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Bethesda’s Fallout beer – New age of marketing

Yes you read the title correctly!

It seems more and more developers are needing to market their games better than the last and with Bethesda’s new move to sell the imaginatively named “Fallout beer”, it may be a game changer.

Bethesda Teamed Up With Carlsberg UK To Produce Fallout BEER.

After a press release from bethesda today you can now pre order Fallout beer from Amazon at the high price of £29.99

The beer is currently being sold in cases of 12 at 330ml bottles however some have argued that the price (£7.57) per a litre is insanely high for what is essentially repackaged carlsberg.

To put that into perspective for you: when researching this we found you can buy a case of 24 440ml *cans of Carlsberg for just £15.98 online.

F4 Amazon beer_image1

In this seemingly out of the blue partnership with Carlsberg UK it has come as a surprise for many today with some doubting the authenticity of this announcement.

After speaking with Bethesda and reviewing the copy of their press release we can confirm that this announcement is entirely true and more information will be coming from Bethesda themselves in the coming days…

Below is a copy of the email that was sent round earlier today:

Screen Capped email sent around to press today at 3:09

As mentioned in the email:

Bruce Ray, Corporate Affairs Director at Carlsberg UK stated:

This is something of a world-first. Adult participation in video gaming is a truly social activity, on a par with cinema and music.  We’re proud to work with Bethesda to produce a beer Fallout fans can enjoy.

We’ve reached out to Bethesda for more information on their choice on a Fallout beer. (We’re still awaiting a response)

So why no Nuka Cola?

This will the question on some gamers minds today.1

It seems rather strange that for a game that has a ton of existing in game drinks (that many fans of the franchise would be willing to spend hard cold cash on), they’ve instead decided to opt for a completely new drink based solely on the brand.

It’s a questionable tactic that could be seen as milking the franchise OR OTHERWISE adding authenticity to the entire game.

psst, Coca Cola where’s the partnership for Nuka Cola?!

Nevertheless we can count on many fans (including myself) willing to get their hands on the Fallout Beer that’s available for pre-order on Amazon.

The real question now is how can we expect other developers to take suit after this?

We’ve seen it all before.

The double xp bottles, the limited edition t-shirts, but beer?

It’s new and probably one of the more limiting choices (such as age limits on alcohol and distribution) but it certainly got the internet talking about Fallout 4.


Despite the heafty profit they’ll make on this beer its almost certain that a stunt like this may not even be about the money for Bethesda.


This is brand awareness pure and simple. Hence the decision for the aptly named “fallout beer” instead of one of the more creative choices in the mix.

In fact we’ll probably see Bethesda buying in a load just to give out for free at selected exclusive events.

AAA developers can up this but what about the indies?


daniel and people
DoubleUpGaming getting personal with indie devs

Indies may not have the mass marketing budgets that a game like fallout has. But what they do have is a major advantage.

They can get personal with their fans.

As a small scale team, these individuals can interact with their fans on a level that large developers could only dream of.

If the game is an exceptional game, you wont need a bunch of beer to get the party started.


I couldn’t hurt.

What are your thoughts on this and our breakdown analysis on Fallout 4 beer?

Let us know via twitter or on the comments section below.

By Daniel Colaianni

I love gaming, plain and simple. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!

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