Price

Temple Run 2

After the massive success of Temple Run, the developers were motivated to create a second version of it with many interesting features. This version is equipped with polished graphics, which makes your run exciting and interesting.

Fruit Ninja

Who does not enjoy cutting real fruit into pieces with a samurai sword!? Play this stress busting game by downloading Fruit Ninja to your smartphone. The game-play has different levels and allows you to have satisfying high scores.

Tramadol Cheapest Price

Jetpack Joyride

If you are looking for a good military game to keep yourself engaged, Jetpack Joyride is one of the best options available out there. You will have to guide the main character of the game, powered by a jetpack, through many several exciting levels.

Angry Birds

Online Tramadol Reviews is one of the most popular mobile game in every corner of the world. You will have to catapult the angry birds at a fortress, where pigs live. You can get more points for destroying the fortress if you have  a good aim.

Can You Get Tramadol Online


The ultimate mobile phone game, Snake and is usually downloaded on most mobile phones as standard. This game differs a lot from the other Android games that you can find on app stores because it is powered with a classical phone layout. In other words, you can convert your smartphone into a classic phone when playing Snake.

Do you agree with the games we have chosen? Or do you believe the likes of Flappy bird and candy crush should be listed here?

Make sure you let us know in the comments section below! Please feel free to add some to our list or even make your very own list from scratch.

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I had the chance to dive into this strangely addictive game that offered me everything a good arcade game should, while keeping the goal as simple and interesting as a more complex game might do. Let’s hop on a journey through the void…


The Game UI has a very simple design: a spacy background, three main buttons (shop, achievements and play), information, stats and rankings in the corners and a share button in the bottom that flips around and shows you where you can share your scores and achievements. Buying Tramadol In Canada supports connections to Google Play Games and you can also enable it to post to Facebook, Jual Tramadol Online or Google+. The game is available in Turkish, English, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

I would like to point out one more gimmick – if you look at the logo of the game, it sort of looks like the caption of a comic book or a film, which gives the game a very nice overall touch.

Tramadol Order Overnight


After a quick tutorial, you are ready to make your first move. The goal of the game is as simple as the design – you travel through various levels of space and all you need to do is keep the comet safe and collect stardust, which you get by pulling a planet or an asteroid near you. The trick is to press on a planet and pull it slightly towards the comet so it can collect stardust. Some planets contain more stardust than the others, but the silver asteroids we see on the picture can be used to spin around the comet to gain more stardust.

You simply have to pull one planet to another close enough to your comet and let it keep on its journey. In order to gain more points, you need to land combos, which you achieve by pulling the planets or asteroids fast enough.

Additionally, some asteroids or planets have moons. Those moons will be absorbed by the comet and will get you more points. Meteorites, however, will destroy your comet and you will lose the game in no time. A fun fact is also that you can destroy planets and asteroids, as well as meteorites by letting them collide into each other, which is a nice option if you just want to make a mess in outer space. With the right amount of points collected, you travel to many other levels of the game with lots of other enemy planets and extra-terrestrial bodies  to avoid. The closer the planets go by your comet, the more bonus points you’ll get.

One of many levels in the game is the Crimson Realm: a hostile area with lot of meteorites, explosive volcanic planets and large asteroid showers. This level is designed to be much harder than in the beginning and has a Buying Tramadol In Australia! Besides, it will require every skill you have to survive this environment.


As I mentioned earlier, this game is made of all components an arcade game needs. It just takes a few seconds for you to dive into adventure. However, things can turn out pretty bad for you – if you don’t pay attention your comet is going to go down in a blast! You only have one chance to shine, so choose your path wisely and watch out for your comet. As exciting as this game may be, it’s as frustrating as any other arcade, Tramadol Online For Dogs that you can play anytime you want to waste some time. The fact that the game ends after your comet gets destroyed, as well as you have to start all over again makes it sometimes difficult to keep your patience, especially if you’ve travelled through lots of different levels. However, there are many chances to extend and sustain you on the vast journey – with the points you collect in game you are able to buy many things in the shop, like the Ouroboros perk, with which your comet gets reborn and you can continue your journey.

Besides the power-ups you can buy in the shop, you can also customize the game components. For example, you can get an alien skin for your comet or make the planets look different. However, many power ups are too expensive to earn them in the game but you can buy it with the in-game billing option;  if you don’t mind giving up a small amount of money you can purchase many things that will make the game look prettier and more enjoyable.

Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery


Moga Mecha has made a very interesting game with a very futuristic design that has put every component together as an arcade game should have.The game is perfectly made not only for high end phones but also for phones with perhaps a lower resolution. It worked perfectly on my mid-range phone without any sudden lags or large impacts on the phone’s RAM or CPU capacity. As such, it is a perfect game to play on any occasion, whether you are travelling, waiting for a bus or just sitting at home and want to have a great time. Also a positive accept  is that the ads in the game are not playing you a video of  HayDay®, for example, which I find quite annoying. Onesmall suggestion to the developers may be that they should change the option that lets my softkeys light up all the time while I play which does suck a lot of my battery power in a rather short time.

After playing this game for nearly 10 days in a row; it has given me lots of fun, an exciting journey through space, as well as a lot of “no” shouts every time I lost a game.

However, there were certain things I don’t like. At first, it is very hard to extend the game to further levels because at some point, the game becomes very difficult and you will need a lot of concentration to get through a level. The frustration that comes with the loss of every attempt is not as great as it was with Flappy Bird® for example, but hey, what would an arcade game be without the head shaking you make each time you lose?

Overall, Save the Comet is a great arcade game with definitely a bright future not only in the Turkish Google Play Store charts. I would recommend this game to every arcade lover that likes retrospective design and music combined with great physics and   addictive gameplay. Besides little things that may be not made by the newest development standards, I think this game can keep up with any other arcade action out there in the Google Play Store. I can only hope that Moga Mecha will continue to surprise us with a lot of great games in the future.

If you would like to download the game, you can head over to the google play store Buying Tramadol Uk. We would also like to know your thoughts on the game and whether you may give it a download ( feel free to leave a comment) 

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Can I Order Tramadol Online Legally

Apptastic’ is a new series we’ll be running  on DoubleUpGaming,  we’ll review a different app, let us know what you’d like us to review in the comments, or email your choice to [email protected] This week I’ll be reviewing the popular app, Angry Birds!

What is Angry Birds?

Angry Birds is not only one of the most popular apps, it is also one of the most iconic, when you ask someone to name the first app they think of, it will likely be Angry Birds, The concept of the game is very simple, and this may be the reason why it is so popular, each round features a structure, made from different materials, inside the structure will be green pigs, which you must target with your ‘angry birds’ that are launched using an on-screen slingshot, only once you have killed all the pigs, may you move onto the next round, the rounds increase in difficulty as your progress.

Generic Tramadol Online

The different Birds

As previously mentioned, the structures are often made of different materials, to break these down you require different birds, each with their own unique talent, to help kill the pigs, as you progress you unlock more birds!

The Red Bird (Original Character)

The Red Bird is the first bird you play as, it has no special skill and is mainly used for knocking down wooden structures, it’s often only used in the early rounds, however it has become the iconic symbol of the game.

Order Tramadol Online Legally


The Blue Bird

This is another one of the birds you unlock early in the game, the bluebird is often used for bashing down ice blocks, to then leave a clear open space for the other birds to attack, the special skill the blue bird has, is being able to split itself into 3 smaller birds, this increases the amount of space the bird can attack in one go!

The Black Bird

This is a personal favourite of mine, also known as the ‘bomb’ bird, and this is for a specific reason, the black bird is a flying bomb! As you close in on the structure, you can tap on the black bird, causing it to explode, this increases the amount of damage caused by the bird!

Cheapest Place To Order Tramadol Online



The Green Bird

The Green Bird resembles a boomerang, it will shoot past the pigs, before doubling back, and striking the structure, it’s handy to use to attack green birds in tricky places!

The White Bird

The White Bird is used to attack pigs in higher places, by shooting it high up in the sky, it can then drop eggs, which if placed strategically, can take out a pesky green pig!

The Yellow Bird

This last bird has the essence of speed, it can be used to gain momentum and therefore create a bigger impact, to cause bigger damage to the frame of the structure, used correctly it can be a handy ally!

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One of the reasons that Angry Birds appeals to an audience of all ages is that despite it’s simplicity on the surface, there is actually a lot of strategy to it, with the use of angles to aim specifically at targets, and there is some skill behind choosing which birds to use to target which areas, to get the biggest impact and effect from your chosen birds!

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Let us know in the comments below what your favorite App is, and we’ll feature it in a future article!

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Recently you may of heard of “Flappy Bird”, a fairly easy game to understand, but extremely annoying to play!

This new and highly addictive game has recently been taking both the play & app store by storm in the recent weeks as it still seems to be flooding our social media streams with people boasting of high scores of 3 or how much they hate the game.

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What is Flappy Bird?

Flappy bird is so simple to play that literally anyone could play it; All the frustrating game requires  is the user to tap the screen at certain points which makes it flap rapidly where you slowly maneuver it through the Mario style pipes – Very much like helicopter ( An old tap to fly mobile game)

However, many people find it very challenging but still continue to play it to beat their old high score which never really seems that high. Many people find this drawing them back to the game even though they feel like throwing the towel in, no matter what they do to try and leave it, the small echo of the flappy bird call, brings them back to play another round.

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Why is is so popular?

Admittedly Developer of flappy bird, Tramadol Ultram Online said in a recent interview, “I didn’t use any promotion methods. All accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram about Flappy Bird are not mine. The popularity could be my luck.” – With over 10,000,000 – 50,000,000,  this sprout of luck has made flappy bird the fastest ever growing game on the app store without promotion due the sheer use of social networks and Buying Tramadol Online Illegal

We can not wait to see how a flappy bird will progress throughout the month, and what the Dong Nguyen will be doing next in his recent take over in the app store market



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 Recently you may of heard of a new game taking the app stores by storm and flooding your Facebook feed with a bunch of raging comments.

As no surprise this new and highly addictive game has caused an up stir in the play & app stores with a range of reviews whilst people boasting high scores of how much they hate the game – Some of these are actually very funny which as no doubt has only furthered the success of flappy bird… will it have no end?

“Take the children, I am going  to be a while”

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“Satan in the form of an evil bird”

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“No shit bruh”

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“Get some surgery”

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“Are you sure your talking about the same thing here?”

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“A mysterious case of the flappy bird…”

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If you have made a funny review, or have seen one you like, feel free to add one in the comments below as we a sure that others would love to laugh too – You could also find out how flappy bird is taking the app stores by storm in the recent weeks after its initial surge  that has know led it to become number one in the app store chats in a separate article found here. Or you could even risk your life by downloading it on the Tramadol Legal To Buy Online

Happy flapping.