Call Of Duty: Mission Failed


Call of duty is one of the largest and most successful franchises and is dying, rapidly.

(disclaimer: opinion article)

During their reign as creators of the franchise Call of Duty, Infinity Ward have managed to create the world’s fastest selling game (MW3) and have enticed over 100 million players into playing their games.

Given this success, one would believe the popularity of the games would only be forever increasing.

Sadly not.

The new installment Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare just came out and usually I would be excited since I am a huge CoD fan. Well, I am afraid to say, I am not as hyped.

I, and many others, have to come to realise that Call Of Duty is really going downhill.

The mission is failing.

And our greatest evidence to support this: less and less people are buying their games. MW3 saw 29.74 Million units sold but Infinity Ward have never been able to achieve sales like this ever since.


As seen by the graph, the growth in the series’ popularity is all thanks to Modern Warfare 2, an incredibly popular game, and for good reason.

But the graph shows as if they hit their peak in 2011 with the release of MW3 and that sales have gradually decreased ever since.

Of course, the graph also shows an increase in demand for Black Ops 3. This is not a surprise given the success of the previous Black Ops games.

To understand the nature of the graph, we need to go right back to the beginning

Every November, a brand new Call Of Duty game is released. Back in 2003, Infinity Ward released the very first Call Of Duty. It wasn’t a huge game to begin with and it was very underrated.

The game as a whole was very basic, but extremely enjoyable. It was well designed and had great, intense, single and multiplayer modes. As you can see, the Call Of Duty franchise is a first-person shooter, in which I enjoy a lot.

In 2005, the highly awaited Call Of Duty 2 was released and at this point it was still a minor franchise.

Set in WW2, you get to experience the life of a soldier overcoming the odds. You can play as 3 different soldiers in the Soviet, British, and American Campaign.


However, Call Of Duty started getting a lot more noticed and gaining more fans as new games were released.

  • Call Of Duty 3 –  (2006)
  • Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare – (2007)
  • Call Of Duty: World At War – (2008)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – (2009)
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops – (2010)
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 – (2011)
  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 – (2012)
  • Call Of Duty: Ghosts  – (2013)
  • Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare – (2014)
  • Call Of Duty: Black ops 3 – (2015)
  • Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – (2016)

Modern Warfare 2 was one of the best selling Call Of Duty’s, and fans still love playing it to this very day.


Because it’s one of the most well designed games in the franchise. The campaign was incredible, giving you an intense experience.

For example the mission, “No Russian”, is bone chilling. This mission requires you to shoot your way through Moscow airport with Makarov.

This particular mission shows true fear as you learn it’s all for nothing. You then go to see that he discovers your true identity resulting in shooting you on your way out.

Since the Call of Duty’s multiplayer has vastly evolved over the years, Modern Warfare 2 shines bright as its multiplayer is perfectly balanced.

A significant part of the online play is the ability to counter most of the killstreaks by taking cover inside; this can be seen in the pure excellence of Infinity Ward’s design for the maps.

The weapons used in this game were amongst the best ever seen. For example, the sniper rifles like the Barrett .50cal or the intervention, Assault rifles such as the M4A1 or the Ak-47 and submachine guns like the MP5K or the P90.

My all time favourite thing? Using the map Rust to solve arguments with friends. It was so small, there was nowhere to hide…


Personally, my favourite Call of Duty was Black ops 2 and overall, I played around 700 hours of that game. It’s actually crazy.

To me, the multiplayer was almost perfect and I loved zombies (mainly the town map).

So what actually happened to Call of Duty?

Well, in one’s own view, the downfall was Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The campaign? It was average. Nothing special. Not much of a storyline to be honest. Even though I did spend about 7 hours completing the campaign. Non stop!

The multiplayer? I guess that was the only part I enjoyed, until I ended up losing interest and went back to playing Black Ops 2.

But the maps were just exceptionally large. For instance, Stonehaven was enormous. Unless you had a sniper on that map, you were basically screwed for getting killstreaks.

The zombies? Wait… there wasn’t zombies? Well, that is one clear example that this game was THE WORST in the franchise. Zombies just got replaced with extinction. Which makes me wonder… WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING INFINITY WARD?!

Many players lacked enjoyment in the game due to the bleak colours throughout and boring kill streaks – one of the things that truly makes these game worth while.

Then, in an attempt to fix everything, November 4th 2014 came around and Infinity ward decided to release a brand new Call of Duty, created in a different light by adding futuristic features such as exo suits and guns of the future.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare was very innovative. But this is when Call of Duty was evolving, into something us fans particularly don’t want to play.

The game developers must have experienced a lot of negativity after Ghosts, therefore they revolutionized the gaming experience with advanced designs.

I must say, in the first month of playing Advanced Warfare I did enjoy it to an extent. Infected was one of my favourite multiplayer game modes as I had such great hiding spots in every map.


I did love exo zombies too. It was different and a lot more challenging. But that’s what a great game requires: Challenges.

But this game displayed the worst sales in Modern Warfare 2! Why?

To put it straight, everyone hated the multiplayer functions. The way in which the game decided ‘who shot who’ is terrible. Give a guy 5 bullets to the chest, he’ll give you 2 back and you’ll be the one that ends up dead!

November 6th 2015 rolled around and Black ops 3 was released.

Each and every CoD fan was excited for this release as Black ops 2 was such an amazing and innovative experience.

But yet again, another futuristic Call of Duty was placed on the market. Not as bad as Advanced Warfare in my opinion, it had some good traits. However the thrusters/ exo suits were back and made everyone too overpowered and easy to escape gunfire.

The zombies? I loved it. The maps were huge, I loved all the easter eggs in The Giant and it had an exceptional storyline.

Adding the Margwa in zombies made it more challenging, and that is an aspect I enjoyed greatly as well as the additional weaponry. For example, having to craft the bow in der eisendrache made it more than just ‘Run around, shoot zombies and don’t die’.

After Black ops 3, we waited, and anticipated the next Call of Duty game.

  • Modern Warfare 4?
  • Ghosts 2?
  • A ‘brand new’ futuristic Call of Duty that nobody wanted?

Well, we guessed right.

Infinite Warfare.


Probably the most futuristic it could possibly get. Set in space? Really Infinity Ward?

Did you know the pre-order sales from Black ops 3 to Infinite warfare dropped by 90%?

As of May 16th 2015 Call of Duty Black ops 3 had 300,000 pre-orders. Since May 14th 2016 Infinite Warfare has just over 30,000 pre-orders. The Infinite Warfare pre-orders are the worst in the franchise history!

I just really don’t understand why the game developers won’t listen to the players. You could say that they half listened since they are brought out Call of Duty Modern Warfare Re-Mastered, but they out smarted us.

Currently you are only able to purchase Modern Warfare Re-Mastered as a bundle with Infinite Warfare.

That truly sucks.

All I know right now is that the war between Battlefield and Call of Duty has a clear winner this year.

Overall the Battlefield 1 reveal trailer has received over 49 million views, over 2 million likes and 39,000 dislikes. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare on the other hand has received over 35 million views and 555,000 likes.


They have a whopping 3.3 million dislikes, making it the largest like to dislike ratio on YouTube, ever!

Plus, the whole game style with Battlefield 1 was completely unique. Having discussed this with friends, we decided that the game was more of an interestingly educational history lesson about the dark battles fought during the Great War.

It was the first game where I struggled to shoot the other team knowing the truth of World War One.


Therefore Battlefield 1 gets my vote, along with millions of other players.

At least Battlefield listens to the players and delivers what they want.

The Call of Duty developers are going to have to step up their game otherwise it will be a dead franchise in years to come.

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