Breakdown of the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reveal Trailer

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The teasing has begun and SledgeHammer Games have released their latest trailer for Call of Duty: Advance Warfare, which was meant to be released on May the 4th 2014

Many fans have been flooding to get a first look at what we can expect from the popular franchise, however it seems a sea of mixed opinions has arisen as many viewers are unclear on what they think: Will it be better than previous cods? Can we expect next gen graphics and unbelievable gameplay? Unfortunately, it is way too early to know the answer, but if it is anything like the declining quality of the previous releases we can be sure that this release will be no where near what some are hoping for.


As far as our video game analysts can tell this COD is set to have alot of conspiracies with twists and turns at different points throughout the game. Ironically, (if you couldn’t already tell) It seems that democracy is bad!, yes Democracy is bad, and as quoted:

People don’t want freedom, they want boundaries, rules, protection, from invaders and from themselves”

Although it is unclear whether the ominous character, Kevin Spacey who is seen in Frank Underwood mode from (House of Cards) is the evil villain, Call of Duty have been hinting towards the privatization of military companies so the best bet is he is the dictator type leader of a private military force within America (yet again)

When watching the trailer over we couldn’t help but notice the canny, michael bay effects merged with  features from other popular first person shooters such as; Titan Fall, Crysis and Halo – As a result it put an all round dampener on the video due to the fact we were simply expecting something more than the old recycled content that is constantly thrown around in the COD franchise. You can expect to find a new & different story line, however don’t get your hypes up for an initiative plot we are all waiting for.


Graphics wise a lot of critics have been suggesting that this is a big step up from the previous games, in spite of this we just cannot see how the groundbreaking graphics are tearing through the screen from the trailer which was recorded on the xbox one. Surely if Sledgehammer Games really wanted to show off how the graphics have changed, they would have showcased it on the PC or even the PS4 – With this all aside, it has reluctantly stepped up the graphics from modern warfare 3 but we are yet to see the realism that games like battlefield are constantly raising the bar of on.

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This trailer is yet to include any information regarding the multiplayer, however we have been provided with subtle hints that may regard some items that could be included within the multiplayer. Things such as the wall climbing parkour and material shields could very well be included as the normal in the multiplayer, knowing call of duty this will probably mean these great ability will take up the rare slots available to your character. In addition it looks as if we are moving on to greater physics and easy movement controls in this new era of Call of Duty.


So there you have it, Call of duty is set to be released for the 4th of November 2014, and by then we can expect a lot more details including the technical and multiplayer information that most gamers really want to know.

Let us know your thoughts on what you think Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare could be like and what you are hoping for in this new installment.


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