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Best Minecraft Houses (Top 10 Minecraft Houses)

Minecraft is the one place to be for interesting and creative builds within games.

That’s why:

Today I will be looking at the Best Minecraft houses.

Ever started with a plain dirt house?

If you’re anything like me then the first house you ever built within Minecraft wasn’t any good at all , in fact it was probably just a pile of simple dirt.

But no worries…

As we continue to play and evolve, our understanding of Minecraft some people can get real darn good at Creating Minecraft Houses (Like the people in this article)

Psst, make sure to read right to the end for a special message.

In this article:

  • I look at the best Minecraft houses
  • Why they made it onto our top 10 minecraft houses list
  • Where you can download and play them yourself

So what are we waiting for? Let’s show you the list!

10. Jungle House

1. Jungle House

This is my wild card in the bunch.

The interior may not be as up to scratch as the other houses in this list, but the unique architectural style makes up for this in its entirety.

If you’ve ever came across this map then it wouldn’t of been long until you realised that the natural style and multi level design gives this an edge over other Minecraft houses out there.

This house is outdoor to the extreme.

Let’s hope this biome doesn’t get cold as everything seen here is open plan and completely inviting to the extreme elements from the outdoor world.

Despite its small flaws, the home offers excellent views and a contemporary design that could be mirrored within the real world.

Of course:

This wonderfully executed build definitely deserves its place as one of the best Minecraft houses.

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9. The Grande

6.The Grande

As the name may suggest this complex house is a pretty grand structure

(and no it’s not named after Ariana “Grande”)

As a close reminiscence of Stacy Island from the Thunderbirds, the circular buildings featured give this build that futuristic edge that it desperately needs.

Complete with it’s very own stables and indoor swimming pool the Grande heavily relies on the beauty of the surrounding nature and rooftop gardens.

Want more?

Interior decorating of this Minecraft house doesn’t fail to impress either.

This albeit slightly cramped structure somehow manages to pack in all the features you’d expect from such a home including:

  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • Three story floor layout
  • Piano and musical features
  • Multiple function rooms
  • Combined kitchen and dining room

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8. Modern House 210. MODERN HOUSE 2

At number eight I bring you this masterful piece of content which is a very modern recreation of many new builds you’ll find today in the real world.

This struck my interest as there are literally hundreds of “modern” house builds out there, but a lot of them don’t give off that realistic vibe that this one does.

Swimming Pools, Basketball courts and a massive kitchen…

What more could you ask for from a brilliantly designed Minecraft house?

Well actually this house does offer a lot more!

Each room has been individually designed with elegant features and enough to make want to doubt the reality of your own surroundings.

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7. Hilltop Villa

9. Hilltop

As the name frankly puts it, this Minecraft house is a stunning villa propped on the top of a monstrous hill.

Vast ocean views across the horizon and plentiful outdoor space.

From the front of this quaint looking villa you may just see a  bunch of random shapes combined into one.


From the back your perception is changed forever.

Exploring around this somewhat modern build I found the spacious outdoor walkways and seating a nice addition to what otherwise would of been a tiny space.

By far the best features of this house can be found by simply taking a seat within the open space living room positioned in front of the centerpiece fire.

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6. French Chateau



For a classic French build look no further.

This French Chateau (manor house) comes complete with secure perimeter fencing and a classic French designed interior.

From twin to large king sized bedrooms, there’s plenty of sleeping space to go round almost turning this build from a house into a possible manor hotel.

Oh did I mention there’s also a home cinema?

Of course there is! 

With your projector screen and spacious seating why would you ever want to use the living room again?

After looking around this top 10 Minecraft house, I feel as if there’s still much to explore and find.

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5. Modern Mansion


Sometimes the word mansion can be related to an old fashioned and somewhat lackluster building.


This modern twist on the classic mansion breaths fresh life into an overused style.

The home comes inclusive with natural light flooding in through the large bay windows and lots of room for you to explore – all gift wrapped within a modern vibe.

This is the best part:

A Lot of houses focus on their functionality and good looks but many of them forget about the landscaping.

Luckily this is not one of them as the back garden is one of beauty.

It’s really not hard to understand how or why this has made it onto our Top 10 Minecraft Houses list.

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4. Huge mansion


This build is the definition of a classic Mansion.

Dont be fooled, when they say this home is huge, because it’s actually MASSIVE!

I mean c’mon it has a 2 story garage…

Navigating through the labyrinth of rooms I couldn’t help but notice the fine and elegant detail that went into each individual element giving them all a story to tell.

Admittedly I don’t think anyone would ever use the 6 block wide bed, let alone that being nightmare for finding sheets to fit such a monstrous thing.


Knowing there is such a thing that exists. It being in this very house, made up for all its shortcomings.

This is one of the more expensive looking houses out of the bunch, probably down to the marble and emerald covered floors.

Fit for a Saudi Arabian Prince you may say…

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3. Tudor Mansion

3. Tudor Mansion

Keeping it more traditional is this Tudor styled Mansion.

Despite its charming and tudor-esc looks this house boasts some pretty interesting features ranging from:

  • A dedicated entertainments room
  • Separately dedicated music room
  • 4 complete floors with garage and attic
  • Outdoor pool and ball sports court
  • Separated dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms

With all these great features you may ask why is it not higher on our list?


It’s not the most hi-tec of houses nor the most comprehensive.

However this build is one that through simplicity has clawed it’s way up the ranks to provide a comfortable living style that’s not too much but not too little.

This is a great build providing:

Hanging tables, multiple kitchens and compartmentalized rooms is how you like.

If so then the “Tudor Mansion” is the one for you.

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2. Waterfront Home

8. Waterfront

Land not your thing?

Well don’t worry… The Waterfront home keeps the land at bay and welcomes in the calm tides.

This carefully positioned build keeps you safely suspended above the shallow water with an interrupted view for miles.

Encased in an all glass structure inhabitants are privileged to the extremely high ceilings, generously sized living quarters and a dining room large enough to feed the 5000.

If that’s not enough for you, then you’ll love this:

Of course any water based build would not be complete without the addition of a fully sized aquarium.

This means you can chill watching what ever want on your huge flatscreen TV all whilst watching the fishies swim by.

Waterfront Home was extremely close to being one of the best Minecraft houses I’ve ever come across. Unfortunately it didnt quite make it to the top of our list.

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1. The Cove House


I can honestly tell you:

I spent forever going through and making a list of of all the best Minecraft houses I could find…

And lets just say; when I found this diamond in the rubble, it blew me away.

A home or an entire map?

It’s hard to tell where this Minecraft house starts and where it ends as it comes complete with its own private security, boat ejaculatory systems and it’s very own Cave bar.

(Yes, it has an outdoor and fully stocked bar)

This was the unique selling point that made me interested:

The house build is almost like a bunch of smaller houses combined together to make one epic house.

Of course this could be down to the fact the parents and children each have their own living spaces in complete separate areas of the home.

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There’s something I want from you:

That’s our lowdown on the top ten Minecraft houses but…

I want you to tweet us (@DoubleUpGaming) a picture of a a minecraft house you’ve built.

Yes, and I want you to do that right now before you forget.

But why you ask?

The best ones sent into us will be showcased in our next youtube video! That’s why!

After you’ve tweeted it to us be sure to tell me in the comments below.

Your comment could look something like this:


I look forward to what you have to share!

Thanks for reading and as always make sure to tell me which was your favorite house!

By Daniel Colaianni

I love gaming, plain and simple. Apart from managing the site on a daily basis, I constantly look out for the latest in gaming to make sure you are always uptodate with the latest information!

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